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Anita Tresidder - Bucket List     Country 11/04/2019
With a Positive Attitude and a new lease on life, Anita Tresidder, your average housewife, mother and singer of over 20 years from the Central Coast NSW.
Bucket List is a tribute to Anita's idol, Beccy Cole. Anita has ticked off many of her 'bucket list items' with just one left. To sing with Beccy Cole. Can we make it happen? Only time will tell.

Bloom - Feels Like Home     Country 11/04/2019
Bloom has been gaining International critical acclaim with her effortless soulful vocal resonance of power vocalists Adele, Amy Winehouse and Linda Ronstadt as well as her own original songs.
Bloom covers the hit 'Feels Like Home' originally written and recorded by American singer/songwriter/producer Linda Ronstadt and was originally released in 1995.

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Four Lions - Stay     Country, Rock, Roots 11/04/2019
They're called Four Lions, but there's actually five of 'em these days. And you'll find them rocking out in the central Victorian town of Bendigo.
"It went from sounding like The Who (in demo form) to evolve into something vibing from Tom Petty's back catalogue," says frontman and chief songwriter Shann Lions. "The person in Stay has come to the realisation that they have put their own personal fulfillment to the side in a relationship."

Jamie Lindsay - Nashville, Tennessee     Country, Pop, Rock, Blues 11/04/2019
...The word "Chameleon" comes to mind when talking about Jamie's 20+ year journey.    From Tasmania, the Sydney based singer, songwriter and producer has explored, written and released Nashville, Tennessee for 2019. 
Nashville, Tennessee is a song about a boy growing up in Australia, listening to country music radio and dreaming about one day being able to go to a place like Nashville, Tennessee. A place where legendary artist such as Willie Nelson, Jonny Cash and Dolly Parton graced the saloon bars along Broadway and of course the famous Grand Ole Oprey.

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Rob Stewart Nelson - Winx She's a bookies nightmare     Country 11/04/2019
I've been writing songs for over 25 years. I like country music. I'm in my sixties so I grew up with Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson.
This is a song about a racehorse called Winx who has been voted the best racehorse in the world twice. She is retiring this Saturday April 13th. Winx has broken all the records & had a following of 100,000's of people. Even the Financial Review write about her.

Tammy Moxon - Drives Me So Sane     Country, Alternative Country 11/04/2019
One of Australia's most promising Country Singer/Songwriter's.
The single focuses on the contradictory complexities of loving relationships. In other words, loved ones can drive you so crazy, but you can’t live without them, so therefore, they drive you so sane.

The Shady River Strays - Running Around     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic 10/04/2019
The Shady River Strays are an Alt-Country/Americana acoustic duo. Drew Gallus and Elly McKinnon produce songs about love, loss and life in general in sweet harmony and country style.
Running Around is the first track from The Shady River Strays Debut self titled EP released in late 2018. Written by Elly McKinnon, Running Around describes the human response to a love that sweeps someone off their feet. With Drew Gallus playing guitar, dobro and mandolin, and vocals in harmony with Elly, Running Around may just cause a similar reaction.

Other tracks by The Shady River Strays:  Gravel and Bones  -  Built For Two
AlfanAnt - Southerly     Country, Folk 09/04/2019
AlfanAnt are a country folk-duo comprised of two individuals residing on different sides of Australia. Alf to the south in Launceston, TAS and Ant in Brisbane, QLD.
Following on from the witty and self-deprecating release of ‘Head In The Clouds’, AlfanAnt are now aiming fire at consumerist culture, and coastal developers with their next single ‘Southerly’.

The track exudes annoyance, exhaustion (and just a tinge of understanding) toward the continually repeated process of taking over once pristine coastlines and bushland to turn them into urban sprawl.

Michelle Gardiner - Sing Me A Memory     Country, Pop, Rock, Easy Listening 09/04/2019
Michelle Gardiner is a little lady with a big voice! A wife/mum/singer/songwriter from Melbourne with a passion for fusing classic and contemporary country music falling somewhere within the country/pop/rock genres.
Its funny how a song can take you back to a moment in time. Somewhere you treasured but may have forgotten or misplaced. This catchy, heartfelt, feel good song will have you reminiscing about times gone by and tapping your foot along the way.

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The Curly Greenhorns - Soldiers Avenue     Country, Rock 09/04/2019
Nick Green grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches where he formed a band called The Curly Greenhorns (forever evolving) … A bunch of lads from the same area.
This is a song about a street lined with ‘memory trees’ going up through Harbord (Freshwater) on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, where Nick and the band grew up. A song about remembering not only the local heritage, but a national heritage …. A Rat of Tobruk remembered by his Grandson, who he never met.

Kim Wright - This Old Bar     Country, Rockabilly 05/04/2019
Kim Wright gives listeners pure, traditional country music through his originals, written in the style of artists including George Strait and Alan Jackson.
Known for wanting to expand the traditional American country sound in Australian country music, Kim Wright's latest single, This Old Bar is a humorous departure from the family man image of his debut single, Man of the House.
The co-write with Liam Kennedy-Clark has a man lying to his wife and his boss about where he’s been spending his time.

Scott Riley - Hard Luck     Country, Acoustic, Rock 05/04/2019
Scott Riley is a West Australian based artist and has been writing songs for the past 17 years. He's a former member of The Shearwater Duo.
The song is about looking back on the trials and tribulations of growing up on a farm while at the same time wishing it was possible and devising ways to save up enough money to be able to buy the property one day.

Anita Tresidder - Bucket List     Country 05/04/2019
Your average housewife, mother and singer of over 20 years from the Central Coast NSW with a BIG dream.
Only one box remains to be ticked off Anita's well publicised online Bucket List. That is to sing with her Idol and Golden Guitar Winner, Australia’s very own Beccy Cole. She’s hoping the release of this song may capture Beccy’s attention and that final dream can become a reality.

Mark Lucas - Shopping Town     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 05/04/2019
Mark Lucas is one of Australia's leading Alternative Country Singer/Songwriters, his songs giving wings to important issues / life lessons and emotions.
Taken from the recently released 20-track retrospective CD Prisoners of the Heart,drawn from Lucas’s ten-album output since 1996, ‘Shopping Town’ is a cautionary meditation on commercial enterprise taking on real lives, a release whose timing might be seen as particularly apt with a landmark state election in the offing.

Michael Wilks - Little Things     Country 05/04/2019
Michael Wilks, is a Country/Rock singer, songwriter/musician signed to Winter Records (Nashville USA). His most recent single "Simple Times" skyrocketed him to #31 on the American Country Music Charts.
Daddy Daughter Dance. Sweet Heartfelt tune about the love a daddy feels for his little girl, and how precious the moments are. Perfect song for a Daddy daugher dance at a wedding.

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NeillyRich - Hey You     Country, Pop, Rock 05/04/2019
In 2012, two paths converged when NZ born Matthew McNeilly met Kempsey girl, Amelia Richards in Tamworth. Their musical passions aligned, resulting in the formation of contemporary country duo NeillyRich.
Hey You is a catchy modern country track co-written with Golden-Guitar and CMC award winner Troy Kemp and songwriting partner Jeremy Barnes, and produced by Grammy award-winning Nashville producer, Jamie Tate. The lyrics follow a couple from that initial explosion of chemistry through to the leap of faith that takes a spark to a flame.

Paula Standing - A Good Day     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 05/04/2019
Powerful stories, with soulful vocals, Paula Standing takes the everyday and turns it into delicious tales with a sting. Her latest release brings you more Truth & Trickery.
Philosophical view of the world during the Hawaiian volcanic eruptions, political uncertainty and the #metoo movement. A "Let's stay strong and aim for better times" anthem.

Other tracks by Paula Standing:  All Over By Christmas  -  The War Ain't Over
Steve Eales - The Naked Cowboy     Country, Roots, Rockabilly, Folk 05/04/2019
Writing about life and times in Australia, Steve is a multi instrumentalist who performs around the world. Awarded as Male Vocalist and Songwriter in Australia and USA
A classic story describing a hot day under the Australian sun, a tempting cool river and an opportunity too good to miss out on. Our hero should be on the look out for passing tourists though.

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Team Love - Limelight     Country, Folk 05/04/2019
Alt-country heartbreakers hailing from Melbourne and the Wombat State Forest. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll love, Team Love.
Sad country ballad about trying to make it work but not getting there.

Heartbreaking lyrics, haunting vocals, soaring violin, raw guitar, potent piano

Other tracks by Team Love:  Mean  -  Sad Little Life
The Long And Short Of It - A Little Crazy Kinda Nice     Country, Blues, Rock 05/04/2019
The Long And Short of It are an ARIA charting, multi-award-winning duo from Melbourne, whose superb harmonies have been described as “honey coated chocolate”.
A Little Crazy Kinda Nice is a country blues quirky love song from the multi-award winning duo The Long And Short Of It. This track from their album “You Made me Stronger” is not about being crazy in love, but rather Love that stems from being crazy.