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Chrissie Vincent publicity

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Oliver Northam & The Elsewheres - Into His Arms     Folk, Pop, Indie, Country 04/10/2019
Folk-pop/blues band performing lyric-driven upbeat tunes and heart-wrenching ballades.
Into His Arms is the debut release from Melbourne band, Oliver Northam & The Elsewheres. Narrating a tale of love and regret, the piece weaves a delicate story backed by a completely acoustic 10-piece ensemble. The lyric-driven upbeat tune fuses the tight twang of John Mayer, acoustic storytelling of Passenger and danceable rhythms of Matt Corby.

TRIKKI - Here With Me     Electronic, Dance, Pop, House 19/08/2019
Ambitious, young DJ duo fusing the old Melbourne sound of their roots, with the current climate of popular electronic music worldwide
This track started off as a side project in mid-2017, which was left untouched for almost half a year. As the duo learned new production tricks and skills through the making of Meant to Be, featuring guest vocals from Kim Nelson, they eventually came back to finish off Here With Me with a future bounce twist.

Crooked Thieves - Dancing in the Crowd     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Metal 20/07/2018
Crooked Thieves is a hard rock band from Melbourne. Formed in 2017, this powerhouse of high octane vocals and drilling, heavy riffs are a force to be reckoned with.
Dancing in the Crowd utilises several timeless tropes that are often associated with alternative rock. The song is heavily based around an attention grabbing fuzzy guitar riff, which introduces the song before the whole band kicks into full gear. Also present is the element of Quiet/Loud, the music and vocals range from a quiet whisper to a gravely roar.

L.A Tooze - More In Store     Rock, Pop, Easy Listening 13/04/2018
Luke Anthony (L.A) Tooze and his band’s music is influenced by bands such as The Smiths, Television, Jeff Buckley, early Radiohead, with songwriting and philosophy of the 60's and 70's.
The single is a perfect introduction for potential fans to get into the music of L.A Tooze. The song is a struggle piece, about living in a tiresome world, wishing for a more meaningful reality. The song explores the routines of everyday life and a dreamy, unknown future.

Jeff Lang - Burnside     Blues/Roots, Folk 27/01/2017
Jeff Lang is an extraordinarily individual musician. A songwriter, a collaborator, a guitar virtuoso and a stunning lyricist, Jeff Lang crafts songs as novellas – rich with depth and vision.
The first single from Jeff Lang's new album Alone In Bad Company is ‘Burnside’ which immediately highlights Lang’s proficiency as one of Australia’s best guitarists with a rapid fingerpicking and guitar work.

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Water Bear - Interstellar Confusion     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 11/11/2016
Melbourne-based pysch surf-rockers, Water Bear offer up a modernized fusion of the sound of the ‘60s & ‘70s with their second offering 'Purple Jake'.
Purple Jake crash lands on the Australian shoreline, his spaceship is badly damaged from the impact. Jake is disoriented and spends his first moments on Earth absorbing the leisure lifestyle of coastal Australia. He gravitates toward the youth, smokes a bit and inevitably begins his journey on earth.

Other tracks by Water Bear:  Simon Says
Darren Middleton - Lightning Halos     Pop, Atmospheric, Folk 04/11/2016
Darren Middleton, best know as former guitarist/songwriter with award winning band Powderfinger, continues his journey of unearthing and connecting us through music with his latest release, the 'Lightning Halos' EP.
Lightning Halos, is a hopeful song, uplifting song. Middleton made the call out for people to sing on the title track with him and hundreds of people from all around the globe sent in their voices in what was a world first, truly inspiring connection of artist, music and listener.

Other tracks by Darren Middleton:  Fly Away
Lost Ragas - Where James Once Played     Rock, Alternative Country, Blues, Country 21/09/2016
Formed by Matt Walker, Lost Ragas have been described as 'Cosmic Country' and it is true, they are quite at home exploring the more psychedelic realms of country music.
'Where James Once Played' was written on the day friend and musician, James Cruickshank (The Cruel Sea) passed away. Neil Murray happened to be staying at Matt's studio doing some writing and recording, when the news hit and helped note the flood of thoughts. This song is the result.

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Other tracks by Lost Ragas:  I'll Be Gone
Tinpan Orange - You're Not There     Folk, Folk 13/10/2015
Indie-folk darlings Tinpan Orange are one of Australia’s most loved brother-sister outfits. Winners of Triple J Unearthed (2012) Tinpan Orange’s romantic and captivating music resonates with audiences across the globe.
Lead by the ethereal Emily Lubitz, with brother Jesse Lubitz and Alex Burkoy, ‘You’re Not There’ was co-written with Harry Angus James (The Cat Empire). James helped deliver a 60’s inspired folk song taking you on journey with Emily’s distinctly angelic voice, coupled with Jesse’s harmonies and sensitive guitar melodies.

Reilly Fitzalan - We Don't Need Ya     Rock, Folk, Psychedelic 25/09/2015
Reilly Fitzalan has developed himself as an outstanding songwriter and performer. Reilly’s first single ‘We Don’t Need Ya’ from his debut EP provides a perfect introduction to his vast potential.
‘We Don’t Need Ya’ is a grungy and passionate rendition of how Reilly came to understand that rather than needing certain people, all he really needed was himself. Filled with catchy guitar riffs and vocals, the track exemplifies Reilly as an artist with a huge potential for success.

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Redro Redriguez & His Inner Demons - Good Times     Rock, Psychedelic, Grunge 17/08/2015
Redro Redriguez & His Inner Demons combine the sounds of the Rolling Stones, Kyuss, and Sonic Youth to present groovy songs dripping in layers of velvety distortion.
Good Times features a heavy, rolling, blues rock riff inspired by Black Sabbath, Big Star and Kyuss. Lyrically the song deals with the subject of friendship while struggling with depression.

Other tracks by Redro Redriguez & His Inner Demons:  Linear
The Bean Project - Somebody Knows     Pop, Acoustic, Folk, Jazz 24/07/2015
French horn-clad acoustic duo The Bean Project, blend acoustic sounds of folk and jazz with unique songwriting - the odd marriage of Cake, City and Color and Kings of Convenience.
The Bean Project's debut release Somebody Knows is an energetic acoustic folk/pop song that discusses the idea that we don't need to believe certain things in order to be good people. The song features aggressive French horn solos, anthemic chorus' and the relentless rhythmic momentum.

Hairy Soul Man - How Deep Can I Go?     Funk/Soul, Comedy 15/06/2015
Hairy Soul Man AKA Kai Smythe, Melbourne-based musician, comedian and performer, full of swagger and confidence, an explosion of comedy soul extravaganza, perfectly combining high-caliber musicianship with well-crafted comedy.
Everything about Hairy Soul Man’s brand new, soul infused single ‘How Deep Can I Go’ is so feel good that you are guaranteed to have a massive grin adorning your face once listening to it!

Betty & Oswald - King of Bohemia     Folk, Acoustic 17/03/2015
Betty & Oswald walk the fine line of aesthetic, which is both nostalgic and modern. They recall Tom Waits and Louis Prima, but with something distinctively new.
‘King of Bohemia’ is loosely about a homeless man living in Newtown, Sydney. The song is dirtier, a little rockier, a little more structured, yet still with an essence that is so distinctively Betty & Oswald; a grittiness, a reckless abandonment, an honesty of youth, adventure and experience.

Benny Walker - The Fool     Blues/Roots 06/02/2015
Victorian Indigenous singer/songwriter Benny Walker is the real deal. His love songs and epic tales are mixed with passion for the land, and the people.
'The Fool' is the second single from Benny Walkers forthcoming album "Through The Forest", showcasing Benny's upbeat, yet laid back grooves and blues driven guitar, and all the elements that emanate through his velvety vocals and sensitive delivery.

Other tracks by Benny Walker:  No Refunds  -  Will There Be A Light
Blackchords - Into The Unknown     Rock, Atmospheric, Chill, Pop 15/08/2014
Dark majestic pop –Blackchords release their new single ‘Into The Unknown’ a moody and textured dreamscape that carries you away and leaves you breathless and aching for more.
In 2014, Into The Unknown has been featured on US TV shows Orange is the New Black, Betrayal, MTV's Teen Wolf and 16 & Pregnant. With hauntingly beautiful vocals and warm melodic textures layered with heavily laden reverb guitar the song resonates greatly with bands like The Killers and Coldplay.

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Naked Bodies - Ride On     Rock, Psychedelic, Punk 11/06/2014
Naked Bodies are ex Little Red bassist Quang Dinh, with Cameron Potts on drums, the unshakable Brendan West on bass and New York transfer Will ‘Coyote’ Lopez on guitar.
Naked Bodies showcase their razorblade primal instincts in ‘Ride On’ the first single from their forthcoming LP, with the spitting and spurting of Dinh’s lyrical baritone, the unstoppable crack and crunch of Potts’ drums, the ceaseless momentum of West’s pulsating bass and Lopez and Dinh’s complimentary hook-laden feedback guitars.

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Rita Satch - Not Ready For Love     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB 02/06/2014
Rita Satch’s voice has fast developed a reputation as an unforgettable presence in Melbourne’s neo-soul scene, inspired by pop melodies and the rich harmonies of Motown and modern day soul.
'Not Ready For Love' is the second single from Rita's self-titled second EP, a modern take on old soul and 60s doo-wop, showcasing her powerful and commanding vocals teamed with layered lush string arrangements from Tim Fain (Black Swan) giving the track overall big band feel.

Other tracks by Rita Satch:  Love You Like I Do
Al Parkinson - Like This     Folk, Acoustic, Blues 16/05/2014
Al Parkinson, immediately makes you feel like she is an old friend, simply with her relaxed presence and hilarious stage banter that's effortlessly woven in between her wonderfully constructed songs.
'Like This' is carefully built upon delicate layers of strings, Al’s signature strum of the ukulele holds it steady – as her warm honeyed vocals soar and breathe, in all the right places.

It’s about those moments when someone makes your day go “from like this, to like this”

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Adam Eaton - Wait Out     Pop, Alternative Country, Folk 05/08/2013
Adam Eaton is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne, who has recently been based in Norway where he has been writing and recording his debut album Catastrophes.
On the lead single,’Wait Out’ Adam's airy, Elliot Smith-like voice is double-tracked and fronting a big, robust pop rock instrumental. The juxtaposition is nice, honey sweet but bullish and rough, with an easy-to-follow hook.

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Other tracks by Adam Eaton:  Take You To The Ocean  -  Walk Out and Lose