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Cassidy Rae Gaiter - Boy Like That     Country, Pop 29/01/2020
Hailing from Adelaide, Cassidy Rae Gaiter, grew up surrounded by all styles of music. Released in 2017, her EP, “Shake It, Don’t Fake It”, debuted at #1 on iTunes.
“Boy Like That" is the new single from Cassidy Rae Gaiter & was produced by Andy Mak (Tina Arena/The McClymonts).

“I was talking with my friends about what boys do that annoys us – turns out a lot of things. One of us said, don’t you just hate boys like that!’ We knew that was the title of the song”

Heywood & Moore - The Loaded Dog     Country, Comedy, Folk, Easy Listening 29/01/2020
The music of Anglo-Australian country artists - Dawn Moore and Brian Heywood - combines the story telling of traditional country with the power of edgy roots rock instrumentation.
This track celebrates the work of Australia's greatest story teller with an old school talkin' country blues song based on Henry Lawson's most famous short story - 'The Loaded Dog'. This is out homage to Australia's poet laureate as we approach the 120th anniversary of the creation of this classic tale (which was published in 1901).

the Blue Shamrocks - What Colour Is the Wind     Country, Easy Listening, World 29/01/2020
Professional fun upbeat country music band, delivering good vibes and beats to dance to, appeals to all ages across various communities
the song is about a little girl who is going blind at a young age, cannot see the beauty and nature of the world, with the help of her daddy's descriptions, her imagination see's the worlds simple things, like wind and sea as a descriptive colour, "What Colour is the Wind is it yellow or blue"

Andrew Farriss - Good Momma Bad     Country, Folk 24/01/2020
Finding himself in the country music industry itself is fitting; Andrew has spent the past two-and-a-half decades living on the land, on a functioning cattle and grain farm in North-West-New-South-Wales.
The new single – “Good Momma Bad” – gets better every listen and draws you in from the outset. When Andrew sings ‘I just know we just all need a Good Momma Bad’, he weaves stories of a sliding doors style existence – the good and the bad.

Cameron Cusack - Life's A Beach     Country, Reggae / Dub 24/01/2020
Cameron Cusack is a Melbourne born country artist. Now Cairns based, the 28 year old singer/songwriter has had three charting singles, ‘Hot Rod Town', Endless Summer’ and ‘Hit It Off’.
‘Life’s A Beach’ is the new summer single from artist Cameron Cusack. Reggae inspired, ‘Life’s A Beach’ is the third single release from Cameron Cusack’s upcoming album ‘Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams & Everything Good In Between’. Produced by Cameron, Sean Alberts and Andre Houghton in Cairns Far North Queensland Australia at Stonehouse Records.

Leash & The Dusty Boots - Warumungu Woman     Country 24/01/2020
Leash & The Dusty Boots are a Countrified cavalry covered in desert dust from the remote areas of the NT.
Warumungu Woman is a song based on an influential friendship Alicia Scobie had with a powerful human in the remote town of Tennant Creek.

Other tracks by Leash & The Dusty Boots:  Slow down  -  Karyn
Luke Schweizer - Last In Line     Country, Rock 24/01/2020
Australian Independent Country / Rock
Country Rock Australia

Shane Nicholson - The High Price of Surviving     Country, Alternative, Easy Listening, Folk 24/01/2020
Shane Nicholson inhabits a rare space in the music industry: songwriter, recording artist, producer/engineer, multi-instrumentalist, guitar pedal builder, whiskey-enthusiast, motorcycle-lover, and musical mentor.
Shane Nicholson inhabits a rare space in the music industry: songwriter, recording artist, producer/engineer, multi-instrumentalist, guitar-pedal builder, whiskey-enthusiast, motorcycle-lover, and musical-mentor.

It was in that mentoring capacity that his new single, The High Price of Surviving sparked into existence. During a songwriting retreat, a song was born in a joint effort with young up-and-coming QLD songwriter, Leyon Milner.

Aly Cook - Not Pretty Enough ft. Sharon O’Neill (Kasey Chambers Cover)     Country, Easy Listening 17/01/2020
Aly Cook is a Multi award-winning recording artist with a deep passion for all things musical. She is a consummate songwriter and performer, delighting audiences as a respected live performer.
Aly Cook - ‘Not Pretty Enough’ ft Sharon O’Neill’ is a reimagining of the 2002 smash hit by Kasey Chambers. The song features the beautiful voice of Sharon O’Neill in answer lines and harmonies on the track. Caught in the Middle album has been on both ARIA Country Album Charts and on the New Zealand Official Album charts.

Kell - Happier Now     Country, Rock 17/01/2020
Kell is a dynamic rock and country rock singer/songwriter hailing from Lithgow near the Blue Mountains in NSW Australia.
‘Happier Now’ was written by Kell and recorded by Adrian Hannan at the Song Store in Melbourne. 2019 has been a busy year with lots of ups, lots of downs, change and growth. ‘Happier Now’ is a reflection about working so hard towards something and having to overcome all those curve balls that life throws at you along the way.

Michelle Gardiner - Live It Up     Country, Pop, Rock 17/01/2020
Michelle Gardiner is a singer/songwriter based in Melbourne with a passion for country music. Her sound finds its feet in traditional country and finishes around Shania Twain.
Inspired by a phone call from a friend complaining about their day at work, Live It Up was written to serve as a reminder to live life to the fullest while we have the chance. Yes, we have responsibilities that need to be addressed, but don’t forget to balance things out and fit a bit of fun into the mix!

Emily Hatton feat, Troy Kemp - Maybe     Country, Pop 16/01/2020
Emily Hatton is an Australian Country Singer-Songwriter based in Melbourne. A firestorm on stage, Emily’s energetic and charming presence delivers catchy hooks and personal stories with relevance and authenticity.
'Maybe', a duet with Troy Kemp, paints bittersweet memories of a past connection. The ballad questions whether different past actions would have changed the present, but ultimately affirms, "I'm worth more than maybe."

Justin Landers - How 'Bout This Weather     Country, Country 16/01/2020
Independent vocalist with guitar, based in the New South Wales Central West city of Orange. Justin is well known for his versatility and entertainment value all over the central west.
How ‘Bout This Weather is about an ex-couple awkwardly meeting in the street after a relationship break-up.

Inspiration for the song originated from an embarrassing event involving a girl that Justin was fond of from his school years. He managed to gather the nerve ask her out on a date only to find later that she already had a boyfriend.

Katie Jayne - SOS     Country, Pop 16/01/2020
Katie Jayne embodies the new generation of pop country Artists, already making waves on the Australian scene.
SOS is an upbeat, fun look at “adulting” and all the failings that go along with it. Somewhat autobiographical, Katie Jayne’s latest single shines a light on good intentions executed poorly.

A cheeky narrative culminating in the catchy tag “I only smoke on a Saturday”, SOS brings to life a relatable tale hand chosen by Katies online community, Kate’s Mates.

Kristy Cox - No Headlights     Country, Folk 16/01/2020
Kristy Cox is one of the most refreshing and exciting names in bluegrass music worldwide. She is a Southern Stars and numerous Golden Guitar Award winner.
"No Headlights" is the third and title single taken from Kristy Cox's forthcoming album, "No Headlights".

Written by Liz Hengber, Tammy Rogers, and Jerry Salley. Kristy's delivery is perfect as she sings the tale of a friend who vows to make sure her friend is never abused again. It's dark, it's sassy - the perfect song for Kristy to sing!

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Zinnia Blue - New England Highway     Country, Folk, Roots 16/01/2020
Zinnia Blue are an alt-country / Americana duo from Melbourne, Australia. The pair create sparse and brooding melodies and lyrical, uplifting ballads that reinterpret country, folk, and old-time music traditions.
A road song with a slow pan that feels more like an ending than a beginning. The opening track from Zinnia Blue's debut album The Garden, it lends itself immediately to the score of some independent Australian film production, centred around roomy capture of a fiddle, banjo and dobro, together with a delightfully honest mix on the breathy, gentle vocals.

Other tracks by Zinnia Blue:  Night Train  -  Lost Along the Way
Destiny Band Oz - Great Courage     Country 15/01/2020
Destiny Band Oz is the performing name of Australian singer-songwriter-musicians, Thomas & Tessa Libreri.
This is the English version of the song called 'Kuragg Kbir', originally written in Maltese by Thomas Libreri. It is an epic story about his family emigrating from Malta to settle in Australia and a loving tribute to his mother, who made the long voyage alone, at a very young age, to join her newly wedded husband on the other side of the world …Great courage!

FredBear - Summer's Here     Country 15/01/2020
Freddie or ‘Fredbear’ as he is known locally is a 15-year-old singer songwriter from Tamworth NSW and has been performing live for the last two years.
'Summer’s Here' is inspired by FredBear’s experiences as both a performer and fan at Tamworth Country Music Festival, providing vocals, guitar tracks and co-producing this single. The lyrics are a collaboration with superstar Brad Cox. 'Summer’s Here' is set to become a firm favourite with fans at this year’s Festival.

Innocent Eve - Viking     Country, Folk 15/01/2020
Innocent Eve: Sisters, singers, songwriters, Bec and Rachel. The girls pay homage to their musical roots of country, folk, singer/songwriter and Americana.
Viking is about the age-old battle between the head and the heart. A cautionary tale about knowing you are falling for the wrong person and falling anyway and the feeling of foolishness when the inevitable happens.

Voodoo Town - Cool Karma     Country, Pop 15/01/2020
Fronted by Tamworth’s Brent W. Larkham, Voodoo Town, comprises Uwe Lorenz and Fabian Konig, who collaborated on an AC/DC Bon Scott tribute album in Germany and have worked together since.
Cool Karma continues Voodoo Town's Eurocountry theme with the harmony and banjo-driven single. This song has an uplifting and fun vibe to it that is sure to resonate with listeners wanting fun, summery songs.

Recorded between Germany and Tamworth, the European and Australian influences are evident. This is a track that will appeal to fans of various genres.