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Monique Clare - Hourglass     Folk, Pop, Classical, Acoustic 10/04/2018
Renegade folk cellist and singer-songwriter Monique Clare weaves earthy cello and powerful vocals in a performance that dances between darkness and light.
Written by Monique Clare Bartkowiak. Started out as a riff that was originally an improvised bow exercise. Lyrics come from a time of growing and healing, and recovery from heartbreak. Combines bow techniques from Baroque music, shuffle-y bowing from folk music, but inhabits the space of a pop song.

14 December Brisbane
15 December Armidale
16 December Kempsey
18 December Jervis Bay
19 December Blue Mountains
20 December Newcastle
21 December Old Bar

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Other tracks by Monique Clare:  Two Birds  -  Blind
Primitive Motion - Last Rays     Classical 09/03/2018
Brisbane duo Primitive Motion are masters at letting sound flow between worlds internal and beyond. They compose meditative, dreamy, piano-based songs, captured live at the point of conception.
A captivating a beautiful track which would be a perfect soundtrack to accompany our inevitable drift into the abyss.

Other tracks by Primitive Motion:  Know the World  -  Black Shapes of Mountains
Primitive Motion - Small Orbit     Classical, Ambience, Atmospheric, Instrumental 02/03/2018
Brisbane duo Primitive Motion have shared second single 'Small Orbit' off their third album, House in the Wave, released Friday 23 February via Bedroom Suck / Remote Control.
'Small Orbit' is a two minute minimalist jaunt for shuffling drums, piano and wind instruments in the spirit of Penguin Cafe Orchestra as played by Maher Shalal Hash Baz, in a Brisbane home studio.

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Primitive Motion - Feed The Signals     Classical, Ambience, Atmospheric, Instrumental 01/02/2018
Brisbane duo Primitive Motion share first single 'Feed the Signals' off their third full-length, House in The Wave, released Friday 23 February via Bedroom Suck / Remote Control.
In the process of reducing their sound world to the barest of instrumentation (at times just voice and piano), Primitive Motion revels in the beauty of the unadorned song, creating the purest distillation of their ‘dream-float’ music to date.

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Divide and Dissolve - Assimilation     Metal/Punk, Classical 15/12/2017
Heavy two-piece Divide and Dissolve utilize drums, guitar, saxophone & live effects to create music designed to decolonize, dismantle white supremacy and empower Black & Indigenous people the world over.
On the story behind their new single ‘Assimilation’, the band share: “We are still experiencing the fatal effects of the continuation of the colonial project. They continue to demand that we forget about our ancestors, traditions, and ways of survival that have existed and sustained us since time immemorial.”

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Trichotomy - Dancing About Architecture     Jazz, Classical, Live Performance, Acoustic 06/12/2017
TRICHOTOMY are one of Australia’s most inventive contemporary music ensembles. With a reputation as a leading group in progressive trio music, they skilfully blending dense, exciting improvisations and delicate atmospherics.
Jazz trio Trichotomy perform LIVE with String Quartet blending sounds of modern jazz and classical concepts.

Other tracks by Trichotomy:  State of Change  -  Life Gets in the Way
James Hullick - Woman Falling     Classical 14/11/2017
Composer and performing artist, James Hullick's work sits at the forefront of auditory creation - and with a body of work: art music composition; vocals; prepared piano; wild one guitar
Featuring James Hullick on prepared-piano this work was composed by Hullick in 2011 and has been performed and recorded with the BOLT Ensemble, a chamber orchestra. Abstract in nature, the work articulates the falling of a woman in elegant sound worlds that celebrate the textural qualities of the ensemble.

Jack Colwell - Pigeons and Peacocks     Pop, Acoustic, Classical 10/11/2017
Jack Colwell's blend of classical influences and pop instincts has been winning over Australian and international listeners since he released breakthrough single "Don't Cry Those Tears" in 2015.
Jack's new single is the tender piano/strings track "Pigeons and Peacocks". The song has become a staple of Jack's live shows and is presented here with a new string arrangement by Miles Horler. "Pigeons and Peacocks" was recorded by Antonia Gauci, who has also worked with Kesha and Lil Yachty.

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Topology - X174     Classical 01/11/2017
Renowned for their expansive sound and prolific collaborations, the 1990s saw Brisbane come to know Topology through their original compositions as well as their adventurous re-imaginings of popular music collaborations.
Based on the DNA sequence of the first complete genome ever mapped. The DNA letters are mapped to pitches to create melodic and harmonic material. Biologists use C, G, A, and T in the DNA mapping, composer John Babbage used those notes but substituted the “T” with the note D.

Other tracks by Topology:  Tumult  -  Going Equipped
Fleur Green And The Keepers - Pretty Bird     Classical, Jazz, Pop 12/10/2017
Fleur Green and The Keepers are an alt-pop sensation born in the inner west of Adelaide. Famed for sweet and heavy pop melodies, headed by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Fleur Green.
A ballad about beautiful creatures that fly into your life and fly out. It's about appreciating what is happening right now and the fact that the Pretty Bird has flown away is a beautiful and sad thing. Not attaching yourself to a feeling of grief when beautiful things leave.

My Friend the Chocolate Cake - Jeffrey Smart (Silver City)     Folk, Classical 16/09/2017
My Friend the Chocolate Cake, the band with the strings, the piano and the big tunes, are a musical mural of modern Australia illustrating its geography, political and suburban identity.
‘Jeffrey Smart (Silver City) is a tale about seeking to find natural beauty and surrealism in our urban world, underpinned by a Wurlitzer and a spacious groove. David Bridie says: “Illuminating modern urban alienation, post-industrial landscapes. No need for picture postcard beauty. Helen’s backing vocals sound like Serge Gainsbourg angels.”

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Other tracks by My Friend the Chocolate Cake:  Easter Parade  -  Cry Beloved Cry
Tania De Jong - The Everlasting Light     Classical 02/09/2017
Tania de Jong is an acclaimed soprano who presents magical performances across classical, music theatre, contemporary, spiritual and world genres.
The Everlasting Light is a high quality recording of a beautiful classical crossover piece featuring the powerful soprano voice of Tania de Jong and the piano work of Anthony Barnhill. One of the originals from her new album, Tania's voice soars above the strings and orchestra creating a wonderful ambience.

Australian Chamber Orchestra - Prelude     Classical, Soundtrack (Film Related) 09/08/2017
Australian violinist, conductor and composer, Richard Tognetti has established an international reputation for his compelling performances and artistic individualism.
Composed by Richard Tognetti for the Jennifer Peedom directed film Mountain, Prelude was written to mirror the serenity, magnitude and terror of the landscapes featured in the film.

Other tracks by Australian Chamber Orchestra:  Majesty  -  Sublime
Tania de Jong - Flying Free     Classical, World 02/08/2017
Tania de Jong is an acclaimed soprano who presents magical performances across classical, music theatre, contemporary, spiritual and world genres.
The song is a delightful classical crossover piece featuring the beautiful soprano voice of Tania de Jong and the Piano work of Anthony Barnhill. The full orchestral backing adds the richness and depth the song deserves.

John Bell & Simon Tedeschi - Part 1: It Chanced One Evening     Classical 28/07/2017
Two of Australia’s finest storytellers, actor John Bell and pianist Simon Tedeschi, in a new groundbreaking recording of Enoch Arden.
Enoch Arden is the story of three childhood friends, Enoch Arden, Philip Ray and Annie Lee. This new recording presents a rare insight into the pathos of Enoch Arden’s story, an exploration of humanity just as relevant in 2017 as when it was first written.

Slava Grigoryan - Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude     Classical 24/07/2017
Grigoryan is renowned as one of the world’s most talented, sought-after and versatile instrumentalists. He collaborates with orchestras globally, and forms a long-standing duo with his brother Leonard.
A world-premiere recording of the baroque masterpiece on baritone guitar - it is fresh, melancholic and draws out rhythmic grooves inherent in Bach's music.

2018 AIR AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Independent Classical Album (Bach: Cello Suites Volume II)

Genevieve Lacey & James Crabb - Recercada Segunda     Classical 24/07/2017
Lacey is an ARIA Award-winning virtuoso with a series of highly acclaimed albums to her name while Crabb is internationally acknowledged as one of the finest accordionists of his generation.
A magical marriage of recorder and accordion, this vivacious track is intricate, seductive and reflects astonishing virtuosity.

Australian Chamber Orchestra/Richard Tognetti - Symphony No. 40 in G minor, KV550, I. Molto allegro     Classical, Classical 24/07/2017
The Australian Chamber Orchestra is renowned globally for its inspired programming and here, it is directed from the violin by newly appointed Artistic Director Richard Tognetti.
A triumphant account of one of Mozart's three final symphonies.

Al Davies - Blue Sapphire     Classical, Chill, Ambience, Instrumental 13/07/2017
Relax and unwind on a journey of beautifully blended Classical/Spanish guitar. This gifted artist's soothing technique, will leave you calm and refreshed.
Fossicking for gemstones at the beginning of our adventure around Australia, my wife and I found a beautiful Blue Sapphire, which symbolized and inspired my freedom to travel this great land.

Other tracks by Al Davies:  Schapelle  -  White Lotus
Jayson Gillham - Medtner Piano Concerto No 1 - Allegro     Classical 12/07/2017
Born and raised in Queensland, pianist Jayson Gillham is recognised as one of the finest pianists of his generation. He is internationally praised for his compelling performances and relentless elegance.
Gillham harnesses the intense drama of Medtner’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in C minor, Op. 33 in this movement and takes listeners on a journey of rediscovering the healing power of music.

Other tracks by Jayson Gillham:  Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2 - Allegro Scherzando  -  Rachmaninoff Prelude Op 23 No. 4