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Allan Caswell - Hard Times and Struggle     Country, Easy Listening 17/03/2020
Allan Caswell is Australia's most recorded song writer with over 750 of his songs recorded by other people. Winner of 8 Golden Guitar awards. Wrote theme to TV's "Prisoner".
The story of "Hard Times and Struggle" comes for the collaboration of Allan Caswell and 8 Ball Aitken telling a story only such a working relationship between these two incredible song writers could tell. A circus worker, a bare back rider, a strong man and a card game can only lead to trouble.

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Brad Johns - Tailgating     Country, Rock, Pop 17/03/2020
Brad Johns is a singer/song writer and an acclaimed guitarist who has played for many years behind some of Australia's biggest artists, now making a career of his own.
“Tailgating” is basically a popular form of people initiating good times at major events such as NFL games and large stadium concerts to create their own fun. Car parks become full of people rolling up in their vehicles and opening up their tailgates to set up barbecues cooking ribs, steaks, and eski’s (ice-boxes) full of booze, drinks and the like.

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Ronie Joudo - Cruisin' Along     Country, Easy Listening 25/02/2020
Ronnie Joudo is a Country singer/song writer living in the south western suburbs of Sydney. This is Ronnie's first released single.
I wrote the song “Cruisin’ Along” based on an old Ford that I had seen. I immediately fell in love with the car and I pictured myself cruisin’ along down a country road with the windows down and blaring the speakers listening to some of my favourite Country artists.

Gary Anderson - Just Still Letting Go     Country, Pop, Rock, Easy Listening 11/02/2020
“Gary Anderson is the ONLY one performing this brand of music. He reminded me of Chris Isaak, but country." —GEORGE TOBIN, Record Producer (Tiffany, Smokie Robinson, Tina Turner, Kenny Rogers)
This song “Just Still Letting Go” is a song that tells the story about a guy who is struggling with a relationship break up and is no rush to just let it all go quickly, hoping that it may rekindle.

Written By: Steven McClintock (US Top 40 Billboard Songwriter and producer), and Scarlett Keys (former staff songwriter for Warner/Chappell Music).

The Silverline - Box of Wood     Country, Easy Listening 11/02/2020
The Silverline are an exciting emerging song writing team, bringing you their own brand of “Country with a Cause” - a seamless blend of Heartland Rock, Country and Americana!
Fresh off their chart-topping debut single rocketing to #5 Nationally, this follow up release BOX OF WOOD boasts sublime vocal work & superb performances. Box of Wood will boldly steal its way into your heart with resonating basslines overlaid with sensational fiddle work courtesy of Tim Crouch (Renowned fiddle player for USA Country Superstar Alan Jackson).

Rory Ellis - Bitumen Cowboys     Country, Folk, Blues, Easy Listening 10/12/2019
“Rory Ellis is one of those singer/songwriters, like Leonard Cohen, who makes the hairs on your arms stand up by simply opening his mouth.”- Brett Callwood: Acoustic Magazine UK.
Days, weeks, spent apart from the comforts of home, family, lonely nights holed up in a truck cabin.

There is sadness in separation, solitude in the miles, and stress to make ends meet for the ones they leave behind.

This song is dedicated to those men and women whose passion for the open road makes the world go round.

Chantell Alexi - Army Man     Rock 25/11/2019
Mainly an alternative artist, this is Chantell's first venture into Rock. Chantell is never afraid to show her emotions buried deeply within her songs.
Army Man is a metaphore for a broken friendship. I was inspired to write the song after hearing about an old friend joining the Army. This friend had once promised to always be there for me, yet in the end were very quick to turn against me. I think that's something a lot of people can relate to.

Rory Ellis - Fadin'     Country, Easy Listening, Alternative, Folk 18/10/2019
Rory Ellis is a highly charismatic singer/songwriter with eight nationally and internationally acclaimed albums, and a rich unforgettable voice.
At the crossroads of life and career, you see hurdles to jump and snags that tripped you on the journey.
You feel like Fadin’ slowly away.
“Try a little harder”, are the words of someone that loves you unconditionally.
Making you realise your dreams, making YOU make them come true.

Pecos Red - Knoxville     Country, Rockabilly, Alternative Country 27/08/2019
Pecos Red have experienced great chart success in Europe and America with their brand of Outlaw Americana and are now bringing their product home to Australian audiences.
Aussie band, PECOS RED debuts with Knoxville, a song already charting high across Europe and the continental U.S. thanks to its lively beat, outstanding guitar work and fine storytelling.

Knoxville is the first exciting release from PECOS RED’S album PLAINS, regarded in the U.S. music industry as a shining example of the best of Americana.

James Stewart Keene featuring The Bushwackers - Stroke of the Governments Pen     Country, Soundtrack (Film Related), Easy Listening 14/08/2019
James Stewart Keene is a Country artist with a charting history with songs that rock from his two previouas albums, The navigator and Charm Offensive.
JAMES STEWART KEENE returns with a collaboration with Australian music legends THE BUSHWACKERS.

Stroke of the Governments’ Pen is the first song written for James’ SHERBROOKE DOWN project, a period feature drama film about two intertwining Australian stories set in rural Australia, 1903.

Co-written with ALLAN CASWELL, the track is inspired by the true story of James’ great, great grandparents.

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The Tony Q Band - Honky Tonk Bar in the City     Country, Rock 22/02/2019
The Tony Q Band is Brisbane's leading Country Rock band performing regularly at Brisbane's own honky tonk bar, Johnny Ringo's. Favourites at B & S Balls and rodeos.
Written about the renowned honky tonk bar in Brisbane 'Johnny Ringo's' where the band got there first big show. The song encapsulates the feeling of the venue that prides its self on the "bucking good times", live music and of course, their mechanical bull. The song hints at a little Brooks and Dunn, mixed in with some Brothers Osbourne.

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The Tony Q Band - Truckin' Proud     Country, Rock 29/11/2018
The Tony Q Band are a brisbane based Country Rock Band, four army guys who met while servbing in action overseas.
“Truckin’ Proud” is the first single release from The Tony Q band. The song is an energetic country tune about the life of truck drivers as witnessed by Tony when he would travel with his father, who features on the singles cover.

Donna - Hopelessly Devoted To You     Pop, Country, Cover Version, Easy Listening 20/09/2018
Donna is and has been touring with her Olivia Newton John tribute shows. Well known in her own right for over three decades she is the voice to do it.
Hopelessly Devoted To You is a cover version of the Olivia Newton John classic as performed during Donna's live performances during her tribute shows. It's a stripped back, guitar based track which allows the true essence of the song to shine through with Donna's remarkable voice and interpretation.

Shane Josephson - Drought In The Country     Country, Rock 28/08/2018
Shane Josephson is the lead singer of Burnt Earth (Australian Bush Metal Band). This is Shanes' second solo single dedicated to the struggling farmers during this time of severe drought.
As a resident of the Central West of New South Wales, Shane Josephson is only too aware of the devastation being caused by the lack of rain throughout the state. The farmers face a disastrous situation for their livestock, crops and their families.
A heartfelt song from a man in Cobar in support of those suffering.

Brad Marks - What If You Can     Country, Pop 31/07/2018
Brad Marks is a highly talented vocalist currently working with some of Australia's greatest songwriters. Greatly acclaimed as a performer by his peers he is on the road to success.
This is Brad Marks’ fourth single this time co-written with Jay Collie (Jonahs Road). The song bears the message that in life different things may hold you back – yourself, your worries, your fears or what people may think of you and the way they react to certain of your decisions. Strive to do that which makes you happy

Chantell Alexi - She Lives Through Me     Country, Alternative Country 30/04/2018
Chantell Alexi is best described as an Alternative Country artist. Chantell is an artist of great talent and a career tattoo artist.
My mum was like my best friend and losing her felt like losing a huge part of myself. After writing a few sad and angry songs about her loss I decided I wanted to write something that honoured her life and the gifts she gave to me.

Kerry Kennedy - Mothers Day     Country, Easy Listening 30/04/2018
Kerry Kennedy is a Country singer/song writer who tells stories in song from real life events and observations. A rich, soulful voice that commands you to listen.
A dedication to mothers. A perfect song for Mothers Day. There is nothing stronger than a mothers love. to all the mums across the globe, thank you for just being the best.

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Brad Marks - Yesterday     Country, Pop, Easy Listening 22/03/2018
Brad marks is a 26 year old singer from the Southern Highlands outside Sydney.
“Yesterday” is the song of a man giving his perception on how strong his love is for his wife. He reflects on their journey through life, explaining how at 18 and a bit on the wild side she came into his life and turned him around for the better.

Ashie Noey - Love To Burn     Pop, Country 25/10/2017
Ashie Noey is a young artist with 3 singles to her credit, the last reaching #3 on the Australian Country Tracks Top 40. She is currently recording her EP.
“Love to Burn is a song that is very close to Ashie's heart. It’s such a powerful song full of emotional rollercoasters that everyone has been through at one point or another. Discovering your self-worth and realizing that you are in control of your fate is very important in life.

Chantell Alexi - Not Interested     Rock, Alternative Country 24/10/2017
Chantell Alexi is a multi faceted artist covering rock, country and alternative country. She has a captivating style with her songs written from the heart and life experience.
An energetic guitar driven track aimed at the sleezy guy who approaches his female target in the bar.

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