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theBlueShamrocks - Blowin' In The Wind     Country, Easy Listening 15/12/2019
Professional fun upbeat country music band, delivering good vibes and beats to dance to, to appeal to all ages across communities
Blowin' In The Wind is a jive based country version remake of Bob Dylans hit Blowin in the Wind, offers a new dynamic direction upbeat version of a classic tune.

Wendy Ford - Hippy Cowgirl     Country, Rock 15/12/2019
Wendy Ford is set to launch her album, Good Medicine, on 15 December to all digital platforms and CD. These are some tracks that are already getting some radio love.
Hippy Cowgirl is a fun, tongue-in-cheek romp very pertinent to the times as it promotes sustainable farming techniques.

Other tracks by Wendy Ford:  Clean House  -  Out There on the Plains
Chris Matthews feat. Brad Butcher & Jen Mize - Table of Knowledge     Country, Rock, Roots 14/12/2019
Australian story teller; a unique guitarist of extraordinary ability; a man whose touring exploits almost redefine the word “troubadour”; a remarkable songwriter.....Chris Matthews is one of a kind.
With one of the catchiest hooks than this side of a fishing line, and with the sublime vocals of Brad Butcher and Jen Mize along for the ride, Chris Matthews has released the 2nd single from the forthcoming album "Little Bit Long Way". Superbly recorded, magnificently performed, and with a groove that just won't quit, its absolutely top notch.

Palomino III - Rodeo     Country, Roots, Blues, Folk 14/12/2019
Sunshine Coast three piece Palomino III churn out a fantastic sound with their intriguing and layered stories of life founded in the roots with an authentic flavour of Americana.
The song Rodeo takes the metaphor of life as a rodeo, initially inspired by the artist's observation that to make significant changes in ones life and to choose a different way acknowledging the rocky ride that often times comes as part of the deal.

There are always choices, you get back on the horse or you find another circus...

Aleyce Simmonds & John Williamson - Three Sons     Country, Folk, Alternative 13/12/2019
2018 Golden Guitar winner Aleyce Simmonds today releases a new single and duet with ARIA Hall of Fame member and Australian icon John Williamson.
My dad loved this song and I snuck the home phone away one day when I heard on the local radio station that they had a competition running to win a copy of the single. I tried my luck and asked John Williamson if we would sing a duet with me on his song. To my surprise, he said YES!!!

Ashleigh Dallas - Candles Burning     Country 13/12/2019
Third generation in a country music family dynasty, it is no surprise multiple Golden Guitar Winner Ashleigh Dallas took to the music scene like a duck to water.
‘Candles Burning’ captures the heartache and restlessness that follows during the grief process of a loved one. How often you honor their traditions in the hope to feel them close and as if they are even still around. Written from the heart after Ashleigh lost her Grandfather “Dah”.

Craig Brumby - Christmas Girl     Country, Pop, Folk 10/12/2019
A solo act writing from the heart about things that matter and life experiences. A mix of country pop and folk rock.
Christmas Girl was written about his then-girlfriend (now wife) and how he wouldn't be seeing her for Christmas. It talks about the feeling of knowing someone won't be there and how memories are not as good as the real thing.

A passionate love song to make anyone's heart melt.

Graham Gould - Goodbye Lover, Hello Friend     Country, Country, Pop 10/12/2019
My songs have been heard globally with some chart success in Europe. Once nominated for Album of the Year in Victoria. A New Zealand Guitar winner in their awards.
The song was written by the artist and self produced.

Other tracks by Graham Gould:  There's a New Way  -  Crazy
Rory Ellis - Bitumen Cowboys     Country, Folk, Blues, Easy Listening 10/12/2019
“Rory Ellis is one of those singer/songwriters, like Leonard Cohen, who makes the hairs on your arms stand up by simply opening his mouth.”- Brett Callwood: Acoustic Magazine UK.
Days, weeks, spent apart from the comforts of home, family, lonely nights holed up in a truck cabin.

There is sadness in separation, solitude in the miles, and stress to make ends meet for the ones they leave behind.

This song is dedicated to those men and women whose passion for the open road makes the world go round.

Benn Gunn - Luckiest Man Alive     Country, Pop 09/12/2019
Benn Gunn is a true blue Aussie playing his own unique brand of Aussie heartland rock combined with his Aussie humor.
‘Luckiest Man Alive’ is a fun, mid-tempo romantic love song filled with black cats, broken mirrors, rabbit foots and four leaf clovers. This is the perfect feel-good song for anyone who's ever been in love.

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The Buffalo Grass Boys - Daydream     Country, Folk 09/12/2019
The Buffalo Grass Boys are a rocking bunch of guys who play Alt Country/Rockabilly/Country music and hail from Sydney, Australia.
Daydream is a song about the complications of relationships...a song about longing...wishing for something different, but not having the ability to change it. It’s about love gone wrong and how we as humans often create a reality in our head that might not be how real life is unfolding. It can all be a daydream…

Jürgen Joarder - This Town     Country, Indie, Alternative, Roots 07/12/2019
Jürgen Joarder is the songwriter, singer and guitarist with Sydney band Driving South. He is also releasing solo versions of the band's songs.
The song was written after reading a short story about the domestic abuse that occurred in a country town in the 60s.

The town knows but does nothing until one victim decides to confront the town with the evidence that the town can no longer ignore.

A solo version of the song played live by Sydney band Driving South.

Ed Jackson - So Much More     Country, Folk, Roots, Easy Listening 06/12/2019
Ed Jackson’s music is a fusion of heartfelt lyrics and upbeat melodies, that makes you think and smile at the same time.
So Much More is a follow-up to Ed Jackson's 2017 track These Two Boys and marks a new direction in his sound as he pivots into country music with a track that quietly steals its way into your heart. Featuring slide guitar, cello and double bass So Much More explores the promise and pain of love.

Stephanie Penrose - Oh My     Country, Roots, Alternative, Indie 06/12/2019
New Country/Americana track from Tamworth local Stephanie Penrose. From her debut EP to be released in early 2020.
"This song came about after noticing how often people pretend to be something they are not and show you their colours they only want you to see," says Penrose.

"In my case the song is about being able to see the truths and choosing to move away from deception."

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Connie Kis Andersen - Angels All Around Us     Country 05/12/2019
No stranger to hard work, perseverance and passionate dreams of a career in music, Connie Kis Andersen has defied industry paradigms by carving a successful music and radio career.
Christmas time is one of reflection, rejoicing, giving and gratitude. The season may even be tinged with sorrow. With devastating bushfires and drought so prevalent throughout Australia, this track is a timely reminder of how Angels (family, friends, neighbours and strangers) reach out and lend a helping hand in times of need.

Laura Frank - Leave It All Behind     Country, Pop, Folk 05/12/2019
Frank is all about moving forward and she’s about to leave her past in the dust as she embarks on a new journey in the country world.
Leave It All Behind is a bittersweet tune taking you on a journey through the highs and lows of relationships. It moves between knowing it's time for a relationship to end but not yet being ready to move on.

Andy Nelson - Late Night Letter     Country, Alternative 04/12/2019
Andy Nelson began playing around the local venues in Central West NSW region. It didn’t take long before the troubadour decided he would begin songwriting and has never looked back.
The song is based on the narrative of an adolescent boy growing up in a regional community where there was once a thriving industry, hosting jobs and security. Like many of these communities, once the work is over, or the industry has moved elsewhere, there are still people, real lives and families that have embedded roots in the area.

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Spike Flynn - Christmas Under Southern Skies     Country, Alternative, Folk 04/12/2019
Singer-songwriter. Country and Blues influenced. Has been compared in type to Townes van Zandt, Chris Smithers, Guy Clark, John Prine. His themes are often small town related.
Christmas Under Southern Skies is a song with very evocative scenes of Christmas in a small Australian town. Tired together by the narrator who has experienced lost love, but has found a measure of peace back in his old home town. A song of realistic hope.

It is from a soon to be released album "Postcards From The Heart".

Sophie Jones - Tamworth For Christmas     Country, Roots 01/12/2019
Sophie Jones is one half of duo Smith & Jones. A natural born country singer from Tamworth, she now lives and works in Bathurst NSW.
A hardworking country musician sings about the busy end of the year, and looking forward to returning home to family for Christmas. Written by Kris Schubert of blues band the Safety of Life at Sea following a conversation with Sophie Jones about her hectic end of year schedule. Special guest James Church of country duo Montgomery Church contributes dobro.

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Chris Hutchison - The Truth Is Out     Country, Rock, Alternative, Country 28/11/2019
Born and raised in the country capital of Gympie, Chris Hutchison is at the forefront of a new wave of country with a grassroots Australian story and massive international sound.
‘The Truth is Out’ is an uplifting country rock anthem, reflecting his life as a single father, countryman, guitarist and musician, fusing the earthiness of country music with a fresh international sound. Collaborating with US drummer Aaron Sterling (Keith Urban, John Mayer) and co-written with Matt Bartlem (Matt Corby, Broods), the song chronicles an artist finding his own truth.