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Zoey Mills - Only The Devil     Country, Alternative Country 20/09/2018
Zoey is indeed a ‘Gypsy Girl’. With her uplifting and free spirit personality, she has created an EP filled with catchy tunes, sing along melodies and expressive story telling lyrics.
Produced by one of the biggest names in Australian country music, Catherine Britt, the great easy listening, alternative country track was written by Zoey Mills and Jeremy Edwards. This song offers a taste of what to hear on Zoey's debut self- titled EP.

Other tracks by Zoey Mills:  Bittersweet  -  Easy Road
Zoey Mills - Gypsy Girl     Country, Alternative Country 29/05/2018
Zoey is a blast of fresh air, quickly making her presence known in the country music scene and will be touring the EP around Australia so keep your eyes open.
"I am forever grateful to have been able to co-write this tune with the wonderful Amber Lawrence and Kevin Bennett who both made this song come to life. This song is a quirky, catchy, yet still quite personal tune that I am super proud to be releasing as my debut."

Zoey Jurss - Love, Love, Love     Country, Folk, Pop 27/06/2019
Zoey Jurss sings stories of life and love with songs shaped by alt-country and folk influences. Her effortless vocal range evokes the atmospheric stylings of Mazzy Star and Hope Sandoval.
Over sparkling guitars and textural layers, Zoey’s words carry the flow of a curious, bounding narrative. It’s an elegant and engaging fusion that evokes the landscape of Zoey’s inspiration.

Zoe Louisa - Silhouette     Country, Pop 20/07/2012
Zoe Louisa is a Country Pop singer and songwriter who is inspiring young fans all around the world to follow there dreams with her motto 'Aspire, Astonish, Astound'
Silhouette was written by Zoe Louisa after an event she performed at where she saw someone in the crowd who caught her eye. She never got to meet him but maybe he will hear the song one day!

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Other tracks by Zoe Louisa:  Tangled
Zinnia Blue - New England Highway     Country, Folk, Roots 16/01/2020
Zinnia Blue are an alt-country / Americana duo from Melbourne, Australia. The pair create sparse and brooding melodies and lyrical, uplifting ballads that reinterpret country, folk, and old-time music traditions.
A road song with a slow pan that feels more like an ending than a beginning. The opening track from Zinnia Blue's debut album The Garden, it lends itself immediately to the score of some independent Australian film production, centred around roomy capture of a fiddle, banjo and dobro, together with a delightfully honest mix on the breathy, gentle vocals.

Other tracks by Zinnia Blue:  Night Train  -  Lost Along the Way
Youngsmith - Wither     Folk, Acoustic 24/08/2015
Youngsmith’s music paints a picture of a man faced with his demons and refusing to back down. His music echoes the style of narrative songwriters of the past.
With beautiful interwoven guitars, toe-tapping rhythm and Smith’s smooth baritone voice, Brisbane soloist Youngsmith tells the story of man at the end of his rope in new single ‘Wither’.

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You Can't Take Me - Illona Harker - The Lost Forgotten Ones     Country, Roots 24/10/2019
You Can’t Take Me saw a small group of songwriters who have experienced sexual violence embark on a songwriting journey to put their personal stories into song.
This track explores the story of Ilona Harker's experience. A heart wrenching but uplifting story of survival and hope.

Other tracks by You Can't Take Me:  Deb Suckling - You Can't Take Me  -  Kali Blunt - Cracks Let in the Sun
Yolande Yarran - Little Old Quairading Town     Country, Australian Indigenous 04/06/2015
A culmination of CAN WA’s 3 year music workshop program with the Quairading and Kellerberrin communities delivers a collection of original ballads tells tales of love, loss, life, culture and country.
Country rock. First time Noongar singer songwriter Yolande Yarran’s heartwarming song about her hometown in WA’s Wheatbelt.

Yellingbo - Australia     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Roots 28/07/2016
Yellingbo is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Monbulk Victoria. Combining roots grooves, singing and spoken word he is releasing his third EP: Ghost Land Pt.1.
Australia is a track sparked by non indigenous Australia's attitude to indigenous Australia. From the extreme of denial of humanity (re the constitution), through to peoples inability to see or acknowledge the human hands which shaped the landscape and biodiversity of this continent along with the munificence of indigenous culture.

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Other tracks by Yellingbo:  Stone Me  -  Lily At The Gate
Workhorse - Alone     Pop, Garage, Country 24/04/2017
Workhorse interpret alt-country through a direct rock&roll manner. Led by Harriet Fraser-Barbour of Wireheads, the band includes members from Old Mate, Rule Of Thirds, Fair Maiden, Hydromedusa, Swimming & more.
Taken from Workhorse 'No Sun', out now through Tenth Court.


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)

Other tracks by Workhorse:  Defeat  -  Empty
Woodshed - Gimme No Lips     Country, Blues, Country, Blues 22/04/2019
Woodshed manufactures heartfelt, raucous rock and roll that takes their audiences on a journey of "in the moment" blues rock in all its varying shade.
A tele-twanging country romp, Gimme No Lips is a cheeky soundtrack set to booze-fueled shenanigans filled with promiscuity and temptation.

Winston Smith - Back to the Valley     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 10/11/2018
Winston Smith is a Tasmanian alt-country singer/songwriter whose dark songs of love, loss and tragedy evoke images of the Tasmanian winter landscape.
A gritty tale of temptation, escape and regret told with jangling guitars, driving drums and Winston Smith's distinctive vocal delivery.

Winston - Consequences     Country, Alternative Country, Blues 07/05/2013
Winston are a 4 piece alt-country band led strongly from the front by some genuine story telling about the good and the bad ol' times, based around a guitar/keyboard dynamic.
Consequences aims to take the listener on a journey with the thoughts of a man through a story of regret, sorrow and love driven along by some sparse piano; finishing with a thumping ending to ponder what really happened.

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Other tracks by Winston:  Vegas 5am  -  You, Joe & I
William Crighton - 2000 Clicks     Blues/Roots, Folk, Country 08/07/2016
William Crighton is a voice crying from the wilderness of south western NSW.
Ahead of his extensive Australian tour with fellow songwriter Claire Anne Taylor, William Crighton releases ‘2000 Clicks’ today. It's the second single from his acclaimed self-titled debut record.

NOMINEE 2017 AIR AWARDS - Best Independent Country Album

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Other tracks by William Crighton:  Jesus Blues
Will Osland - Final Page     Country, Acoustic 21/09/2011
Will Osland come onto the country music scene in 2005 with his successful debut self titled album. He returns with his next installment produced by Bill Chambers.
Based on his experience growing up living next door to a foster home where children came and went, leaving some of the saddest stories behind. This track is told about one particular boy that Will became mates with.

Other tracks by Will Osland:  Hard Times
Will Osland & Bill Chambers - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 10/11/2012
Will Osland & Bill Chambers team up again to record a cover of Bob Dylan's iconic track 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue'.
Will Osland & Bill Chambers version of iconic Bob Dylan track It's All Over Now, Baby Blue. Recorded at Bill's studio on the Central Coast in basically one take, it's a simple, barely edited take on one track that both grew up with.

Will Day Band - Water Don't Work     Country, Pop, Rock, Folk 29/07/2015
Will Day Band combine elements of rock, pop and folk to create their own brand of country rock.
An anthemic song that relates to all of the hard workers out there that work hard for their time off!

Other tracks by Will Day Band:  Seasons  -  Makin' Memories
Will Day - This Country Life     Country, Rock, Pop 26/10/2017
Singer songwriter Will Day has had an exciting start to his career and achieved a swag of impressive milestones as well as touring with some of our industries biggest names.
‘This Country Life’ is an upbeat country rock track about escaping the city for the weekend, hitting the open road and getting a taste of a country life. This track was produced and recorded by Benjy Pocock at Vibetone Studios and co-written with Troy Kemp, Col Finley and Damien Baguley.

Will Day - In The Real World     Country 14/03/2019
Surviving a decade as a full-time artist, providing for his family by playing more than 250 gigs each year, is an achievement that country artist Will Day is proud of.
As a full-time musician who is often on the road and away from family, the idea for the song was bred out of the yearning to know what it’s like to have a 9-5 job, be home at nights and to have a taste of what it’s like in the perceived 'Real World'.

Will Day - Here To Party     Country 25/10/2019
Gritty. Energetic. Grounded. These are three words that describe rising Australian country singer-songwriter, Will Day.
Will Day’s ultimate summer anthem 'Here To Party' is a no fuss, straight up, country rock party song. A song to be ramped into overdrive with its feel good theme and one that is destined to become a crowd favourite, ensuring fans will be kept on their feet, wanting more.