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Will Day & The Alibis - You and I     Country, Pop, Rock 06/08/2012
Brisbane outfit Will Day & The Alibis sound tells the tale of their suburban rite of passage; the experiences of city life coupled with fond memories of their country origins.
'You and I' tells the story of a young man with a country upbringing who takes the girl of his dreams back to the town where he grew up. It is happy, bubbly and has all the right ingredients for a classic country love song.

Other tracks by Will Day & The Alibis:  It's a Regret  -  Brainy Hands
Wildseed - If I Only Had Time     Country, Rock 02/03/2011
4 x Piece Country Rock Band. Members include Didy Zenner – vocals , guitar. Alan Bruce – bass, vocals, Jason Aquilina – guitar, vocals. Geoff Zenner – drums, harmonica vocals
There never seems to be enough hours in the day to achieve what we would like. Imagine what we could do with a little more time

Other tracks by Wildseed:  The Backpacker’s Chant  -  Goose on the Loose
Wil Massey - Planets     Rock, Country, Pop, Roots 02/05/2017
Roots rock artist Wil Massey creates a magical driven acoustic set of all original material, 70's flavoured pop hooks, a sprinkle of Latino influence and a unique vocal style.
Clever and quirky vocals, great pop lyrics retro guitar sounds. A great pop rock acoustic riff with classic lead riffs.

Other tracks by Wil Massey:  Brumbies  -  She Goes Out
Whiskey Business - It's A Good Kinda Crazy     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Pop 06/04/2016
Country Rock blended with mature, sweet harmonies, crafting the ultimate debut EP. Songwriting from the heart shows refined qualities borrowed from artists such as Keith Urban and Lady Antebellum.
It's A Good Kinda Crazy, written by Lennie Edgerton.
An upbeat story of finding your way through life, realising just how crazy life can be, twists turns and finding your feet.

Other tracks by Whiskey Business:  Whiskey Business  -  Take It Slow
Whiskey Business - For So Long     Country, Easy Listening 29/05/2017
Whiskey Business are a 5 piece Country Rock band noted for their 4 piece harmonies and their tight, well rehearsed stage presentation.
The Debut Single, “For So Long”, dubbed Caribbean Country, produced by Simon Johnson & Engineered and Mastered by Jeff McCormack at “The Music Cellar” on the Central Coast, defines Whiskey Business’ sublime 4 part harmonies.

Wendy Wood - Through The Eyes Of A Boy     Country 02/05/2018
Multi-Award Winning Tamworth Singer/Songwriter - Wendy Wood
Wendy's ANZAC song was written after seeing a picture of Alec Campbell, The Last ANZAC, standing tall with his rifle and bayonet. He was only 16 at the time and looked like a boy playing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Wendy Ford - Hippy Cowgirl     Country, Rock 15/12/2019
Wendy Ford is set to launch her album, Good Medicine, on 15 December to all digital platforms and CD. These are some tracks that are already getting some radio love.
Hippy Cowgirl is a fun, tongue-in-cheek romp very pertinent to the times as it promotes sustainable farming techniques.

Other tracks by Wendy Ford:  Clean House  -  Out There on the Plains
Wendy Ford - Good Medicine     Country, Rock, Pop 17/10/2019
Wendy Ford is an American-Aussie whose recent credits include 3 song award nominations, CD of the week promotion on Out in the Country Youtube show and Underground College Radio interview.
Aussie American Wendy Ford debuts her forthcoming album Good Medicine with this powerful title track addressing not only the need for remedial rain, but for truth and justice from our leaders. It addresses man's relationship with nature beginning with first nations people, then questioning the ethics of possible artificial manipulation. Video available soon.

We The Ghosts - Little Bit Crazy     Country, Pop, Rock 02/08/2012
We The Ghosts are a Brisbane based country quartet, comprising of the Tomlins brothers (Alex, Jake & Nick) along with charismatic front man John Cesar.
Little Bit Crazy is the brand new single from Brisbane based We The Ghosts. It is a heart wrenching ballad, the perfect amalgam of country and pop music.
Written and performed by John Cesar & Alex Tomlins & Recorded at Loose Stone Studios by Tyse Lee and Matt Bartlem.

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We The Ghosts - Holdin On     Rock, Country, Pop 22/03/2013
Country Rock quartet from Brisbane
Holdin On is the first single and title track from the new EP from We The Ghosts. It's a song about heartbreak and letting go.

Other tracks by We The Ghosts:  Love Somebody
Waz E James Band - The Plainsman     Country, Rock 27/01/2010
Waz E James Band- Water Melon
From the seminal sonic grunge pop of Brokenhead to his current new country sounds Waz has been recording and releasing music for over 10 years.

Other tracks by Waz E James Band:  Back Again  -  This Ones For The Bride
Wayward Johnson and the Adjustment - State We're In     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 30/11/2018
Raw, honest and heartfelt rock'n'roll with a twang.
"The beautifully keyboard laden 'State We're In' recalls Band of Horses before evoking Gram Parsons and Keith Richards exchanging notes, separated only by their guitars and a bottle." Bob Gordon, Around The Sound

Wayward Johnson and the Adjustment - Broken Dollar Dream     Country, Alternative Country 30/11/2018
Raw, honest and heartfelt rock'n'roll with a twang.
Broken Dollar Dream is the story of a man who falls in love with a pokie machine. It reflects the writer's sadness at the demise of music venues in the eastern states of Australia following the introduction of pokies, and relief that they're not in pubs in WA.

Other tracks by Wayward Johnson and the Adjustment:  Tragedy & Disaster  -  Suburban Town
Wayward Angels - Wildhorse Mountain     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Roots 07/12/2016
Wayward Angels are a female bluegrass outfit impressing audiences with sweet vocal harmonies and picking prowess since 2013, performing a dynamic variety of bluegrass covers and originals.
An original song by Brenda Lee Kelly inspired by family stories and Wildhorse Mountain(a place halfway between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast QLD). Brenda has family on the Sunshine Coast and lives in Brisbane and this song was inspired during her travels to family.

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Other tracks by Wayward Angels:  She Knows All The Words To Patsy Cline  -  Worried Man Blues
Wayne Yarran - Old School     Country, Australian Indigenous 04/06/2015
A culmination of CAN WA’s 3 year music workshop program with the Quairading and Kellerberrin communities delivers a collection of original ballads tells tales of love, loss, life, culture and country.
Country balland. Sung by Noongar man Wayne Yarran, his first song captures his memories of the old days and cultural respect. Accompanied by award winning artists Gina Williamms, Guy Ghoue and David Hymans.

Wayne Stevens & Marlon Cook - Me & Johnny Walker     Rock 23/02/2013
A track written by Michael Woodley and performed by Wayne Stevens & Marlon Cook.Sounds of Tom Price features tracks by artists from Western Australia’s most elevated town.
Singing the blues about relationships

Wayne O'Reilly - The World Won't Stop     Country, Folk 11/10/2019
i have playing Guitar for a number of years, this is my first attempt at song writing. I have had good reviews from local radio station 2ssr and friends
The World Won't Stop is about life and how fast it goes by

Wayne O'Reilly - Stay Out     Country, Folk, Easy Listening 07/11/2019
I am a local shire guy who has been playing guitar for many years and finally decided to record some songs I had written about life
This song is about a guys partner or wife who loves going out dancing, listening to music and having a good time, while he's at home waiting for her.

Wayne O'Reilly - Now You're Gone     Country, Folk 11/10/2019
I've been playing Guitar for many years and this was my first attempt at song writing and this track is about living on the land and tough times, lost love
This song is about living on the land and hard times and lost love

Watling & Bates - Small Town Tales     Country, Acoustic, Folk, Comedy 20/01/2018
Watling & Bates are an Australian old time musical duo. They write songs about road trips, finding love at country halls, and finding gems on life's gravel roads.
Small Town Tales, title track of Watling & Bates 2018 release, was written by Geoffrey Bates. Inspired by today's youth, it tells of different expectations and generational challenges compared to their parents and grandparents. It's a Dad song, expressing the awe of a computer-illiterate father for his intrepid millennial daughter.

Other tracks by Watling & Bates:  Ciderville  -  I Got Gold