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The Bushwackers - Dirt Under My Nails     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 19/04/2017
The third single from the Bushwackers new album ‘The Hungry Mile’ is ‘Dirt Under My Nails’.
The third single from the Bushwackers new album ‘The Hungry Mile’ is ‘Dirt Under My Nails’. Sung by lead singer and Australian icon, Dobe Newton, it’s a powerful song of migration, struggle and the forging of a new life in a foreign land.

The Bushwackers - Another Trip To Bunnings     Country 15/12/2016
The Bushwackers are Australia’s best-known, best-loved bush band. In 2016 The Bushwackers will celebrate 45 years of performance.
Ah!! Christmas and holidays on the horizon again and it’s vital to get the house looking great for the rellys to come and visit. Of course that means some DIY around the place and inevitably ‘Another trip to Bunnings’ is a necessity.

The Buffalo Grass Boys - Exactly What I Need     Country, Folk 30/09/2019
The Buffalo Grass Boys are a rocking bunch of guys who play Alt Country/Rockabilly/Country music and hail from Sydney, Australia.
Exactly What I Need is a fast-paced alt country-rockabilly song about knuckling down and getting things done. It’s about seeing your own vulnerabilities, and if you’ve been knocked down, getting up and trying again.

The Buffalo Grass Boys - Daydream     Country, Folk 09/12/2019
The Buffalo Grass Boys are a rocking bunch of guys who play Alt Country/Rockabilly/Country music and hail from Sydney, Australia.
Daydream is a song about the complications of relationships...a song about longing...wishing for something different, but not having the ability to change it. It’s about love gone wrong and how we as humans often create a reality in our head that might not be how real life is unfolding. It can all be a daydream…

The Buckleys - Run     Country, Pop, Folk 09/10/2017
The Buckleys are a sibling trio - Sarah Buckley (17yo – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Molly Buckley (14yo – Vocals, Mandolin) and Lachlan Buckley (16yo – Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar).
Run is a contemporary, modern sound with ghosts reminiscent of Appalachian & Celtic rhythms. Featuring the sibling harmonies of sisters Sarah and Molly, collectively with brother Lachlan, the melodious, rhythmic and lyrical quality of the up-beat song reverberates a vibrant, youthful and charmingly optimistic tone.

The Broken Needles - Bound to Fade     Rock, Alternative Country, Experimental 31/05/2014
The Broken Needles are a Melbourne-based independent rock band originally hailing from Townsville, North Queensland.Their second studio album, Holy Coast, will be released on 20.06.2014.
The lead single off The Broken Needles’ 2014 record Holy Coast, the world-weary duet Bound To Fade details a transiently doomed love affair afflicted by the modern condition. Featuring lush string arrangements, muted trumpet calls and reverb-drenched guitars, the song is the eye of the storm encircling Holy Coast.

Other tracks by The Broken Needles:  The Great Divide  -  The Slow Drift
The Bob Corbett Band - Your Hands     Blues/Roots, Country 09/03/2015
Bob is a multi-award-winning musician from Newcastle, Australia. His most notable career achievement to date was winning 2012 Toyota Star Maker, Australia’s oldest and most prestigious country music talent search.
A soulful song with rich harmonies, cruisey back beat and emotive lap steel guitar riffs. Your Hands is a ripened description of missing home with an organic, contemporary rhythm and blues flavor. Think, Little River Band meets Bonnie Raitt meets The Bob Corbett Band on the Hay Plains of NSW.

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Other tracks by The Bob Corbett Band:  Kakadu  -  All My Ex Girlfriends Live On Islands
the Blue Shamrocks - What Colour Is the Wind     Country, Easy Listening, World 29/01/2020
Professional fun upbeat country music band, delivering good vibes and beats to dance to, appeals to all ages across various communities
the song is about a little girl who is going blind at a young age, cannot see the beauty and nature of the world, with the help of her daddy's descriptions, her imagination see's the worlds simple things, like wind and sea as a descriptive colour, "What Colour is the Wind is it yellow or blue"

The Blue Shamrocks - Wasn't That A Party     Country, Blues, Dance 20/09/2017
Fun Fun Fun Music - this is "theBlueShamrocks" first album, professional country music sound, Brisbane based, offers a taste of Irish style infused country tunes with a vibrant dance beat.
Party nights sometimes go to plan or sometimes a little astray depending on what people get up too, this may relate to a night out in anyones party in Australia, bright upbeat story behind the night out, good jive music

Other tracks by The Blue Shamrocks:  What Colour is the Wind  -  Hangin Out Hangin In There
The Beaut Utes - Circle Work     Country, Rock, Pop, Alternative Country 11/09/2013
The Beaut Utes are a four piece country out-fit from Sydney. All members sing and harmonize, there are two main song writes with-in the band.
Circle Work is about a group of friends having a bit of fun in the bush with their cars and utes.

Other tracks by The Beaut Utes:  Movin On  -  Lonely Friday Night
The Barren Spinsters - Can't Get A Word In     Rock, Funk, Blues 20/05/2014
The Barren Spinsters are a Canberra rock, roots, and fusion two piece that sound like a three piece.
'Can't Get A Word In' is the first track from 'The Barren Spinsters' debut EP 'Counter Culture'.

Other tracks by The Barren Spinsters:  Lost Cause Found  -  Would You Be My Slave?
The Barleyshakes - Between the Green and the Blue     World, Folk, Acoustic, Roots 28/09/2011
Award winning world music six piece the Barleyshakes are making Irish music hip again with a fresh, dancey and very contagious approach to the ancient music of the Gaels.
2011 Queensland Music award winning song for World Music . Upbeat almost sing along quality to this well crafted folk rock songwriter style song. Instrumentation includes banjo, fiddle, lots of vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums.

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Other tracks by The Barleyshakes:  the Battle of Laurel Park  -  The Bathroom set
The Barebones - I Feel Fine     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 30/09/2016
The Barebones are an alternative rock band with strong roots in melodic pop rock. They can shift between stripped-back folk to alt-country to rock n roll.
The album’s first single ‘I Feel Fine’ mixes the swagger of the Stones with a twin guitar onslaught reminiscent of the Young brothers, a triumphant rock n roll anthem about casting off self-doubt.

The Awesome - Fire Doesn't Always Burn The Wood     Funk/Soul, Acoustic, Jazz 10/02/2016
The Awesome are a dazzling duo . Mili Cifali's intricate guitar work leaves you mesmerised while her rich vocals impress. Jim Horvath complements with his velvet tones on upright bass.
Lively jazzy feel good song with funky guitar rhythm soulful vocals and lead smooth bass and interesting lyrical content. A real toe tapper!

Other tracks by The Awesome:  Dreaming Your Life Away  -  Moondance
The Audreys - Trainwreck Blues     Country, Roots 05/04/2012
The Audreys are one of Australia's highest profile alt country/roots band. April 6 they will release ‘Collected’ - a unique package containing all 3 of their ARIA award winning albums.
Train Wreck Blues is sultry bluesy roots at its best, expertly crafted by Tristan + perfectly vocalized by Taasha. The Audreys again will bewitch listeners with this gorgeous track.

The Audreys - Baby, Are You There?     Blues/Roots, Rock 28/04/2014
The Audreys are a folk-rock duo from Adelaide, Australia. They are Taasha Coates, who sings and plays small stringed instruments and keyboards, and Tristan Goodall, who plays larger stringed instruments
"This song has the honour, if you can call it such, of being the fastest written track in The Audreys catalogue. Taasha and I wrote it during soundcheck for a gig at Hobart's Republic Bar and for months it existed under the working title "Republic Bar Blues".

Other tracks by The Audreys:  My Darlin Girl
The Atlas Mountains - Kicking Goals     Rock, Alternative Country 20/11/2015
A 5 piece indie rock outfit from Perth. The new album is honest, emotional songwriting at it's best... with a hint of alt-country thanks to lead-singer Taylor’s native Tennesseean twang.
An upbeat song which, lyrically, is about dealing with depression. A dynamically diverse song with laid-back verses and punchy, heavy-hitting choruses. If you want to get "fired up" before going out on the town or playing some sport, then have a listen...

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Other tracks by The Atlas Mountains:  Gone are the Days  -  Prone to Misery
The April Family - You’re Someone That I Never Knew     Country, Pop 01/09/2016
A classic sounding group with lots of twangy guitars and Hammond organs, and the ensemble’s signature three part harmonies supporting.
The second single You're Someone That I Never Knew is a classic sounding country pop track, with lots of twangy guitars and Hammond organs, and the ensemble's signature three
part harmonies.

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The April Family - You're Just The Blues     Country, Alternative Country 18/08/2017
Sydney based Alternative Country favourites The April Family.
Whitney’s soulful vocal, weaving around Atkins’ lead electric guitar lines, over a classic country rolling rhythm provided by Carpenter, the story about the difficulties of infidelity and the delegations of guilt and blame around it show a maturity that is typical of the material The April Family continue to develop.

The April Family - One Trick Pony     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 27/08/2018
The April Family have been quietly working away, building a name and a steady body of work since forming in 2015, their sound a fusion of classic country and rock.
One Trick Pony features the soulfully twangy vocals of inimitable lead vocalist Kylie Whitney, the blistering lead guitar work of Casey Atkins and the insistent grooves and gritty production of Michael Carpenter, and was written by Whitney and Carpenter. The pointed lyrics support the narrative in the vocal, punctuated by production that seethes while building through to an explosive bridge.