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Cassette Entertainment


Cassette Entertainment

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Luke Million - Stranger Things Theme (Extended)     Electronic, Electronic 25/08/2016
Luke Million is a producer form Adelaide, Australia best know for his songs Arnold, Light & Sound, Midnight, Fear The Night and Archetype.
Luke Millions rendition of the 'Stranger Things' theme song.

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Feels - Jungle     Hip Hop, Blues, Atmospheric 19/10/2015
With Danes blues/soul roots mixed with Rahjs extensive production skills 'Feels' brings a unique heartfelt duo telling stories of deep life experiences and rich messages from the soul .​
Jungle mixes lyrics from Danes track “One More Day” about his Father together with the production and heartfelt rhymes of Rahjconkas to bring a story of heartache when dealing with loss and how using drugs and alcohol to deal can lead to a never ending cycle of destruction and pain.​

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Tijuana Cartel - Lost My Head     Rock, Psychedelic, World, Electronic 11/07/2015
Tijuana Cartel blend layers of rich, intricate atmospheric soundscapes with laid back rhythms and luscious vocals to form an electronic beats tapestry that will cut through to your very soul.
With 'Lost My Head' we wanted to re-invent our sound somewhat and draw on some of our more obscure influences, we were listening to early Stone Roses and wondered what would happen if we mashed some of our sounds with the idea of theirs...

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Billy Fox - You     Electronic, Soul, RnB 23/05/2015
Billy Fox is a Sydney based producer/singer who displays emotive lyrics and lush electronic production that showcases songwriting skills that share striking comparisons to James Blake and Sam Smith
Written, recorded and produced by Billy Fox in his Sydney based home studio, the song is a blend of emotive lyrics and lush electronic production, and showcases Billy’s exceptional songwriting skills, striking comparisons to James Blake, Sam Smith, and Mike Snow.

The Funkoars - Below Average     Hip Hop, Rap 17/03/2015
The Funkoars are an unconventional unit of universal friendship hailing from Adelaide, South Australia and taking the physical form of Trials, Sesta & Hons.
The first offering is the brand new single “Below Average”, an above average song where the 'Oars remind themselves and the listener that it’s not only ok to be a failure at everything you attempt, but it's encouraged.

Mr Hill & Rahjconkas - Non Stop     Hip Hop, Rap 16/04/2014
Aus Hip Hop powerhouse duo MHRC.
Mr Hill & Rahjconkas newest offering.

BlackDiamond - Touch of Love     Rock 14/02/2014
Australian Rock 'n' roll outfitBlackDiamond are: Asarri (vox), Acey (lead), J-Roll (rhythm), Gritz (bass), Hollywood (drums).
Rock 'n' Roll outfit BlackDiamond's New Single 'Touch of Love'

Mr Hill & Rahjconkas - Telescope     Hip Hop, Hip Hop 18/10/2013
Australian Hip Hop duo hailing from Sydney.New Single "Telescope" available via iTunes October 18th - Pre-Order Available NOW!
Mr Hill & Rahjconkas newest offering showing a new direction to what is the norm of Aus Hip Hop.

Sarah McLeod - Scouts Honour     Rock, Rock 18/10/2013
New Single "Scouts Honour" available via iTunes October 18thNew EP "96% Love Songbook" available via iTunes October 28thPre-Orders Available soon!
Sarah McLeod's newest offering showing a new direction and love of an era gone by.