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Phillip Ragan - Sky is The limit     Christian, Folk, Easy Listening 08/02/2019
Phillip Ragan is a Christian singer/songwriter from Perth, Western Australia. He writes honest songs about life, love, hope and humility.
Sky is the limit is an original song written by Christian singer/songwriter, Phillip Ragan. The message is simple, when you make the decision to call upon Jesus Christ as your Saviour, and then try to follow him and live for him as best as you can...The sky is the limit as to what you can achieve!

Other tracks by Phillip Ragan:  Follow The Lord  -  Carry Me
Mud to Marble - I Am Yours     Christian, Pop, Rock 01/02/2019
Deeply in touch with the power of music to heal and inspire, these Victoria-based musicians have discovered, through their art, they can make a difference in lives of their fans.
‘I Am Yours’, a prayer of devotion - it mesmerises listeners with its soaring melody, steady, relaxed beat, and uplifting words. The product of a Spirit-led collaboration, Jimmy points out, the song’s bridge was inspired by “a moment of free worship” one Sunday. An easily singable yet entrancing worship song, ‘I Am Yours’ is destined to become a worship classic.

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Tenielle Neda - Antidote For Apathy     Christian, Folk, Pop 01/02/2019
“When I first heard Neda’s music I was genuinely moved by two things: The elegance of her vocal and the maturity of her song writing.” Tim Hart, Boy & Bear
"Antidote For Apathy" is mid-uptempo pop track from Tenielle Neda's EP "Mercy." It was inspired by a quote from the famous missionary Jim Elliot who said "He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." Despite the light feel of the track, the lyrics carry weight, making for an intriguing contrast.

Other tracks by Tenielle Neda:  No Fear In Love  -  Valley of Vision
Tenielle Neda - Mercy     Christian, Pop, Folk 18/01/2019
Tenielle Neda is a singer-songwriter from WA. "Mercy" is the first single from her new Christian EP. The single airs Jan 18, with the EP hitting our ears Feb 1st.
"Mercy" is inspired by Psalm 86, and is the first single from Christian Singer-Songwriter Tenielle Neda.

“When I first heard Neda’s music I was genuinely moved by two things: The elegance of her vocal and the maturity of her song writing. For me there is no better combination.” Tim Hart, Boy & Bear

Adrian Thomas - The Song of David     Christian, Atmospheric, Easy Listening 14/01/2019
With lyrics that arouse hope, empowerment and a strong connection to land, he synthesises an earthy, uncomplicated sound and dishes out seductive poetry with his deep, soulful voice.
A collection of poetry from the Book of Psalms the song pays homage to the beauty of King David's words in evoking the spirit of unconditional love.

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Brian Raynor - Little Ship     Christian, Easy Listening, Country 23/12/2018
Brian Raynor is an Adelaide-based singer-songwriter/entertainer.
"Little Ship" is an allegorical telling of the first part of my spiritual journey.

Rachael Leahcar - Ave Maria     Christian, Pop, Classical 07/12/2018
Singer/songwriter Rachael Leahcar’s powerful performances have stunned audiences across the globe. Rachael touches the hearts of everyone she meets; her emotive vocals paired with multilingual songs connect with diverse audiences.
Ave Maria is the stunning result of two inspiring female artists recreating a classic track. With the dulcet tones of Rachael Leahcar paired with the smooth, melodious sound of Lara Nakhle and both legally blind, they demonstrate that they sing with their hearts, not their eyes. Produced by the reputable Quentin Eyers of Q The Music.

Izellah - If Everyday Was Christmas     Christian, Pop, Soundtrack (Film Related) 03/12/2018
Izellah, the emerging pop songstress and young star of musical theatre has just released a stunning addition to this year’s Christmas playlist.
If Every Day Was Christmas is not just another Christmas song but an inspirational and heartwarming expression of hope for a more united, compassionate world.

Peter Senior - The Christmas Tree     Christian, Rock, Soul 03/12/2018
Peter Senior’s musical inventiveness and irreverent take on pop music have yet again spawned another surprise hit.
It’s a freewheeling rock-edged tune with a big chorus hook, a foot-stomping groove and all the soulful vibe you’d expect from a Christmas classic.

Saba Brothers - Rock It All Night Long     Christian, Rock, Pop 03/12/2018
Think Rock, Pop, Roots that’s infused with a Ska twist, and you will get one of Australia’s hottest rising bands, The Saba Brothers ‘S3’.
The song is a fresh sounding take on Christmas, with its focus firmly on the healing power of music and the amazing potential for a song to bring people together during the holiday season.

Michael Buining - Sweet Sweet     Christian, Easy Listening, Pop, Christian 22/11/2018
Michael Buining is a Sydney based musician- composer, performer, sing/songwriter & guitarist.
"Sweet Sweet" is a song that speaks of the God's promises, the failings of his people and the sweetness of redemption.

The song takes the big moments of the Old Testament- the fall in Garden of Eden, the Abrahamic promises, and the Moses' time on the mountain- and brings them to peoples' experiences today.

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Mary Mwakalu - Open My Eyes     Christian 18/11/2018
I am Kenyan born Australian living in Melbourne Victoria. I am a Christian gospel singer. I am also a writer of poems, devotionals and I write blogs articles.
Open My Eyes song is about not giving up regardless of what other people may tell you. It is about pressing on no matter the obstacles on the way. It is a message of faith and hope for a breakthrough in the midst of difficulty.

The Tracking Crew - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas     Christian, Cover Version, Easy Listening 16/11/2018
The Tracking Crew comprises veteran musicians Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup, James Gillard, Glen Hannah, Rick Melick and producer David Nicholas, providing music for young singers Sherene, Tammy Roxanne and Jon Abo.
“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” is a Yuletide favourite. Written in 1951 by Meredith Willson, it was a hit for Perry Como and The Fontane Sisters and Bing Crosby in 1951. The Tracking Crew present a brand new arrangement, stripped back to four instruments and featuring the beautiful voices and harmonies of sisters Sherene and Tammy Roxanne.

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Other tracks by The Tracking Crew:  Do You Hear What I Hear  -  Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Mary Mwakalu - Able To Do     Christian 15/11/2018
Mary Mwakalu is a Kenyan-born and raised gospel artist living in Melbourne. She is a born again Christian and her joy is to reach and win souls though gospel music.
The song is a reminder that God is able to do what He says He will do, because He is not a man to lie. He is faithful to His word. It is also an encouragement to everyone that God does execeedingly, abundantly, above all we can ask or think. Ephesians 3:20

Stairway Music - Symphony     Christian, Pop 22/09/2018
Stairway Music is the worship expression of Stairway Church Whitehorse. Led by Anna Furlong, Stairway Music is a collective of songwriters, producers and creatives passionate about impacting the world.
Symphony is all about releasing the sound that is in us to the world around us. A sound that brings love, justice and restoration. A symphony reverberating with one accord.

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Other tracks by Stairway Music:  Never Again  -  Heaven Is Here
Reu - Awake     Christian 21/09/2018
Reu is an alternative worship band consisting of Upile & Rebecca Mkoka. The creative husband/wife duo has created a modern, intimate worship expression capturing the heart of God through music.
Ps57:7-8. Despite his challenging circumstances and lowliness in heart, David’s strength was found through a reassuring, repetitious anthem, for his heart and soul to awake and worship the Lord. This song is a call for us to sing from our place of weakness and allow God to move & infuse us with strength, as we awake our heart worship Him.

Other tracks by Reu:  Waves/Breakers  -  Arise (David's Song)
Phillip Ragan - Guided Through     Christian, Folk, Easy Listening 03/08/2018
Phillip Ragan is a Christian/Folk Singer/Songwriter currently based in Melbourne, originally from Perth, Western Australia.
This song in many ways describes my journey from someone who was searching for truth, but ultimately was lost, to a man who encountered the love of God through His perfect Son Jesus Christ and accepted the free gift of salvation.

Other tracks by Phillip Ragan:  You Can't Lose Your Salvation  -  Great Southland
Grant Nisbet - Our Hymns     Christian 21/06/2018
A songwriter who explores the power of hymns, how they touch our souls and play their part when it’s time to farewell our loved ones. Music to wake the angels.
Our Hymns embraces the power of faith and love through songs. It takes you into the world of loss and grief when we say our final farewell to those we have loved on earth before they ascend to the heaven. Our Hymns unites grief and love that touches our souls so we can let another soul go.

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Kate Westwood - Not Too Late     Christian, Pop 15/06/2018
Kate Westwood is a Christian Contemporary Singer/Songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. She has just released her debut album, ‘The Lament & The Love Song’.
I wrote this song after meeting a woman who said she had lost everything, her husband, kids, health, hope. She felt all that time was wasted. This song is an encouragement to all of us that every moment is a line in our story and is worth telling.

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Other tracks by Kate Westwood:  God of the Broken  -  The Promise (feat Ally Dowling)
Bukola Esin - Deeper Within     Christian 13/06/2018
Nigerian born Bukola Esin Is a consummate artist specializing in Christian music with a background in broadcasting and management.
There are many times we worry and worry about things not working out the way we planned. When we sit to think of it, many times, the answers are just right before us but the worries, we have allowed these worries to cloud our judgment.

Other tracks by Bukola Esin:  Nothing Impossible  -  Iyanu (Miracle)