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Future Destin - Raise Him     Hip Hop, Christian, Rap 10/06/2013
In 2009 Future became a solo artist playing Gospel rap / Hip hop where and now is about to release his first album Power of Three - Trinity.
The song Raise him is from the upcoming album with collaboration with Christina Laloata

Peter Christie Band - Rest     Christian, Rock, Country 01/06/2013
Peter Christie Band are an Australian Contemporary Christian band with a Country Rock edge.
A Christian Rock song based on Jeremiah 6:16. The choice of two paths - the worldly path and the other way which leads to rest for your soul. Guitar driven rock with a country rock edge

Other tracks by Peter Christie Band:  You Alone Are Worthy of Praise  -  Revival
Mookie Deez - Battle Of The Mind     Christian, Hip Hop 03/05/2013
Coming to Christ later in life, Mookie Deez gave his heart to The Lord on Valentines Day 2009.Solo artist who has refocused his music towards his Saviour Jesus Christ.
Battle Of The Mind - Written and Performed by Mookie Deez.

This is the first track off the his EP Release Self Titled "Mookie Deez"

Other tracks by Mookie Deez:  My Time  -  Lost To The Night
Alan Gogoll - Apricot Eyes     Christian, Acoustic, Instrumental, Classical 25/04/2013
Alan Gogoll is a young instrumental acoustic guitarist from Tasmania, Australia.
We played under the bugs as she looked at me with her apricot eyes.

Other tracks by Alan Gogoll:  Massive Mammal  -  Scary Fish
Andy Vance - Joyful Joyful     Christian, Jazz 24/04/2013
One of Australia's leading jazz pianists and strong in his faith and conviction as well.
A wonderful solo jazz piano arrangement of this well known classic

Other tracks by Andy Vance:  For God so Loved the World  -  This is the Day
Paul Ruske - Uncertain Times     World, Acoustic, Live Performance, Christian 13/04/2013
Paul Ruske's debut album Uncertain Times. Mixed by world renowned Tchad Blake. Includes collaboration of Washed in the River with Grammy Award winning Soweto Gospel Choir composed by Paul.
This song was written by Paul when he was going through the birth of his first child and he was questioning the state of the world and what was important to him re family and friends.

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Other tracks by Paul Ruske:  Head in the Clouds  -  Washed in the River
Auxana - Your People     Christian, Rock, Pop 27/03/2013
Auxana is a folk meet rock music sound, described by some people as a 'Rocking Enya', album songs range from full on Rock to gentler songs infused with Violins.
About putting your trust and faith in God during really hard times, handing over to Him all of the burdens you face, praying to Him during these times of trouble knowing that you can rely on Him during those difficult times.

Other tracks by Auxana:  El Shaddai  -  One Day
TJ James - Care About You     Rock, Christian, Easy Listening 19/03/2013
People don’t buy Stevie Wonder's music because he's blind. I don’t want them buying mine because I have a disability. Faith is what gives me the strength to live daily.
Taking it’s theme straight from bible verses, this track talks to the listener from God's perspective "I know the hairs on your head' 'I care about you'.

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Other tracks by TJ James:  Strong Survive  -  Only a Man
JudahCall - Seasons     Electronic, Pop 14/03/2013
JudahCall is a 4-piece electro/rock/pop group. With their brew of driving beats and atypical sound combinations, they want to challenge you and make you like it too.
The song Seasons conveys the message of having that one person you can always rely on no matter how much everything around you changes. Someone that makes you feel secure and confident despite the ups and downs.

Classic Alpine - Faith     Christian 28/02/2013
Classic Alpine makes contemporary Christian music suitable for people from all walks of life. Natalie Grace is our second album. Natalie Grace displays enhanced harmonies, emotional range and additional instruments.
Faith explores the concept and importance of Faith including the value placed on dogma and dissidence.

Other tracks by Classic Alpine:  Atavism  -  Chivalry
Alan Gogoll - Honeyleaf     Folk, Acoustic, Instrumental, Christian 23/02/2013
Alan Gogoll is an instrumental acoustic guitarist from the picturesque hills of Tasmania. Alan has gained much acclaim through both festival performances and nationwide radio play.
Honeyleaf is the opening track from 'Small Giraffes', performed as a solo instrumental piece it captures and sets the mood for the rest of the album.

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Other tracks by Alan Gogoll:  Footsteps  -  Paper Whales
Ezereve - Little Sister     Pop, Christian, Easy Listening 01/02/2013
Ezereve is a 26 year old singer/songwriter with four gorgeous children who inspire her to make a difference. She's recorded this EP to raise funds for World Vision's Child Rescue.
Ezereve has devoted her talent to raising awareness about the issue of human trafficking, a cause she is passionate about. And my, does 'Little Sister' make you think. Her angelic voice and incredibly profound, enlightening lyrics will stir hearts and inspire listeners to make a stand against injustice.

Other tracks by Ezereve:  The Angry Woman Song  -  Hold Me Tight
John Callaghan - The Lonely Boy     Christian, Country 23/01/2013
John is a singer/songwriter who is a very proud and parochial Aussie. John describes himself as a singing storyteller, transporting people to another place and time, through song
The song is a true story about an 8 year old boy I meet in Brisbane, Queensland many years ago whilst running a drop in coffee shop for street people, drug addicts and anyone else who want some TLC and a touch from God

Other tracks by John Callaghan:  Walk In The Way  -  A Spark in the Dark
Brittany Cairns - Avalanche     Pop, Christian 08/01/2013
The Voice Australia contestant Brittany Cairns recorded by Hope 103.7fm
The Voice Australia contestant Brittany Cairns performs a cover of Hillsong's Avalanche.

Other tracks by Brittany Cairns:  Skinny Love
James Ebdon - Incredible (Wonderful Saviour)     Christian, Rock 14/11/2012
James Ebdon’s Debut Album is a “musical-photo journal” expressing different moments in a Christians life, using different styles to capture the different seasons of faith.
It’s almost unbelievable that God would come to earth and walk amongst us. It would have been fantastic to have witnessed the miracles of Jesus. He is our wonderful saviour, even though we often forget & disregard his teachings and go our own way. "Incredible" features Nathan Eshman on guitar.

Other tracks by James Ebdon:  Sixteen  -  Hosanna
Steven Armstrong - Great Is thy Faithfulness     Christian, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Cover Version 08/11/2012
Inspired. Refreshing. Soul stirring. Highly impressive. Highly professional. Captivating artistic interpretations executed with stunning technical command and deep expressivity. Raw artistry. Set apart.
A stunning version of an old classic. Beautifully arranged and executed with great lyricism and drama. One of a kind.

Other tracks by Steven Armstrong:  Guide Me O, Thy Great Jehovah  -  Blessed Assurance
Joey Hizon Project - Hold On     Christian, Ambience, Pop 07/11/2012
Joey Hizon Project is not a band, but a ministry of people who want to make a positive difference in the world. Their music talks about hope, faith and love.
Hold On was inspired by the work organisations such as Destiny Rescue and SheRescue do to save children from slavery. I couldn't afford much and wanted to help, so I wrote a song which I am hoping touches people's heart and inspires them to help others.

Other tracks by Joey Hizon Project:  Special Valentine  -  So True
Jade Diary - Cold Hearted     Pop, Dance, Atmospheric, Electronic 27/10/2012
Jade Diary is a Perth-based singer-songwriter of atmospheric indie pop with touches of fantasy and melancholy. A unique blend of Birdy, Bat For Lashes, Ingrid Michaelson and Karen Carpenter.
'Cold Hearted' is infectious and has touches of Stevie Nicks and the '80s about it's synthesised build up - with 'your scent it lingers and it steals away my sanity' being a highly addictive vocal line.

Other tracks by Jade Diary:  World In Your Hands  -  Rivers
Florence Lang - Crafted Beautifully     Christian, Pop, Rock 21/09/2012
Catchy piano and ukulele driven songs that are uplifting, thought-provoking and genuine.
Crafted Beautifully is a Christian song about how no matter what, God is with you and he will fight for you because he created you.

Other tracks by Florence Lang:  Three Simple Words  -  New
Gateway Youth - God Has Won     Christian, Pop, Rock 20/07/2012
Gateway Youth are an exciting new Christian band from Melbourne with a passionate desire to see this generation collide with a loving God through their catchy, modern, stadium-sized pop rock.
God Has Won is a powerful rock song with big guitar riffs and an even bigger voice. It’s a song about the might, power and victory of God over even our deepest fears.

Other tracks by Gateway Youth:  Letting Go  -  Love Take Over