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Ray Ramon - Tenacity (Feat. Spydaman)     Hip Hop, Rock, Dance, Pop 17/01/2014
Ray Ramon is an Award Winning Nigerian Born Australian Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist and Music Producer. He is an R&B, pop, Dance & Gospel Independent Artist based in Newcastle, Australia.
Tenacity is a song written and produced by Australian Recording Artist Ray Ramon, Tenacity happens to be his first Rock Song.
Ray's inspiration comes from a true life story of his hence the energy and passion in the song. Having a Tenacious desire can get you very far, Ray says.

Other tracks by Ray Ramon:  Times  -  Falling For You
Lion & I - There Is Joy     Christian, Pop, Soul, RnB 10/12/2013
Lion & I are a Melbourne-based duo comprising Sally Turner and James Bough. Their music weaves together elements of Gospel, RnB, Pop, Soul and Electronica.
There is Joy is based off Psalm 84 and tells of the joy that is experienced in the house of the Lord. It progresses from pop soul to a Latin feel and seems to capture a taste of that infinite joy!

Other tracks by Lion & I:  My Help  -  Behold The One
Georgina Pollard - I Will Sing (ft Mr Pete Famularo)     Christian, Atmospheric, Chill 06/12/2013
Georgina Pollard is a vocalist, pianist, songwriter and private vocal coach based in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia.
"I Will Sing" is a duet between Georgina Pollard (Vocals/Keys) and Pete Famularo (Alto Sax). It is a gentle worship tune and was recorded and filmed at Tone Ranger Studio, Modanville, NSW Australia. Georgina's soulful vocal line combined with Pete's Sax playing aims to still the mind & spirit.

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Other tracks by Georgina Pollard:  Soaring
OJ Morris - Jah Is Love     World, World 06/12/2013
Music about uniting the world and how god love us. We should ourselves.
It is about love of God and rest of the world.

Other tracks by OJ Morris:  Gimme That Loving  -  Let's Change The System
Eli Wolfe - Dante     Folk, Christian, Chill, Easy Listening 01/11/2013
Painter, poet and songwriter Eli Wolfe gives a mesmerising performance with extraordinary storytelling, soulful vocals and intricate musicality.With songs for the people, he's toured Germany, Canada and Australia extensively.
A song about digging deep to overcome loss (Dante's Inferno meets Count of Monte Cristo). Along with Eli's existing fans, this song will appeal to Christian radio, with lyrics 'Turn my heart around, I need you now, like I never did'. Reflective and empathy-based, a sonic movie of human resilience.

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Redruth - One Thing     Pop 01/11/2013
It’s not often you find a Christian rock band with catchy pop hooks, who share the truth of Gospel and things of God as effortlessly and powerfully as Redruth.
With sounds like Coldplay, One Thing is a Soft Rock / Pop song with a Worship feel. The song is about Jesus who came to set things right. Jesus said that in this world we will have trouble but He will teach us to live free.

Aminata Doumbia - Shifting Shadows     Christian 25/10/2013
Aminata Doumbia's 'Shifting Shadows' on Visible Volume 8. The Visible compilation series is an initiative of Multicultural Arts Victoria.
The song speaks about the power of God and how only he can shift shadows.

The track was recorded as part of Multicultural Arts Victoria’s Visible Mentoring Program with Aminata Doumbia’s mentor and producer Jason Heerah

TC Coombes - Papa     Christian, Christian 24/09/2013
TC is a worship leader, a mum, an artist and a human rights activist. Her music has been described as eclectic, folky, mellow, deep and beautiful.
A song highlighting the love of our Father and the depths of His feelings towards us

Steph Unger - Run To You     Christian, Easy Listening, Country 02/09/2013
Steph Unger has enlivened the hearts of Christians nationwide combining Christian Contemporary with a dash of country to create music that makes you want to dance in your living room.
'Run To You' is a Contemporary Christian song that is a mellow and easy to listen too. It has been described as soft, smooth and heartwarming with genuine, real lyrics. 'Run To You' is perfect chill out song.

Other tracks by Steph Unger:  I Wanna Be Like You  -  When I Pray
Vinnie MacDonald - Remedy     Christian, Electronic 12/07/2013
Eclectic and Changeable, roaming through styles as the mood fits, but still me.. My songs wander through Folk, Soul and Country, telling stories about life with its highs and lows.
This song started off being about a specific person. At the end of it, I realised it was everything life controlling and destructive I’d been through. I’d been in this position many times be it with a person, addiction, circumstance, headspace.. There is a remedy. That's another song.

Ari - Use Me     Christian, Chill, Pop, Reggae 18/06/2013
Ari has been honing his craft for several years, playing to audiences around the country. Ari's songs display heart felt lyrics, catchy melodies and his incredibly smooth and soulful voice.
"Use Me" is a bright and engaging Surf Rock/Pop tune that is easy listening, has catchy melodies and is brilliantly produced. It presents a fresh sound to Australian Christian Music.

Other tracks by Ari:  Mud On My Feet  -  Beautiful Soul
Future Destin - Raise Him     Hip Hop, Christian, Rap 10/06/2013
In 2009 Future became a solo artist playing Gospel rap / Hip hop where and now is about to release his first album Power of Three - Trinity.
The song Raise him is from the upcoming album with collaboration with Christina Laloata

Peter Christie Band - Rest     Christian, Rock, Country 01/06/2013
Peter Christie Band are an Australian Contemporary Christian band with a Country Rock edge.
A Christian Rock song based on Jeremiah 6:16. The choice of two paths - the worldly path and the other way which leads to rest for your soul. Guitar driven rock with a country rock edge

Other tracks by Peter Christie Band:  You Alone Are Worthy of Praise  -  Revival
Mookie Deez - Battle Of The Mind     Christian, Hip Hop 03/05/2013
Coming to Christ later in life, Mookie Deez gave his heart to The Lord on Valentines Day 2009.Solo artist who has refocused his music towards his Saviour Jesus Christ.
Battle Of The Mind - Written and Performed by Mookie Deez.

This is the first track off the his EP Release Self Titled "Mookie Deez"

Other tracks by Mookie Deez:  My Time  -  Lost To The Night
Alan Gogoll - Apricot Eyes     Christian, Acoustic, Instrumental, Classical 25/04/2013
Alan Gogoll is a young instrumental acoustic guitarist from Tasmania, Australia.
We played under the bugs as she looked at me with her apricot eyes.

Other tracks by Alan Gogoll:  Massive Mammal  -  Scary Fish
Andy Vance - Joyful Joyful     Christian, Jazz 24/04/2013
One of Australia's leading jazz pianists and strong in his faith and conviction as well.
A wonderful solo jazz piano arrangement of this well known classic

Other tracks by Andy Vance:  For God so Loved the World  -  This is the Day
Paul Ruske - Uncertain Times     World, Acoustic, Live Performance, Christian 13/04/2013
Paul Ruske's debut album Uncertain Times. Mixed by world renowned Tchad Blake. Includes collaboration of Washed in the River with Grammy Award winning Soweto Gospel Choir composed by Paul.
This song was written by Paul when he was going through the birth of his first child and he was questioning the state of the world and what was important to him re family and friends.

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Other tracks by Paul Ruske:  Head in the Clouds  -  Washed in the River
Auxana - Your People     Christian, Rock, Pop 27/03/2013
Auxana is a folk meet rock music sound, described by some people as a 'Rocking Enya', album songs range from full on Rock to gentler songs infused with Violins.
About putting your trust and faith in God during really hard times, handing over to Him all of the burdens you face, praying to Him during these times of trouble knowing that you can rely on Him during those difficult times.

Other tracks by Auxana:  El Shaddai  -  One Day
TJ James - Care About You     Rock, Christian, Easy Listening 19/03/2013
People don’t buy Stevie Wonder's music because he's blind. I don’t want them buying mine because I have a disability. Faith is what gives me the strength to live daily.
Taking it’s theme straight from bible verses, this track talks to the listener from God's perspective "I know the hairs on your head' 'I care about you'.

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Other tracks by TJ James:  Strong Survive  -  Only a Man
JudahCall - Seasons     Electronic, Pop 14/03/2013
JudahCall is a 4-piece electro/rock/pop group. With their brew of driving beats and atypical sound combinations, they want to challenge you and make you like it too.
The song Seasons conveys the message of having that one person you can always rely on no matter how much everything around you changes. Someone that makes you feel secure and confident despite the ups and downs.