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Zii - This Is Afrika     Hip Hop, African, Christian 11/06/2015
Originally from Zimbabwe but now residing Melbourne, Zii is a hip hop artist who records and performs Urban music that is backed by powerful verses with Africans sounds and rhythms.
Driven by ambition, Zii always wanted to work with Melbourne based Diafrix. When the opportunity came to have MoMO produce some music he made the most of it. Also joining him on this single is rising star Ceeko, well known Poet Tariro Mavando and South African award winner Sifaniso Bophela.

What Matters - Past Confrontations     Christian, Rock 13/07/2011
What Matters are an alternative rock band. Their music has been compared to the likes of Anberlin and Reliant K, and their live set has been labeled “highly energetic”.
The 'rockiest' track from the debut album New Beginning. The song has a fresh sound with solid guitar riffs, and embodies the core meaning of the entire album through the lyrics.

Other tracks by What Matters:  Illusions  -  Whispering
Visions Of Songs - Have Mercy Oh Lord     Christian, Soul, RnB 04/02/2015
Single: Have Mercy Oh LordFeatured Artist: Felix Ohis OdionExecutive Producer: Visions of SongsProducer: Adrian AkkermanRecording Studio: Incubator Recording Studio Melbourne Australia.
This is a plea to God for Mercy. In this day and age where there is so much violence, war, corruption and darkness in the world. God the creator of the whole universe is the only one we can turn to for Mercy, Guidance and protection. He is our Peace.

Vinnie MacDonald - Remedy     Christian, Electronic 12/07/2013
Eclectic and Changeable, roaming through styles as the mood fits, but still me.. My songs wander through Folk, Soul and Country, telling stories about life with its highs and lows.
This song started off being about a specific person. At the end of it, I realised it was everything life controlling and destructive I’d been through. I’d been in this position many times be it with a person, addiction, circumstance, headspace.. There is a remedy. That's another song.

TJ James - Care About You     Rock, Christian, Easy Listening 19/03/2013
People don’t buy Stevie Wonder's music because he's blind. I don’t want them buying mine because I have a disability. Faith is what gives me the strength to live daily.
Taking it’s theme straight from bible verses, this track talks to the listener from God's perspective "I know the hairs on your head' 'I care about you'.

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Other tracks by TJ James:  Strong Survive  -  Only a Man
The Tracking Crew - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas     Christian, Cover Version, Easy Listening 16/11/2018
The Tracking Crew comprises veteran musicians Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup, James Gillard, Glen Hannah, Rick Melick and producer David Nicholas, providing music for young singers Sherene, Tammy Roxanne and Jon Abo.
“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” is a Yuletide favourite. Written in 1951 by Meredith Willson, it was a hit for Perry Como and The Fontane Sisters and Bing Crosby in 1951. The Tracking Crew present a brand new arrangement, stripped back to four instruments and featuring the beautiful voices and harmonies of sisters Sherene and Tammy Roxanne.

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Other tracks by The Tracking Crew:  Do You Hear What I Hear  -  Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
The Sherrahs - Far Side Banks Of Jordan     Country, Christian 19/10/2016
The Sherrah’s are a band based in South Australia who are well known for their harmonies.
The song Far Side Banks Of Jordan is one of The Sherrahs most requested tracks. A country gospel classic written by Terry Smith.

The One Faith Band - Your Love Breaks Through     Christian, Folk, Rock 28/05/2019
The One faith band is a multi denominational Christian Rock band dedicated to raising food for the homeless through Concerts that cost 7 cans of food for admission
This is the title track from the soon to be released Café Confessions album. It is a unique blend of Christian upbeat joyful lyrics and a Latin Bossa Nova café feel. Unique, soulful and joyful.

The Naddiks - Stop.Listen&Love     Rock, Pop, Punk, Christian 20/11/2015
Stop.Listen&Love has been a new, intense direction for The Naddiks. it took on a life of it's own, it transformed our concept of who we are as musicians.
A way to help prevent cyber bullying, through raising awareness and provoking emotion through music. Stop.Listen&Love does this, taking you through a person's struggle, then asking the question 'think about the damage that's being done'. It's more an anthem than an alternative rock song.

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Other tracks by The Naddiks:  Heart of Fire  -  Into Your Arms
The Naddiks - Lost and Found     Pop, Christian, Rock, Punk 28/05/2014
Powerfully influenced by the past Punk and Rock movements, the Naddiks new experience, beliefs and faith are driving them into a new and deeper look at life in 2014
Lost and Found is about having been lost in the world and corrupted by it's lies, then found through faith, a rebirth, a new beginning

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Other tracks by The Naddiks:  Human Condition  -  21st Century Believer
The Long & Short Of It - Jesus Money     Country, Christian 15/07/2016
The Long and Short of It uniquely salutes the sounds of past and present artists. Every aspect of them bleeds country flair from the rhythm section to the harmonized vocals.
Based upon a true story of selfless giving to a woman who has hit upon hard times and is now homeless. This inspiring and uplifting song, has brought grown men to tears and causes the inevitable tingle down ones spine.

The Leigh Cunningham Band - Life's Too Short     Rock, Pop 08/08/2011
Adelaide songwriter and firefighter Leigh Cunningham produces an inspiring brand of "heart on sleeve" rock. His music encourages, motivates and challenges the listener to be an agent for positive change.
"Life's Too Short" is an anthemic call to make the most of the gift of life that we have been given. Inspired by Leigh's work as a firefighter, it encourages us live today is if it was our last, and to boldly take a stand for what we believe in.

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Other tracks by The Leigh Cunningham Band:  The Gift  -  The Cross Road
The Kingdom - How It Was     Christian, Rock, Pop 14/08/2010
The Kingdom has been touring around Australia for the past 3 years. They have played at every major christian festival, as well as had successful airplay around the nation.
This song was produced specifically for radio. It contains strong hooks and riffs. It is easy to engage with and stays in your head. The lyrical content of the song is quite neutral, so it doesn't have strong christian references. However the content is positive in nature.

Other tracks by The Kingdom:  Love Away
The Eddie Cole Band - The Rise and Fall of Babylon     Christian, Acoustic, Folk, Blues 28/02/2015
The Eddie Cole Band has it's origin in The Revival Centre church group. Their music is a blend of Gospel, contemporary Christian and Gospel blues featuring sweet harmonies and guitar.
The title track of 'The rise and Fall of Babylon' starts gently but builds to an epic conclusion with a searing guitar solo. Harnessing the language of prophetic symbolism, it describes the political, cultural and moral morass the world finds itself in fighting battles both within and without.

Other tracks by The Eddie Cole Band:  Joy Down By The River  -  Born to be holy
The Brownley Gospel Singers - The Man Of Calvary     Indigenous 09/08/2016
This track is featured on the Sounds of the Goldfields compilation.The Brownley Gospel Singers are a four-piece group based in Kalgoorlie.
This track holds from this amazing family gospel group contains Christian and gospel themes.

The track was produced by Joel Quartermaine.

The Blown Cones - Housecalls     Blues/Roots, Christian, Downbeat, Folk 31/03/2015
Rock N Rule pioneers of the low watt revolution.
Song inspired by a pamphlet left by Jehovah's Witness in my letterbox.

Other tracks by The Blown Cones:  Lie Beside Your Wife
The Beautiful Temper - Bright Blue Eyes     Christian, Acoustic, Folk, Pop 19/04/2011
“The Beautiful Temper” is an energetic acoustic act seeking to breathe new life into the acoustic pop music scene sharing catchy melodies and honest lyrics about love, life and faith.
This song is about people jumping from one relationship to another, bringing the same baggage into each relationship, followed by the realisation of true love.

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Other tracks by The Beautiful Temper:  Everything You'll Ever Need  -  Take This Time
Tenielle Neda - Mercy     Christian, Pop, Folk 18/01/2019
Tenielle Neda is a singer-songwriter from WA. "Mercy" is the first single from her new Christian EP. The single airs Jan 18, with the EP hitting our ears Feb 1st.
"Mercy" is inspired by Psalm 86, and is the first single from Christian Singer-Songwriter Tenielle Neda.

“When I first heard Neda’s music I was genuinely moved by two things: The elegance of her vocal and the maturity of her song writing. For me there is no better combination.” Tim Hart, Boy & Bear

Tenielle Neda - Antidote For Apathy     Christian, Folk, Pop 01/02/2019
“When I first heard Neda’s music I was genuinely moved by two things: The elegance of her vocal and the maturity of her song writing.” Tim Hart, Boy & Bear
"Antidote For Apathy" is mid-uptempo pop track from Tenielle Neda's EP "Mercy." It was inspired by a quote from the famous missionary Jim Elliot who said "He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." Despite the light feel of the track, the lyrics carry weight, making for an intriguing contrast.

Other tracks by Tenielle Neda:  No Fear In Love  -  Valley of Vision
TC Coombes - Papa     Christian, Christian 24/09/2013
TC is a worship leader, a mum, an artist and a human rights activist. Her music has been described as eclectic, folky, mellow, deep and beautiful.
A song highlighting the love of our Father and the depths of His feelings towards us