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Michael Kieran Harvey - Piano Sonata, Op 12 - Andante espressivo     Classical, Instrumental, Soundscapes 06/04/2017
Michael Kieran Harvey is one of the foremost interpreters of contemporary piano music of his generation. A champion of Australian music, a composer, and a commissioner of new Australian music.
This CD juxtaposes numerous currents and shockwaves emanating from Europe that have played out in Australian composition over the last sixty years or so. All the works refer to a specific device or code that is reinterpreted and developed from an Australian perspective.

Other tracks by Michael Kieran Harvey:  Piano Sonata Op12 -Allegretto - meno mosso - Allegretto maestoso  -  Siva
ROO - Selkie     Pop, Electronic, Classical, Easy Listening 04/04/2017
Alternative, Swampy Blues-Rockers ROO. Loud, Raw, Heartfelt and Fun! XO
Electro-pop ballad Selkie from the upcoming EP Bansidhe by ROO.

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Solvitur Ambulando (Walking Solves All) - Dream (Baby Dream...)     Christian, Ambience, Atmospheric, Classical 24/03/2017
The Camino Santiago de Compostella is an inspiring journey to take. Compostella means Field of Stars.This Lullabye & Prayer collection is about a journey to the Field of Stars.
A Lullabye to soothe the fractious soul.
Suitable for calming adults, children & babies.
Excellent for study, relaxing, and sleep.

Other tracks by Solvitur Ambulando (Walking Solves All):  Finest Mystery  -  Golden Light
Topology - I Am Petrified     Classical, Pop 21/03/2017
Australian indie classical quintet. 2014 ARIA Award Nominee for Best Classical Album. Launching 20th anniversary celebrations with new ‘mixtape’ album 'Tortured Remixes' - Pop filtered through twisted musical minds.
'I Am Petrified' is the lead track from Topology's new album ‘Tortured Remixes’ where popular melodies are filtered through the creative minds of Topology’s composers - John Babbage, Robert Davidson and Bernard Hoey. The result: familiar tunes stretched, scrambled and “tortured” (almost) beyond recognition, then reassembled into adventurous new works!

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Other tracks by Topology:  Anguish Ain't In It  -  Black to Grey
Marguerite Montes - All The Time In The World     Jazz, World, Country 14/03/2017
Marguerite's songs will spirit you away to warm and beautiful places as the sun after a long cold winter... Peter Urquhart’s passionate and sublime violin is the prefect accompaniment.
All the time in the world is a beautiful song which took shape in the studio. It was improvised on the spot in the recording session. What you hear is what happened in the moment.

Other tracks by Marguerite Montes:  Navegar  -  Big Beautiful smile
Sydney World Music Chamber Orchestra - River     Pop, World, Classical 14/03/2017
11 piece Orchestra is made up of artists from Western Sydney, representing diverse cultural and faith backgrounds, creating 'new' inclusive Australian music. From sacred pop to cross cultural classical sounds.
River is a moving ballad of hope that features the diverse strings of the Orchestra and the vocals of Maria Mitar, Gambirra Illume and Shohrat Tursun - Strings: Urhu -Nicholas Ng, Horse Fiddle -Bukhu Ganburged, Violin -Salar Hs and Double Bass - Mark Szeto
'All these Rivers we must cross'

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Sophie Koh - Tiger Not The Hare     Pop, Classical, Ethnic, Easy Listening 08/03/2017
Sophie Koh is an enchanting singer songwriter that fuses for her love of pop and classical musical styles with through contemporary and classical techniques and instruments
Tiger Not The Hare explores Sophie's love for pop music and classical training. Paying homage to Koh’s Chinese Malaysian parents, Tiger not the Hare are two zodiacs in the Chinese horoscope. Koh’s father is born under the tiger, and her mother the rabbit.

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Folk or Roots Album 'Book of Songs'

Sophie Hutchings - The Road     Jazz, Ambience, Instrumental, Experimental 07/03/2017
Compared with Max Richter, Dustin O’Halloran and Nils Frahm, Sydney-based Sophie has amassed an impressive body of work, releasing five albums to date and receiving critical praise worldwide.
A great tenderness and soft comforting warmth of the piano, the notes themselves vary between flurry and filigree. Beautiful strings to accompany in sections, undulating like a long road travelled.

Elena Kats-Chernin & Tamara-Anna Cislowska - Unsent Love Letters     Classical 25/02/2017
Soviet-born Australian composer Elena Kats-Chernin displays her trademark eclectic elegance as she collaborates with acclaimed Australian pianist Tamara-Anna Cislowska on 26 meditative and passionate piano miniatures inspired by Erik Satie.
Music that ranges from seductive orientalism to hypnotic melodies reminiscent of the ground-breaking, transcendent beauty of Erik Satie’s own piano pieces.

Other tracks by Elena Kats-Chernin & Tamara-Anna Cislowska:  Maple in the Evening  -  Dance in 7/4
Michael Kieran Harvey - Sleepy Star     Classical, Jazz, World, Cover Version 18/02/2017
Michael Kieran Harvey is one of the foremost interpreters of contemporary piano music of his generation. A musician, a composer, he regularly commissions and performs new Australian music.
The accompanying chords contain many major second intervals, giving the piece a heavy fatigued feeling. Plenty of improvisational feel!

Other tracks by Michael Kieran Harvey:  TTLS (Starlight Variation)  -  Twinkle Twinkle Icy Star
Michael Kieran Harvey - Track 37     Classical, Instrumental, World, Cover Versions 18/02/2017
Michael Kieran Harvey is one of the foremost interpreters of contemporary piano music of his generation. A musician and composer, he performs with Australia's leading contemporary music ensembles and orchestras.
The collection is designed to demonstrate the many different approaches to composition in classical music styles as well as popular and folk music genres from different countries.

Other tracks by Michael Kieran Harvey:  Track 50
Tony Gould - O Tannenbaum     Classical, Jazz, Instrumental, Cover Version 18/02/2017
Pianist and composer Tony Gould is one of Australia’s most respected musicians. His career has embraced many styles of music - jazz and improvisatory musics ias well as classical musics.
A delightful piano solo, done in Tony Gould's inimitable style. A Christmas classic that is sweet enough to listen to all year long.

Other tracks by Tony Gould:  We Wish You a Merry Christmas  -  White Christmas
David Robertson / Sydney Symphony Orchestra - The Firebird (Original 1910 version) - Introduction     Classical, Cover Version 11/02/2017
Under their Chief Conductor David Robertson, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra present a stunning live account of three seminal works: Stravinsky’s The Firebird, Petrushka and The Rite of Spring.
Shifting between supernatural exoticism and folk simplicity, the track's various musical elements effectively conjure images of Kastchei’s realm and Prince Ivan's encounter with the mythical Firebird.

Other tracks by David Robertson / Sydney Symphony Orchestra:  The Firebird (Original 1910 version) - The Princesses Plead for Mercy
Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Shunske Sato - Violin Concerto No. 4 in D minor (Niccolo Paganini)     Classical, Cover Version 26/01/2017
The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra break new ground with their latest album, exploring the music of three of the Romantic era’s greatest composers with Japanese-American violin star Shunske Sato.
A scintillating performance of 'Paganini's Violin Concerto No. 4' by Sato, combined with the period instruments of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, will be welcome internationally as a rare recording on the instruments that Paganini himself would have known.

Other tracks by Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Shunske Sato:  String Symphony No. 3 in E minor (Felix Mendelssohn)  -  From Holberg’s Time – Suite in the Olden Style (Edvard Grieg)
Jayson Gillham, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Ashkenazy - 3 Rondo     Classical, Cover Version 26/01/2017
Young London-based Australian pianist Jayson Gillham returns home for this Beethoven-themed collaboration with legendary conductor and pianist Vladimir Ashkenazy.
Gillham's performance engages with the full resonance and beauty of the music whilst offering fresh poetry and nuance. As conductor, Ashkenazy brings all the insight and coherence he has gained through multiple recordings and performances of the work as one of the most respected pianists of our time.

Andrew Lang - For     Classical, Ambience, Acoustic 25/01/2017
Andrew Lang is a composer and pianist from Adelaide, Australia. He released his debut record, "Burnt Shades" through Whitelabrecs in 2016.
"For" is the final track from Burnt Shades, as well as a callback to the opening song from the record. Its sparse, slow, and melancholy tone, coupled with Andrew's light touch, acts as a beautiful closer to the album.

Other tracks by Andrew Lang:  Foam  -  Forest of Glass
Amir Farid - Portrait and Blue Hymn     Classical, Jazz, Instrumental 23/12/2016
Pianist Amir Farid is a highly creative musician - a pianist of great intelligence and integrity bringing strong musical substance to all that he does.
Uplifting and mellow, punchy and calm at the same time - this piece, composed by Stuart Greenbaum, was written to celebrate the birth of actor, Morna Sers, who Stuart was working with on Stephen Sewell's play, Sisters. Beautiful!

Other tracks by Amir Farid:  First Light  -  Four Thoughts - I. The End Of Winter
Derek Jones - Stillness     Classical, Instrumental 23/12/2016
Derek Jones has enjoyed an extensive performing career throughout Australia, Europe, USA, and Asia. He has performed as a solist with Melbourne Symphony, Australian Philharmonic, Orchestra Victoria, Sydney Symphony Orchestras.
This improvisation from previous release, Sun Down Moon Up includes a constant drone punctuated by intermittent temple bell. Its expressive, meditative with the quality of the flute and the sound of silence bridging eastern and western themes.

Other tracks by Derek Jones:  Sonata - Molto Allegro
Peter Sheridan - Arirang Variations     Classical, Instrumental 23/12/2016
A specialist in low flutes (bass, contrabass and sub-contrabass flutes), performer Peter Sheridan has commissioned over seventy compositions for these unique instruments.
“It is simply lovely. Peter and Judy, your recording of my 'Arirang Variations' is just as I imagined the piece sounding. Thank you so much for your beautiful performance..." - Stanley Hoffman (composer)

Other tracks by Peter Sheridan:  Suite in Sea - Argentinian Ghost Tango  -  Fantasies and Wildness - The Beauty of Wilderness
Tony Gould - The Second Time Around     Jazz, Instrumental 23/12/2016
Pianist and composer Tony Gould is one of Australia’s most respected musicians. His career has embraced many styles of music, not least jazz, improvisatory, traditional and contemporary classical musics.
Features the captivating vocals of Melbourne jazz singer, Michelle Nicole. Nicole re-imagines this song interpretation in her own sensitive way. Gould says: 'All music making is all creative … they (the musicians) are bringing new life to the music on the page'.

Other tracks by Tony Gould:  The First Day of Spring  -  Schindler's List