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Ensemble Offspring - Vibe Rant     Classical, Experimental, Instrumental 14/06/2019
Ensemble Offspring are new music champions. Led by acclaimed percussionist Claire Edwardes, a devotion to fearless music-making has seen EO premiere over 200 works over the course of 25 years.
Vibe Rant refers to the abbreviated form of vibraphone: ‘vibes’, and also ‘rant’, from the Dutch word ‘ranten’: to talk nonsense. Together these words form ‘vibrant’, which is the overall mood of the piece. Vibe Rant sets up a series of juxtapositions, creating a stylistic patchwork that embraces influences from vernacular genres including jazz, pop, hip-hop, dance, rock, and metal.

Other tracks by Ensemble Offspring:  Tardigradus  -  Avialae
Andrian Pertout - Balada: Homenaje a Arthur Benjamin     Classical, Experimental, Instrumental 21/05/2019
Luz Meridional, composed by Andrián Pertout for pianist Michael Kieran Harvey. Comprising 24 solo piano études each piece contains a quotation from an early Australian composer.
Toward the style of Arthur Benjamin - and also not!
A lively piece of musical art, crafted superbly by Michael Kieran Harvey - jumping from note to note, register to register, frenetic and electrifying!

Other tracks by Andrian Pertout:  Bagatela: Homenaje a Keith Humble  -  Seis perfiles: Homenaje a Margaret Sutherland
Justin Hunter - Moonlite     Classical, Instrumental 03/05/2019
Justin Hunter is an accomplished pianist from the Blue Mountains who creates waves of emotion and exalts unbridled passion every time he touches the keys.
An ode to Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" and his hometown of Katoomba, Justin Hunter captures the dark, misty covered mountains in every note of this beautiful piano composition, "Moonlite." Hunter uses music as a way of communicating and expressing himself to the listener, notating his imagination in the process.

fiona joy hawkins - Invisible Train     Classical, Instrumental, Acoustic 24/04/2019
Ethereal Neo-Classical piano, vocals and instrumentation who loves touring, recording, was an ARIA Finalist and hd a song on a Grammy Winning album.
Energetic but ethereal Piano , Violin, EWI and percussion that brings to life the fairytale story of the Little Red Caboose.

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Other tracks by fiona joy hawkins:  Grace  -  Little Star
Oz Harte - Michael     Classical, Instrumental, Atmospheric, Soundscapes 15/04/2019
English born Irish Australian who understands Croatian! Composer, Songwriter, Video & Record Producer. Composer of original EDM, Shuffle, Reggae, Croatian & Classical music. Member APRA AMCOS.
The leitmotif sought to capture the natural ability my eldest son, Michael, for deep thought, his hidden but overarching whimsy and playfulness and his taste and appreciation for the film scores of John Williams.

Other tracks by Oz Harte:  Ode to Harpsichord Parts I & II  -  Scherzo
David Hush & Hamed Sadeghi - Yes     Classical 05/04/2019
This duo project between Hush and Sadeghi takes two instrumental masters pairing piano and tar to create 10 tracks of suspenseful, meditative and contrasting music.
Yes is the first single from Harmony. As Hush’s piano opens up the song with a smooth developing form, Sadeghi’s tar eventually arrives, taking the listener to a far-away place. The song seems a thousand miles away from the warmth of Hush’s piano, but nonetheless a keen ear will still hear compositional and note similarities between each instrumental performance

Sarah Mary Chadwick - The Queen Who Stole The Sky     Classical 04/04/2019
The prolific Sarah Mary Chadwick returns with ‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’, an album performed and recorded live on Melbourne Town Hall’s 147 year-old grand organ.
‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’ is undeniably commanding, yet punctuated by points of intimacy. The songs have a narrative-like quality, unfolding themselves before their audience. SMC's command of the grand organ is testament to her musicality – the sheer size of the instrument could so easily drown out the nuances of the songwriting – but not so for Sarah.

Hugh Crosthwaite - Moonah and Whirlpool     Classical 01/04/2019
Hugh Crosthwaite is a Melbournian composer and producer. Hugh is inspired as a composer by social issues and, in particular, the natural environment and climate change.
Moonah and Whirlpool is a tone poem inspired by the poem Argonauta Nodosa by Brian Walters. The work tells a story of forbidden love between two creatures of a different type, and the triumph of their love over adversity.

Other tracks by Hugh Crosthwaite:  Sweet Baby Lullaby  -  Slow Day Breaker
Anna Shelley - The Trip     Classical, Ambience, Atmospheric, Soundscapes 01/03/2019
Anna Shelley plays flute and piano to create her signature dreamy otherworldly melodies and soundscapes. Meditative and emotive, her music speaks directly to your soul.
The Trip is a journey into the daydream, into the ether, into the space where you feel neither here nor there, but like a long train journey to another country, you know you’re entering new territory filled with mystery and wonder.

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Other tracks by Anna Shelley:  The Anchoring  -  The High Priestess
Emili Rackemann - Statue Of Compassion     Classical, Instrumental, Atmospheric 01/03/2019
With more than one hundred piano compositions and soon to release her seventh album, Emili Rackemann's music sparks a beautiful interconnection between classical and minimalism, an aural tapestry of sound.
Statue Of Compassion is from Emili Rackemann's upcoming contemporary album release titled Elysian. This work tells the story of how one must grow enough to love the world, yet be empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. Its subtle classical textures and ambient melody showcases Emili's love for story-telling on the piano.

Other tracks by Emili Rackemann:  Kingdom of Aragon - movement I-III  -  Shadows of Aswan
Anna Shelley - Reflections I     Classical, Ambience, Soundscapes, Instrumental 08/02/2019
Anna Shelley plays flute and piano to create her signature dreamy otherworldly melodies and soundscapes. Meditative and emotive, her music speaks directly to your soul.
A piano solo improvisation for emotive expressions that have no words. These are sound frequencies from a place we all remember, from a point in space before time and words.

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Other tracks by Anna Shelley:  Invocation II: The Dreaming  -  March
Anna Shelley - Connect     Classical, Ambience, Atmospheric, Soundscapes 24/01/2019
Anna Shelley plays flute and piano to create her signature dreamy otherworldly melodies and soundscapes. Meditative and emotive, her music speaks directly to your soul.
Connect is a simple track with depth that allows you to get into the meditative state without distraction of too much movement. Changes in timbre and pitch unfold in natural harmonic beauty with a calming under-drone.

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Other tracks by Anna Shelley:  Beyond  -  Intent
Ambre Hammond - Red Rose     Classical, Instrumental, Atmospheric, Ambience 06/12/2018
Ambre Hammond - sometimes known as the rockstar of the classical music world. A pianist/composer and founder of Girl Piano Truck a humanitarian project. Night Flowers is her 7th album.
Night Flowers - 24 short pieces for solo piano.
Inspired by photographs of flowers taken at night, this music is highly cinematic and draws on Ambre's background as a classical pianist and her love of jazz.
The music is very atmospheric and romantic in style.
Red Rose is the single and the most romantic and beautiful of all the tracks.

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Other tracks by Ambre Hammond:  Orange Rose  -  Pink Rose
Hugh Crosthwaite - Horizons     Classical 15/10/2018
Hugh Crosthwaite is a Melbournian composer and producer. Hugh studied at the Conservatorium of Music at Melbourne University and has since forged a career writing for Melbourne's finest classical musicians.
Horizons is the first movement of Spirit Journey. It is an optimistic work that was inspired by the energy that comes from commencing a challenging journey that will test your patience, will and values. At once exciting and buoyant, but aware of what is to come.

Other tracks by Hugh Crosthwaite:  Spirit Dreaming  -  Peaks and Vales
Dominion Victory - ONe     Classical, Country, Christian 28/09/2018
Ranking #2 in reverbnation chart, pioneered multinational language song in Australia, peace project song includes 12 global languages and established the R2C to give his music royalties to charities.
The peace project song was written to, promote peace, unite the world against terrorism, stop racism and drums of war in nations where killing of women, youths and children have contributed to people's emotional trauma.
Written in Sydney with 12 global most spoken languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, German, Hindi, Ibo, French and Japanese.)

Other tracks by Dominion Victory:  HolySpirit Move  -  Grace Overflowing
Helen Mountfort - The Heart Afraid of Breaking     Classical, Instrumental 27/09/2018
Helen Mountfort is a classically trained cellist and composer based in Melbourne. Originally from New Zealand, Helen is best known as a key member of My Friend the Chocolate Cake.
This piece is inspired by the Duduk playing of the wonderful Armenian musician Djivan Gasparian. Like most of his tunes it is a bit of a passionate cry from the heart and was originally written for Swift, a dance show I made and toured all sorts of exciting places with Australian dancer/choreographer Ros Warby.

Other tracks by Helen Mountfort:  How The Wind Blew  -  Each Precious Breath
Kishore Ryan - You Haven't Finished Your Ape     Classical, Experimental, Live Performance, Instrumental 25/09/2018
‘You Haven’t Finished Your Ape’ was recorded live at BIFEM 2017 by Argonaut Quartet. As a drummer Kishore Ryan has worked with Mick Turner (Dirty Three), Kid Sam and Otouto.
World Premiere performed by Argonaut Quartet at the fifth edition of Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music on September 2, 2017.

Graeme Jennings, Violin
Natasha Conrau, Violin
Elizabeth Welsh, Viola
Judith Hamann, Cello

Live Recording and Mix by Myles Mumford and Jem Savage.

Title taken from the poem ‘Ape’ by Russell Edson.

Special thanks to David Chisholm and Monash University.

Derek Jones - Journey to Serenity     Classical, Atmospheric, Instrumental, Soundscapes 20/09/2018
Derek Jones has enjoyed an extensive performing career throughout Australia, Europe, USA, and Asia, including solo performances with the major Australian OPrchestras,and solo performance at Carnegie Hall, New York.
The suitably named track "Journey to Serenity" delivers on its title's promise. It enables the listener to travel to place where one can observe places in the mind and spirit that are subtle and mystical. Using keyboard and synthesizer tracks, the flute is improvised, inviting and illuminating.

Other tracks by Derek Jones:  Violet Rays  -  Blue Star
Julian Yu - What for Elise?     Classical, Instrumental 20/09/2018
The multi-award winning Australian composer Julian Yu employs a musical language imbued with elegance and expressiveness, which are both enhanced by an impeccable craft and special attention to detail.
Julian Yu’s notes on each piece of this CD are whimsical, yet full of his broad knowledge and depth of composition. What For Elise is one of the Twenty “tongue-in-cheek” CUTETUDES that start the CD. The familiar wrapping paper of this song contains unexpected presents from far and wide.

Other tracks by Julian Yu:  To Comrade Shostakovich  -  Promenade
Julian Yu, Robert Schubert, Trio Varie - Classical Stories - To Comrade Shostakovich     Classical, Instrumental 20/09/2018
Multi-award winning Australian composer Julian Yu employs a musical language imbued with a high degree of elegance and expressiveness, enhanced by an impeccable craft and special attention to detail.
The melody, originally sung by a children's choir in Song of the Forest, reminded Julian of a Chinese folk dance and so the pairing was made. He didn't stop there, though: throughout the piece Shostakovich's signature motif (D E-flat C B) appears many times; the "Internationale" can be heard, and there is also a quote from Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7.

Other tracks by Julian Yu, Robert Schubert, Trio Varie:  Symphony from the Old World (Dvorak in China) - Largo  -  Phone Call to Mozart