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Peter de Jager - A Man     Classical, Live Performance 31/01/2015
Peter is a composer, soloist and collaborative artist on piano and harpsichord. He has been composing since the age of 5 and turned seriously to the art in 2006.
In "A Man", Peter cleverly combines the use of the piano and solo voice with startling and dramatic effect.

Songmakers Australia - Nick Dinopoulos & Andrea Katz - Vision     Classical, Live Performance 31/01/2015
Songmakers Australia members Nick Dinopoulos (bass-baritone) and Andrea Katz (piano) perform live for 3MBS' Snapshots program.
In this performance of Alan Tregaskis' Vision based on Five Blake Songs, Andrea is joined by highly acclaimed Melbourne bass-baritone, Nicholas Dinopoulos.

Other tracks by Songmakers Australia - Nick Dinopoulos & Andrea Katz:  L’horizon chimérique
Luke Howard - Cibi     Classical, Experimental, Ambience, Electronic 28/01/2015
Luke Howard is a composer and pianist from Melbourne who writes hauntingly blissful music, evoking a strong cinematic feeling by telling a story (sometimes, a very sad story…)
“Cibi” opens with a simple piano melody flourishing over a bed of pretty, plaintive chords. The chord progression evolves and seems to open its arms to the melody’s return, yet is left wanting. Instead, an arpeggiated synth unexpectedly completes the embrace. We are somewhere else.

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Flinders Quartet - Death and the Maiden     Classical, Live Performance 14/01/2015
Flinders Quartet are Erica Kennedy & Matthew Tonkin (violins), Helen Ireland (viola) & Zoe Knighton (cello). Flinders Quartet are recorded live at the studios of Melbourne's 3MBS.
Flinders Qaurtet perform Schubert's Death and the Maiden live at Melbourne's 3MBS. Composed by Schubert in 1824, Death and the Maiden, was named after the theme of the second movement that is based on a song of the same name that he wrote in 1817.

Other tracks by Flinders Quartet:  String Quartet in F major (Mvt. 1 - Allegro moderato Très doux)
Viazza - Dolcissimo Uscignolo ('Sweetest Nightingale')     Classical, Live Performance 14/01/2015
Viazza - Katherine Lukey (violin), Paul Ghica (cello) & Young-Kwon Choi (pianist) perform live in the studio's of Melbourne's 3MBS.
Viazza perform Paul Stanhope's Dolcissimo Uscignolo ('Sweetest Nightingale') live in the studio's of Me'bourne's 3MBS.

Zoe Black & Joe Chindamo - Goldberg Variation Aria     Classical, Live Performance 14/01/2015
Zoe Black (violin) & Joe Chindamo perform live at the studios of Melbourne's 3MBS.
Zoe Black and Joe Chindamo perform Johan Sebastian Bach's Goldberg Variation Aria. They perform Chindamo’s arrangement and interpretation of Bach’s Goldberg Variation Aria. Published in 1741, Bach’s work is one of the most important examples of variation form.

Caerwen Martin - Of Wood     Classical, Live Performance 10/01/2015
Caerwen Martin recorded in the studios of Melbourne's 3MBS.
Caerwen Martin performs Nigel Butterley's "Of wood" for cello, live at 3MBS.

Chris Howlett (cello) & Van Anh Nguyen (piano) - Élégie Op. 24 for Cello and Piano in C minor     Classical, Live Performance 10/01/2015
Chris Howlett (cello) & Van Anh Nguyen (piano) perform live at Melbourne's 3MBS
Written in 1883, Fauré’s Élégie in C minor, features a sad and somber opening and climaxes with an intense, fast-paced section.

Daniel de Boarah - Intermezzo in B minor Op. 119 No. 1     Classical, Live Performance 10/01/2015
Australian pianist Daniel De Borah studied at the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, the St. Petersburg State Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Music, London.
Daniel de Borah performs Johannes Brahms' Intermezzo in B minor Op. 119 No. 1 live at Melbourne's 3MBS.

Other tracks by Daniel de Boarah:  Widmung
David Griffiths - Three Pieces for Solo Clarinet     Classical, Live Performance 10/01/2015
Dynamic Australian Clarinettist, David Griffiths, has entertained audiences across the world with his engaging, high energy performances.
David Griffiths performs Igor Stravinsky's Three Pieces for Solo Clarinet live at Melbourne's 3MBS.

Stefan Cassomenos - Étude Tableau Op.39 No. 9     Classical, Live Performance 10/01/2015
Melbourne pianist, conductor and composer Stefan Cassomenos gives regular recitals and concerto performances throughout Australia.He is recorded performing live at Melbourne's 3MBS.
Stefan Cassomenos performs Sergei Rachmaninov's Étude Tableau Op.39 No. 9 live at the studios of 3MBS in Melbourne.

Josephine Vains - Bach: Cello Suite No. 2     Classical, Live Performance 07/01/2015
Josephine Vains performs at 3MBS for the Snapshots program
Bach's Cello Suite No. 2 in D minor (Prelude, Saraband, Chacone) performed live at 3MBS by Josephine Vains. The Prelude in this solo work has a strong recurring theme that is immediately introduced at the beginning.

Latitude 37 - Philipp Heinrich Erlebach: Sonata Terza (Ciaconne and Finale)     Classical, Live Performance 07/01/2015
Latitude 37 - Julia Fredersdorff (baroque violin), Laura Vaughan (viola da gamba) and Donald Nicolson (harpsichord).
Latitude 37 performs sonata Terza live at 3MBS for the Snapshots program. In sonata Terza, Erlebach employs a scordatura, a deliberate mistuning of the instrument to add a bright resonance.

Elodie Sablier - Silent Bridge     Classical, Instrumental 19/12/2014
French-Australian Pianist and Composer, Elodie expresses in her music both drama, beauty, and delightful music statements.
Silent Bridge is an hypnotic Solo Piano piece. This enchanting composition belongs to the modern minimalism, of the likes of Phillip Glass or Michael Nyman.

Other tracks by Elodie Sablier:  Ombrelle with cello  -  Gnossienne n.1 (Arr. Elodie)
Soulfood - The Silver Stars Are In The Sky     Classical, Acappella, Acoustic, Atmospheric 19/12/2014
Soulfood is a 55 voice a cappella ensemble that sings a diverse repertoire of motown, soul, classical, jazz and retro-pop songs. Soulfood is led by artistic director Melissa Kenny.
This track is a beautiful rendition of Australia's quintessential Christmas carol sung with exquisite conviction and delicacy by Sydney's 50 voice Soulfood a Cappella Choir. This original arrangement captures the gentleness of Christmas night in the Australian bush. Be transported by the music to a place of serenity and love.

Other tracks by Soulfood:  Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas  -  O Come All Ye Faithful
Australian Boys Choir - Stanhope: Losing the Plot     Classical, Live Performance 16/12/2014
The Australian Boys Choir recorded by 3MBS.
The Australian Boys Choir performing Movement 3 - La La Land & Movement 4 - Lost The Plot of Stanhope's Losing the Plot, live in the studios of Melbourne's 3MBS.

PJ Martin Sound Assembly - Birds of Passage     Classical, Acoustic, Soundscapes 03/12/2014
Some of Australia's leading musicians get together with soprano Josie Ryan to perform PJ Martin's Song Cycle (180 Degrees).
Words:Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Music: PJ Martin. From the Song Cycle: 180 Degrees. This track features soprano Josie Ryan and reflects both Romantic and Modernist influences.

Other tracks by PJ Martin Sound Assembly:  Pebble and Stream  -  Versations of Winter
Thomas E Rouch - The Reckoning Theme     Electronic, Soundtrack (Film Related), Soundscapes 06/10/2014
Thomas E Rouch is one of Australia's most talented young film & TV composers. His latest score to The Reckoning won best music at the British Independent Film Festival.
The main theme from the film and played over the opening title sequence. Using driving electronic rhythms and epic orchestral themes

Other tracks by Thomas E Rouch:  Rachels Theme  -  Anymore Leads
Collider - A Night on a Roller Coaster Turns a Woman's Hair White     Classical, Jazz 05/07/2014
Collider recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in July 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.
Collider recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in October 2011 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.

Other tracks by Collider:  Breakfast with the Brothers Karamazov  -  Homeland
Nick Tsiavos - Untitled Improvisation     Jazz 05/07/2014
Nick Tsiavos recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in July 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.
Nick Tsiavos recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in March 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.