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Contemporary Classical


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Anna Shelley - Moon Dreaming     Contemporary Classical, World, Experimental 02/10/2019
Known for her ambient meditative music, Anna Shelley weaves her signature dreamy tones through her music.
Moon Dreaming was inspired by the full moon, although it is really a gift from the moon in any phase. Featuring sublime vocals, this piece invokes the beauty of the moon and the night sky.

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Paul Kelly & James Ledger - The Windhover (Radio Edit) (Ft. Alice Keath & Seraphim Trio)     Contemporary Classical, Blues, Rock 27/09/2019
Paul Kelly and James Ledger have teamed up with a a group of prominent musicians to bring bird inspired poetry to life in Thirteen Ways To Look At Birds.
‘The Windhover’ is a poem by Catholic priest Gerard Manley Hopkins which Paul Kelly and James Ledger wrote music for. Kelly’s vocals soar through the song which is accompanied by Alice Keith who provides haunting backing vocals.

Luke Cuerel Orchestra - Arrival     Contemporary Classical, Instrumental, Jazz 21/09/2019
A 14 piece orchestra inspired by jazz, classical, rock and electronic music!
Arrival is a song composed about birth and new life.

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The Letter String Quartet - All The Stories     Contemporary Classical, Pop, Experimental, Folk 02/09/2019
The Letter String Quartet is Steph O'Hara, Lizzy Welsh, Biddy Connor and Zoë Barry - an innovative ensemble who push the sonic possibilities of the string quartet into new realms.
'All The Stories' features Marita Dyson (The Orbweavers) vocals with lyrics by poet Maria Zajkowski. The song explores the Abbotsford Convent grounds as a place of escape, where nature and the mind allow freedom. This freedom is always confined within our experience of it. Some freedoms have been lost and the stories of those who lost them are also lost.