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David Chesworth Ensemble - Apoh Jenah     World, Classical, Experimental, Pop 14/12/2011
David Chesworth Ensemble creates vast soundscapes of orchestral and exotic instruments delivering a catchy feast of infectious melody and rhythm
A quiet start with marimba and voices with quirky melodies and rhythms develops into a gypsy - like anthem, with fun break-out melodies on violin and trombone, which builds into a great climax

Ruth Roshan & Tango Noir - Darling....Keep it To Yourself.     Classical, World 02/12/2011
Ruth Roshan's compositions evoke the atmosphere of 1920's Berlin cabarets.
A song of defiance, set to a dramatic Tango rhythm.

The Scrapes - Closed Circuit     Classical, Rock, Atmospheric 18/11/2011
The Scrapes are a duo consisting of electric violin and guitar. Formed in early 2009, The Scrapes truly march to the beat of their own drum.
Closed Circuit is a piece that rides along a climactic drone sequence until breaking the surface for air with some dusty country guitar and screeching violin. Originally made as a soundtrack to a short film.

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Other tracks by The Scrapes:  Kali Yuga Sunrise  -  Close Enough To Touch
Karen Heath - Early     Pop, Soundtrack (Film Related) 16/11/2011
Dreamlike and hypnotic, Karen Heath draws from inspired influences in the post-progressive pop world. Fusing together orchestral sounds, vocals, koto and electronica beats, her music is uniquely lyrical.
'Early' by Karen Heath is the first single released by this artist. With vocals and strings recorded at Abbey Road Studio, the journey within this track is succinct: framed by the gorgeous sounds of harp and marimba, the evocative nature of this piece is unparalleled.

Teddy Tahu Rhodes - Die Forelle (The Trout)     Classical 09/11/2011
One of the world’s great baritones sings music of profound depth and beauty. Brahms’s Four Serious Songs, written as the composer faced his own death.
A jolly tune, which reveal the composer’s incomparable genius for expressing in music the full range of human feelings. And Samuel Barber’s Dover Beach finds hope in the midst of despair, holding out love as a beacon in the darkest moments of the human struggle.

Latitude 37 - La Spagnoletta     Classical, World, Instrumental 04/11/2011
Named after the latitudinal position which links Melbourne to New Zealand, the Baroque trio united in their passion for historically informed performance of 16th to 18th century music.
A fun and percussive track where ‘pop music’ of the 17th Century – the hip tunes, the attention grabbing hooks, the musical show pieces – is transferred into the 21st Century.

Sally Whitwell - Opening – Philip Glass     Classical, Atmospheric 03/11/2011
Pianist Sally Whitwell, a busy freelance career as performer, teacher and arranger in a variety of styles encompassing everything from classical music and new Australian commissions to showtunes and pop.
The composer Philip Glass is that rarest of contemporary ‘classical’ composers – a musician who has revolutionized the way art music is composed and found a massive audience in doing so. As much a pop and cult phenomenon as he is a descendant of Beethoven.

Karin Schaupp Flinders Quartet - Tangata de Agosto     Classical, World 03/11/2011
Classical guitar virtuoso Karin Schaupp teams up with Melbourne’s hottest string quartet in a display of passion and style for which they are both renowned.
The word 'tangata' is the composer's own creation, a portmanteau of 'tango' and 'sonata' which combines classical and popular Argentinian musical styles that are energetic and sultry

Sarah McKenzie - You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To (with James Morrison)     Jazz, Classical 03/11/2011
Sarah McKenzie has performed regularly with her mentor James Morrison, sung backing vocals for Michael Buble, headlined appearances at both the Stonnington and Melbourne International Jazz Festivals.
An upbeat and jazzy track that features the legendary James Morrison, marks a crucial milestone in the rapidly-developing career of the Bendigo-born, Melbourne-raised, Perth-educated McKenzie, whom critics around the country have identified as a once-in-a-generation talent.

Daniel Atlaw Seifu - My Beauty     Ethnic Multicultural, Instrumental, Experimental, Jazz 13/10/2011
After many incarnations through various bands nationally and internationally, accomplished Ethiopian Jazz musician Daniel Atlaw Seifu, transcends from own band Afro Habesha, to his own solo work.
My Beauty: A song admiring beauty based on a traditional Ethiopian melody.

Daniel Atlaw Seifu (piano).
Written by Daniel Atlaw Seifu, produced and mixed by Lochie Bradfield (aka Ah! Puch!)

Julala - The Geisha's Garden     Classical, Soundtrack (Film Related), Acoustic, World 12/08/2011
Julala’s music covers a variety of genres where feelings are well felt. Close your eyes, float and dream as her music takes you on journeys limited only by your imagination.
This piece is described as being reflective and beautiful. The imagination can easily picture the Gion area of Kyoto, Japan where Maiko and Geisha gracefully rush around their traditionally preserved town evening after evening, running from job to job where they entertain high-paying customers in order to make a living.

Other tracks by Julala:  Mr Bearman  -  Love Waltz
Alex Mcfarlane - Cant Par la Flor/Ben Man Perdut/En Consiver     Classical, Acoustic, Live Performance 27/05/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_5UV_Live Music Fest 2010 Classically trained guitarist, Alex McFarlane's live performances of three tunes by Bernart de Ventadour, recorded during Radio Adelaide's Live Music Fest 2010.
Alex McFarlane's performance of "Cant Par la Flor," "Ben Man Perdut" and "En Consiver;" all composed by Bernart da Ventadour and recorded by Radio Adelaide as part of their Live Music Fest 2010.

Sunwrae - Rainlessness     Classical, Jazz, World, Soundtrack (Film Related) 06/05/2011
Sunwrae Ensemble perform a spectacular blend of world, classical and jazz music composed by Director Rae Howell. Piano, vibraphone, string quartet, harp, alto-flute, double bass & percussion; Feast your ears!
piano & string quartet work by Director Rae Howell.

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Other tracks by Sunwrae:  The Machine  -  Chinook Winds
Alex Chudnovsky - Renaissance of life     Classical, Instrumental 07/03/2011
Alex Chudnovsky is a Russian born classical guitarist, who now resides in Melbourne, Australia. Alex's second album has just been released by Foghorn Records titled Renaissance of Life.
Beautiful classical guitar instrumental.

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Nadia Piave - Musetta     Classical, World, Folk 23/02/2011
Nadia Piave - Italian-Australian raconteur, soprano, teacher, cabaret diva and erstwhile gelato queen - has recorded a strong, heartfelt and smooth album of classic love songs from Italy and France.
Musetta comes from acclaimed Sydney Vocalist Nadia Piave's beauftifual Release 'Caffe D'Amore' - out now thru VITAMIN RECORDS.
With expertise in renaissance, baroque, classical, folk, jazz, art song and cabaret, Nadia has chosen the Italian and French romantic genre through her musical partnership with Gino and Ross should be captured.

Kathryn McKee - It's You     Pop, Classical 04/02/2011
Post-rock, post-pop and post-classical, Kathryn McKee's five-piece band is anything but post-interesting. Think emotive songs and electroacoustic works for piano, laptop and beats. Then think string quartet.
'It's You' cracks straight in with a verse - pizzicato strings with busy drums and subtle electronic detail - before soaring into a fuller chorus with piano, longing strings and rocking drums. The final double chorus builds up before dropping right back to the more vulnerable strings, piano and voice.

Other tracks by Kathryn McKee:  Who Are You  -  Ladders and Snakes
Springwood String Quartet - Popa Dice Ca Nu Bea     Classical, Live Performance 08/10/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4EB_Songs of Hope Springwood String Quartet recorded by 4EB as part of the project, Songs of Hope.
Brought together by their music, Springwood String Quartet all arrived in Australia from different geographical areas of Eastern Europe at different times and with different aspirations.

This track's title translates as "The Priest said he is not drinking."

The Scrapes - Before There's Nothing Left     Classical, Rock, Folk, Experimental 26/08/2010
The Scrapes are an unusual duo of feedback drenched guitar and scraping, epic violin. Their music evokes dark landscapes of decaying urban structures and acts of nature.
Before There's Nothing Left is piece based a round a violin loop reminiscent of Romanian folk music. It is a whirling sonic dervish of gypsy fury and brooding contemplation.

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Other tracks by The Scrapes:  Drivetime  -  Electric Mourning Blues
Topology and Misinterprotato - That which is not Fleeting     Classical, Jazz, Experimental, Instrumental 30/07/2010
Misinterprotato are one of Australia’s most inventive contemporary music ensembles. Captivating and engaging they are redefining the possibilities of jazz inspired music with their myriad of sounds and styles.
The work by pianist/composer Sean Foran displaying the incredible virtuosity and diversity of the collaboration between Topology & Misinterprotato. From soft and serene to intense and complex, this piece is instantly compelling. Hear 2 double basses, piano and rhodes plus strings, sax and drum kit !!

Other tracks by Misinterprotato:  Generations  -  Healthy Lifestyle V3
Fiona Joy Hawkins - Contemplating     Classical, Instrumental, Atmospheric 08/03/2010
Contemporary Piano Composition incorporating World Music, New Age and Jazz elements. ARIA nominated and ranked #2 for 2009 on the International World, Classical, Smooth jazz and New Age Radio Charts.
Features Luka Bloom. MP3 used for ARIA Nomination (FINALIST), very moving track. Produced by Will Ackerman at Imaginary Road Studios on a Steinway.

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Other tracks by Fiona Joy Hawkins:  Feeling Sunshine  -  Blue Dream