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Skyscraper Stan - Tarcutta Shade     Country, Rock, Alternative Country 23/10/2018
Skyscraper" Stan Woodhouse lopes around the stage, 6’6” and stick thin, delivering characters and narratives in a powerful baritone flanked by his long time band.
Tarcutta Shade' is the latest single from rock n' roll troubadour Skyscraper Stan and his band The Commission Flats. Recorded at Woodstock Studios in Balaclava by Richard Stolz (Husky, Paul Kelly, Joe Camilleri) 'Tarcutta Shade' is a sonic depiction of one long, hot and sweaty day at a Riverina truckstop - where it's "40 degrees in the Tarcutta shade".

Skyscraper Stan - On Your Corner     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 07/02/2019
"Skyscraper" Stan Woodhouse lopes around the stage, 6’6” and stick thin, delivering characters and narratives in a powerful baritone flanked by his long time band.
Written in a Darwin hotel room halfway through a gruelling solo tour and recorded at Woodstock studios in Melbourne it is typical of Stan’s work - rich in imagery, honest, heart wrenching and at times a little tongue in cheek. Marlon Williams-esque in tone and instrumentation, Stan's echoey voice drifts across a moody score of percussion, guitar and backing vocals.

Skyscraper Stan - A Man Misunderstood     Country, Folk, Live Performance, Alternative Country 17/06/2016
Skyscraper Stan Woodhouse is a baritone voiced songwriter of impressive lyrical ability working across Australia in the troubadour tradition. He fronts Melbourne band Skyscraper Stan and the Commission Flats.
Some of Stan's most impressive lyrical work appears in this track. A rambling tale of seeking fortune with an unknown partner in a strange city.

SixFeet - My Mother Said     Rock, Alternative Country, Garage, Retro 06/10/2016
In a suburban Melbourne bedroom, childhood friends Ike and Charlie blended a smorgasbord of classic sounds and feelings into their fresh, garage-y debut album SixFeet.
A melancholy tale of love and marriage set against a bouncy country skip, featuring lush vocal harmonies with just a hint of surf all held together by Ike's raspy croon.

Other tracks by SixFeet:  Gospel Song  -  Private Lives
Sinead Burgess - Reno     Country, Pop, Rock, Roots 20/09/2019
Currently based in Nashville TN, Brissy singer/ songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Sinead Burgess is set to return to Oz in September for the first C2C Music Festival in Sydney & Brisbane.
Co-written with McKay Stevens & Chad Wolf of LA Indie pop/ folk band "The Federal Empire", Burgess has returned with "Reno", reflecting tones of an Americana-laced Sheryl Crow. Burgess' lyrics have a feeling of dreamy hope & laid back sass, instantly placing you in an old 70s Thunderbird convertible chasing down dreams on Route 66.

Sinead Burgess - Praising God, Raising Hell     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Folk 28/09/2018
Sinead Burgess is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter currently living in Nashville. TN. She has toured extensively in Austraila, supporting artists like Don McLean, James Bay and The Script.
"Praising God, Raising Hell" is a song of the silent heartbreak & torment of a relationship after an indiscretion.

“It’s basically when someone says one thing and does another. The complete opposite in fact. This is something that’s never easy to write about, but it had to be done.” -Sinead Burgess

Sindy Gavin - Without You     Folk, Country, Jazz, Country 16/12/2015
Female singer songwriter with a mix of country folk.
This track is about all the things that make me happy and that I don't know what I would do without.

Other tracks by Sindy Gavin:  Too Far To Fall  -  Don't Know Where Ya Sleepin
Simply Bushed - What About Me     Country 27/04/2018
Simply Bushed started the journey as a simple bush band but has grown into so much more than just a band for Australia day, evolving into an Australian Music experience.
Inspired by an emotional chat with a Vietnam War veteran, 'What About Me', smacks listeners with a look into the daily life of those service personnel who suffer because of their experiences, and portrays the anger and turmoil still deeply entrenched and carried by so many of our veterans.

Simply Bushed - Wave Your Finger     Country, Folk 22/09/2018
Bringing a new perspective and a modern edge as well as original songs that have been reviewed as “songs that will very well become classics for new generations of Australians”.
A fun track about the simple friendly bush gesture of waving your finger at the driver heading in the opposite direction. It starts somewhere between Byrock and Bourke although not signposted, it is clearly understood. It usually consists of the index finger of the hand that is on the wheel at any given time.

Simply Bushed - Raise Your Glass     Country, Folk 17/08/2016
No music act embodies the essence of the Australian Spirit and our national heritage more than award winning band Simply Bushed.
Anzac tribute to current and past serving Australian and New Zealand Armed forces, in particular commemorating the 100 year milestone of Anzac Landing in Gallipoli. (It is released to coincide with Remembrance day in November and full publicity will take place at that time).

Simply Bushed - No More Holdens     Country 09/12/2017
Simply Bushed (Paul Grierson and Chris Rieger) is known to deliver songs that really cut to the heart of the Australian Psyche.
When the last Australian made Holden rolled off the production line in October this year, Holden fans mourned the loss of car manufacturing in the country. This played on the minds of Simply Bushed frontmen Paul Grierson and Chris Rieger and No More Holdens was born.

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Simply Bushed - Making Hay     Country 23/08/2014
Simply Bushed 'This Country' is an eclectic mix of songs that cannot be defined by genre but can only be described as Australian.
A bright, bouncy tune that rings with huge harmonies. “Making Hay” is not just literal, there’s an added dimension that might be difficult for the single men among us to understand, that of a love matured for years but still feels brand new every day!

Simply Bushed - Lucky Lucky Country     Country 22/10/2014
Simply Bushed has its roots planted deeply in the early genre of bush bands but drags our colonial style and energy into a relevant story, a modern unique sound.
Lucky Lucky Country is a simple ditty remembering a simple time laughing and fishing and growing up enjoying Australia. This is also new music that celebrates the strength, colour and landscape of Australia today. The music sounds and feels like Australia!

Simply Bushed - Harry     Country 12/01/2015
Following excellent first impressions, the country music audience, radio and reviewers are enjoying the hell out of the uniquely Australian sound and energy from Simply Bushed.
‘Harry’ explores the relationship between the beast and the rider in the bull riding arena. Paul and Chris have observed many competitive pairings over the years of performing at countless festivals and rodeos but leave the aftermath for the listener to decide.

Simply Bushed - Father's Day     Country 30/04/2014
No music act embodies the essence of the Australian Spirit and our national heritage more than award winning band Simply Bushed!
This song reflects on the families left behind by the murder of Australian servicemen by the very people they are there to help. It considers children whose fathers will not return and fathers who's children they must now bury.

Simone Quinn - Will You Love Me     Country 09/03/2016
Simone Quinn has taken on her debut album as its music producer, co-sound engineer, musician and sole songwriter. A personal, heart felt project with songs easily to relate too.
Finding unexpected love

Other tracks by Simone Quinn:  Australian Pride  -  Broken Heart
Simon McCullough - The Little Things     Country, Acoustic, Alternative Country 06/01/2017
Simon McCullough has lived the stories he sings about, puts them down like mile markers on his road, lets you in on the secrets.
Title track from Simon's new EP, a beautiful song that focuses on the important things in life.

Other tracks by Simon McCullough:  In the Valley  -  Don't Wanna Come Down
Simon McCullough - He-Oh     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic 17/11/2018
Real organic rootsy acoustic music. Simon McCullough delivers on his second solo album, Southern Ocean Rivers with stellar performances, great songwriting and a beautifully produced record.
He-Oh, the first track off Southern Ocean Rivers has a hooky singalong chorus, great fiddle and harmonica parts and an infectious groove that will get you moving.

Other tracks by Simon McCullough:  Southern Ocean Rivers  -  Her Soul to Keep
Simon Marks - Wally - The Mick Thomas Song     Folk, Rock, Country, Acoustic 12/09/2016
One of Australia's most endearing Singer Songwriters, Simon Marks has toured intensively over the last decade, and in that, shares with his loyal listeners a saddlebag of stories.
About a trip to play a show in Ararat in western Victoria on a cold and wild winters night! Second single from the new album "Big River, Little Stories".

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Simon Marks - Misfit     Folk 24/06/2016
Simon Marks does not disappoint with this latest single - a foot stomping, smile inducing folk song about life, love and self perception, an absolute classic.— In Dependence Music
When your most personal relationship makes you feel like dancing together....pour a wine, turn it up loud, have a dance, share a smile and enjoy the moment! ..."a foot stomping, smile inducing folk song about life, love and self perception" — In Dependence Music