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The Tony Q Band - Truckin' Proud     Country, Rock 29/11/2018
The Tony Q Band are a brisbane based Country Rock Band, four army guys who met while servbing in action overseas.
“Truckin’ Proud” is the first single release from The Tony Q band. The song is an energetic country tune about the life of truck drivers as witnessed by Tony when he would travel with his father, who features on the singles cover.

Donna - Hopelessly Devoted To You     Pop, Country, Cover Version, Easy Listening 20/09/2018
Donna is and has been touring with her Olivia Newton John tribute shows. Well known in her own right for over three decades she is the voice to do it.
Hopelessly Devoted To You is a cover version of the Olivia Newton John classic as performed during Donna's live performances during her tribute shows. It's a stripped back, guitar based track which allows the true essence of the song to shine through with Donna's remarkable voice and interpretation.

Shane Josephson - Drought In The Country     Country, Rock 28/08/2018
Shane Josephson is the lead singer of Burnt Earth (Australian Bush Metal Band). This is Shanes' second solo single dedicated to the struggling farmers during this time of severe drought.
As a resident of the Central West of New South Wales, Shane Josephson is only too aware of the devastation being caused by the lack of rain throughout the state. The farmers face a disastrous situation for their livestock, crops and their families.
A heartfelt song from a man in Cobar in support of those suffering.

Brad Marks - What If You Can     Country, Pop 31/07/2018
Brad Marks is a highly talented vocalist currently working with some of Australia's greatest songwriters. Greatly acclaimed as a performer by his peers he is on the road to success.
This is Brad Marks’ fourth single this time co-written with Jay Collie (Jonahs Road). The song bears the message that in life different things may hold you back – yourself, your worries, your fears or what people may think of you and the way they react to certain of your decisions. Strive to do that which makes you happy

Chantell Alexi - She Lives Through Me     Country, Alternative Country 30/04/2018
Chantell Alexi is best described as an Alternative Country artist. Chantell is an artist of great talent and a career tattoo artist.
My mum was like my best friend and losing her felt like losing a huge part of myself. After writing a few sad and angry songs about her loss I decided I wanted to write something that honoured her life and the gifts she gave to me.

Kerry Kennedy - Mothers Day     Country, Easy Listening 30/04/2018
Kerry Kennedy is a Country singer/song writer who tells stories in song from real life events and observations. A rich, soulful voice that commands you to listen.
A dedication to mothers. A perfect song for Mothers Day. There is nothing stronger than a mothers love. to all the mums across the globe, thank you for just being the best.

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Brad Marks - Yesterday     Country, Pop, Easy Listening 22/03/2018
Brad marks is a 26 year old singer from the Southern Highlands outside Sydney.
“Yesterday” is the song of a man giving his perception on how strong his love is for his wife. He reflects on their journey through life, explaining how at 18 and a bit on the wild side she came into his life and turned him around for the better.

Ashie Noey - Love To Burn     Pop, Country 25/10/2017
Ashie Noey is a young artist with 3 singles to her credit, the last reaching #3 on the Australian Country Tracks Top 40. She is currently recording her EP.
“Love to Burn is a song that is very close to Ashie's heart. It’s such a powerful song full of emotional rollercoasters that everyone has been through at one point or another. Discovering your self-worth and realizing that you are in control of your fate is very important in life.

Chantell Alexi - Not Interested     Rock, Alternative Country 24/10/2017
Chantell Alexi is a multi faceted artist covering rock, country and alternative country. She has a captivating style with her songs written from the heart and life experience.
An energetic guitar driven track aimed at the sleezy guy who approaches his female target in the bar.

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Kerry Kennedy - Takin' Time     Country 13/10/2017
Kerry Kennedy is an Australian Country artist who has spent many years touring Europe and Australia. Displaying a great sense of humour on stagehe portays Australian life in song.
This track, “Takin Time” is taken from his album HAVE A GOOD TIME and is the perfect kick back, forget the daily grind, have a beer and relax song. Written by Kerry it’s the ideal track to take us from spring into summer.

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Ashie Noey - Gonna Outrun a Heartache     Pop, Country, Rock 11/07/2017
This is Ashie Noey's second singe following on from her hit "Every Single Sunset" which also made #15 in the European Top 40 Singles Chart.
Ashie Noey’s latest single “Gonna Outrun a Heartache” has once again been written by Nashville writer Dave Tough who co-wrote “Every Single Sunset” her last single. With great production from her producer, Rod Motbey, Ashie feels this is her favourite recording so far.

Chantell Alexi - The Story of Life     Country 30/06/2017
Chantell Alexi is a singer/song writer who covers various styles of Country from alternative and contemporary to the occassional traditional track. Her songs are drawn from real life.
Sometimes in living our day to day lives we can find ourselves in a rutt. We eventually come to realise the only way is up and dig ourselves out of that hole to a more positive future. All is takes is determination. A positive look at life.

Other tracks by Chantell Alexi:  A Simpler Life
Kerry Kennedy - Big Rigs     Country, Easy Listening 29/05/2017
Kerry Keenedy is a Country artists with rich vocals dominating his well crafted songs. Kerry has performed around the world and is now concentrating on his audience at home.
A tribute to the men and women who drive trucks up and down the h/ways around the world. A song for the drivers who have lost their l lives and the families they leave behind.

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Whiskey Business - For So Long     Country, Easy Listening 29/05/2017
Whiskey Business are a 5 piece Country Rock band noted for their 4 piece harmonies and their tight, well rehearsed stage presentation.
The Debut Single, “For So Long”, dubbed Caribbean Country, produced by Simon Johnson & Engineered and Mastered by Jeff McCormack at “The Music Cellar” on the Central Coast, defines Whiskey Business’ sublime 4 part harmonies.

Ashie Noey - Every Single Sunset     Pop, Country 14/03/2017
Ashie Noey is 18 years old from Penrith embarking on her career. With an amazing voice and a drive to succeed she's working toward her first EP.
Produced on the South Coast of New South Wales by Rod Motbey, the song is one of hope for those who feel heartbroken after a lost romance.
Ashie lives in Penrith and has spent the past twelve months working with Rhiannon Cooke and now Christie Lamb as her vocal coaches.

James Stewart Keene - Charm Offensive     Rock, Country 14/03/2017
James Stewart Keene is a rock artist with a touch of Country Rock. His material has strong guitar influences and strong vocals.
JAMES STEWART KEENE’s latest single Charm Offensive is the title track of his second studio album. Co-written with Golden Guitar award winner ALLAN CASWELL, the song has a catchy, southern rock feel and features brilliant lead guitar work by Jonah’s Road guitarist RODNEY AULD.

Rhiannon Cooke - Gone (feat. Judah Kelly)     Country, Pop, Rock 07/02/2017
Rhiannon Cooke has seen 3 number one hits and one Top 10 hit from her EP Power of a Woman. A fantastic country/folk vocalist.
Rhiannon and Judah’s soaring vocals and tight harmonies reflect the story of loss to re-found love. Rhiannon writes for real life experience and from her heart and this song carries great uplifting emotion. A great upbeat track.

Chris Staff - Storm's a Comin'     Rock, Country, Blues 06/02/2017
Chris Staff is noted as one of Australia's best rock guitarists having played with some of the industries biggest names. Now solo as a country rock artist.
A 'Storm’s A Comin’ is a song about a gangster reflecting on the fact that he’s stuck in his criminal lifestyle.
Featuring the strong guitar driven sound which Chris is famous for and some brilliant harmonica, This is Chris’ second single from the Different Road album.

Other tracks by Chris Staff:  Different Road
James Stewart Keene - Can't Put You Down     Country, Rock 27/10/2016
James Stewart Keene is a Country Rock artist influenced by artists such as Creedence, Neil Young and the Eagles. This track is from his forthcoming album Charm Offensive.
James Stewart Keene’s latest single 'Can’t Put You Down' is an irresistible country rock song that will have listeners coming back for more! With an outstanding performance and great production, you’ll be hooked by the clever drinking metaphors that express the intoxicating feeling of being head over heels in love!

The Quick & The Dead - Gone     Rock, Grunge 02/09/2016
This track is from the third release by The Quick & The Dead following their EP and album released previously. Their self titled album is due for release 1st September.
A positive, energetic proclamation of not wanting to live a wasted life.