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Collision Course PR

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Hollow World - Wildfire     Metal/Punk, Metal, Metal, Metal 16/02/2017
Melbourne melo-death metal band Hollow World burst onto the scene in late 2012, formed out of the ashes of Wychbury Hill, and rapidly began building their reputations within Australia.
New Album "Exanimate" consists of two stories - One about a super-virus that wipes out the human race, the second story is of the human race being a virus that wipes out the world - rendering it uninhabitable.

Mirrors - Tie the Lace     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Punk 16/02/2017
It is rare to find a band who are a force of nature right from their outset. Forging their own sound, Mirrors are a force to be reckoned with.
"In a world that seems to be driven by acts of greed, ego and self-righteousness, it's imperative to find those friends and family who bring you home, centre you. The "Fools Paradise" EP is about that journey to find happiness in yourself and with those important people in your life."

Terra - Watercolour     Metal/Punk, Pop, Rock, Hardcore 16/02/2017
Terra is an alt rock/ pop punk band bursting with talent, writing music that has you singing your heart out.
This track was the first track written together as a full band. It was inspired by the idea of making everything you do perfect. It follows the theme of art and making yourself a masterpiece but surrendering to the fact that no one is perfect.

Trojans - Mark of the Crown feat. Mark Poida of Aversions Crown     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 16/02/2017
Sydney's up-and-coming heavy outfit Trojans are today beginning the countdown to their debut EP release - and are celebrating with a bang - dropping single "Mark of the Crown".
Mark of the Crown is a song about the displacement of wealth and power in today's society. Far too often those born into wealth and privilege choose to further increase their already immense wealth instead of using their position to better mankind and help those less fortunate.

COPIA - Never Forget     Metal/Punk, Metal, Rock 17/02/2017
COPIA are today lobbing a clusterbomb of amazing news in the direction of fans - brand new single, the announcement of their album release date and a tour to celebrate.
"We’re fed up with the current state of the world & we’re commenting on that throughout the album. This is our Epoch. Our lyrical themes have gotten darker & this album states that we refuse to sit back & continue to watch the world fall apart around us."

Grun - The Vicious     Rock, Ambience, Instrumental, Soundscapes 28/03/2017
It’s 2017 and a new tomorrow for Grün. Their new release, Manyana (Bird’s Robe) is a refreshing blast of instrumental, experimental rock – concise yet epic, beautiful yet heavy-as-fuck.
Instrumental post-rock soundscapes!

Mass Sky Raid - Sacrifice     Rock, Metal 28/03/2017
Gold Coast alternative/rock outfit Mass Sky Raid formed in 2011, releasing their debut EP ‘Courage Under Fire’ mid 2013, to a 4.5/5 star rating in rock bible Blunt Magazine
Sacrifice is the very first taste of the record, a soaring, blistering track that literally speaks of the same things that the band went through to get this record to completion. The band spent many a late night and a long time perfecting the record, including Sacrifice!

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Branch Arterial - Circus     Rock, Metal 12/04/2017
Branch Arterial are a five-piece progressive rock act from Melbourne, Australia, who formed in 2009. They are driven by exploring their musical boundaries.
On the track, Nigel Jackson sings about his harrowing experience in hospital battling a life threatening blood disease - “Feels like I'm caught beneath the ocean, feeling like I can't breath, feeling I'm in a dream.”

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Joy In Motion - See Your Face     Pop, Rock 22/04/2017
Joy In Motion are a brand new project borne out of Jake Solway's desire to shift into something a little different from his previous act, heavy band Road to Ransome.
Clean guitar tones, a very relaxing, chilled-out timbre, soft, touching vocals and ear-worming melodies make Joy In Motion’s new single a very catchy affair. Which is what listeners can also expect from the quartet’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Falling Out‘, which drops on Friday, May 26th.

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Lucas Stone - Carry The Black     Metal/Punk, Metal, Rock 22/04/2017
Lucas Stone has been a part of the heavy music scene for what has been the better part of 20 years as part of the bands HELM, Tension and Scalene.
"It's a rock song with a black soul. A metaphor for the shadows we carry with us, trudging through this swamp of mistakes and bad decisions in the hope of reaching something beautiful. Sometimes the beautiful is the ocean we’re drowning in."

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Oh/Villain - Heartless     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Rock 22/04/2017
5 Piece Post-hardcore band from Sydney Australia. Influences include Architects, Bring Me the Horizon, Oh, Sleeper.
First single from Oh/Villain, Heartless is post-hardcore at it's finest.

Voyager - Ghost Mile     Metal/Punk, Metal, Rock 11/05/2017
Australian pop sensibility with modern progressive heaviness - the cult force that is Voyager.
Ghost Mile is the eponymous second single from Voyager's new album out Friday May 12.


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Other tracks by Voyager:  Ascension
Kings - What Flag are you Flying?     Metal/Punk, Punk, Metal, Rock 16/05/2017
With members from a plethora of past Brisbane bands, Kings are determined to make their mark on the heavy scene.
What Flag are you Flying? Is the second single from Kings' forthcoming record Never Alone - out May 19

Other tracks by Kings:  Stone Cold
Figures - Recoil     Metal/Punk, Rock, Metal 16/05/2017
Figures is a band not interested in subtlety. The Melbourne 5-piece delivers a torrent of blistering riffs expertly paired with inspirational and extremely memorable melodies.
Recoil is the first single from Figures' new EP Chronos - out June 16!

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Far Away Stables - Phantasm     Rock, Pop, Punk 16/05/2017
Forming in late 2011, Far Away Stables came together as one after merging several projects involving Tim Byles (Bass), Mitchell Grace (Guitar/Vocals) and Brendan Sheargold (Vocals).
Phantasm is the second single from Far Away Stables' forthcoming album Between Rage and Serenity out May 12th.

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Other tracks by Far Away Stables:  Caldera
Spectral Fires - Left Behind     Rock, Hardcore, Metal 08/06/2017
Melodic hardcore/punk from Melbourne, Australia
Spectral Fires just wanted to make song that is loud, agitated and worth screaming to the sky!

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Other tracks by Spectral Fires:  New Resolve
Daybreak - Lost Sentience ft. Mark Poida of Aversions Crown     Metal/Punk, Metal, Hardcore 09/06/2017
Daybreak started out as a group of five 15 year olds who became good mates through the band and over the years, have released two singles and an EP.
Daybreak's new single Lost Sentience features Mark Poida from Aversions Crown on guest vocals. The decimatingly huge track is the first slice of their forthcoming EP 'Death Dreams' - which will be released on Friday July 28th.

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Flynn Effect - Fade     Rock, Metal, Metal 09/06/2017
If there is one word that best describes the music of Brisbane's Flynn Effect it would be powerful.
A unique mix of ferocity matched with equal parts grace and an overarching darkness that permeates the ornate yet jagged sounds.

Mass Sky Raid - Closer     Rock, Metal 09/06/2017
Gold Coast alternative/rock outfit Mass Sky Raid formed in 2011, releasing their debut EP ‘Courage Under Fire’ mid 2013, securing physical distribution to Australian retailers via MGM.
Mass Sky Raid are getting 'Closer' to their fanbase and to the world with their new single and very first video.

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Over-Reactor - Judgment Day     Hip Hop, Electronic, Rock 04/07/2017
Over-Reactor are firebrand frontman Ezekiel Ox (Mammal, Superheist, The Nerve, Full Scale) on vocals and Cory Blight (Dukes of Windsor) on Drums and samples.
Boom - it's Judgment Day. Over-Reactor proclaims it. New Single Judgment Day is from their new album Cocaine Headdress (out 7.7.17 through Birds Robe Records) and to celebrate the end of the world as we know it, they are heading out on tour through NSW, VIC and SA.

Other tracks by Over-Reactor:  Backbone