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Call & Response

Call & Response

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Sarah Connor - Just Breathe     Hip Hop 24/11/2017
No words are more synonymous with survival against the odds than Sarah Connor.
The title track off Sarah Connor’s debut EP delving deep into the psyche and conscience behind the pressures of making a record. Full of hope and life this is a song of comfort in the darkest of days.

Frame - Real Love     Hip Hop 21/10/2017
Mixing melodic vocals, rap, & electronic sounds, Frame carves out beautiful love songs that teach you to love yourself and everything around you.
About two people, irrespective of how they feel towards each other, holding each other back because they want different things out of love. ‘Real Love’ is a future-bass rap song, written by Frame & mixed & mastered by James Damien Angus.

Karnage N Darknis - I Love Hip Hop     Hip Hop, Rap 21/10/2017
KnD are a hip-hop duo from Alice Springs. Karnage (Tristrum Watkins)is a Western Arrernte man Hermannsburg. Darknis (Corinna Hall) is a Ngarrindjera/Kokatha woman from Raukkan, SA and Ceduna.
This song is a tribute to the 90s hip hop K 'N' D grew up listening to. They loved everything about the culture that surrounded it – the fashion, the sound, the art, the topics.

Buttah The Verbal Wordsmith - The Odyssey     Hip Hop 18/10/2017
Buttah the verbal wordsmith was raised in the dirt and the dust of Far North Queensland and is a major influence on the FNQ hip hop scene.
The Odyssey is a deeply introspective, well-crafted masterpiece of metaphorical imagery and
inspired storytelling. Anybody who listens to this song will relate in their own way and everybody
will take away something different.

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Luke Million - Come Together     Electronic, Funk 05/08/2017
Luke Million!
Vocoder and vintage synth drenched ‘Come Together’ is the lead single lifted from Luke’s forthcoming EP of the same name, to be released on August 25th.


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Jowic - Wet Floor     Hip Hop 02/08/2017
Joseph Champness, “Joey” is a hip-hop artist and athlete born on the 27 th of April 1997 in Auckland, New Zealand. Joey is the Founding owner of Record Label NarrowRoad.
The track comes across as a detox for the new comer, with an eerie melody and hard hitting beat, JOWIC explains the challenges he’s had to face in life and working professionally on his upcoming mixtape.

Carmouflage Rose - Late Nights     Hip Hop 24/06/2017
Carmouflage Rose is a Brisbane based, Zimbabwean transplant that is creating his own lane in Australian Hip Hop.
The infectious track, produced by Brisbane’s answer to Metro Boomin’; ‘James Angus, is filled with a tropical atmosphere and the signature dance-hall/reggae
aesthetic that Carmouflage Rose so eloquently brings with his unique vocals.



Downsyde - Richman     Hip Hop, Atmospheric 09/06/2017
Downsyde are an Australian hip hop group from Perth, Western Australia. The group is composed of three members, Optamus, Dazastah and Dyna-Mikes.
After long await, Perth based trio Downsyde have dropped their new single 'Richman' which has been plucked from the upcoming full-length album ClassicIll.

iiiConic - Damn. Ft. Jaylit     Hip Hop 25/05/2017
iiiConic is a 18 year old rapper from Brisbane, Australia. He was born in Ghana, West Africa in 1999. iiiConic is commonly known as one of Brisbane’s greatest weapons.
The concept of the song first stemmed from iiiConic and Jaylit brainstorming ideas in iiiConic’s room. iiiConic and Jaylit have known each other for almost 5 years at the time and because they’ve practically been through the same high school experiences.

Dos Boy - Run It Ft. Kwasi     Hip Hop, Atmospheric 02/05/2017
Dos Boy (Dane Birks) was born in Byron Bay in the early nineties. That alone says a lot about his very unique and genuine style.
'Run It' is about triumph through hardship. 

The concept is the evolution of my mindset; the transition from "running away" to "running it". 
The metaphor applies to a few aspects of my life (relationships, addiction, abuse) and I tried to communicate those in this track.

Nyuon - Old Timers     Hip Hop, Acoustic 21/04/2017
Born in Ethiopia to South Sudanese parents, and raised in Kenya, Melbourne-based Nyuon has changed the hip-hop game, in every sense.
With a soft and sombre melody, the track builds upon a feeling of empathy for the adversity he battles through personally.
“Old Timers is a personal detox for me”. Explains Nyuon. “Like a therapy session, just me getting some thoughts and emotions off my mind and my chest.”

Kirklandd - Dynasty     Hip Hop, Atmospheric 13/04/2017
Kirklandd has quickly developed a unique sound in Australian music, blending golden age hip-hop and an uplifting, alternative production style, led by Cam Bluff.
‘Dynasty’ is the opening track taken from Kirklandd’s debut EP produced by Cam Bluff, blending grand piano chords, an uplifting live choir and Kirklandd’s notably raw, personal delivery.

Jon Doe - Everything Looks So Big From Down Here     Hip Hop 12/04/2017
Jon Doe is the antagonist to his own graphic novel. He moves through his songs page to page, writing his own bildungsroman through an internal battle.
Everything looks so big from down here is me coming to terms with being human in such a vast universe, filled with infinite knowledge. It’s me accepting who I am, being proud of where I come from and having confidence in where I may end up.

Fluir - Only One     Electronic, Pop 08/04/2017
Fluir is a Melbourne based indie pop act comprising singer songwriter Siobhan Krelle and producer Jesse Marantz.
‘Only One’ is Fluir’s highly anticipated follow-up single, the song is a bold uncompromising self-proclamation of one’s infatuation with another. Fluir’s unique sound draws upon 80's influenced synths overlain by crooning yet unforgiving vocals.

Luke Million - Back to the Rhythm     Electronic, Funk 21/03/2017
Luke Million
A return to Luke’s roots, ‘Back To The Rhythm’ is a fresh take on feel-good funk, with the combination of soaring synths, guitar licks and percussion alongside Sam’s smooth vocals combining to create the ultimate jam.

Butterfingers - Big Night Out     Hip Hop, Rap 10/03/2017
Australia’s favourite musical misfits are back, breaking hearts and bones (mostly their own) after a ten-year long hiatus from the recording studio.
Butterfingers’ new single ‘Big Night Out’ is the surprisingly upbeat summer anthem that details the tragic yet true events of lead singer Evil Eddie’s night on the town that left him hidden and physically trapped in a back alley with a broken spine.

Ivan Ooze - Bills     Hip Hop, Rap 23/09/2016
Ivan Ooze is an Australian rapper based in Melbourne.
The new single from hip hop artist Ivan Ooze featuring the legendary Ghostface Killah from the Wu Tang Clan.

Lane Harry X Ike Campbell - Keith Richards     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 14/09/2016
Contemporary Hip Hop Duo from Australia's Gold Coast
'Keith Richards' is a dance hall hip hop hybrid with remnants of Bryson Tiller and Post Malone, that displays an unwavering dedication from the duo to cultivating relevant contemporary hip hop from Australia.

Seth Sentry - Petty     Hip Hop, Rap 14/09/2016
Seth Sentry is an Aria award hip hop artist from Melbourne.
An inconspicuously released track from Seth Sentry...

Otis High - Ain't Over Yet     Hip Hop, Rap 08/09/2016
Hip Hop duo from Melbourne, Australia.
Ain't Over Yet

Other tracks by Otis High:  Path I Chose