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Aimee Francis - Seventeen     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Gay Alligned 23/08/2019
Americana-rock-country artist Aimee Francis is back with her new single, 'Seventeen', written about a 6 week stint in Los Angeles with her best friends, whiskey and her fake ID.
'You picked me up every Friday night
With a fake ID and a flask to hide
Holy sh*t those nights would never end...
Kissing strangers in unknown places
Six weeks in LA killing brain cells
We're three musketeers drinking beers at the Rainbow Again...'

Dom Italiano - I Try     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Roots 23/08/2019
Alt-country singer/songwriter/lead guitarist. Lives in the country, gigs in the city! (Mostly)
'I Try', produced by Damian Cafarella, is about getting to that point with someone, and just having nothing left for them... 'I try to cry, and I don't know why... I am dry'...

Emma Dykes - The Riddle Of Life     Country, Folk 23/08/2019
After graduating the Academy of Country Music in 2016, Emma drew on her experience as a rural Emergency Nurse to write about her lessons learnt along the way.
Dedicated to a dear friend that was diagnosed with a brain tumor late last year, ‘The Riddle Of Life’ is a reminder to everybody to make the most of our time. Life is unpredictable but it is important to not let it get away while there is still any ounce of hope.

Khristian Mizzi - Welcoming Song     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 23/08/2019
The songs of Melbourne artist Khristian Mizzi plant seeds in the mind, warm the heart, and capture the imagination. Poetic and articulate songs once heard are not easily forgotten.
The opening track to the brand new album 'Some Other Morning' and for most of the live sets Mizzi has played throughout the past year, The 'Welcoming Song' invites listeners to come and celebrate life and to be present in the here and now. A song of gratitude for love, beauty, truth and togetherness through music.

Pecos Red - Knoxville     Country, Rockabilly 23/08/2019
In Pecos Red, Australian audiences can party like never before to incredible home-grown music, steeped in the heritage of American greats including Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash.
Aussie band, Pecos Red debuts with Knoxville, a song already charting high across Europe and the continental U.S. thanks to its lively beat, outstanding guitar work and fine storytelling. Knoxville is the first exciting release from Pecos Red's album Plains, regarded in the U.S. music industry as a shining example of the best of Americana.

Shelly Jones Band - The Outback     Country, Folk, Easy Listening 23/08/2019
Popular husband and wife duo, the Shelly Jones Band (Shelly and Lester) are two accomplished singer-songwriters, well known for delivering strong vocal harmonies and great musicianship.
The Outback presents something a little different from husband and wife duo the Shelly Jones Band and is their tribute to the Australian Outback. Inspired by their many road trips inland, Shelly and Lester wanted to capture the magic of the mystical Outback they have fallen in love with.

Copperline - Please Don't Cry     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic 22/08/2019
Copperline are a four piece alt-country/rock act who marry classic narrative songwriting with subtle and refined playing.
The song is a beautiful, shuffling country track that pulls on the heartstrings with some subtle, refined playing and Brad Christmas’ yearning vocal melodies.

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Emma Dykes - The Riddle of Life     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 22/08/2019
Emma Dykes sings just as she lives her life – wanting to give to others and celebrate the stories and experiences in song.
The Riddle of Life is about Emma Dykes's friend, Ric, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour which she continues to battle. Ric, a fellow nurse, along with her family, moved into the house across the road from Emma when she was 13. Unfortunately, Ric has few options left and her husband and three children are dealing with the consequences.

Hype Duo - When the Sun Comes up     Country, Rock 22/08/2019
Hype Duo have a massive aussie following with over 43,000 facebook fans, 47,000 followers and over 6,800 Monthly Spotify listeners and growing!
"When the Sun Comes Up" has already been played on TRIPLE M Sydney for their homegrown segment and has been played regularly on SWR 99.9 It has a "Country/Rock" feel that all about partying until the sun comes up, something most of us have done at sometime!



Grug and Micko

Cameron Cusack - Hit It Off     Country 21/08/2019
From Cameron’s early career performing in small bars and cafes across the East Coast, Cameron was soon discovered by the Australian country music industry.
Cameron Cusack is set to release his new single ‘Hit It Off’ from his upcoming album ‘Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams & Everything Good In Between’. Since the release of ‘Endless Summer’, ‘Cars & Guitars’ and ‘One Way Ticket’, the two time Toyota Star Maker finalist has been working on a brand new heart felt album of songs.

Jayne Denham - Black Coffee And White Lines     Country, Rock, Pop 21/08/2019
With her ability to tell a story that captures the imagination, Jayne has scored three #1 hits in Australia and six top 10 songs in the National Country Charts
“Black Coffee and White Lines” is no exception. With the debut of her third single, Denham will continue to use her platform to pay homage to the trucking industry. The music video is even set to feature the stars of the History Channel’s hit show, Ice Road Truckers.

Max Jackson - Saturday     Country, Pop, Alternative Country 21/08/2019
Introducing singer songwriter Max Jackson who has been working towards her forthcoming debut album release for ten years. Max’s first single ‘Saturday’ is out now.
Max Jackson releases her first single ‘SATURDAY’ as she tours the country opening for Gina Jeffreys. Max’s fresh, pop-country sound transports you to the dreamy happy place of the weekend.

‘SATURDAY’ is the first taste of Max’s debut album ‘LIFE OF THE PARTY’, due for release in early 2020 and produced by the award winning Rod McCormack.

Tom Curtain - We're Still Here     Country 21/08/2019
In addition to being an accomplished singer songwriter, Tom also owns the national award-winning Katherine Outback Experience, an attraction based in the Northern Territory that celebrates life on the land.
Katherine’s multi-awarded singer songwriter, Tom Curtain, celebrates the strength of rural communities in his latest single, ‘We’re Still Here’, inspired by the resilience he witnessed whilst touring through Queensland during the drought in late 2018, and again after the floods in early 2019 as he drove back to the Territory.

Dean Perrett - The Ballad of Black Caviar     Country 16/08/2019
There is an old saying “write and sing about what you know”. For an authentic traditional Australian country sound, look no further than bush ballad singer songwriter, Dean Perrett.
‘The Ballad Of Black Caviar’ is a tribute and the story of the legendary Australian racehorse Black Caviar. This great mare won the hearts of the Australian people just as Pharlap did in his day. Her turn of speed and thundering winds left all her rivals in her dust. Long live this great Australian legend.

Dom Italiano - Secret (Feet Of Clay)     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic 16/08/2019
Alt-country singer/songwriter/lead guitarist. Lives in the country, gigs in the city!
'Secret (Feet Of Clay)' was produced by Damian Cafarella (he also plays pretty much everything other than guitar on this track). The song is about living with shame and working up the courage to confess. Secret (Feet Of Clay) employs the 'Paul Simon Songwriting Technique' of upbeat, major key music combined with sad, minor key music!

Hayley Marsten - Red Wine, White Dress     Country 16/08/2019
Equal parts sass and sincerity, Hayley Marsten wears her heart on her bedazzled sleeve with pride and humour.
I was going through a break up that felt like the relationship had stained Brisbane for me that I had the right way to write it. I felt like there was no where we didn’t go, or I didn’t spend so my time thinking about him, like I couldn’t escape the grief and confusion anywhere.

Billie-Rose Copeland - Company With Regret     Country, Alternative Country, Blues 15/08/2019
Born and bred in North West Queensland, Billie-Rose Copeland knew in her heart she had to pursue music from a young age. Her debut single is "Company With Regret".
Billie wrote the single "Company with Regret" only a few days before recording with her singing teacher and says it was one of the easiest songs she has written.
The single was mastered by William Bowden at King Willy Sound and recorded at Love Hz studios with Matt Fell and showcases Billie's stunning vocals and alternative folk sound

Alex Crook - Echoes     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Roots 15/08/2019
Alex Crook is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia who has crafted a unique blend of pop-folk.
Inspired by relationships and human interaction, Crook’s songwriting follows his own experiences, and stories from people of joy and hardship. “As humans, we all have highs and lows which really inspires my writing. If anyone has experienced a similar situation they relate to the song or create their own meaning.” Alex Crook’s debut single “Echoes” is a snapshot of this.

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Charlie Fittler - This Guitar Can't Drink a Beer     Country, Country 15/08/2019
Charlie is an 16-year-old country singer/guitarist from Armidale NSW. Who graduated from CMAA 2018. Who found his passion from an early age. Inspired by the music he grew up with.
"This Guitar Can't Drink a Beer" is the Debut Single from 16 year old Charlie Fittler from Armidale NSW. Recorded by Simon Johnson of Hillbilly Hut.

The song is a catchy upbeat tune about how his guitar and be the perfect and not so perfect wingman.

Jarred Taylor - And We Danced     Country, Rock, Pop 15/08/2019
A rock edge country voice mixed with those earth soul tones jarred Taylor is something new and exciting here to excite many
And we danced is a song that tells a story of what musicians can go through and not even notice what’s around them, leaving town to chase fame when some of there biggest fans were under there nose all along. And this song tells that story