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Montero - Running Race     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 01/02/2018
Montero is Australian musician and artist Ben Montero. New album Performer glories in soft rock tradition, updating the romantic classicism of golden era love songs with a psychedelic pop brush.
Running Race tells the story of a master’s apprentice, isolated in a magic castle. “Running Race is about how life is a sports event, and that we're all athletes and performers. Pedaling, running, swimming, leaping and flying to achieve our own idealized beautiful victories against repressive inner forces."

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Totally Mild - From One Another     Pop 21/02/2018
Much loved Melbourne lush guitar pop band Totally Mild release their second album Her in February 2018.
From One Another, the third single from Totally Mild's new album Her, is a luminous pop gem. Despite the gorgeous, buoyant pop setting, singer Elizabeth Mitchell says "From One Another is about the toxic energy of a relationship that has outstayed its welcome."

Laura Jean - Touchstone     Pop, Rock, Downbeat 24/03/2018
First new single from revered Melbourne songwriter Laura Jean, heading in a surprisingly dream, deep pop direction after several acclaimed folk-based albums.
Touchstone is the first single from revered Melbourne songwriter Laura Jean's stunning new album Devotion. Produced by John Lee (Beaches, Lost Animal), it's Laura as you've never heard her before - deep, shimmering pop music, full of mystery and wonder.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

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Laura Jean - Girls On The TV (Radio Edit)     Pop, Electronic, Downbeat 05/05/2018
Melbourne songwriter Laura Jean releases new album Devotion in June 2018. Revered for her intimate folk albums, Devotion is like nothing she has done before - deep, entrancing pop.
Girls On The TV is a spectral pop marvel, conveying Laura Jean’s ability to get to the heart of teenage experience. “I want to show that the everyday story of a girl is important," says Laura, "and that seemingly inconsequential events in a girl’s life can have a huge effect.”

Other tracks by Laura Jean:  Girls On The TV (Album Version)
The Goon Sax - She Knows     Pop, Rock 05/05/2018
Brisbane's transcendental guitar pop trio The Goon Sax return with second album We're Not Talking in September 2018. 2016 debut Up To Anyhing was feted by Pitchfork, BBC6 and elsewhere.
The first single from new The Goon Sax album We're Not Talking, She Knows marries sublime indie-pop with frenetic, scratchy post-punk. The song is full of surprising angles and jagged sounds to create a perfectly awkward pop gem.

School Damage - Assimilate     Pop, Rock 25/07/2018
Melbourne DIY champions featuring members of Ausmuteants and Chook Race, playing simultaneously sharp and woozy pop with echoes of Devo, Television Personalities and Young Marble Giants.
From School Damage's Carolyn Hawkins: "Assimilate came out of a sense of frustration at being a girl that does music stuff, and not knowing where I stood on the whole issue... whether to argue against it, or just try to do your best within it."

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Gregor - A Song About Holding Hands     Pop, Electronic, Downbeat, Experimental 03/08/2018
Gregor is Melbourne pop eccentric Gregor Kompar, who creates spacious, delicate, acerbic pop, drawing together elements of Arthur Russell, Durutti Column, and The The.
A Song About Holding Hands is the beautiful, gentle first single from debut album Silver Drop.
Gregor says "I sought to express feelings of yearning and intimacy through the simplest, most modest symbol of hand holding, sung from the view of a person who is in conversation with both their own hand and the hand of the one they yearn for."

The Goon Sax - Make Time 4 Love     Pop, Rock 03/08/2018
Brisbane nervy pop champions The Goon Sax deliver brilliantly human, brutally honest vignettes of adolescent angst.
The Goon Sax's Louis Forster: 'Make Time 4 Love is about learning to live with yourself and accepting that everyone's impulses seem irrational to someone else. It's about realising love is at odds with the rest of your life and admitting defeat. We were listening to ESG and Liquid Liquid around the time, so it ended up kind of dancy!'

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The Goon Sax - We Can't Win     Pop, Rock 25/08/2018
Brisbane nervy pop champions The Goon Sax deliver brilliantly human, brutally honest vignettes of adolescent angst.
A beautiful moody, introspective song from The Goon Sax's upcoming second album.

Gregor - This Heat     Pop, Electronic 12/09/2018
Gregor is Melbourne pop eccentric Gregor Kompar. He makes inquisitive home recordings recalling Talking Heads, Arthur Russell or Durutti Column, then plays them live with a five piece band.
This Heat is a bouncy, eccentric pop ode to a first date in the blistering summer sunshine.

Honey 2 Honey - Tone Of Voice     World, Electronic, Dub, Downbeat 31/01/2019
Honey 2 Honey are a Canberra/Sydney dub R'n'B fourpiece. Originally a duo of Canberra's Rory Stenning and drummer Luke Keanan-Brown, the project now incorporates Sydney's Del Lumanta and Daryl Prondoso.
With Tone Of Voice, Honey 2 Honey configure elements of jazz, dub, krautrock, disco and R’n’B into irresistible offbeat, hypnotic pop.

Rory Stenning’s deep, lulling voice intones imagistic lyrics, conveying themes rather than stories. Arresting lead single Tone Of Voice says more about intimate relationships than most confessional songwriting, while obscuring personal detail.

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Sweet Whirl - Strange News     Rock, Country, Folk 14/03/2019
Smoky late night confessionals from new Melbourne songwriter Esther Edquist, backed by members of Total Control, Gregor and Laura Jean band.
"This song is about wooing, trying to woo, trying to hold onto a vibe as it slips through your fingers, out of your reach, coo-cooing it back to you, hanging for a kiss..." - Esther Edquist, Sweet Whirl

Esther imbues bleak moments with space, mystery and romance, casting a sharp eye over blurry situation, dissecting hazy mornings-after with wry resignation.

Sweet Whirl - Ray C     Rock, Country, Folk 16/04/2019
Sweet Whirl is Melbourne downbeat doyenne Esther Edquist, who uses her bass guitar as a singularly expressive lead instrument, imbuing bleak moments with space, mystery and romance.
Ray C is an exquisitely bleary-eyed gem from Sweet Whirl's new EP Love Songs & Poetry. The dreamy, unhurried track has a gloriously languid twang that feels warm and comforting, softening the blow of Sweet Whirl’s bittersweet lyrical sentiment, tinged with regret and unrequited longing.