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Broken Stone Records

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Roadhouses - Blacklights     Rock, Grunge 05/05/2018
Roadhouses formed in 2014 when guitarist and songwriter Yvonne Moxham invited Mess Hall drummer Cec Condon to play what was meant to be a one off show.
Sydney trio Roadhouses announce their long awaited follow up single to 2017’s Drinkin’. The track, Black Lights, is accompanied by a video that was directed by and is taken from their debut self titled album, due out on May 18 via Broken Stone Records.

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Roadhouses - Drinkin'     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 30/08/2017
Roadhouses are a Sydney based three-piece that plays sedated rock n roll. Their sound is tremolo soaked, evoking an empty hotel bar in a Lynch film.
Dinkin' is a country/lounge music crossover that is as compelling as it is hypnotic. Equal parts slowcore and codeine country like Lucinda Williams fronting Spain.


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Richard Cuthbert - Swimming Pool     Rock, Grunge 28/03/2017
Richard Cuthbert is honest, doesn't pull any punches. He grew up in the 90s. Skating, extended summers, and Saturday morning watching Recovery.
a post grunge Australiana backyard pool party homage to those formative years

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The Sticks - World Maps     Electronic, Experimental 16/05/2015
The Sticks push the boundaries of electronic music, capturing the sound and spirit of post-produced beats whilst improvising freely using live bass, keys and self-designed 3d Theremin The Airsticks.
‘World Maps’, takes the listener through several levels of their favourite childhood video game. Ahearn’s bass refuses to sound like a bass, Pliner’s synths respond and carry the conversation while Ilsar plays a self-designed instrument called AirSticks.

Sister Jane - Whole Wide World     Rock, Psychedelic 04/10/2013
5-piece rock/psychedelic group coming out of the Blue mountains. Both male/female vocals - with very fast paced, exciting instrumentation.
The bass line & the percussion's sharp steadiness carry the song through, and hold everything together with the vocals whilst the guitar lines start to get a bit psychedelic. The structure allows a little something for everyone, presenting an eclectic mixture of instrumentation & effects.

Kelly Dance - Head In The Noose     Folk 03/04/2013
Dance is an itinerant artist. She has lived in Australia, Fiji and Indonesia, amongst the clouds in Hong Kong, flamenco masters in Seville and she's currently calling London Home.
'HITN’ is a shifting, tumbling lament over the bare snap of guitar and drums; and is a showpiece for Dance’s otherworldly voice.

The subdued grandeur of the single – with its spare and hand-made style accompanied by a ghosting of strings; sings of lonely cities, empty rooms and pavement slipstreams.

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Melodie Nelson - Spin The Bottle (The Laurels Remix)     Folk 21/03/2013
Melodie Nelson has been quick to craft a name that invites playfulness and pop hooks with syntactic melodies.
Melodie Nelson has called on The Laurels to remix ‘Spin the Bottle’ from her recently released second album, To The Dollhouse. The Laurels take the track to hypnotic new levels adding a twist to the tale of a young girls spin the bottle session.

Melodie Nelson - Spin The Bottle     Folk, Psychedelic 02/11/2012
Melodie Nelson is the solo moniker of seminal Sydney musician Lia Tsamoglou. She cast herself bravely into her own sonic world awash with twangy guitars, driving synths and layered hamony
Spin The Bottle proudly evokes the grainy projections of 1960’s and 70’s cinema, the soundtracks of Dario Argento, and memories of the golden years of dreamy 60’s psychedelic

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