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Collision Course PR

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Driven Fear - Fireball (Mr Sinister)     Metal/Punk, Punk, Metal, Rock 01/03/2016
Established sometime back in 04", Driven Fear signed to independent punk / hardcore label Pee Records in 09" and have 3 releases to date with the label!
Fireball (Mr Sinister) is about as hard-out as punk/hardcore gets.

Other tracks by Driven Fear:  In Care Of Pt 2
Colibrium - Spinning on the Wheel     Rock, Grunge, Metal, Rock 02/03/2016
Ascending from the sleepy suburbs of Adelaide, Colibrium are bringing the world their own brand of energetic, melodic rock, unlike any other.
Spinning on the Wheel is a big rock track from Colibrium's debut album, In Balance!

Most Popular Heavy Artist                                                  

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Pandamic - Heck     Rock, Garage, Punk 02/03/2016
Pandamic is a group of scumbags who were born and raised in the depths of Rockhampton QLD.
Think hot, lazy days in a dry heat, strumming your Cash Converters guitar in your share-house loungeroom, wondering about that girl you just met, why you aren't together yet and then accidentally knocking your bong over, spilling the rancid bong water on the rental carpet. Pretty much sums it up.

Crash and Burn - Sever     Rock, Metal, Grunge, Rock 11/03/2016
Formed in 2006, Crash And Burn have a style that encompasses elements from progressive, hard rock and metal the band finds an audience from a varied circle of listeners.
Hard-out Rock from Melbourne's Crash and Burn! Single 'Sever', alongside it's Double A-Side track Don't Bury Me, out April 1.

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Stare at the Clouds - The Falling     Rock, Atmospheric, Metal, Ambience 11/03/2016
Stare at the Clouds takes inspiration from the likes of Karnivool, A Perfect Circle, Radiohead and Between The Buried And Me.
‘This Clear Divide’ explores a Subject’s response to a trauma. Each track represents a moment, a reaction or an emotional state at certain points throughout the Subject’s internal processing of their anguish. Prelude’ symbolises a sense of calm before the trauma, represented by ‘The Falling’.

Cloud Cycle - Ahimsa     Rock, Ambience, Atmospheric, Pop 06/04/2016
Cloud Cycle, inspired by artists as diverse as Deftones, Underoath and Tesseract, combine ethereal vocals, energetic guitar riffs and hard hitting drums – delicately fusing complexity with integrity.
Ahimsa is a perfect example of their desire and willingness to create a platform of reflection for their listeners. Titled ‘Ahimsa’ – an ancient Sanskrit word that signifies compassion and non-violence – Cloud Cycle aspire to ignite dialogue in an age fueled by avarice and greed.

Japam - DK Facepunch     Rock, Punk, Rock, Metal 13/04/2016
Japam combine influences from the heavy, technical groove of modern djent to the melodic appeal of 90’s pop and rock music.
DK Facepunch is a huge smack to the jaw - a great, fun rock track to bounce to.

Drown This City - I'm Not Divided     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Punk 22/04/2016
Melbourne outfit “Drown This City” is far from just another post-hardcore band - Frontwoman Alex Reade’s screams to clean vocals sets the band apart in a genre dominated by men.
I'm Not Divided is a heavy anthem - a female fronted barrage of post-hardcore awesomeness.

Save the Clock Tower - White Cross     Metal/Punk, Metal, Hardcore, Metal 03/06/2016
Save The Clock Tower are a 5 piece Alternative Metal/Rock band from Australia. The familiar decay begins in 2016.
Save the Clock Tower's brand new track "White Cross" is the first track from their forthcoming full-length album "The Familiar // The Decay", which will be released worldwide on July 1 through the USA's Bullet Tooth Records.

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Save the Clock Tower - The Familiar Decay     Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Metal 22/06/2016
Save The Clock Tower are a 5 piece Alternative Metal/Rock band from Australia. The Familiar//The Decay coming July 1st.
A blistering, singlalong track from one of Australia's most promising heavy acts.

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Sydonia - Eyes of Sand     Metal/Punk, Metal, Rock 25/06/2016
"Sydonia is a band that exemplifies the word 'diverse'. They should be playing on every radio station in every city on this planet!” - Randy Blythe - Lamb of God
Eyes of Sand is a hard-hitting critique of War and Terrorism.

The Comfort - Everstone     Rock, Hardcore, Punk, Grunge 01/07/2016
Alternative rock band The Comfort are Liam Holmes (Vocals and Guitar) and Dom Harper (Vocals and Bass) working to create music that makes us feel something and hopefully you too.
Everstone delivers the roar passion long-time The Comfort fans have come to expect while offering an easy first step for first time listeners. The tight bass, guitar and duo vocals come together to amplify a message; it's a song about growth and change, intertwined with past relationships.

Ezekiel Ox - My Name     Rock, Funk, Punk 28/07/2016
Ezekiel Ox is one of Australia’s most prolific and outspoken career multidisciplinary artists. His exploits are legendary – He is the former frontman of Full Scale, Mammal and The Nerve.
My Name is Ezekiel Ox's triumphant return with a solo band and EP. First single from a forthcoming EP called Proper Ganda.

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Pridelands - Coalesce     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Punk 29/07/2016
4-piece hardcore from Mount Gambier, SA.
The hard-hitting, amazingly-shot clip for Coalesce features a naked woman in tune with nature traversing a pristine, beautiful forest and a mysterious hooded figure traversing a vandalised, grimy urban environment and the band in an abandoned, broken down warehouse.

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Captives - Vines     Rock, Punk, Garage, Punk 05/08/2016
"The visceral thrill of being throttled by razor-sharp guitars, slapped around the head by thundering drums and screamed at by a man gargling glass.'' - Rolling Stone Magazine
Vines is a Punk 'n' Roll party in your pants. Captives embody 'the visceral thrill of being throttled by razor-sharp guitars, slapped around the head by thundering drums and screamed at by a man gargling glass.'

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Osaka Punch - Make the Call     Rock, Funk 19/08/2016
The growing hype surrounding Osaka Punch is based on a virtuosic high-energy live performance showcasing the group's ability to straddle any genre from authentic old-school funk to extreme modern metal.
Osaka Punch says... MAKE THE CALL.

The Iron Eye - Just Started     Rock, Pop, Grunge 19/08/2016
The Iron Eye are a rock trio hailing from Brisbane. Having just returned from Tom Larkin's Studios In The City, the band are preparing to unleash their EP "Foreign Bodies"
Style-wise... Just Started sits directly in between Queens of the Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys.

He Danced Ivy - Mechanesque     Metal/Punk, Punk, Hardcore, Experimental 26/08/2016
After building a strong following in hometown Coffs Harbour, He Danced Ivy have moved to Brisbane bursting from the foliage to assault he world with their supernatural sonic powers!
Brisbane newcomers He Danced Ivy have burst from the foliage to deliver their sinister, debut single Mechanesque, a four-minute track dripping with tension in the opening moments before exploding into raw power and prog-punk glory!

The Comfort - Your Heart     Rock, Hardcore, Punk, Grunge 26/08/2016
The Comfort are a strong, two-piece outfit trying to create something real and honest. The Comfort create music that makes them feel something and hopefully makes you feel something too.
Your Heart is the second single from The Comfort's sophomore EP 'Love'. The track shines with hope and security a change from the darkness of debut EP 'Ghosts'. Your Heart delivers commitment and hope in a world that is lacking.

Shutup Shutup Shutup - The Spit     Metal/Punk, Punk, Garage, Hardcore 02/09/2016
Despite public complaints about violent lyrical content the Shutup Shutup Shutup boys are back to deliver their furious hard-punk stylings. Tighten those guitar straps because it's time to riot!
The Spit is a more technical outing for furious rockers Shutup Shutup Shutup. The band focused more on the notes and accents rather than chord progressions in this one producing a track laden in sick riffs and headbang-precise percussion.