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PJ Martin Sound Assembly - Birds of Passage     Classical, Acoustic, Soundscapes 03/12/2014
Some of Australia's leading musicians get together with soprano Josie Ryan to perform PJ Martin's Song Cycle (180 Degrees).
Words:Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Music: PJ Martin. From the Song Cycle: 180 Degrees. This track features soprano Josie Ryan and reflects both Romantic and Modernist influences.

Other tracks by PJ Martin Sound Assembly:  Pebble and Stream  -  Versations of Winter
Thomas E Rouch - The Reckoning Theme     Electronic, Soundtrack (Film Related), Soundscapes 06/10/2014
Thomas E Rouch is one of Australia's most talented young film & TV composers. His latest score to The Reckoning won best music at the British Independent Film Festival.
The main theme from the film and played over the opening title sequence. Using driving electronic rhythms and epic orchestral themes

Other tracks by Thomas E Rouch:  Rachels Theme  -  Anymore Leads
Collider - A Night on a Roller Coaster Turns a Woman's Hair White     Classical, Jazz 05/07/2014
Collider recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in July 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.
Collider recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in October 2011 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.

Other tracks by Collider:  Breakfast with the Brothers Karamazov  -  Homeland
Nick Tsiavos - Untitled Improvisation     Jazz 05/07/2014
Nick Tsiavos recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in July 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.
Nick Tsiavos recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in March 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.

Stephen Magnusson - Untitled Improvisation     Jazz 05/07/2014
Stephen Magnusson recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in July 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.
Stephen Magnusson recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in March 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.

The Spheres - Haryana     Classical, Instrumental, Experimental, World 05/07/2014
The Spheres recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in July 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.
The Spheres recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in March 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.

Xani Kolac - For Narcissus     Pop, Classical, Experimental 05/07/2014
Xani Kolac recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in July 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.
Xani Kolac recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in March 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.

Topology - Love Scene     Classical, Instrumental 30/05/2014
As Australia’s most surprising music organisation, Topology is renowned for their breadth of original work across many genre boundaries, as well as the depth and variety of their collaborations.
Share House, an “instrumental opera” set in the 70s, tells the story of five dysfunctional bandmates sharing a dishevelled flat and interwoven life; full of warmth, fun and love. Topology says of 'Love Scene': "Moving, accessible and glorious - it makes my heart melt every time I listen to it."

Jack Colwell - Far From View     Pop, Classical 15/02/2014
Classically trained, alt-pop prince, Jack Colwell, releases his highly anticipated new single Far From View this February.
Inspired by the sounds and loneliness of 'Twin Peaks', Far From View takes its listeners on a journey of heartache, interpreted with wailing strings, subtle melodies, intricate harmonies and amplified by its ethereal female chorus.

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Elodie Sablier - Vertigo     Classical, Instrumental, Easy Listening, World 07/02/2014
Elodie Sablier is a French Composer & Pianist who is now living in Australia. Exploring the frontiers of Classical, Elodie offers a touching rounded music in her new Album, Vertigo.
Neither too overtly dramatic nor too languid, Elodie treads the middle ground of an engaging, pensive tastefulness that spins a gentle, hypnotic web of sure footed musical discipline. Vertigo is the first piece Elodie composed just after she arrived in Sydney.

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Other tracks by Elodie Sablier:  Black Flowers  -  Bleue
Elissa Goodrich - Prelude     Classical, Jazz, Instrumental 04/02/2014
Elissa Goodrich is a composer, percussionist and sound artist working in multi-artform projects and contemporary, improvised music.
Elissa Goodrich - marimba. Track 2 from Elissa Goodrich's Bach Conversation CD, a re-imagining of JS Bach's Cello Suite No.3 for solo marimba and duet improvisations featuring members of her acclaimed jazz quartet States of Play and sublime vocalist Ria Soemardjo. Recorded live at ABC studios, Sound engineer Russell Thomson.

Other tracks by Elissa Goodrich:  Conversation 4  -  Conversation 1
Nightingale Floor Feat. Kate Miller-Heidke - Nightingale Floor     Pop, Atmospheric, Experimental 20/01/2014 an arts project created by Australia’s top musicians/creatives who've come together to raise awareness of the impact Unsustainable Palm Oil is having on the world’s orangutan population.
The single musically & lyrically creates an atmospheric sense of hope, while at the same time creating an emotive artistic statement that people will want to be a part of. Slow in tempo, but rich in musicality.

Deborah Kayser - I Long For My Home     Classical, Ethnic 23/09/2013
Deborah Kayser performs in areas as diverse as ancient Byzantine chant, French and German Baroque song and classical contemporary music, both scored and improvised. She regularly tours Australia and internationally
Leyb Rozental wrote the lyrics to this song whilst interned in the Vilna Ghetto, Lithuania during WWII. It describes the torment of longing for one’s home. The original composer of the music is unknown, this version is a recomposition by Joseph Giovinazzo.

Michael Kieran Harvey - Mrs Zuben     Classical 23/09/2013
Michael Kieran Harvey is one of the foremost interpreters of contemporary piano music of his generation. He has performed with Australia's leading contemporary music ensembles and orchestras.
Mrs Zuben is a survivor of the Vilna Ghetto and move to Melbourne, Australia after the war. Her story was captured by Steven Spilberg’s Shoah Foundation, a non-profit organization that archives filmed testimony of Holocaust survivors. Both Mrs Zuben and her brother appear in The Songs They Sang feature documentary.

Daniel Blinkhorn - C02     Classical, Experimental 14/08/2013
Electroacoustic Composer
CO2 is a playful (if eccentric) ecoacoustic composition that swiftly moves from a technologically mediated space (used to articulate the often vitriolic, distinctively 21st century ‘meta’ controversy surrounding climate change) through to its conclusion; a collection of field recordings and location film capturing parts of the high Arctic polar region.

Other tracks by Daniel Blinkhorn:  Chatter  -  Red Sound
Sydney Children's Choir - Rain Dream     Classical 14/08/2013
Over its 24-year history, the Sydney Children’s Choir has built a worldwide reputation for choral excellence. Under the direction of founder Lyn Williams OAM, the choir champions new Australian music.
Joseph Twist’s Rain Dream tells the story of a child who lives in the Australian bush and has never seen rain and dreams of a thunderstorm. The work evokes the spirit of the outback, and slowly develops into a rain dance with chanting of “Wandjina,” an Australian Aboriginal rain spirit.

Other tracks by Sydney Children's Choir:  Gaudete  -  Laudate for Another Place, Another Time
Acacia Quartet - Russian Rag     Classical 13/08/2013
Elena Kats-Chernin, Australia’s most well-known contemporary composer, invited Acacia Quartet to record her complete work for string quartet which resulted in the double CD ”Blue Silence,” recorded for Vexations840.
The bright glow of the harmonies in
Russian Rag (1996) signals Elena Kats-Chernin's move to a
simpler style. This is one of Elena’s best-known
dances and the version for large chamber
ensemble was named in the ABC Classic FM
top 100 chamber music pieces in 2008.

Other tracks by Acacia Quartet:  Eliza Aria  -  Grotesk
Katy Abbott - Indoor Yachting     Classical 12/08/2013
Abbott captures the little things that make us human. She seeks to unpack the human side of life; humour, foibles, quirky things we do and say, beauty, grief and friendship.
Shaving, coat-hangers and changing sheets; all part of the repetitive, yet comforting domestic rituals familiar to everyone’s day yet so entrenched and considered so unremarkable, they are rarely acknowledged in conversation.

Movement 2 of 6 explores the moment when changing sheets; watching the sheets float down onto the bed.

Other tracks by Katy Abbott:  At The Clothesline  -  Coathangers Galore
Prudence Rees-Lee - Paradise     Folk, Experimental, Classical, Psychedelic 18/07/2013
Prudence cut her teeth studying at the Melbourne University music department, where she was drawn to the eras of early baroque and late 20th century chamber music.
'Paradise' is a great example of Prudence Rees-Lee's ability to craft baroque-psychedelic-folk songs that ooze with otherworldliness.

'Paradise' is romantic and fantastical, an endless voyage seeking the points where music and earthly transcendence collide.

Other tracks by Prudence Rees-Lee:  Emmanuelle
Fiona Joy Hawkins - The Journey     World, Acoustic, Instrumental, Easy Listening 18/06/2013
Celtic/New Age pianist, composer and singer Fiona Joy Hawkins celebrates her most epic and significant album 600 Years in Moment recording with a handmade Australian piano and ancient world instruments.
Very "Lord of the Rings" and Enya'ish. Acoustic instrumental with vocals.

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Other tracks by Fiona Joy Hawkins:  Naked Love  -  Running on Joy