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Watling & Bates - Ciderville     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Soundscapes 27/06/2019
Old time Gothic hillbilly honkytonk
A place to rest and gather strength during turbulent times. An invisible crossroad, far from the highway, where no one finds you unless you want to be found.

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Watling & Bates - Boots Beside The Bed     Country, Folk, Alternative, Easy Listening 24/10/2019
Watling & Bates are songwriters and filmmakers from the western edge Northern Rivers of NSW, sharing their unique brand of oldtime Gothic hillbilly honkytonk from city streets to country halls.
Boots Beside The Bed tells of love that does not endure, of the difficult decision to cut your losses and leave.

The song, from Watling & Bates’ 2014 debut EP Before I Met You, earned writer Kym Watling a nomination for the Rudy Brandsma Award for excellence in song writing in the Australian Songwriters Association’s 2019 National Songwriting Competition.

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Watling & Bates - Barry and Adrienne     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 13/08/2018
Original oldtime Gothic hillbilly honkytonk from the western edge of the Northern Rivers of NSW.
Barry and Adrienne is a modern Australian love story about finding happiness together. About hopes and dreams finally coming true. This music-box tale features banjo by Gareth Bjaaland, and the Dobro of producer Thor Phillips.

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Other tracks by Watling & Bates:  The Train Was Leaving  -  Minus Three
Wasp Summer - Dancehall at Louse Point     Country, Roots, Rockabilly 13/08/2012
Wasp Summer's sweet, smouldering voice is framed by the timeless sounds of alt-country, soul and folk; dobros, twangy guitars, warm organs, strings, harmonies and hand claps.
Dancehall at Louse Point is a Wanda Jackson-esque whirl around the parquet by a heartbroken 50's dance band chanteuse with a bottle of gin and a great dress.

Other tracks by Wasp Summer:  No Time For Compliments Now  -  Late August Early September
Warren H. Williams - These Eyes     Indigenous, Country 13/12/2011
Warren H Williams is one of the most celebrated Indigenous identities in the local music scene. His music is uniquely Australian and touches mainly on core Australian values.
“These Eyes” is the first single from Warren’s new album “Urna Marra” which is out now.

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Warren H Williams - The Hardest Thing     Indigenous, Country 21/05/2015
Warren H Williams has been playing music for many years
‘Snapshot III’ showcases the best emerging artists being recorded now at CAAMA Music, the record label responsible for unearthing Aboriginal classics such as Warumpi Band, Frank Yamma and Coloured Stone.

Warren Derwent - Staring at the Sky     Country, Blues, Roots 24/10/2019
Warren Derwent is an Australian country singer/songwriter based in Canberra ACT.
Performed by Warren Derwent and co-written with Paul Fisher (Fisher/Derwent), Staring at the Sky is a song about the effects of drought in Australia. It's hard to imagine what it's like for so many Australian families struggling to survive one of the worst droughts in living memory, and Staring at the Sky was conceived in imagining.

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Wanita - Hell Hath No Fury     Country, Rockabilly, Comedy, World 10/08/2013
Wanita, Australia's Queen of Honky Tonk.If you love Patsy, Loretta, Wanda, Kitty or Janis you will adore Wanita.
Cowgirl Angst. Don't get in the way of a cowgirl, if you have done her wrong. A light hearted he done her wrong song'

Other tracks by Wanita:  Too Country for Country  -  Sweet Moonlight
Wal Neilsen - Captains Quarters     Country, Alternative Country, Atmospheric 08/05/2015
Wal Neilsen 'Voice of Urban' 2014, writes beautiful songs using his wild imagination, story telling prowess and a haunting guitar. Wal releases his debut album 'Night Rider' June 15.
With it's catchy chorus and upbeat sound, Captains Quarters is Wal's first singe release off his debut album 'Night Rider'. Wal wrote this love song about pirates finding love in the open plain seas.

Other tracks by Wal Neilsen:  Night Rider  -  Cold As Dry Ice
Wagons - Goodtown     Country, Live Performance 07/07/2010
Amrap Live Music Recording_3PBS_Easey Street Sessions Wagons, a group of gentlemen with incredible talent, as recorded by 3PBS as part of their Easey Street Session.
This lilting folky number ‘Goodtown’ starts out soft – but not at all not twee – before flipping over into something much darker, both musically and lyrically.

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Voodoo Town - Glory Dayz     Country, Pop, Rock 13/06/2019
Fronted by Tamworth’s Brent Larkham, Voodoo Town, comprises Uwe Lorenz and Fabian Konig, who collaborated on an AC/DC Bon Scott tribute album in Germany and have worked together since.
Glory Dayz is a retrospective glance into former lives and how things once were. A man runs into a former girlfriend and they begin a game of ‘remember when’ and they reminisce about how things once were. The song is written from an older person’s point of view looking at the crazy things they did as kids.

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Vonda Last - For Love of Country     Country, Indigenous 25/04/2015
The song was written to acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women who served in the defence of this country from the Boer War to the present day as peace keepers.

Vixens of Fall - Jeremiah     Country, Blues, Alternative Country, Rock 13/01/2017
Vixens of Fall consists of sisters Kristina, Adrienne and Anneliese Whitehouse whose sibling harmony and songwriting skills bring a fresh sound to the contemporary country market.
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" that is unless you are Jeremiah who manages to have 3 scorned woman handing out his just desserts. Set to a background of Country Blues and Rock, this track will get you coming back for more of the Vixens of Fall.

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Vixens Of Fall - Down By The River     Country, Alternative Country 16/05/2019
A product of Far North Queensland, now living in Brisbane, Kristina, Adrienne and Anneliese Whitehouse have music and performance in their blood.
Down By The River is a tale of forbidden love; Faced with the age-old tale of a forbidden relationship because of the societal pressures of the times. The daughter of an early settler, she knows that falling in love with the indigenous boy who works for her father is forbidden and that only disaster can follow.

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Viper Creek Band - Green Light     Country, Pop 08/11/2018
High energy and boundless enthusiasm are what fans have come to expect from The Viper Creek Band and they continue to deliver with their recorded material and their live shows.
The premise of the song is a guy asking the girl to give him the green light to take their relationship to the next level. The track has a catchy lyric and sound that will have listeners singing along in no time.

Vicki Lee - Heartaches     Country, Rock 17/01/2011
Singer/ songwriter country . Country Gospel Vocalist
love Song Uptempo

Other tracks by Vicki Lee:  Left Behind (The Rocking Horse Song)  -  Little Boy Lost
Vetty Vials - Inner West Side Story     Folk, Punk, Rock, Pop 22/06/2017
Vetty Vials has been gracing the punk scene with her pop-emo presence for almost three years, her debut EP "I am okay, I promise" is out now.
This track is a love note to the punk scene in Sydney, Its about the pure joy I get from spending my weekends with friends at shows.

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Other tracks by Vetty Vials:  Home  -  Nicotine and Fairy Lights
Verge Collection - Postcodes     Country, Alternative Country, Pop, Chill 29/07/2016
Hailing from the infamously fertile musical landscape of Perth, WA, Verge Collection expertly balance classic pop sensibilities and working class poetry to channel the collective conscious of suburban Australian millennials.
An alt country ballad that addresses the challenges working class millenials face in suburban Australia while looking for romance. Tongue in cheek & post-modern references to universal and uniquely Australian cultural icons.

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Best Pop Act, Best EP - Open Plan Living, Best Single - Postcodes, Most Popular New Act


Other tracks by Verge Collection:  Class of '09
Verdigris - The Newell     Pop, Alternative Country, Rock 02/03/2017
There's mile's on the clock; songs both personal and universal in a two electric guitar format - country'n'feedback, or "Melbourncholy" is what we call it.....
The paradox of running away to get closer to what you are escaping. An Australian road song. Think: By the Time I get to Phoenix meets Route 66 in NSW.

Other tracks by Verdigris:  Want  -  The 11 Mile
Venice Music - The One     Folk 20/08/2013
Venice Music is the moniker of Alt/Folk artist Ryan Downey. Delivered with his signature baritone voice, the breadth and balance of his musical reach is frequently compared to Will Oldham.
A stirring four part journey that's delivered with Baroque and Spanish flavours.

Ryan Downey - Nylon Guitars, Vocals
The Berry St Choir - Choir vocals
Sarinah Masukor - Violins
Simon Lawrie - Bass
Jim Lawrie - Percussion, Backing Vocals

Other tracks by Venice Music:  Beyond the Mist, the Mountains  -  All in One Day