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Collected PR

Welcome to Collected PR, a boutique, independent PR company looking to spread the passion we have for music to the masses
Collected PR was formed in conjunction with SUM Management who look after KLP, Katie Noonan, Just A Gent, Woodes, Thandi Phoenix and Samsaruh.
SUM handled PR for most of their artists in house until branching out and expanding the team to create a dedicated agency.


Collected PR

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Ayla - Small Talk     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 17/11/2018
Queensland songstress Ayla reveals emotionally charged new track ‘Small Talk’. In 2014 her breakaway hit ‘Wish I Was’ made the Top 15 most played on triple j of that year
Queensland songstress Ayla reveals emotionally charged new track ‘Small Talk’.
Ayla’s storytelling prowess takes pride of place on Small Talk’s rumination of sad goodbyes. Highlighted by minimal production featuring solemn drums and guitar; her yearning voice showcases her incredible vocal capabilities.

Gold Member - Wild Stories     Electronic, Dub, Rock 17/11/2018
Gold Member tell a tale of misadventures with genre-pushing new single ‘Wild Stories’, and announce their forthcoming debut album.
Taking a little inspiration from electro, a bit from dub and a lot of pop-grooves ‘Wild Stories’ will prove to be the summer earworm you’ve been waiting for. Whoozing synths and irresistible melodies provide a cinematic vehicle for the retelling of the band’s ‘Wild Stories’.

LÛMIS - Drift     Electronic, Funk 17/11/2018
Melbourne trio LÛMIS explore relationships in meticulously crafted debut single ‘Drift’. The single comes from years of experimenting with various instruments and is heavily influenced by M83, and Hans Zimmer.
Seamlessly blending electronic and funk; Retro synths give way to a groove-tinged bassline and the impeccable vocals of Imogen Brough. ‘Drift’ is instantly an upbeat jam to help you welcome the Summer months.

Yibby - Woah     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 17/11/2018
After the passing of his parents, Yibby was adopted at two from his home in Ethiopia and brought to Australia. His lyricism is a social commentary on social experiences.
‘Woah’ enlists a chaotic, racing style of rap, occasionally morphing into Andre 3000. Yibby’s words sit atop slick production full of haunting, swirling synths from the team behind Clockwork Odyssey.

Yibby explains “Woah is a track about extremities; things that I have caught wind of or experienced that have shocked me and made me want to double take.”

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Woodes - Dots (Flower Head Remix)     Electronic, Live Performance, Classical, Soundtrack (Film Related) 20/10/2018
Woodes is the moniker for the 24-year-old Melbourne based producer, singer and songwriter, Elle Graham, whose quick ascension into the limelight has caused many a head to turn.
She's one of the most exciting names in Australian indie music, Woodes today sharing an orchestral remix by Melbourne producer Flower Head of her acclaimed hit 'Dots', coinciding with the one year anniversary of the tracks release.

Essie Holt - Distant Places ft. LANKS     Pop, Acoustic 16/10/2018
Subtle yet devastating, Essie Holt reveals a different side to her songwriting on new single ‘Distant Places ft LANKS’.
Written in an hour the sombre tune is a dynamic shift featuring only vocals and piano but packs no less of a punch. Essie’s beautifully hopeless and melancholic voice quickly swells with LANKS’ rich tone, contrasting with the bright piano before returning to the dark stagnant notes it began with; the perfect heartbreak soundtrack

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Approachable Members of Your Local Community - Only Friend (feat. Tamara Dream)     Pop, Electronic, Rock 09/10/2018
Taking time out of their neighbourhood watch and bake sales, Melbourne’s septet Approachable Members of Your Local Community will today release the shimmery new single ‘Only Friend (feat. Tamara Dream)’.
The hummable track is a duet with fellow Melbourne musician Tamara Dream. A euphoric tonic of funk, pop and harmonies culminating in swirling synths for the biggest earworm of the year. Already winning over media, the single was chosen as part of triple j unearthed's NIDA film clip competition which will premiere on Rage on October 6th.

Sophie Lowe - Taught You How To Feel     Electronic, Pop, Downbeat 28/09/2018
Sophie Lowe is a creative force to be reckoned with, the singer, songwriter and established actress has released singles 'Understand' and 'Pink Flowers' to wide spread praise.
Acclaimed singer and actress Sophie Lowe is back for 2018, returning with her emotive powerful new single 'Taught You How To Feel'. The track is written by Sophie Lowe and produced by Neil Sutherland, who also worked together on Sophie's acclaimed 2016 EP 2. The track tells the story of the controlling nature of a relationship.

Crocodylus - My Baby     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 24/08/2018
The word has spread, and over the course of two short years and about a thousand gigs, garage rockers Crocodylus have rapidly become one of Sydney's most in-demand bands.
In contrast to their usual blistering tracks, ‘My Baby’ is a standout – especially live. Sparser than your uncle’s hair, the track keeps the band’s signature sixties flavour with added key change and harmonica – the softer underbelly to Crocodylus.

Demi Mitchell - Out of Here     Folk, Alternative Country, Rock 08/08/2018
Newcastle’s queen of melancholic rock Demi Mitchell releases ‘The Overflow', a culmination of dark and dreamy melodies and smoky-voiced musings backed by a rock and roll swagger.
Full of soul, the deeply personal release explores the vulnerability of relationships through dark lyricism, with Mitchell using the album as a means of catharsis. Each track is full of hazy guitars and melancholic beats but the glue that holds everything together is Mitchell’s dreamy vocals. Her Americana-esque voice tells the story of escapism on ‘Out Of Here'.

Samsaruh - Speaking Fire     Rock, Pop 03/08/2018
Melbourne singer-songwriter Samsaruh has stormed into the Australian music scene with her stellar debut releases in 2017 gaining huge radio support including having the #1 played track on triple j.
Building on the success of her debut releases, her new single showcases Samsaruh's commanding vocals with a base of striking guitars, lyrically touching on the madness of the world around us. Produced by Melbourne based production duo nightflare; ‘Speaking Fire’ is a strong and powerful statement from the young artist.

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WOODES - Change My Mind     Electronic, Chill 04/07/2018
Woodes is the moniker for the Melbourne based producer, singer and songwriter, Elle Graham, whose quick ascension into the limelight has caused many a head to turn.
Change My Mind' is an angelic new cut from the acclaimed artist. The track was written at the New Zealand APRA AMCOS Songhubs recently in Auckland, alongside NZ song writers Marley Sola, Jamie McDell and Alexander Wildwood - who also co-produced the song.

Hydraulix - Angels feat. TeZATalks     Electronic, Dance, Pop 22/06/2018
Hydraulix is Sydney producer Damien Williams. Hydraulix has had incredible success in the past year with multiple international tours and the #1 spot on Beatport Dubstep chart for 6 weeks.
Hydraulix is back, sharing his first single ‘Angels ft. TeZATalks’, an infectious future beat banger cut from his upcoming EP - Kingdom. ‘Angels’ shows off Hydraulix’s polished production skills, combining TeZATalks killer vocals, throwback G-Funk and addictive driving bass; Hydraulix excels with this release. ‘Angels’ hooks you in from the first listen, leaving you ready for the dance floor.

Grace Turner - Angry     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 19/06/2018
Grace Turner, a Newcastle singer songwriter is renown for her emotionally driven indie-folk songs, which are intensely personal.
Turner released her enchanting single ‘Angry’ late in 2017, which garnered rave reviews on Triple J Unearthed and gained Triple J Airplay.

Grace Turner - Dead or Alive     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country 05/06/2018
Grace Turner, a singer songwriter from Newcastle is renown for her emotionally-driven indie-folk songs, which are intensely personal.
Propelled by beating drums and strumming guitar, ‘Dead or Alive’ is a mixture of folk, rock and alt-country, paired with the strong yet sweet vocals from Turner. Inspired by a conversation with a concerned friend in a dark time, “The lyrics in the chorus are literally transcribed from our conversation."

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Flowidus - Contact     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 29/05/2018
Born just prior to the early 90’s rise of drum & bass, producers Raphael and Garo have rooted their sound in the form, both as solo artists, and now collaboratively.
‘Contact’ enlists Manchester natives Virus Syndicate, giving the tune bark just as serious as its bite.

Other tracks by Flowidus:  Don't Walk Away (Ft. EDDE)  -  Your Way
Flowidus - Old Heart     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 29/05/2018
Born just prior to the early 90’s rise of drum & bass, producers Raphael and Garo have rooted their sound in the form, both as solo artists, and now collaboratively.
Additional cut ‘Old Heart’ shows off the versatility of the duo.

Kid Fiction - You and I     Electronic 15/05/2018
After spending several years busking and playing in roots reggae bands, Sydney producer/vocalist Kid Fiction has cemented himself within the hustle of Australia’s electronic music scene.
Feature track 'You and I' includes atmospheric vocals from Melbourne's Alex Vella-Horne - the only on the record - and repeated beats building in urgency.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Other tracks by Kid Fiction:  In Silence  -  Egyptian Reeds
Kid Fiction - She     Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric, Experimental 02/05/2018
After two decades of musical experimentation, Kid Fiction is releasing his first body of work with the collection of sprawling trans-genre electronic music already receiving fans from key champions.
Kid Fiction today unveils the third enthralling cut from debut self-titled EP out May 2nd.
Stringed together through sporadic vocal elements, ‘She’ showcases Kid Fiction’s array of finely tuned, lo-fi, electronic vibes, culminating in an uplifting electro-pop jam.

LEFKADA - Dead Lines     Electronic 13/04/2018
LEFKADA are an electronic music duo based in Melbourne, Australia. Melding lush harmonies, captivating melodic ideas and intricate polyrhythmic designs, LEFKADA have crafted their own form of alternative EDM.
Keeping you guessing what’s around every corner, 'Dead Lines' is a journey, showcasing their concoction of musical influences abed a pounding beat and jarring synths. The high energy production is intricately arranged, melding their melodic ideas and polyrhythmic penchant.