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The Long & Short Of It - Jesus Money     Country, Christian 15/07/2016
The Long and Short of It uniquely salutes the sounds of past and present artists. Every aspect of them bleeds country flair from the rhythm section to the harmonized vocals.
Based upon a true story of selfless giving to a woman who has hit upon hard times and is now homeless. This inspiring and uplifting song, has brought grown men to tears and causes the inevitable tingle down ones spine.

Look To The Mountains - At The Lords Command (Psalm 114)     Christian, Rock, Alternative Country 06/07/2016
Look To The Mountains have set 3000 year old scriptures to modern alternative music. The Psalms are reborn with melodic musical and vocal hooks and powerful passionately sung harmonies.
Spaghetti western guitars and soaring harmonies take this epic story of ancient Israel to the heart of the American west.

Other tracks by Look To The Mountains:  As For Me (Psalm 73)  -  Trust The Lord (Psalm 131)
Luke Garfield - Open Fire     Rock, Grunge, Christian 24/06/2016
From the alt-blues/grunge power of Soundgarden to the experimental sounds of Radiohead’s “OK Computer” plus a healthy appreciation for the vocal stylings of Jeff Buckley, Luke Garfield finds his roots.
Out of the gates this song has energy by way of a four-to-the-floor driving beat. Choruses have nice lift. The bridge climaxes and even includes a jet fly by sample tucked in there to add to the tension/release. Vocal performance is raw and emotive.

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Other tracks by Luke Garfield:  Now Selling: Soul!  -  Did God Really Smile
Even Greater - In Every Season     Christian, Rock, Pop 17/06/2016
Even Greater have a great mix of Christian rock with a beautifully spirit lead ministry style of writing. Featuring singer songwriter Nathan Fawcett 2 tracks.
This song is about the seasons we encounter in our walk with God even when he seems distant at times this song is from the revelation that he is not far from us and his spirit is calling us back when we run away at times...

Other tracks by Even Greater:  The Reason  -  Living In Victory
James Beng Lee - Hope And Dreams     Hip Hop, RnB, Folk 09/05/2016
Hip Hop Soul, Charismatic, Christian artist with Cross over potential. James lyrics are inspirational and thought provoking.
The Hopes and Dreams track fuses a hip hop and acoustic pop flavor held together by lyrics that touch the soul. In this 3min dose of hope power packed track, James hopes you will be inspired to look at your life in a positive, different way.

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Other tracks by James Beng Lee:  Hey God  -  Finding The Words
Jackie Ward - Naked Heart     Pop, Soul, Christian, Folk 29/04/2016
Singer-songwriter Jackie Ward has the voice described as "honey sliding down crystal", a refreshing authenticity, and the heart and soul to cut a deep impression with an original pop sound.
The essence of "Naked Heart" is showing your true self and finding strength. A contemplative piano-based song, it progresses into an uplifting chorus featuring the signature rising-chord motif with soaring vocals, strings, and band. Intensity increases throughout, showing off Ward's incredible vocal range and clarity, and enhancing themes of hope.

Dominic Crea (a.k.a. The Lennongrade Marching Band) - Feel The Fire     Christian, Country 25/03/2016
Singer songwriter that loves his craft
The song is a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I guess some call it the flaming heart... in any case it is a song that represents Jesus Christ's physical heart as the representation of His divine love for humanity. Can You Feel The Fire?

Other tracks by Dominic Crea (a.k.a. The Lennongrade Marching Band):  Follow Me  -  Say The Word
HighRise - Your Love     Christian 25/03/2016
With multiple International Songwriting Awards and numerous number one charting singles, Paul and Will have come together to write and perform songs they hope will lead people closer to God.
The first single ‘Your Love’ was penned by Paul Cowderoy and is what the guys term ‘Alt Worship’. A style they hope will become synonymous with the raw worship style they enjoy writing and leading.

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GNEDM - Never Alone     Christian, Dance, Electronic 27/02/2016
Just your average 18yo Christian Aussie redhead ninja who has a strong desire to encourage others of Jesus' love and life with Electronic Dance Music.
I wrote this song to help encourage others that God is there & wants to have a relationship with you as your heavenly Father. You truly are never alone, even if you can't feel His presence in the moment. You just have to call on Him, and He WILL answer!

Other tracks by GNEDM:  The Sun Will Shine VIP (feat. Brado Sanz and Anna from E&A)  -  Second Chance (Don't Give Up) [feat. Christian Simpson]
Dianna Corcoran - God Did Good     Country, Pop 17/02/2016
Drawing on real life inspiration, two-time Golden Guitar Winner Dianna Corcoran is one of Australian country music's most distinguished vocal and songwriting talents.
The upbeat love song “God Did Good” was written by Dianna Corcoran, Kristian Bush and Jeff Cohen and produced by Dianna Corcoran at Ocean Way, Warner and Fool On The Hill Studios in Nashville Tennessee.

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Ian Burns - God Gave Me Wings     Country 05/02/2016
Ian Burns is a traditional country singer-songwriter from the Macarthur NSW district who released his debut EP Good Friends in January 2015.
'God Gave Me Wings' is all about chasing your dreams and giving it 100%. "There always will be mountains and there always will be walls and the one’s who will succeed are the one’s who’ll take the falls” - 'God Gave Me Wings', Ian Burns, January 2016

Gregg Humphreys - Only Daughter     Christian, Acoustic, Rock 20/01/2016
Gregg Humphreys is an Austalian Christian artist with four albums to date. Shining Light 2011, Behold the Show 2011, This Land 2013 and Delta 2014 Latest release Jan 2016
A story in the Bible that describes a man who seeks out Jesus to come and heal his daughter, who is dying.

Other tracks by Gregg Humphreys:  Touch
Ramos - En3rgy     Christian, Pop 10/12/2015
Ramos is an independent Pop Australian Artist who has been recognised for his highly decorated music videos. He breaks with traditions and sets a standard for Independent artists.
En3rgy is a uptempo pop track inspired by the Christian/Inspirational genre. The lyrics are powerful evoking feelings of love, hope and gratitude. The song was written by Ramos and Produced by the internationally renowned producer Philippe-Marc Anquetil. The music was composed by JhayC a top3 Aria producer.

Casey and Lewis - Written in the Sky     Christian, Pop, Soul, Ambience 26/11/2015
On a mission to create new music with soulful impact, Casey and Lewis draws on 40+ years’ professional experience by Australian song-writing team, musician/composer, John Lewis and lyricist, Anne Casey.
An uplifting song embodying joy, gratitude, hope, wonder and spiritual awakening. With references to the Australian landscape and Christian undertones, this song is perfect for the lead-up to Christmas. It has heart and soul wrapped in a contemporary package with a heavenly vocal by accomplished singer, Anne Maree Higgins.

Other tracks by Casey and Lewis:  The Man in the Street  -  This Tiny Child
The Naddiks - Stop.Listen&Love     Rock, Pop, Punk, Christian 20/11/2015
Stop.Listen&Love has been a new, intense direction for The Naddiks. it took on a life of it's own, it transformed our concept of who we are as musicians.
A way to help prevent cyber bullying, through raising awareness and provoking emotion through music. Stop.Listen&Love does this, taking you through a person's struggle, then asking the question 'think about the damage that's being done'. It's more an anthem than an alternative rock song.

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Other tracks by The Naddiks:  Heart of Fire  -  Into Your Arms
Martin Frylink - Chill Out     Christian, Rock, Blues 19/11/2015
Rough and raw - Martin Frylink is no shrinking violet. His sound is an eclectic mix of retro-rock, blues and folk genres that provide the backdrop for some powerful messages.
‘Chill Out’ was written for those who have placed their faith in Jesus yet find themselves struggling under the cruel burden of condemnation. “I’ve really blown it this time, will God cut me off?” ‘Chill Out’ heralds the truth of God’s commitment to keep believers to the very end.

Other tracks by Martin Frylink:  Blank Page  -  Bleed Into You
Luminous - On The Move     Electronic, Christian 22/10/2015
Luminous is Isabel Freeman, independent singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist based on the Eastern Shore of Hobart, bringing you dynamic music with a relevant message about the hope found in Christ.
On The Move details the real plight of those living in a fallen world, separated from God and the urgent task of the church to reach out to the lost. Prayer and faith is a foundation but must be followed up with active compassion. Nostalgic synth pop easy listening jam.

Dan Warlow - The Celebration Song     Christian, Acoustic 15/10/2015
Dan Warlow is a Christian Kids Music Artist with an engaging and energetic sound. His main influences are John Mayer and Steven Curtis Chapman.
A fun song, folky feel but also energetic. There's a cool acoustic solo at the end. Check it out.

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Other tracks by Dan Warlow:  God's Amazing Book  -  God's Big Love
Marcie Lieschke - Set Your Mind     Christian 08/10/2015
Marcie has been a passionate singer since childhood. She brings her strong personal connection with the Lord Jesus Christ into her lyrics, punching these through with clear, strong vocals.
Challenges of life can get you down. This track strongly encourages hearers to look to God and His Word to get them through. The track is arranged and produced by well known singer/songwriter Andy Sorenson, with some ripping guitar licks from Adam Lester.

Other tracks by Marcie Lieschke:  Throne Of Grace  -  Let Your Spirit Come
Ramos and Lenken Issac - 100 Years     Christian 02/09/2015
Ramos and Lenken are Sydney based singer/songwritersRamos has quickly become recognised for his innovative urban presentations and is one for pushing stylistic boundaries.
Singer, dancer, songwriter ‘Ramos’ alongside ‘Lenken Issac’ (New Zealand Idol contestant) released ‘100 years’; which took the number one spot on the iTunes Inspirational song chart in Australia. The song was written and recorded by an all-Assyrian production team in commemoration of the Centenary of the Assyrian Genocide.