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Chris Familton Publicity

CF Publicity is focused on music PR, providing promotional campaigns for releases and live performances across Australia and New Zealand.

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Chris Familton Publicity

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Harvey Russell - Rollin' Into Town     Country, Folk 30/08/2019
Harvey Russell began his alt-country career in Harvey Swagger Band in the late 2000’s before exploring country-folk in duo Peasant Moon. New solo Liquid Damage out Aug 30th.
Rollin' Into Town is a shuffling upbeat track about a transient lifestyle, a truck driving song in the rich tradition of country music. It features some sublime fiddle playing and pedal steel that conveys the heartache of loneliness and the rush of the open road.

Other tracks by Harvey Russell:  Gave You Flowers  -  My Blood Is Thinning and Weak
Bryan Estepa - Rattled and Rolled     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 23/08/2019
Bryan Estepa is an Australian singer-songwriter who blends alt-country and power pop. New album 'Sometimes I Just Don't Know' out August 23rd 2019.
Rattled and Rolled details a relationship in decay with Estepa's trademark melodic mastery over a mid-tempo country rock and soul groove. A super catchy mix of rhythm and rock 'n' roll.

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Other tracks by Bryan Estepa:  No Ordinary  -  Granted
Jo Meares - The Fields of Yesterday     Rock, Alternative Country, Atmospheric, Soul 21/08/2019
Jo Meares is musician who spends his time in Sydney, Melbourne and Europe, seeking out inspiration for his widescreen and intimate songs and stories of atmospheric noir.
This stately song, led by the rhythm of a digital Helix piano effect, late-night organ chords and Meares' swooning electric guitar, is a collage of inspiration. It addresses loss, but its focus is on the idea of being grateful for the simple things in life, as Meares' voice weaves the central narrative with solemn and sensitive gravitas.

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Other tracks by Jo Meares:  The Dream Hotel
Harvey Russell - Please Don't Pretend     Country, Alternative Country 13/08/2019
Sydney-based country singer-songwriter Harvey Russell has spent time in Harvey Swagger Band and Peasant Moon. Now he's set to release his debut solo album 'Liquid Damage' on Aug 30th.
Please Don't Pretend is a hot-stepping slice of hard country, built for dusty dance floors and car stereos as Harvey Russell sings of moving on and cutting all ties with a relationship that’s (in the character’s mind) firmly in the rear view mirror.

Bryan Estepa - I'm Not Ready For This     Rock, Pop 02/07/2019
Sydney songwriter Bryan Estepa's music is steeped in the tradition of Petty-styled Americana and the power-pop leanings of acts such as The Jayhawks, Elvis Costello, You Am I and Wilco.
'I'm Not Ready For This' is a frank reflection on a relationship's rocky terrain. Draped in his trademark soaring melodies, it's a brilliant example of the way he invests heavy emotion and melancholy in the framework of classic songwriting, steeped in the tradition of Petty-styled Americana and the power-pop leanings of acts such as The Jayhawks, Elvis Costello and Wilco.

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