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Comes With Fries

Comes With Fries

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Ange - Like I'm Crazy     Pop 24/05/2019
Direct from Barcelona, via Sydney’s underground RnB scene, ANGE is a neo-soul singer-songwriter blending electronic and pop influences, drawing comparisons to international artists like NAO and KIMBRA.
Like I’m Crazy is a self-empowerment anthem. Talks about not caring about what people think, being your own self and embracing your crazy side. It also reflects on the idea of dependence and the struggle of being rejected, culminating in the importance of self-love and courage.

Ford Miskin - Hostage ft. Miranda Glory     Electronic 29/05/2019
Ford Miskin is the Sydney producer who has been taking L.A by storm over the past few months. He is now back home and ready to release some big music.
This song is about a passionate love-hate relationship where the girl surrenders to her lover. There is a lot of tension and strong emotions. Despite their passion and conflict, they manage to find a way forward in their stormy relationship

Harrison Storm - Falling Down     Folk 13/06/2019
With a handful of finely tuned folk based demos, Harrison turned to friend and producer Hayden Calnin, who helped bring to life his ideas, which formed his debut EP titled.
Falling Down is a song about those times in a relationship where there seems to be a shadow looming overhead and you’re desperately trying to see through it and hang on.

Garrett Kato - Distant Lands     Folk 14/06/2019
Canadian-born, Australia-based singer-songwriter Garrett Kato showed up in Byron Bay 9 years ago with nothing but a bag of clothes, a backpack, and guitar after quitting his day job.
Distant Land is a collection of memories spanning most of my life. The songs resemble chapters to my journey from as far back as childhood and as recent as becoming a father in a new country.

Liv Li - Told You     Pop 14/06/2019
Emerging from the Nation’s Capital is LIV LI . An electronic pop act with a devastatingly haunting vocal.
Told you is about being in a controlling relationship and finally taking a stand. Taking back that power.

It's an acknowledgement of her bravery in taking back that control and power in her life and having the courage to move on. And finally having that last damn word!

Hayden Calnin - F**k Collingwood     Pop 21/06/2019
From early beginnings, singer/songwriter and producer, Hayden Calnin has carved out a path refusing to adhere to convention and genre.
I’d lived in Collingwood, of Melbourne, for the last 10 years. I’ve loved it, hated it, and left it. ‘F**k Collingwood’ is a reflection on my time living there, about me realising that I had to get out of the city and find some space for a while, and go live near the ocean. At least for a little bit.

Other tracks by Hayden Calnin:  Late
Riley Pearce - Brave (Acoustic)     Folk 19/07/2019
From humble beginnings busking at farmers markets and playing open mic nights in Perth, alt-folk artist Riley Pearce is now selling out shows across Australia, winning awards and touring internationally.
A song so reflective and warm that it takes you to a room with leather furniture, a soft brown rug and a glass coffee table, once the saxophone comes in the fire place ignites and you are transported into relaxation and pure emotion.

Harrison Storm - Falling Down     Pop 02/08/2019
Harrison Storm catalogs life in similar fashion. His music signifies a turning point as change, growth, and evolution follow on the other side of the song
“These songs are the most relevant to where I am right now,” he explains. “It’s a really interesting time, so the songs are personal and I’m sharing what’s going on with everyone else. It all started in the aftermath of a breakup."

Other tracks by Harrison Storm:  How To Help
Hayden Calnin - Warm With You     Folk 09/08/2019
From early beginnings, singer/songwriter and producer, Hayden Calnin has carved out a path refusing to adhere to convention and genre.
Hayden Calnin is back again stronger than ever with one purpose and one purpose only. To create music so warm and beautiful that you can’t help but imagine what it'd be like to quit your job, say f*ck you to the world and run into his arms, leaving all problems behind. Warm With You is an invitation to do that.

Esmè - Ella     Jazz 13/08/2019
Esmé is a Sydney based singer/songwriter. In 2017 she self released her debut single ‘Come with me’ which won the attention of Triple J presenters, Sony 301 and MTV Australia
Each one of her songs is personalised with artistic production work, painting a colourful picture in audio as her voice floats above broken hip hop inspired beats, swelling synths, orchestral movements and deep melodic bass lines. Her music leans into the realm of electro pop alongside artists such as Charlotte Cardin, Jordan Rakei, Billie Eillish.

Jade MacRae - Up Above Your Head     Funk/Soul 23/08/2019
Jade MacRae is a 3 X Aria nominee, multiple ARIA award winner. This is Jade’s first single under her own name since 2008
Written in September 2018 following a particularly volatile and unstable time on the Australian political landscape. It was a way for me to express my frustrations, and channel those feelings into a song which encourages people to get involved in their local community and to be heard, but also to keep their spirits up in the face of hard times.

Jaguar Jonze - Beijing Baby     Electronic 23/08/2019
Life-changing serendipity happens only to a chosen few. And that moment took musician-artist Deena Lynch by surprise, while playing an Iggy Pop tribute night in her native Brisbane, Australia.
It’s technically about those who hide behind their privilege, but also nods to Deena’s multicultural roots: Mom is Taiwanese, and Dad is Australian. After her parents split (and complicated citizenship issues), her mother moved to Taiwan, her father stayed in Japan, and seven-year-old Deena was moved to Australia.

Alex Hosking - Monsters     Electronic 30/08/2019
“Monsters” is the debut single for South Australian artist Alex Hosking. Alex has been travelling the globe for the past two years, writing over 300 songs for artists internationally.
Monsters is about the feeling of being stuck in your own head even when you can see that the world keeps turning.

The song incorporates fast melody lines, smooth hip hop drum beats, electric RnB guitar, poetic metaphors lead by Alex’s striking vocals. This song is addictive and relatable to all.

Harrison Storm - Falling Down (SYML Remix)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 02/09/2019
Mornington Peninsular own Harrison Storm has spent the last year release single after single all culminating in the drop of his EP -Falling Down which was highly critically received.
What happens when you bring together two singer-songwriters from opposite sides of the planet, both of whom have spent the last year writing, performing and releasing music which has captivated millions of fan collectively and lead to millions of streams? 

You get a track filled with pure emotion and melodic bliss that is simultaneously perfect for 2am on a dancefloor. 

Garrett Kato - Control     Folk 11/09/2019
Canadian-born, Australia-based singer-songwriter Garrett Kato showed up in Byron Bay 9 years ago with only: bag of clothes, a backpack, and a guitar, quitting his day job on a whim.
Control is the latest and greatest release from Byron Bay Singer Songwriter - Garrett Kato who is moving towards more accessible music which is sure to exponentially grow his fan base.

Control is an upbeat, introspective track with a catchy chorus that will be bouncing around in your head repeatedly after listening.

Hayden Calnin - On Our Last Day     Folk 19/09/2019
After what could be called his strongest year yet- Hayden Calnin is back again with a body of work that can get you through the coldest of winter nights.
Track Listing:

1. F**k Collingwood
2. Warm With You
3. On Our Last Day
4. Late
5. Made of Everything

Riley Pearce - Elephants (Live)     Folk 27/09/2019
Perth based Alt-Folk artist Riley Pearce is putting himself right back in the spotlight with this weeks release of a live version of his already hugely successful track - Elephants. 
This song has always been quite an intimate song about missing family who live away from home and putting in the extra effort to stay involved in each others lives. It only felt right to create a more stripped back version of the song. - Riley Pearce

Garrett Kato - Holding On To You     Folk, Indie 18/10/2019
Singer-Songwriter with over 20 million worldwide streams on Spotify to date, playing sold out shows, producing for a string of Australian indie folk acts.
“Holding On To You” is the second single off a larger project releasing in 2020.

Harrison Storm - You & I     Folk, Indie 18/10/2019
Harrison Storm is 24-year-old singer/songwriter based on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. From intimate and captivating solo shows, to full band performances, Harrison has gained a loyal live following in Melbourne.
"I think a lot of people build an image that has slowly been formed in our minds from years of watching films/tv, reading books and maybe having parents/friends who aren’t necessarily an example of a healthy relationship. You start to have these warped expectations of love. This song explores the process of realising that and wondering what lies next.” -Storm

Ninoosh - Rage     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 30/10/2019
Intense sound sculptor Ninoosh is launching her debut album Floodgates on October 25 with a single launching each day in the week leading up to the release
Written after the #metoo movement, Rage is a big club track with heavy bass lines and intense vocals - Feel the Rage!