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Daniela Ion - I Am Who I Am     World, Christian, Pop, Atmospheric 04/05/2017
An award-winning singer/songwriter, Daniela's music career started professionally in her early teens, working with various record producers where her essence and vocal style was birthed. 
Inspirational songs for women and the creativity to be a motivational speaker has become the heartbeat of Daniela Ion’s new and upcoming EP to be released later this year. I Am Who I Am sends a message straight from Daniel's heart to her listeners


BRB - Freedom feat. TheBeatfox     Christian, Electronic, Hip Hop, Atmospheric 20/04/2017
U.S. born, Australia based hip hop artist BRB, hits hard with relevant and spontaneous boom bap freestyles, plus inspirational lyrics delivered with his distinctive sound and smooth flow and bounce.
What is Freedom? I think we have lost the sense of the word. Is it a choice, a right? a privilege? Something we can give others? BRB & TheBeatfox define freedom in this powerful track.

This song is part of a project to help raise funds and awareness around trafficking

Melisa Ferreira - You Never Stop Loving     Christian, Pop 19/04/2017
Melisa Ferreira's songs are inspired by the Holy Spirit and encourages people to stay strong in God. Her songs seek to inspire people from all walks of life.
"You Never Stop Loving" speaks about the unconditional love God has for us. We are to share the love of God with others even though we may get hurt sometimes. Love is sacrificial. "Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love" (The Bible 1 John 4:8).

Other tracks by Melisa Ferreira:  Precious And Loved  -  You First Loved Me
Dan Warlow - That's How We Know God Loves Us (feat. Watoto)     Christian 13/04/2017
Dan Warlow is a Christian Music Artist and entertainer who performs to families around Australia and beyond. His latest album features collaborations with Colin Buchanan and the Watoto Children's Choir.
Recorded with the famous Watoto Children's Choir

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Other tracks by Dan Warlow:  Good Shepherd (feat. Colin Buchanan)  -  Mighty King
Emma Dykes - The Man Of The House     Country 13/04/2017
Emma Dykes is one of Australia's most promising Singer/Songwriters.
Man of the House is the story of my grandfather's life, summed up in the space of a song.

Noralyn - No Secrets     Pop, Christian 24/03/2017
Evocative, quirky lyrics and tuneful melodies are delivered by a distinctive voice, in a captivating sonic world driven by vibrant piano riffs and orchestral-synths.
No Secrets is a dancey alt-pop song with engaging vocals, driving piano riffs, and quirky lyrics & production. Through lyrical imagery the song talks about turning from temporary fills to seeking God and finding all we need through Him.

Other tracks by Noralyn:  Blue  -  Rain
Solvitur Ambulando (Walking Solves All) - Dream (Baby Dream...)     Christian, Ambience, Atmospheric, Classical 24/03/2017
The Camino Santiago de Compostella is an inspiring journey to take. Compostella means Field of Stars.This Lullabye & Prayer collection is about a journey to the Field of Stars.
A Lullabye to soothe the fractious soul.
Suitable for calming adults, children & babies.
Excellent for study, relaxing, and sleep.

Other tracks by Solvitur Ambulando (Walking Solves All):  Finest Mystery  -  Golden Light
Nicolle Jean - You and Me God     Christian, Folk, Easy Listening, Acoustic 07/03/2017
Loving and sharing Jesus through music with my ukulele
The joy of journeying through life with God

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Alyse Gray - Words     Folk, Acoustic, Christian 06/01/2017
Honest and heartfelt lyrics with Folk overtones. This album was produced with a band so it has a more edgy sound.Alyse's songs leave you feeling something.
I see a tunnel. I see a light. A beautiful descriptive song about the journey of life and the hypocrisy we encounter along the way.

Other tracks by Alyse Gray:  Follow You  -  Will You
James Peden - Thirst No More     Pop, Folk, Electronic, Christian 01/01/2017
Singer Songwriter James Peden brings you his latest single Thirst No More. Organic blend of pop, folk and electronica. Recorded at Clique Studios.
Thirst No More - Organic blend of pop, folk, electronica by James Peden. Song reflects on a story of drinking from a river that gives healing properties. A bit like a Holy Grail.
The bridge lyrics: "Lets face our giants, walls are falling down, nothing can hold us back now".

Katie de Veau - Brand New Day     Country, Pop, Christian 21/12/2016
Blending folk, country, pop and acoustic, Katie de Veau weaves themes of family, love, faith and heartache into an inspirational musical journey.
Upbeat country pop song with themes of hoping love and renewal.

Other tracks by Katie de Veau:  Crave  -  Remember
Rob and Rachel Badman - Blessed Rock     Christian, Easy Listening, Rock 17/12/2016
Rob and Rachel Badman are songwriters and worship leaders from the Blue Mountains who seek to lead people into an encounter with God’s Presence through their creative and powerful music.
This is a powerful and comforting congregational worship song, along the lines of Matt Redman/Tim Hughes with a bit of Coldplay thrown in towards the end. The chorus lyrics are re-appropriated from a 116 year old hymn by blind African-American composer Fanny Crosby.

Other tracks by Rob and Rachel Badman:  Encounter  -  Hope
Ramos - Humanity     Pop, Christian 09/12/2016
Ramos Jakob, which some of you may recognize as Ramos D-Artist, is a singer/songwriters/set designer/producer.
Music is an explosive expression of our humanity. It gives us a space to grow and celebrate our diversity so we can give and receive such beautiful things as joy, dignity, acceptance and healing. The single is a celebration of exactly this.

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The Sherrahs - Far Side Banks Of Jordan     Country, Christian 19/10/2016
The Sherrah’s are a band based in South Australia who are well known for their harmonies.
The song Far Side Banks Of Jordan is one of The Sherrahs most requested tracks. A country gospel classic written by Terry Smith.

Future Destin - Living for the Kingdom     Christian, Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 14/10/2016
Future Destin is a playwright, Gospel artist a speaker. He released his first ten pieces EP "Power of Three, Trinity" in 2013. Now release his second EP called Kingdom First.
Living for the Kingdom is a single release from the EP "Kingdom First."

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Other tracks by Future Destin:  Shine in the Dark
Ivana Rivas - For You Are God     Christian 01/10/2016
Ivana’s songs are a reflection of her personal encounter with Jesus Christ, the revelation of His unconditional love, the desire to know Him more, and to bring glory to Him.
For You Are God is a song that brings joy, excitement and praise. It is the type of song that one loves to listen to in the car when one is feeling down giving honour and glory to who God is regardless of the circumstances they may be challenged by.

Other tracks by Ivana Rivas:  Look Beyond  -  Thanks Be To Our God
Niki Shepherd - High and Lifted Up     Christian, Acoustic, Country, Folk 28/09/2016
A singer/song writer in the acoustic folk tradition. Intimate and personal songs of worship and devotion, reveal an authenticity and vulnerabity in the wrestle with this life.
An up tempo song- a declaration of praise to God. He is our king of kings worthy of praise, exalted high and lifted up.

Other tracks by Niki Shepherd:  Little Girl  -  Run
Melisa Ferreira - Like A Warrior     Christian, Pop 20/09/2016
Melisa Ferreira's songs are inspired by the Holy Spirit and encourages people to stay strong in their daily walk with God despite the hardships we all face in life.
Like A Warrior encourages people to never give up in the tough times. It further encourages listeners to never give up hope because God has a good plan and future for us all despite the storms we face. God fights our battles, we are only to trust Him (Exodus 14:14).

Other tracks by Melisa Ferreira:  Where I Belong  -  Always Needed You
Andi Hillman - Awake My Soul     Christian, Rock, Pop 29/08/2016
Andi Hillman is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne who loves creating music that inspires people to connect with God. With a fresh, reflective rock sound, and powerful lyrics.
'Awake My Soul' is a catchy rock/pop anthem that leaves the listener uplifted & inspired. The memorable chorus melody provides the listener with a powerful prayer to God inviting Him to come and bring a sense of awakening & renewal. Definitely a hit song from start to finish!

Other tracks by Andi Hillman:  Offerings  -  The Holy One Is Our Refuge
The Brownley Gospel Singers - The Man Of Calvary     Indigenous 09/08/2016
This track is featured on the Sounds of the Goldfields compilation.The Brownley Gospel Singers are a four-piece group based in Kalgoorlie.
This track holds from this amazing family gospel group contains Christian and gospel themes.

The track was produced by Joel Quartermaine.