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Christian Music Initiative

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Seasons - Over to You     Christian, Pop, Rock 08/11/2010
Seasons formed in early 2010 with a passion to be ‘the difference’ in the alt-rock scene renowned for its sway on youth culture. Debut single 'Over to You' on iTunes.
Seasons make their debut into the Christian music scene with ‘Over to You’, a catchy alt-pop/rock song featuring driving guitars, killer drums and souring vocals. It’s about giving your all to the One who saves, and how He rescues each of us from our fallen human nature...

Redruth - Calm     Christian, Rock, Pop, Acoustic 02/12/2010
Redruth's direct lyrics and soothing melodies are a powerful mix. When ministering live, the unique blend of faith based songs blend seamlessly with personal testimony and uplifting encouragement.
The track “Calm” is an uplifting encouragement on the peace of God, built on a solid, catchy groove.

Other tracks by Redruth:  Heart Stops Beating  -  Let You In
Seeing Verity - Not a Superhero     Christian, Pop 20/12/2010
Seeing Verity is comprised of James Green and Jasmine Green, a husband and wife musical duo from Sydney, performing original and contemporary Christian and Pop melodies.
Not a Superhero is about overcoming personal obstacles and past failures and making a decision to embrace every opportunity to live life to the fullest - even if one isn't a superhero who can fly, walk through walls, or sew on a button!

Other tracks by Seeing Verity:  Call Out
Planet of the Stereos - After All     Pop, Rock 21/12/2010
Over 8 years, Planet of the Stereos have crafted some of the catchiest pop music you'll hear, and performed innumerable shows around Australia to glowing reviews. Take a listen.
This track featured as theme music on Channel 10's "Thank God You're Here", as well as reaching top-10 status on Brisbane's 96Five Hot 25 Countdown. You won't get this tune out of your head.

Other tracks by Planet of the Stereos:  Tonight  -  Slow Down
Fahrenheit 43 - Rescue Me     Christian, Rock, Pop 21/01/2011
On rare occasions, a band's name can speak volumes about its members and make a deep transcendent statement. Aussie rockers, Fahrenheit 43, are one such band.
Rescue Me is Fahrenheit 43's lead singer/songwriter, Richard James' most honest work to date, and one that clearly reflects his Christian roots. It is about needing guidance and needing a savior. Rescue Me is the second single from Fahrenheit 43's debut EP - The 6 Degrees EP.


Other tracks by FAHRENHEIT 43:  Angel's Lullaby  -  Dreams In Motion
Anna Parton - Beautiful     Christian, Acoustic, Folk, Pop 02/02/2011
Anna Parton's unique voice meets chilled out tunes... a beautiful collection of acoustic originals. Genre- Acoustic Folk: Folk Pop
Anna Parton's "Beautiful" was the 8th most played song for 2010 on Sunshine Coast's local Rhema Fm. This song will get you singing along in less than 8 bars..

Other tracks by Anna Parton:  Wonderful You  -  Mr Milktruck Man
SCAT - Groovin' Right     Funk/Soul, Pop, Jazz, Christian 30/03/2011
SCAT plays jazz. This 4 piece band (vocals, keys, drums, double bass) incorporates swing, 70s groove, latin, trad and bigband styles delivered in accessible originals and classic standards. Very hip!
This catchy pop song features cool story-like verses and simple sing-along chorus. Horns, guitar, bv's and percussion align it with the modern pop-funk genre - think Buble, Harry Connick Jr and Guy Sebastion. It carries a simple message about enjoying the vibe of life and sharing it around.

Other tracks by SCAT:  Change Your Tune  -  This Little Light of Mine
Melissa Otto - Blue Sky     Christian, Folk, Country, Acoustic 04/04/2011
Melissa Otto is a soulful Christian artist known for her beautiful melodies, deeply personal lyrics and soothing voice. Her organic style brings comfort by connecting listeners to Gods true heart.
Blue Sky is a song about finding hope when you're at your lowest point.

Other tracks by Melissa Otto:  Here is My Heart  -  Never Move
Megan Achilles - Pink Lacy Socks     Pop, Acoustic 13/04/2011
I can't make you like my songs.. Only you can. I can, however, make music until my heart is content. This is what I intend to do with my life.
A catchy and bouncy tune about what 'little girls & boys' are made of! A song that highlights the best things about being a kid.

Other tracks by Megan Achilles:  Stitch Me Up  -  That's Why I Wanna Grow Old With You
Chasing Light - Closed Hearts     Rock, Christian, Punk, Pop 19/04/2011
An energetic stage show, fast riffs, epic beats, sweet melodies, thoughtful lyrics, with a touch of screamo – Chasing Light is one not to be missed!
Closed Hearts is a song based on child slavery and the human response. The story is told through the eyes of a African slave working on a cocoa farm. He laments his situation and pleads for help.

Other tracks by Chasing Light:  In Search of Truth  -  A Matter of Trust
The Beautiful Temper - Bright Blue Eyes     Christian, Acoustic, Folk, Pop 19/04/2011
“The Beautiful Temper” is an energetic acoustic act seeking to breathe new life into the acoustic pop music scene sharing catchy melodies and honest lyrics about love, life and faith.
This song is about people jumping from one relationship to another, bringing the same baggage into each relationship, followed by the realisation of true love.

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Other tracks by The Beautiful Temper:  Everything You'll Ever Need  -  Take This Time
Angelas Dish - Crash     Rock, Pop, Christian 20/04/2011
Hailing from Australia’s Central Coast, four piece Angelas Dish offer a brilliant mix of haunting lyrics and honest reflection on their sophomore album ‘Walk Into The Sky’.
Crash is comprised of intense build ups, a driving beat and guitar sounds that vary from dirty to soaring in a heartbeat.

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Other tracks by Angelas Dish:  Redemption  -  Rapture
Redruth - First Love     Christian, Rock, Pop 23/05/2011
Blending Faith-based lyrics with soothing catchy melodies, Redruth create powerful songs of truth grounded in the Word of God.
'First Love' is God's hearts cry, for those who are caught up in the love of this world, to come back to Him. Catchy, powerful and honest, 'First Love' is a song sure to strike the hearts of listeners.

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Redruth - For God so Loved the World     Christian, Rock, Pop 23/05/2011
Blending Faith-based lyrics with soothing catchy melodies, Redruth create powerful songs of truth grounded in the Word of God.
For God so Loved the World combines a catchy, uplifting rhythm, with the powerful truth of what Jesus achieved on the cross.

Jonnday - One Type Of Falling     Pop, Rock 15/06/2011
Rising Pop-rock stars Jonnday, from the Central Coast NSW, are taking audiences all around Australia by storm with their live performance and their new record 'All or Nothing'.
The story behind the song 'one type of falling' is about how a girl falls in love but finds it difficult to read how the boy is feeling. The song is upbeat and captivating, enjoyable by a variety people with all different tastes

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11:59 - Britney, Don't Hit Me     Pop, Britpop, Christian, Ska 06/07/2011
11:59 play angular guitar pop in the vein of all the youthful UK greats of the last decade. Engergising auidences with a fusion of Brit-Pop, Rock and Electro Riffs.
A song about making good life choices whilst you’re young. "Baby please don't shave your head like Britney Spears!"

Other tracks by 11:59:  Girls Girls Girls
What Matters - Past Confrontations     Christian, Rock 13/07/2011
What Matters are an alternative rock band. Their music has been compared to the likes of Anberlin and Reliant K, and their live set has been labeled “highly energetic”.
The 'rockiest' track from the debut album New Beginning. The song has a fresh sound with solid guitar riffs, and embodies the core meaning of the entire album through the lyrics.

Other tracks by What Matters:  Illusions  -  Whispering
For This Cause - Promises     Rock, Pop 15/07/2011
Having just released their highly anticipated debut EP 'Journeys' in March, For This Cause is winning audiences over Australia wide with their infectious catchy and unique blend of pop rock.
'Promises' is the catchy first single to be taken from For This Cause's stunning debut EP Journeys. Blending unique instrumentals with vocals sure to win over any listener, it leaves you wanting more from start to finish!

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Other tracks by For This Cause:  Sirens
Louise Hayes - Harmony     Christian, Pop 28/07/2011
Singer songwritter Louise Hayes has a passion for spreading God's word thru song. Inspiring women of all ages to seek out a stronger relationship with our Lord and Saviour.
Do you want to feel uplifted? Inspired? Then you need to listen to Louise's song "Harmony".
Harmony has some amazing musical talent, with muso's of the likes of David Holmes and Peter Stevenson, it is something to have a listen to.

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Other tracks by Louise Hayes:  Next Step  -  We Will Remember
Luke Robinson - I'm Gonna Find You     Pop, Rock 01/08/2011
A fresh blend of acoustic pop/rock with funky groove and catchy melodies.
'I'm Gonna Find You' is a song about searching for the one thing that will complete a persons life, whether that be a partner, long lost family member or anything that fills that void.

Other tracks by Luke Robinson:  The Fallen  -  Seasons