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Coolin' By Sound

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Dumb Things - Waiting Out     Alternative, Indie 01/11/2019
Brisbane bedroom pop five-piece Dumb Things make music which is a perfect reflection of their sub-tropical climate. Bright, carefree and shimmering, with occasional wistful and melancholy overtones.
Dumb Things hit back with the next taste from their upcoming sophomore album, Time Again. Featuring their usual, both at times, wandering and interlocking guitars, ‘Waiting Out’ picks up where ‘Today, Tonight’ left off. The song’s words, vague and unassuming, convey the feeling of being out of place but ultimately being ok with it.

Dumb Things - Today Tonight     Rock, Pop 15/07/2019
Brisbane indie rock purveyors Dumb Things have patented a distinctive modern sunburnt pop aesthetic which owes a debt to That Striped Sunlight Sound pioneered by Queensland forebears like The Go-Betweens.
Brisbane band Dumb Things return with the first taste of their sophomore album Time Again, lead single Today Tonight polishing their patented sunburnt pop to a sheen whilst retaining the edges. Luminous guitars swirl, underpinned by lyrics casting a simultaneously romantic/cynical eye on the work, TV, sleep, repeat cycle.

Tape/Off - Vigorous Lover     Rock, Garage 30/11/2018
Fiercely intense and infectiously melodic, the depth and craftsmanship of Brisbane indie rockers Tape/Off has found both their albums Chipper (2014) and Broadcast Park (2018) nominated for the prestigious AMP.
Vigorous Lover shows a more vulnerable side to Tape/Off, tackling the complexity of the Australian male psyche head on. Initially seeming flippant in tone, our country’s gender expectations are soon analysed and subverted, a remarkable depth and nuance on display behind the track’s meandering melody and generous abundance of hooks.

Tape/Off - Wake In Fright     Rock, Punk, Garage 12/07/2018
Tape/Off’s acclaimed debut Chipper was longlist for the AMP award in 2014. They've supported Kurt Vile, Future Of The Left and Violent Soho. Broadcast Park is out July 2018.
Named after 1971 Ozploitation masterpiece Wake In Fright, Tape/Off‘s new single distils that film’s rustic intensity and thinly-veiled malevolence into sub-four minutes of frenetic, scabrous indie rock. It broods, pulses and screams visions of manic reprisals, the rallying cries of “Fair go, mate!” as much in hope as expectation.

The Gametes - The Hive Pt 2.     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic 20/06/2018
(Brisbane) A direct result of corporate chemical-testing gone awry, The Gametes were unnaturally birthed into a fittingly unnatural world in the year 2017.
The terror of a thinking man trapped amidst a matrix of mindless automatons – an amalgam of anxiety, paranoia, and existentialism – is conveyed in The Gametes’ trademark idiosyncratic style. The third single from The Gametes’ forthcoming debut album, The Hive Pt 2 carries the album’s sci-fi odyssey narrative forwards but works perfectly well in isolation.

The Gametes - The Man Of Thumbs     Rock, Punk, Garage 05/05/2018
In just 12 months young Brisbane four-piece The Gametes have left an indelible mark on the rich local scene with their unique, absurdist approach to performance and manic punk energy.
The new instalment in the space tragi-comedy surrounding Space-Diplomat Comet Jones introduces new protagonist The Man Of Thumbs. A short-but-powerful parable for modern times, the hook-laden tracks surmises that even though they “took their rest, took their sanity” that all is fine when “production output efficiency is better than ever”.

June 28th // Netherworld, BRIS // with Ocean Party // FREE
July 6th // Lady Hampshire, SYD // with Satanic Togas and Denice le Menise // $10
July 13th // Bar Open, MEL // with Gonzo and Bananagun // $10

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Tape/Off - Day In, Day Out     Rock, Garage, Punk 04/04/2018
(Brisbane, QLD) Tape/Off’s acclaimed debut Chipper was longlist for the AMP award in 2014. They've supported Kurt Vile, Future Of The Left, Violent Soho. Broadcast Park is due July 2018.
Brimming with Tape/Off’s trademark fuzzed-out catchiness, the aggressively chiming guitars and driving rhythms of Day In, Day Out mirror the track’s urgent narrative of social breakdown amidst a backdrop of class division and social apathy. Day In, Day Out – the first taste of their long-awaited second album Broadcast Park.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Thigh Master - Canned Opening     Rock, Garage, Pop 02/09/2016
Brisbane indie-rock four-piece Thigh Master deliver sun-bleached tales of heartbreak and apathy wrapped in a hook-laden blanket of ramshackle garage-pop, infusing the urgent missives with laidback charm.
Brisbane indie lynchpins Thigh Master are back with yet another infectious offering which doles out hooks and angst in equal doses. Clocking in at under four minutes, Canned Opening is rife with wisdom, world-weariness and withdrawal, offset by crisp guitar lines and infectious vocal melodies. Introspection never sounded so alluring.


Other tracks by Thigh Master:  Treehouse A.P
Shrapnel - Another Year     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 11/08/2016
Sydney indie outfit Shrapnel play strains of wistful, otherworldly melancholia which traverses strange new vistas and is rife with left-of-centre hooks and melodies that make their way into your brain.
Sydney indie outfit Shrapnel started as the bedroom project of Sam Wilkinson (Day Ravies, Mope City, Beef Jerk) but soon morphed into a full band, and new single Another Year is a vaguely existential look at the inexorable march of time and pain inherent in gradually relinquishing one’s youth.

Thigh Master - Company     Rock, Garage 09/06/2016
Brisbane indie-rock four-piece Thigh Master deliver sun-bleached tales of heartbreak and apathy wrapped in a hook-laden blanket of ramshackle garage-pop, infusing the urgent missives with laidback charm.
Cascades of jubilant guitars, shouted bursts of casually refined angst, propulsive rhythms attacking your feet: in under two-minutes new Thigh Master single Company – the thrilling first taste from the Brisbane four-piece’s long-awaited debut album Early Times – packs in more hooks than most bands manage over an entire album.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)