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Call & Response

Call & Response

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Alex Parkman - NO CAP     Hip Hop 04/02/2020
Based in Perth, WA - Alex Parkman is a young, ferociously talented up and coming rapper.
‘NO CAP’ is a high-octane mood booster that poses as Alex Parkman’s latest offering. With the singles use of energy boosting 808’s and smooth auto-tuned infused vocals, It serves as an introspective look into his unconventional lifestyle and the fondness that he has, for his trusted friends.

No Label Necessary - Boss It Up ft. iiiConic     Hip Hop 30/08/2019
No Label Necessary formed as a vehicle to take aim at judgements, the preconceived and prejudicial labels in place by society's gatekeepers resulting in a strong run of releases.
Boss It Up is not only about bossing up in any situation in life and overcoming the odds, but having the motivation and inspiration to grind everyday and achieve your goals, whatever they may be. We wrote the hook first and knew the production and style was right down iiiConic's alley, so sent it over and got back magic.

NERVE - Big Switch     Hip Hop, Rap 10/05/2019
NERVE is an independant hip hop artist and producer hailing from Brisbane, Australia. One to watch!
The vibe for Big Switch is a throwback to an older style of Nerve's mixed with the newer influences and sounds that he has developed as of late. Nerve mixes genre’s in a way that shows his versatility as a producer and songwriter but also stays true to the classic hip-hop styles that bought him to prominence in the beginning.

Reija Lee - Something True     Pop, Electronic 19/04/2019
Reija Lee has cemented herself within electronic music as one half of ‘Kito & Reija Lee’; as the queen of EDM features and is now conquering with her solo music.
Dripping in nostalgic influences but keeping one foot firmly planted in the future, ‘Something True’ is the sequel to the self-love anthem Love Nobody, for “when you've worked on yourself, sorted your shit out, and you're finally ready to be with someone,” says Reija Lee.

Bad Decisions - Escape Plan     Electronic, Dance 17/04/2019
Bad Decisions have quickly established themselves on the international stage and in Australia. They are known for their highenergy and ability to entertain, whether it’s the club or a festival.
Flipping the script and delving deeper into their darker, more experimental side, Bad Decisions deliver a late-night, wavy new heater on ‘Escape Plan’. Complete with their trademark drops, innovative production and hazy vocals, ‘Escape Plan’ is an all-out assault on the senses and highlights a solidified sense of identity for the duo.

Macshane - Don't Worry Bout Me     Hip Hop, Rap 17/04/2019
Half man, half machine: Macshane is a rap anomaly. He exploded onto the scene in2015, and quickly rose to prominence as an MC and force not to be reckoned with.
Dont Worry Bout Me is a song about finally finding your ground, realising and accepting your strengths and weaknesses. It's about finding confidence and comfort in your predicament and using it to your advantage to carve your way into whats next.

Masked Wolf - Numb     Hip Hop, Rap 17/04/2019
‘Numb’ is the latest cut from an artist who continues to make waves thanks to his unshakeable sense of identity and authenticity. Masked Wolf is a name to remember.
Masked Wolf says, "Numb encapsulates the very truth behind peer pressure and how it affects us. It strives to send a message to not let anyone’s voice be a decision for you, being true to who you are and knowing that being you is more powerful than being someone else.”

T$oko - Rudeboi     Hip Hop, Rap, Dance 17/04/2019
Perth rapper T$oko infuses his influences from his childhood in Zimbabwe with modern inspirations to shake things up in the Australian hip hop world - on his own terms.
Perth rapper T$oko is back with a no-holds-barred, dancehall-influenced joint in ‘Rudeboi’. His first single in about 12 months, T$oko is wasting no time, demanding your attention from the get go and his rapidfire rhymes.

Otiuh - Pink Gelato     Hip Hop, Rap, Funk 20/03/2019
Infusing influences from A Tribe Called Quest to Outkast, eclectic duo Otiuh are here with a unique sound to make you move and groove your troubles away.
Oozing with funk and groove thanks to a G-funk lead, tropical percussion, mallets and wobbly synth lines, Otiuh (comprised of Cesare Papa and Jahmeil Baker) are at their most confident on ‘Pink Gelato’. Celebrating newfound desire, passion and confidence after a break up, it’s all about shaking off the cobwebs and stepping into the light.

Gamirez - Guarantee     Hip Hop, Rap 14/03/2019
Growing up inspired by the likes of Jay-Z and the level of success he has, Gamirez realised from a young age that he will never stop striving to be better.
All about working hard and motivating himself to be better in all that he does, ‘Guarantee’ is an ode to dreaming big and striving to get there. Inspired by a conversation he had with himself on payday when he realised he didn’t have enough cash to fund the lifestyle he was living and the need for a “guaranteed” income.

NERVE - A BOMB     Hip Hop, Rap 14/03/2019
With over 500,000 streams on his debut album “SOBER”, and over a million views on Youtube, Nerve has independently crushed his way to the top of the underground Rap scene.
The single begins with a ghoulish and catchy chorus over the eerie instrumental creating a huge wave of tension which is then released in spectacular fashion by the wave of nihilism and impending doom of the verse; which begins with: “I MIGHT DUMB IT DOWN FOR THE MASSES DO YOUR JOB AND PAY YOUR TAXES”

Yung Dready Mane - High On You     Hip Hop, Rap 26/02/2019
After hitting #1 on the Unearthed chart with ‘NASA’, African-Australian rapper Yung Dready Mane is set hit the ground running in 2019 with the after-dark, hypnotic, trap-infused ‘High On You’.
Coming straight out of Sydney, his signature and unique style mixes hazy, tripped-out beats, wavy vocals and late night sounds with rapid rhymes and infectious hooks on ‘High On You’. All about the suspense of the chase and the intoxication of falling in deep, Yung Dready Mane takes us on a vibey new adventure over a nocturnal beat

Masked Wolf - Vibin     Hip Hop, Rap 08/02/2019
Newcomer Masked Wolf brings fresh energy to the hip hop world with genuine story telling, impeccable lyricism, spitfire verses and exceptional beats.
Dedicated to the hustle and being true to yourself, ‘Vibin’ is complete with huge drops, booming bass and eccentric synths to lay down the perfect foundation for his rapidfire verses to float above. Masked Wolf sounds positively untouchable on ‘Vibin’, pushing forward his ethos of “I do me, you do you.”

Otiuh - Move     Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Rap 01/02/2019
Otiuh combine golden age lyricism with eclectic production and an infusion of funk & soul.
On ‘Move’, Cesare Papa and Jahmeil Baker trade spitfire verses over tripped out and eclectic production, creating a toe-tapping, head-bopping, infectious jam about never taking things too seriously and never caring about what others might think. Just let go and ‘Move’.

Mirrah - Hold On     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Rap 07/12/2018
With an extensive history in hip-hop, Mirrah focuses on the power and importance of self-love, channeling her life experience into her storytelling and poetry.
‘Hold On’ is all about remembering what is really important: good friends, living in the moment, and of course, love. Inspired by the mad rush of stores during Christmas time and how easily lost people became in their hunt for meaningless gifts, Mirrah reminds us all to never lose sight of those gifts that you can’t buy.

Macshane - Rendezvous     Hip Hop, Rap 30/10/2018
As an artist, Macshane draws influences from all corners of hip-hop and electronic music to deliver intricate wordplay, complex flows and a unique perspective on concepts and themes.
Have you ever stayed out a little too late and rekindled something you thought you'd left behind? Revisit that alluring sense of closure in Macshane's new single Rendezvous; a late night groove with a smooth beat from Unkle Ricky and a killer hook from the gorgeous voice of Canadian singer Desiree Dawson.

Sophiya - White Ivory     Hip Hop, Rap, Dance 26/10/2018
Melbourne producer and artist Sophiya steps out into the scene with controversial bars and infectious melodies, set to reinvent the Australian rap game as we know it.
‘White Ivory’ was created for female listeners, it deals with female “bitchiness” in an empowering way. Its intentional braggadocios vibe was to see how far Sophiya could push it and was curious to see people's reactions to such an unashamedly brash debut single. Over a self-produced bouncing trap beat, Sophiya hits hard and fast with her DGAF attitude.

ROMII - Cupid Love     Pop, RnB, Dance 20/10/2018
Brisbane/LA based artist ROMII is a future pop superstar, picking up a slew of accolades after her debut single 'Wild Heart' and now she's back to do it all again.
Not your typical love song, Cupid Love focuses on if Cupid used his bow and arrow to find love for himself after helping everyone else find love. Coupled with an energetic, summer-y beat, it's a love song with a twist.

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Austen - Too High To Cry     Pop, Electronic 04/07/2018
Austen is a singer songwriter hailing from Brisbane, Australia.
‘Too High To Cry’ is an anthemic track from its catchy, soaring hook and tasteful pop sensibilities... it’s impossible to not hum along on first listen.

Fluir - Change     Pop, Retro, Electronic 04/07/2018
Fluir is a singer songwriter from Melbourne now based in Sydney, Australia.
'Change' showcases FLUIR’s consistency and aptitude as a songwriter, the single was co-produced with ARIA award winning producer Sam Littlemore of Pnau.