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This category features all tracks appearing in the Amrap Metro & Regional Charts.

The Amrap Metro Chart features the top ten tracks ordered for airplay by metropolitan community broadcasters from the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap).

The Amrap Regional Chart features the top ten tracks ordered for airplay by regional community broadcasters from the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap).


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Liam Kennedy-Clark - Smile Like That     Country, Rock, Easy Listening 27/11/2017
Hailing from the serene Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Liam is a talented multi-instrumentalist as well as a gifted singer/songwriter.
Smile Like That is a catchy country track that brings to life the magic of a girls smile and falling for her over and over again.

Chris Williams - Live In The Moment     Country, Rock 24/11/2017
Country Rock Singer-Songwriter Chris Williams is stirring up waves on the Australian country music scene. Influenced by Fleetwood Mac, Keith Urban and Tom Petty, Chris' songs will lift your spirits.
Chris’ brand new single, LIVE IN THE MOMENT is a catchy guitar driven song that has a great summer feel to it. The song is about leaving your worries and stresses behind and living in the present with friends and family and taking time to enjoy life.

Mike McCarthy - Serious Face     Blues/Roots, Pop, Soul, Chill 24/11/2017
Mike McCarthy has been a secret staple of Australian alt folk and Australian surf music for at least the last decade.
Serious Face is a summery blues/roots track. The lyrics poke fun at the author for being so serious. It's all about taking a step back and going a little easier on yourself.


Other tracks by Mike McCarthy:  Satisfy My Soul  -  On Your Mind
Basenji - Mistakes feat. Tkay Maidza     Electronic, Pop 22/11/2017
Basenji is a Sydney-based electronic producer.
An instantly absorbing beat, Basenji’s punchy production floats between tender piano keys, a marching bass line and casting horns. The Sydney-based producer creates an orchestral sound, laying the foundations for Maidza to build the song up, then drop magic in a blissful release.

Camp Cope - The Opener     Rock, Punk 22/11/2017
Born in a backyard over home job tattoos, Camp Cope formed in 2015 and sing about what it's like to be a woman in the world.
‘The Opener’ is a no holds barred account of what it’s like to be a woman in the music world. Told through the clever lyrics and winding bass hooks, ‘The Opener’ calls on the men who’ve told Camp Cope to do things every other way but their own.


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Hatchie - Sure     Pop, Electronic 22/11/2017
Brisbane artist-on-the-rise Hatchie is back and Ivy League Records is thrilled to announce that she has officially joined the label family and will be releasing her debut EP in 2018.
‘Sure’ continues the story that began with the runaway success of this year’s pop gem ‘Try’. The artist’s instinctual pop nous is undoubtedly on full display in ‘Sure’, but like all of Hatchie’s music, the track trades in shade as well as light.

Heaps Good Friends - I Could Eat A Full Packet of Yo Yo’s     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Dance 22/11/2017
Heaps Good Friends – Emma Fradd (vocals / guitar), Nick O’Connor (bass / vocals) and Dan Steinert (drums) – are the trio known for delivering lyrically playful, synth pop treats.
‘I Could Eat a Full Packet of Yo Yo’s’ is fast moving, quick witted and a dancefloor pop banger, kicking off with driving bass lines and teasing arpeggios. And we have to say standing ovation, honourable mention - whatever you want to call it- the synth outro deservedly gets it.

The Harpoons - Reassurance     Funk/Soul, Electronic 22/11/2017
The Harpoons are a Melbourne-based 4 piece dishing up the best in boundary-pushing, contemporary music.
Returning to their love of duets, The Harpoons provide a combination of chopped rhythmic structures and invigorating synths, illustrating their knack for boundary-pushing contemporary music.

Anais - To Our Home     Country, Folk, Pop 17/11/2017
From festivals to competitions, Anais has won her audiences over with her heartfelt lyrics and spirited stage presence. Anais' mature and relatable songwriting is unique for artists her age.
'To Our Home' stemmed from a place of adventure and free spirit, that little bit of curiosity that we all have inside of us. It encourages listeners to live life boldly and without regret. This tune is uplifting and fun, just like life should be.

Other tracks by Anais:  My Veins  -  Push Through
Big White - On and On     Rock, Pop, Garage, Industrial 17/11/2017
Energetic Sydney five-piece touching on British New Wave sounds with Australian jangle pop. Featuring Nick Griffith (vocals/guitar), Cody Munro Moore (vocals/guitar), Jack Wotton (vocals/guitar), Elmo Aoyama (vocals/bass/synth), Bowen Shakallis (drums).
“We sing about temporary friends and longstanding relationships; how every little surprise, every new person and idea you come into contact with signals small changes that influence a changing idea of what is 'you' and how yourself interacts with everyone else's changing forms." - Cody Munro Moore (vocals/guitar)

Michaela Jenke - Black River     Country 17/11/2017
Hailing from the Barossa Valley in South Australia, Michaela Jenke is a singer/songwriter whoisn’t afraid to push the boundaries of music categorisation.
Michaela co-wrote Black River with one of Australia’s most acclaimed songwriters, Allan Caswell. The song evolved from a writing session the pair had at this year’s Academy of Country Music in Tamworth. The bluegrassy, alt country track echoes a tale of mystery and secrecy.

Dan Parsons - Here Goes Nothin'     Blues/Roots, Rock, Pop, Country 16/11/2017
Singer-songwriter Dan Parsons sings of the triumphs and anxieties of the human experience, conjuring up a 1970’s West Coast landscape for the iPhone generation.
Here Goes Nothin' is the first single off the new album by Dan Parsons. Recorded live and straight to tape with his band, it's "a modern slice of old-school country funk" (Henry Wagons, Double J).

Bleeding Knees Club - Case     Rock, Punk 15/11/2017
Bleeding Knees Club are bigger, louder and more pumped-up than ever before.
Good News! Summer’s here, and Bleeding Knees Club have got your anthem for the season sorted with their brand new single "Case". A pens-down, school’s out, kiss-off ode to pissing off everyday drudgery, it’s a song for everyone whose “Brain is fried from working nine to five”.

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Marlon Williams - Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 15/11/2017
Hailing from New Zealand, but now wholeheartedly adopted by Australia, Marlon Williams has quite simply got one of the most extraordinary, effortlessly distinctive voices of his generation.
The lead single off Marlon Williams' sophomore album is a duet with former long-term girlfriend and solo artist Aldous Harding. Recorded via a late-night long distance phone call, the song, as with the rest of the album, captures the bliss, ache, uncertainty and bitterness that is associated with a break-up.


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, 3PBS, Melbourne (VIC)

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The Stress Of Leisure - Pulled Pork     Rock 14/11/2017
The Stress of Leisure proudly present the next single from the, ‘Eruption Bounce'. The new album finds the group essentially more bonkers, and more right on.
Pulled Pork could be a King Gizzard track, a retro rehash from TISM or B52's or even Gang of Four. The angular guitar and pumping rhythm section push this uptempo-electropunk-pop two minute smash, along and its over before you know it, but will leave you wanting more and feeling hungry.

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Andrew Swift - Reckless Desires     Country, Roots, Blues 13/11/2017
It seems Swift’s days of drifting may be over. Buoyed by the passionate and supportive country music scene, shore won’t ever be so far away.
Influenced by Springsteen, Reckless Desires is the tale of a man, reflecting on how good things once were and the woman that stood beside him as long as she could, until eventually he drank it all away. It’s that classic story of not realising what you’ve got until it’s gone.

West Thebarton - Bible Camp     Rock, Garage, Easy Listening, Pop 11/11/2017
A seven-headed garage-rock hydra from Adelaide, SA - led by charismatic leader figure, gravel-voiced frontman Reverend Ray, West Theb's has catapulted into bars, bills and best of lists.
Frenetic, electric, and urgent, it builds until your hands are waving maniacally in the air like some fevered preacher hustlin’ for baptisms. Reverend Ray’s hot and husky vocals are as powerful as they’ve ever been; the guitars crisp but warm. Underneath that goodness, there’s a simple, sweet, lovesick message.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Act of the Year (presented by City of Adelaide - SA Awards)

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Abbe May - Love Decline     Pop, Rock, Funk, Soul 09/11/2017
Abbe is known as a phenomenal singer, songwriter and guitarist, a poetic, insightful, hard-hitting lyricist, performer and visual artist who harnesses and openly expresses her sexuality without shame.
Abbe May has released new single Love Decline; a sultry jam about shallow, decadent seduction.

Love Decline is a self-reflective moment for Abbe May using the piece to pit her cynicism against her belief in the power of love when faced with a growing awareness of limitations of romantic love.

Kira Puru - Tension     Pop 08/11/2017
Kira Puru is a Melbourne based [erformer, photographer, visual artist, DJ and vocal powerhouse.
Tension features a hypnotic melody and offers a clear insight into the evolution of Puru’s artistry.

Shane Nicholson - Even If You Were The One     Country, Alternative Country 03/11/2017
Triple ARIA award winning singer songwriter Shane Nicholson returns with ‘Even If You Were The One’, the new single from his brilliant new album ‘Love and Blood.’
‘Even If You Were The One’, the new single from his brilliant new album ‘Love and Blood.’

2017 ARIA AWARD NOMINEE: Best Country Album 'Love & Blood'

Other tracks by Shane Nicholson:  I Don't Dance