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Comes With Fries

Comes With Fries

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CXLOE - I Can't Have Nice Things     Pop 15/02/2019
Hailing from Sydney’s northern beaches, CXLOE is a breakout artist, experienced beyond her years. The pure musical aesthetic met with complex and dark lyrics brings a contrast to her artistry.
"I Cant Have Nice Things" is an unfortunate mantra I’ve found myself living by. You could say it's my inner child talking through my adult self. I seem to find a way to sabotage things in my life that usually mean the most to me. Through this, I've learned the very valuable lessons that I simply cant have nice things."

Spruced Moose - One's Who Fly     Rock 15/02/2019
Five-piece Sydney based rock outfit: Spruced Moose have spent the last year writing head bopping, hip shaking tunes, fuelled by a diet of cheeseburgers, barista bros and stolen suburban mangoes.
A song about growing up, coming to realizations about yourself and life, moving forwards even if you’re scared to.

Garrett Kato - I'll Be Around (Acoustic)     Folk, Acoustic, Chill 29/11/2018
West Canadian born, moved to Byron Bay at age 23 where he built a following as a busker.
An introspective and beautifully melodic song about the ups and the downs of life. Acoustic guitar, sweet harmonies and moving yet comforting words.

Garrett Kato - I'll Be Around     Folk, Acoustic, Chill 28/09/2018
Canadian, moved to Byron age 23, built a following as a busker. AU/NZ tour is underway celebrating single I’ll Be Around. 2019 sees a new EP, UK/EU/US/AU/NZ touring.
An introspective and beautifully melodic song about the ups and the downs of life. Acoustic guitar, sweet harmonies and moving yet comforting words.

Peta Mai - Fire     Country, Pop, RnB, Rock 28/09/2018
Inspired by country, rock and R&B, Peta Mai blends driven grooves with soaring melodies and classic instrumentation for a bold sound that's rich and engrossing, without sacrificing catchiness or mass-appeal.
‘Where there’s smoke there’s always fire’. As people, we seem to love investing in the wrong person and ignore all warning signs. I’ve always felt connected to fire as a symbol - it’s mesmerising, but if you get too close, it’ll burn you. This song is about the push and pull between the fantasy and reality of a toxic relationship.

Other tracks by Peta Mai:  We Could’ve Been More  -  Thank You For Goodbye
Peta Mai - After You     Country, Pop 24/08/2018
Peta Mai has a soulful voice, narrative lyrics and stirring musicality. She has shared the stage with Keith Urban and established herself as a fixture in the country music scene.
'After You' was written in Nashville with a couple of Peta Mai's favourite local writers, Caleb Lovely and Quinn Loggins.

CXLOE - SHOW YOU     Pop, Electronic 03/08/2018
From Sydney’s Northern Beaches, CXLOE is a breakout artist. Wandering between alternative and electronic, her pop sensibility melds the genres together to create a unique sound all of her own
'SHOW YOU' was written in LA with Sam Farrar (Maroon 5). It's a dark-electro-pop anthem about being vulnerable and letting people in. Alt-electro with pop sensibility, pure yet dark and complex.

Harrison Storm - Feeling You     Folk, Electronic, Pop, Soul 26/05/2018
Harrison Storm is a singer-songwriter who honed his skills on the streets of Melbourne. His songs are led by fingerpicked guitar, soulful lyrics, and a voice similar to Matt Corby.
‘Feeling You’, which was written about the being captivated by someone for the first time, is led by fingerpicked guitar and intimate vocals, then free-falls into a bold and stunning chorus. Storm’s husky falsetto sails over a resonating kick drum and layered synths; it is haunting and hook heavy.

I Am Giant - Playing With Fire     Rock 24/06/2017
With 71,000+ loyal fans on Facebook, rockers I Am Giant have amassed a loyal following. In February they released new single Dead Flower preluding their 3rd album due late 2017.
I Am Giant are back with the second single Playing With Fire from their highly anticipated third studio album. Produced and engineered by band members Paul Matthews and Shelton Woolright, it's about "not worrying about what others think of how you choose to live your one and only life".

Allan Smithy - Wasted Years     Rock, Pop, Folk, Acoustic 24/02/2017
Pinch of delay, 2 litres of chorus, season with Australiana, cook on 180 degrees for 45 mins.
It's about that point in time you start to encounter these child protégés who are better than you at what you do & who haven’t necessarily been to university. Sometimes it feels as though we go to uni because that’s just what your're suppose to do.

I Am Giant - Dead Flower     Rock, Metal 24/02/2017
Spine tingling platinum selling rock band I Am Giant are back after two year hiatus. Now based across London/Auckland/Sydney they deliver another big guitar riff, melodic break and a big chorus song.
‘Dead Flower’ has all the hallmarks of a classic I Am Giant anthemic hit - big guitar riffs, melodic breaks and a big chorus.   

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