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Sam & Hilda - Set Free     Christian 13/06/2019
Hilda and Samuel are a married christian couple who sing gospel music. Both are pastors at Proclaim Church in Reservoir, Victoria.
This song testifies about the grace of Jesus Christ that sets us free from burdens and the yoke of sin. Everyone who believes in Christ Jesus is forgiven, delivered, healed, saved and set free by His precious blood.
Scriptural inspiration behind the lyrics: John 6: 36, 1 Peter 2:16

The One Faith Band - Your Love Breaks Through     Christian, Folk, Rock 28/05/2019
The One faith band is a multi denominational Christian Rock band dedicated to raising food for the homeless through Concerts that cost 7 cans of food for admission
This is the title track from the soon to be released Café Confessions album. It is a unique blend of Christian upbeat joyful lyrics and a Latin Bossa Nova café feel. Unique, soulful and joyful.

Bukola Esin - Free     Christian 23/04/2019
Apart from music, I have worked over 20 years in the media industry and presently the CEO at Waringarri Media Aboriginal Corporation in Kununurra Western Australia.
As humans, we get doubts about our ability to reach our goals. The human struggle between good and bad and decision makes following the truth hard to swallow. This song describes an individual who realizes his will power to make the right decision to push away all doubts and succeed above all odds.

Other tracks by Bukola Esin:  Reign  -  His Promises never fail
Ben Potter - Heaven and Kingdom     Christian, Acoustic 17/04/2019
Sydney born worship musician Ben Potter produces reflective and peace filled music that implores you to connect with God wherever you’re at.
An experimental song regarding the Kingdom Of God upon the earth today. This song changes key and time signature throughout too.

Other tracks by Ben Potter:  Kind [lo-fi]  -  Anxiety Peace (Angel Armies)
Phillip Ragan - Sailing with The Lord     Christian, Folk, Easy Listening 16/04/2019
Phillip Ragan is a Christian singer/songwriter from Perth, W.A, currently based in Melbourne.He is extremely passionate about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ through his music.
Sailing with The Lord is an original Christian song written by Phillip Ragan, it is quite a long song, running for over 7 minutes!

The song tells of various stories from Jesus' earthly ministry and culminates with a sense of great victory. Victory that is freely available to all that should call on Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

Other tracks by Phillip Ragan:  Hear the Gospel  -  The Solution
Mud to Marble - All of Me     Christian, Pop 08/04/2019
Their soulful style and powerful-yet-humble message bring out something special in the hearts of their listeners. Mud To Marble are famous for the homemade videos and interactive live shows.
Originally conceived as a slow, pensive tune, ‘All of Me’ evolved into a celebration of life that can rock the house. According to Jimmy, when his two-year-old first heard the retooled version, ‘she demanded that I dance around the room with her’. Many who hear ‘All of Me’ have the same reaction as that joy-filled toddler.

Andi Hillman - This Moment     Christian, Pop 05/04/2019
Andi is a singer/song-writer based in Melbourne, Australia, who loves creating music that inspires people to connect with God
This Moment is fairly straight pop/rock track with a contemporary flavour. Inspiring, moving, worshipful gospel song. Full band, with a finely produced sound to move people into a soundscape of music. Written by Andi Hillman, and featuring the incredible and unique vocal of Rebecca Fielding in her debut performance.

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Sam & Hilda - You are Holy, You are Worthy     Christian 20/03/2019
Hilda and Samuel are married christian couple committed to spreading the gospel through music.
This is a worship song about the Throne of God, and how we ought to worship Him only, because He is Holy and Worthy. The song is based on Revelation chapter 4: 6-11

Carmel Charlton - One Solitary Life     Christian, Acoustic, Folk, World 14/03/2019
Singer, songwriter and musician Carmel Charlton grew in the Central Wheatbelt of W.A. Music has played a major role in every aspect of her life.
Words written by James Allen Francis about the life of Christ were arranged to music by Carmel Charlton. "All the armies that ever marched, all the navies that ever sailed, all the parliaments that ever sat, all the kings that ever reigned have not affected the life of man on this earth as much as that One Solitary LIfe.

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Other tracks by Carmel Charlton:  We Are Loved  -  The Looks He Gets
Mud to Marble - Take My Hand     Christian, Pop 11/03/2019
Deeply in touch with the power of music to heal and inspire, these Victoria-based musicians have discovered, through their art, they can make a difference in lives of their fans.
‘Take My Hand’ is a praise-filled tribute to God’s forgiveness as one lays down one’s burdens—and one’s shortcomings—at the foot of Christ’s cross. Powerful and strong, this song builds musically and lyrically—layering on instrumentation as the song grows to a close in a crescendo of praise.

Mal Munro - Aware Of You     Christian, Easy Listening, Soul, Chill 28/02/2019
Mal Munro is an Australian singer/songwriter that sings from the heart. You feel his music more than you hear it. It stays with you and becomes a part of you.
Aware of you is about keeping close to God when life tries to steal your joy.

Other tracks by Mal Munro:  Sweet Anointing  -  Soarbird
Phillip Ragan - Sky is The limit     Christian, Folk, Easy Listening 08/02/2019
Phillip Ragan is a Christian singer/songwriter from Perth, Western Australia. He writes honest songs about life, love, hope and humility.
Sky is the limit is an original song written by Christian singer/songwriter, Phillip Ragan. The message is simple, when you make the decision to call upon Jesus Christ as your Saviour, and then try to follow him and live for him as best as you can...The sky is the limit as to what you can achieve!

Other tracks by Phillip Ragan:  Follow The Lord  -  Carry Me
Mud to Marble - I Am Yours     Christian, Pop, Rock 01/02/2019
Deeply in touch with the power of music to heal and inspire, these Victoria-based musicians have discovered, through their art, they can make a difference in lives of their fans.
‘I Am Yours’, a prayer of devotion - it mesmerises listeners with its soaring melody, steady, relaxed beat, and uplifting words. The product of a Spirit-led collaboration, Jimmy points out, the song’s bridge was inspired by “a moment of free worship” one Sunday. An easily singable yet entrancing worship song, ‘I Am Yours’ is destined to become a worship classic.

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Tenielle Neda - Antidote For Apathy     Christian, Folk, Pop 01/02/2019
“When I first heard Neda’s music I was genuinely moved by two things: The elegance of her vocal and the maturity of her song writing.” Tim Hart, Boy & Bear
"Antidote For Apathy" is mid-uptempo pop track from Tenielle Neda's EP "Mercy." It was inspired by a quote from the famous missionary Jim Elliot who said "He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." Despite the light feel of the track, the lyrics carry weight, making for an intriguing contrast.

Other tracks by Tenielle Neda:  No Fear In Love  -  Valley of Vision
Tenielle Neda - Mercy     Christian, Pop, Folk 18/01/2019
Tenielle Neda is a singer-songwriter from WA. "Mercy" is the first single from her new Christian EP. The single airs Jan 18, with the EP hitting our ears Feb 1st.
"Mercy" is inspired by Psalm 86, and is the first single from Christian Singer-Songwriter Tenielle Neda.

“When I first heard Neda’s music I was genuinely moved by two things: The elegance of her vocal and the maturity of her song writing. For me there is no better combination.” Tim Hart, Boy & Bear

Adrian Thomas - The Song of David     Christian, Atmospheric, Easy Listening 14/01/2019
With lyrics that arouse hope, empowerment and a strong connection to land, he synthesises an earthy, uncomplicated sound and dishes out seductive poetry with his deep, soulful voice.
A collection of poetry from the Book of Psalms the song pays homage to the beauty of King David's words in evoking the spirit of unconditional love.

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Brian Raynor - Little Ship     Christian, Easy Listening, Country 23/12/2018
Brian Raynor is an Adelaide-based singer-songwriter/entertainer.
"Little Ship" is an allegorical telling of the first part of my spiritual journey.

Rachael Leahcar - Ave Maria     Christian, Pop, Classical 07/12/2018
Singer/songwriter Rachael Leahcar’s powerful performances have stunned audiences across the globe. Rachael touches the hearts of everyone she meets; her emotive vocals paired with multilingual songs connect with diverse audiences.
Ave Maria is the stunning result of two inspiring female artists recreating a classic track. With the dulcet tones of Rachael Leahcar paired with the smooth, melodious sound of Lara Nakhle and both legally blind, they demonstrate that they sing with their hearts, not their eyes. Produced by the reputable Quentin Eyers of Q The Music.

Izellah - If Everyday Was Christmas     Christian, Pop, Soundtrack (Film Related) 03/12/2018
Izellah, the emerging pop songstress and young star of musical theatre has just released a stunning addition to this year’s Christmas playlist.
If Every Day Was Christmas is not just another Christmas song but an inspirational and heartwarming expression of hope for a more united, compassionate world.

Peter Senior - The Christmas Tree     Christian, Rock, Soul 03/12/2018
Peter Senior’s musical inventiveness and irreverent take on pop music have yet again spawned another surprise hit.
It’s a freewheeling rock-edged tune with a big chorus hook, a foot-stomping groove and all the soulful vibe you’d expect from a Christmas classic.