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Steven North - Everything Now     World, House, Electronic, Experimental 22/02/2018
Perth based music producer that loves to express through the creation of music. Originally a DJ and now founder of the Heart Activation Music label.
Everything Now is a song that is about living in the NOW moment to remind that everything is in the NOW and in the NOW there is everything and there is nothing. Utilising House music vibes and classical music to create an expression of creation.

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Sumner - Pictures     Electronic, Pop, RnB 01/02/2018
Tasmanian alternative electronic duo, Sumner: brooding, addictive melody. A potential production powerhouse that enters the Australian music scene fully formed, with big ideas and talent to back it up.
Pictures plays with a wide variety of influences; the duo embrace the production style of Lorde’s first LP, while adding their own distorted pop/RnB stylings reminiscent of Frank Ocean. The duo have skillfully pieced together some seriously eclectic moments to create this one intelligent, mature, hooky song.

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NeRV - Live It     Rock, Acoustic, Blues, Garage 02/01/2018
Slamming acoustic guitars, drums, sax, Harmonica and ragged vocal harmonies. Whiskey fuelled Neil Young and Bowie late night jamming with Jack White, using the Oils as a backing band.
Hi energy acoustic rock about getting the most out of life. Acoustic guitars, drums, ragged harmonies, snarly groove.

Other tracks by NeRV:  Logjam  -  Godspeed
B-Town Warriors - Rewrite Your Story     Indigenous, Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Reggae 13/12/2017
B-Town Warriors are a group of diminutive, yet razor-sharp rappers from the remote town of Bourke NSW. Their music is aggressive and challenging, yet uplifting and inspiring.
Rewrite Your Story comes from a group of 100% Indigenous women who live in the constant shadow of grief and trauma. This story is a challenge to all Indigenous people to rise up and challenge the status quo. Through love, support, community and culture we can change our world.

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Reuben Koops - Higher Ground     Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Country 18/11/2017
“Upbeat and instantly engaging. Mature, romantically euphoric folk, passionately delivered with gentle lyrical candour and served in a country-tinged pop ribbon." - Charlotte Holroyd (Bitter Sweet Symphonies Blog UK)
A pep-talk on never giving up: "This rain keeps bucketing down, and this storm keeps knocking me around...but I'm holding out believing, searching for that higher ground," Koops optimistically delivers. The track’s driving rhythm maintains focus on Koops' words without distracting from the sweet melody that propels the song forward.

Other tracks by Reuben Koops:  Something To Believe In  -  Lady on a Train
Big White - On and On     Rock, Pop, Garage, Industrial 17/11/2017
Energetic Sydney five-piece touching on British New Wave sounds with Australian jangle pop. Featuring Nick Griffith (vocals/guitar), Cody Munro Moore (vocals/guitar), Jack Wotton (vocals/guitar), Elmo Aoyama (vocals/bass/synth), Bowen Shakallis (drums).
“We sing about temporary friends and longstanding relationships; how every little surprise, every new person and idea you come into contact with signals small changes that influence a changing idea of what is 'you' and how yourself interacts with everyone else's changing forms." - Cody Munro Moore (vocals/guitar)

James Hullick - Woman Falling     Classical 14/11/2017
Composer and performing artist, James Hullick's work sits at the forefront of auditory creation - and with a body of work: art music composition; vocals; prepared piano; wild one guitar
Featuring James Hullick on prepared-piano this work was composed by Hullick in 2011 and has been performed and recorded with the BOLT Ensemble, a chamber orchestra. Abstract in nature, the work articulates the falling of a woman in elegant sound worlds that celebrate the textural qualities of the ensemble.

Must Volkoff - Raining In The Hood ft. Mongo     Hip Hop, Psychedelic 14/11/2017
Must Volkoff is a psychedelic Hip Hop producer from Melbourne Australia. His latest offering 'Aquanaut' features 25 of the most prolific artists in British and local underground Hip Hop.
'Raining in the Hood' is a potent street ballad featuring Mongo, a founding member of pioneering UK Hip Hop crew Mud Fam. Taken from Must Volkoff's 2017 production album 'Aquanaut'.

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Other tracks by Must Volkoff:  The Holy Ghost ft. Nelson Dialect  -  Bad Habits ft. Micall Parknsun & Confucius MC
Sunscreen - Tide     Rock, Pop, Garage, Retro 01/11/2017
Fronted by the magnetic Sarah Sykes, Sydney four-piece, Sunscreen, are frenetic yet agile, offbeat yet immediate, performing hooky dream-rock and pop that is distinctly their own.
For 'Tide', a collaboration between Sarah Sykes (vox/guitar) and Alexander McDonald (lead guitar), the pair reflect on the all too familiar experience of waking up alone to the sobering light of day after an evening out, and the difficulty of finding meaning as a young person in a big city.

The Lockhearts - Goddamn Pretty     Rock 30/10/2017
The Lockhearts are fronted by Tim Meaco on vocals and guitar, Sam Sheumack on guitar, Jameel Majam on bass and Steve ‘Woodie’ Woodward on drums.
An instantly infectious down-home groove, Goddamn Pretty showcases the “Americana” side of the bands’ forthcoming record, gliding in with a laid-back swagger and bursts of rich vocal harmony in the choruses reminiscent of the Eagles or Tom Petty.

Other tracks by The Lockhearts:  Ride Home
Death Bells - Only You     Rock, Punk, Pop 20/10/2017
After three years of gestation, a self-titled EP, and an international tour, Death Bells have finally put forward their first full length offering, 'Standing At The Edge Of The World'.
Not unlike their moniker, Death Bells' sound rings crystalline and radiant - case in point: the Sydney dream pop band's latest single, "Only You". The track is a bulwark of post-punk, built on a blunt rhythm, webbing guitar, and ardent vocals.

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Other tracks by Death Bells:  Roman Candles  -  Something Above
Hartway - Beyond (feat. Lesley Williams)     Electronic, Dance 18/10/2017
Taking inspirations from Flight Facilities and FKJ, Adelaide boys Hartway are an exciting house and acid-jazz duo bringing a fresh perspective to classic groove-based music.
After spending time in the studio with renowned producers Luke Million and Oisima as winners of the Fresh 92.7 Producers Series, 'Beyond (feat. Lesley Willams)' is Hartway’s feel-good lead single from their highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Motions’.

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Other tracks by Hartway:  Dreaming  -  How it Happens
Ravie - Held By You     World, Reggae, Blues 18/10/2017
RAViE have just released his solo EP and Held By You (Reggae/Blues) track been nominated for World Music Award category for the 2017 South Australian Music Awards.
Held By You is a cool Reggae/Blues track with smooth vocals with good vibe.

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Other tracks by Ravie:  You Are Beautiful  -  III (I'm Feelin' Fine)
The Sleepyheads - Never Forget You're Here For Them     Rock, Punk 06/10/2017
The Sleepyheads are a punkish rock band from Launceston, Australia.
Thematically slamming into the consequence and flow on effect of suicide, frontman Pat Broxton bears his heart and his teeth in equal measure. Never Forget You're Here For Them is an encapsulated whirlwind of confused feelings, loss and frustration.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Act of the Year (TAS Awards)

Amaya Laucirica - More Than This     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Atmospheric 30/09/2017
Amaya Laucirica is a Melbourne based musician, songwriter and band of the same name. Her fourth album, Rituals will be released in early 2018 on UK label Opposite Number.
More Than This is a pulsating song that starts off dark and dirty with its grinding noise guitars, but soon becomes airy and sweet thanks to some ostentatious synth and Laucirica’s sweet, effortless vocal.

- Words By Dan Condon

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Other tracks by Amaya Laucirica:  All Of Our Time
Noire - He's My Baby     Pop, Rock, Soul, Atmospheric 25/08/2017
Sydney-based band NOIRE - aka Jessica Mincher (vocals/synth) and Billy James (guitar) - craft dark, melodic and tenderly sculptured pop songs that traverse shoegaze, reverb heavy blues and indie rock.
'He's My Baby' is a dreamy, melodic love song that seamlessly blends elements of pop and shoegaze to create emotive and delicately reverb-lined soundscapes. It is the second track to be taken from NOIRE's debut album 'Some Kind of Blue'.


Emma Russack - Body Goals     Rock, Folk, Pop, Downbeat 19/08/2017
Emma Russack is a Melbourne-via-Narooma artist performing plainspoken indie rock and pop, complete with hooky melodies, slacker guitar, tongue-in-cheek humour and stream of consciousness narratives.
A sardonic take on Instagram culture in Emma’s classic confessional, dry, talk-sing style.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Will Backler, RTRFM, Perth (WA), Zara Kravchenko , SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

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El' Jistos - Everyday People     Hip Hop, Jazz, Easy Listening, Chill 05/08/2017
After being active on the hip hop circuit for the past 7 years, Blue Mountains born ‘n raised El’ Jistos just released his first album in collaboration with producer Illumes.
A sombre observation of the issue of homelessness in our country.

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Coby DeMaria - Dust     Pop, Rock 12/07/2017
Coby DeMaria’s music is positive and captivating.With years of experience singing covers and originals in the Melbourne pub scene, the Australian singer/songwriter writes songs that are full of hope.
"Dust" is a dynamic, contagious pop/rock song that will generate interest across the sector on metro and regional stations. The song encourages each one of us to get out of our day-to-day ruts, and to let love in!

Noire - Real Cool     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric, Blues 05/07/2017
Noire - aka Jessica Mincher (vocals and synth) and Billy James (guitar) - craft dark, melodic and tenderly sculptured pop songs that traverse shoegaze, reverb heavy blues and indie rock.
"Real Cool is a tribute to Air – the bass line, CS-80 synths and transient feel. It’s about the things you tell yourself when you think the one you love doesn’t feel the same anymore."