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Justine Clarke - Here Comes A Merry Christmas     Children's, Folk, Easy Listening, Pop 03/12/2019
Justine Clarke is a multiple ARIA Award winning musician, actor and author. She is one of the most recognised faces on Australian screens
The first-ever Christmas song from Aussie icon Justine Clarke is sure to become an instant holiday classic for families around Australia. As Justine explains, “the song is about the best thing about Christmas, which is being around the people you love!”

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Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse - Djinda Djinda Kanangoor     Children's, First Nations, Contemporary Classical, World 10/10/2019
Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse are a Perth based duo who sing original songs in the Noongar language of South West WA.
Djinda Djinda Kanangoor is a Noongar translation of the popular children's lullaby Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The song was recorded by Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse as part of Community Arts Network's Noongar Lullabies - a music, art and language program for Aboriginal families.

Experience one of the world's oldest recorded Lullabies in one of Australia's oldest traditional languages.

Coco and the Cockatoos - Ellie and Zig Zag     Children's, Easy Listening 12/09/2019
Brand new kids group Coco and the Cockatoos as they take you on an adventurous exploration with emus, kangaroos, tigers, dolphins, dogs, crocodiles and unicorns debut album release 'Wild Life'.
Let yourself be transported into the animal kingdom with first single from Wild Life, ‘Ellie and Zig Zag’, which is about a baby elephant and a baby zebra playing in the mud at a water hole in an African savanna.