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Kaitlyn Thomas - First Kiss     Country, Pop 27/11/2019
Kaitlyn Thomas was just 12 when Beccy Cole declared "There’s a star in the making right there”. Fast-forward to 2019 & Kaitlyn is ready to unleash her brand of music.
A genuine and charming small town girl, Kaitlyn Thomas, has hit the ground running with her catchy debut country single, “First Kiss”.

Co-written with Katrina Burgoyne, “First Kiss”, is an up-tempo & fun country pop song that matches Kaitlyn’s bright and bubbly personality.

“There’s a star in the making right there” – BECCY COLE

Della Harris - Must Have Been The Wine     Country 26/11/2019
Della Harris is a singer songwriter from Melbourne who has performed at major music festivals around Australia.
'Must Have Been The Wine' is a playful look at the tricky situations we can find ourselves in when it comes to relationships and the reality that even though we know someone is not good for us, sometimes we find ourselves going down that road anyway. Blame it on the alcohol but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants.

Kylie Adams-Collier - Best Friend 'Round the Block     Country, Country, Country, Country 25/11/2019
Kylie Adams-Collier is an award-winning Australian songwriter. Described as a "painter of words," her songwriting beautifully describes the Australian landscape, it's people and history. Kylie regularly tours country music festivals.
Do you still see your best friend you had when you were a little kid?

Do you keep in touch?

"Best Friend 'Round the Block" is a heartfelt song that will resonate with anyone around the world.

Childhood friends will always be cherished and Kylie's latest single release reminds us to keep in touch with our best mates from school.

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Mike Goodwin - Publicans and Sinners     Country 25/11/2019
What do you get when you blend Nick Cave with Lee Hazlewood, Johnny Cash and the theme to True Blood. Maybe something like this...
A deep dark country tune influenced by the big sounds of Lee Hazlewood and Sergio Leone. Features a cracking guitar solo exchange by Mike Goodwin and Troy Brenningmeyer AKA "Troy from Illinois".

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Other tracks by Mike Goodwin:  I'll Be Gone  -  Tenderly
Muse of the Brave - I'm a Pair of Blue Jeans     Country, Easy Listening, Indie, Folk 23/11/2019
Muse of the Brave is a production band from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. They write, record and produce songs across multiple genres, especially EDM, country, rock and instrumental soundtrack.
An ode to the fashion icon, I'm a Pair of Blue Jeans is an easy-going country track that is easy to sing along to while you're driving along or doing what you do. Performed by Muse of the Brave and co-written by Brett Watchorn (from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia) and Laurence Conway (UK).


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Abby Christo - Body Language     Country, Pop 22/11/2019
Abby Christo released her debut single 'Kiss Me Into Monday' in April. It has achieved over 1 million streams. 'Body Language' is the follow-up & is getting similar streaming support
“This is about reflecting on a relationship and wishing you’d seen the signs of it failing. I’m a very open book and this shows in my song-writing. I usually struggle to get into my creative headspace so soon, but it all felt so real, so this was almost my way of dealing with everything,” says Abby Christo.

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Jon Davis - My Ex-Best Friend     Country 22/11/2019
JD is a multi-talented wordsmith who is touching the hearts and souls of people across Australian with his unpretentious lyrics and tasteful musical arrangements.
We all know one of these girls ... but this song is about no girl in particular. She's a little wild, a lot of fun and very hard to handle!

Other tracks by Jon Davis:  Someone Else's Problem  -  Lest We Forget
Paul Lagendyk & Gina Horswood - What I Needed     Country 22/11/2019
Born and raised in Ontario's Oro/Medonte region, Canadian Country is in Paul Lagendyk's blood. George Jones. Waylon Jennings. Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson.
What I Needed, a duet with Australian,, Gina Horswood is about the different perspectives of a break-up.

The man typically goes out and drowns his sorrows. Doesn’t need anything or anyone on the outside. Blames her. His chorus is what he’s really feeling. The hurting and loneliness that he “didn’t need”.

The female perspective is emotional right from the beginning.

Charlie Collins - I Don't Want To Be In A Rock Band     Country, Indie, Rock 21/11/2019
Growing up in Tamworth, Collins was raised on a record collection of storytelling.
The song was written whilst Charlie was on tour with Gang Of Youths. It is about Charlie's long journey exploring different genres while fronting numerous bands. Not feeling like herself and almost resenting who she was becoming. Until she decided to step out on her own and write freely and express herself musically with what comes naturally.

Josh Setterfield - Us Again     Country, Pop, Rock 21/11/2019
Pushing boundaries Josh Setterfield brings country up a notch! Heavily influenced by American stadium country rock and born to entertain, Setterfield brings his unique blend of catchy, country/pop-rock to fans.
When the person that once meant everything to you is no longer that person, you wonder "will we ever be us again?”

This is the focus track from my EP 'Till Dawn'.

Other tracks by Josh Setterfield:  Weird Ones  -  Young Love
The Healys - Funny Money     Country, Folk, Pop, Easy Listening 21/11/2019
The Healys are brothers Gavin, Allan & Nigel. They brought their passion for Irish & folk music to Australia in 1998 & have crafted a modern folk rock sound.
An uplifting song about the everyday family struggles of getting by and that money is not everything.

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Other tracks by The Healys:  Spectrum  -  P Stands For Paddy
Caitlyn Jamieson - Tennessee Flat Top Box     Country 20/11/2019
With four Australian tours under her belt, Caitlyn has performed all over the country at festivals, pubs, clubs and old time country halls.
Caitlyn is a big fan of Johnny Cash and has been singing 'Tennessee Flat Top Box' on stage for the past few years. This is one of her favourites and it’s always a popular song at the Jamieson family shows with Caitlyn singing and Alisha on acoustic lead picking on the Gibson J45 guitar.

Chris Williams - Paradise     Country, Rock 20/11/2019
Country Rock Singer-Songwriter Chris Williams is stirring up waves on the Australian country music scene. Influenced by Keith Urban and Tom Petty, Chris' songs are geared to lift your spirits
Paradise is a catchy upbeat song about looking for your own version of Paradise while also recognising thats it's right in front of us. It's about living our best life right now and being grateful for what we have.

Chris Williams - Paradise     Country, Pop, Rock 20/11/2019
Country rock singer-songwriter Chris Williams is stirring up waves on the Australian country music scene.
'Paradise' is a feel good, summer, turn it up in the car type song about looking for our own version of Paradise while also recognising that it's right in front of us. It's about the parallel of wanting more but being grateful for what we have.

Demagé - Here's To Us     Country, Pop, Folk, Indie 20/11/2019
Demagé are a duo based in Western Sydney, Australia. They can be described as a Pop, Rock, Country or Folk duo. Depending on what they are asked to play.
Here’s To Us is a romantic tragedy story about where the broken hearted go to meet other broken hearted people. It provides the notion that being broken is okay, it is okay to feel sad, it is okay to feel lost and it is okay to immerse yourself in heartbreak.

Keith Jamieson - The Real Australia     Country 20/11/2019
Born in Goondiwindi, Keith Jamieson has spent most of his life in the bush, which is where he gets most of his inspiration for songwriting.
A song penned by Keith Jamieson describing his feelings on the direction Australia is headed. With an emphasis on Australian land being purchased by foreign investors, he wonders what the pioneers and war veterans would think and how the future generations will survive.

Kevin Sullivan - Just Don't Mention Christmas     Country, Indie 19/11/2019
In 2018 Kevin Sullivan fulfilled a life-long dream and released his debut album "Belonging," which debuted at #2 on the iTunes Country album chart.
"This song is about how Christmas holds a special place in peoples hearts around the world. It's not just religion, but tradition in our lives," says Kevin Sullivan.

"It is important that we don't lose the spirit, magic and joy of Christmas."

Dozzi - Ramones T-Shirt     Country, Pop 18/11/2019
Inheriting a unique style from their influential musical parents, combined with a love of country and pop music.
DOZZI harmonize their way through this sassy kiss-off to an ex who left more than a t-shirt behind. As the Australian trio sings in this joyfully heartbroken jam, “Bless your heart it’s almost tragic. You think you left me empty handed but I got the memories and the baggage” as a reminder that sometimes, some love is better off gone.

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Dom Italiano - The Arsonist     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Acoustic 15/11/2019
Alt-country singer/songwriter/lead guitarist. Lives in the country, gigs in the city! (Mostly)
'The Arsonist' was produced by Damian Cafarella & features Gretta Ziller on quest vocal & Lucky Oceans on Lap Steel. The song is about the role of conflict in our lives, both as an internal and external problem.

Fanny Lumsden - These Days     Country 15/11/2019
Hailing from the Upper Murray, Lumsden has two ARIA nominated Albums, an ARIA Country Chart-topping album, two Golden Guitars, a CMC Award, her own label and successful touring brand.
These Days, is a song that lives in that post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s haze where “the normal rules of time and space don’t apply/Where you can drink at 10am”.

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