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Rob and Rachel Badman - Blessed Rock     Christian, Easy Listening, Rock 17/12/2016
Rob and Rachel Badman are songwriters and worship leaders from the Blue Mountains who seek to lead people into an encounter with God’s Presence through their creative and powerful music.
This is a powerful and comforting congregational worship song, along the lines of Matt Redman/Tim Hughes with a bit of Coldplay thrown in towards the end. The chorus lyrics are re-appropriated from a 116 year old hymn by blind African-American composer Fanny Crosby.

Other tracks by Rob and Rachel Badman:  Encounter  -  Hope
Ramos - Humanity     Pop, Christian 09/12/2016
Ramos Jakob, which some of you may recognize as Ramos D-Artist, is a singer/songwriters/set designer/producer.
Music is an explosive expression of our humanity. It gives us a space to grow and celebrate our diversity so we can give and receive such beautiful things as joy, dignity, acceptance and healing. The single is a celebration of exactly this.

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The Sherrahs - Far Side Banks Of Jordan     Country, Christian 19/10/2016
The Sherrah’s are a band based in South Australia who are well known for their harmonies.
The song Far Side Banks Of Jordan is one of The Sherrahs most requested tracks. A country gospel classic written by Terry Smith.

Future Destin - Living for the Kingdom     Christian, Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 14/10/2016
Future Destin is a playwright, Gospel artist a speaker. He released his first ten pieces EP "Power of Three, Trinity" in 2013. Now release his second EP called Kingdom First.
Living for the Kingdom is a single release from the EP "Kingdom First."

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Other tracks by Future Destin:  Shine in the Dark
Ivana Rivas - For You Are God     Christian 01/10/2016
Ivana’s songs are a reflection of her personal encounter with Jesus Christ, the revelation of His unconditional love, the desire to know Him more, and to bring glory to Him.
For You Are God is a song that brings joy, excitement and praise. It is the type of song that one loves to listen to in the car when one is feeling down giving honour and glory to who God is regardless of the circumstances they may be challenged by.

Other tracks by Ivana Rivas:  Look Beyond  -  Thanks Be To Our God
Niki Shepherd - High and Lifted Up     Christian, Acoustic, Country, Folk 28/09/2016
A singer/song writer in the acoustic folk tradition. Intimate and personal songs of worship and devotion, reveal an authenticity and vulnerabity in the wrestle with this life.
An up tempo song- a declaration of praise to God. He is our king of kings worthy of praise, exalted high and lifted up.

Other tracks by Niki Shepherd:  Little Girl  -  Run
Melisa Ferreira - Like A Warrior     Christian, Pop 20/09/2016
Melisa Ferreira's songs are inspired by the Holy Spirit and encourages people to stay strong in their daily walk with God despite the hardships we all face in life.
Like A Warrior encourages people to never give up in the tough times. It further encourages listeners to never give up hope because God has a good plan and future for us all despite the storms we face. God fights our battles, we are only to trust Him (Exodus 14:14).

Other tracks by Melisa Ferreira:  Where I Belong  -  Always Needed You
Andi Hillman - Awake My Soul     Christian, Rock, Pop 29/08/2016
Andi Hillman is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne who loves creating music that inspires people to connect with God. With a fresh, reflective rock sound, and powerful lyrics.
'Awake My Soul' is a catchy rock/pop anthem that leaves the listener uplifted & inspired. The memorable chorus melody provides the listener with a powerful prayer to God inviting Him to come and bring a sense of awakening & renewal. Definitely a hit song from start to finish!

Other tracks by Andi Hillman:  Offerings  -  The Holy One Is Our Refuge
The Brownley Gospel Singers - The Man Of Calvary     Indigenous 09/08/2016
This track is featured on the Sounds of the Goldfields compilation.The Brownley Gospel Singers are a four-piece group based in Kalgoorlie.
This track holds from this amazing family gospel group contains Christian and gospel themes.

The track was produced by Joel Quartermaine.

The Long & Short Of It - Jesus Money     Country, Christian 15/07/2016
The Long and Short of It uniquely salutes the sounds of past and present artists. Every aspect of them bleeds country flair from the rhythm section to the harmonized vocals.
Based upon a true story of selfless giving to a woman who has hit upon hard times and is now homeless. This inspiring and uplifting song, has brought grown men to tears and causes the inevitable tingle down ones spine.

Look To The Mountains - At The Lords Command (Psalm 114)     Christian, Rock, Alternative Country 06/07/2016
Look To The Mountains have set 3000 year old scriptures to modern alternative music. The Psalms are reborn with melodic musical and vocal hooks and powerful passionately sung harmonies.
Spaghetti western guitars and soaring harmonies take this epic story of ancient Israel to the heart of the American west.

Other tracks by Look To The Mountains:  As For Me (Psalm 73)  -  Trust The Lord (Psalm 131)
Luke Garfield - Open Fire     Rock, Grunge, Christian 24/06/2016
From the alt-blues/grunge power of Soundgarden to the experimental sounds of Radiohead’s “OK Computer” plus a healthy appreciation for the vocal stylings of Jeff Buckley, Luke Garfield finds his roots.
Out of the gates this song has energy by way of a four-to-the-floor driving beat. Choruses have nice lift. The bridge climaxes and even includes a jet fly by sample tucked in there to add to the tension/release. Vocal performance is raw and emotive.

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Other tracks by Luke Garfield:  Now Selling: Soul!  -  Did God Really Smile
Even Greater - In Every Season     Christian, Rock, Pop 17/06/2016
Even Greater have a great mix of Christian rock with a beautifully spirit lead ministry style of writing. Featuring singer songwriter Nathan Fawcett 2 tracks.
This song is about the seasons we encounter in our walk with God even when he seems distant at times this song is from the revelation that he is not far from us and his spirit is calling us back when we run away at times...

Other tracks by Even Greater:  The Reason  -  Living In Victory
James Beng Lee - Hope And Dreams     Hip Hop, RnB, Folk 09/05/2016
Hip Hop Soul, Charismatic, Christian artist with Cross over potential. James lyrics are inspirational and thought provoking.
The Hopes and Dreams track fuses a hip hop and acoustic pop flavor held together by lyrics that touch the soul. In this 3min dose of hope power packed track, James hopes you will be inspired to look at your life in a positive, different way.

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Other tracks by James Beng Lee:  Hey God  -  Finding The Words
Jackie Ward - Naked Heart     Pop, Soul, Christian, Folk 29/04/2016
Singer-songwriter Jackie Ward has the voice described as "honey sliding down crystal", a refreshing authenticity, and the heart and soul to cut a deep impression with an original pop sound.
The essence of "Naked Heart" is showing your true self and finding strength. A contemplative piano-based song, it progresses into an uplifting chorus featuring the signature rising-chord motif with soaring vocals, strings, and band. Intensity increases throughout, showing off Ward's incredible vocal range and clarity, and enhancing themes of hope.

Dominic Crea (a.k.a. The Lennongrade Marching Band) - Feel The Fire     Christian, Country 25/03/2016
Singer songwriter that loves his craft
The song is a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I guess some call it the flaming heart... in any case it is a song that represents Jesus Christ's physical heart as the representation of His divine love for humanity. Can You Feel The Fire?

Other tracks by Dominic Crea (a.k.a. The Lennongrade Marching Band):  Follow Me  -  Say The Word
HighRise - Your Love     Christian 25/03/2016
With multiple International Songwriting Awards and numerous number one charting singles, Paul and Will have come together to write and perform songs they hope will lead people closer to God.
The first single ‘Your Love’ was penned by Paul Cowderoy and is what the guys term ‘Alt Worship’. A style they hope will become synonymous with the raw worship style they enjoy writing and leading.

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GNEDM - Never Alone     Christian, Dance, Electronic 27/02/2016
Just your average 18yo Christian Aussie redhead ninja who has a strong desire to encourage others of Jesus' love and life with Electronic Dance Music.
I wrote this song to help encourage others that God is there & wants to have a relationship with you as your heavenly Father. You truly are never alone, even if you can't feel His presence in the moment. You just have to call on Him, and He WILL answer!

Other tracks by GNEDM:  The Sun Will Shine VIP (feat. Brado Sanz and Anna from E&A)  -  Second Chance (Don't Give Up) [feat. Christian Simpson]
Dianna Corcoran - God Did Good     Country, Pop 17/02/2016
Drawing on real life inspiration, two-time Golden Guitar Winner Dianna Corcoran is one of Australian country music's most distinguished vocal and songwriting talents.
The upbeat love song “God Did Good” was written by Dianna Corcoran, Kristian Bush and Jeff Cohen and produced by Dianna Corcoran at Ocean Way, Warner and Fool On The Hill Studios in Nashville Tennessee.

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Ian Burns - God Gave Me Wings     Country 05/02/2016
Ian Burns is a traditional country singer-songwriter from the Macarthur NSW district who released his debut EP Good Friends in January 2015.
'God Gave Me Wings' is all about chasing your dreams and giving it 100%. "There always will be mountains and there always will be walls and the one’s who will succeed are the one’s who’ll take the falls” - 'God Gave Me Wings', Ian Burns, January 2016