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Brain Drain

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Thigh Master - Mould Lines     Rock 15/08/2019
Australia-based quartet Thigh Master are back with the long awaited second LP 'Now for Example' -- the follow up to their 2016 debut 'Early Times'.
'Mould Lines' is the first single to be lifted from forthcoming LP, 'Now For Example'. With intervals of ragged, jangly guitar riffs interspersed with waves of distorted sonic mischief, this track recalls the late 80s/early 90s Flying Nun sound of the Clean, Bats and 3Ds (with an Australian edge).

The Hunter Express - Weekdays & Weekends     Folk, Rock 13/08/2019
The Hunter Express is a band led by front man, Brad Ellis. Matt Dixon on guitar, bassist Jarrad Brown, percussionist Tyler Campbell, pianist Olaf Scott and the vocals Pia Nesvara.
Frontman Brad Ellis was inspired to write the track after a close friend confided in him about the ins and outs of another overwhelmingly average day at work. This song is a response to trying to negotiate making the most out of what gives you pleasure, whilst also dealing with the mundane, routine driven aspects of life.

Prudence - Tokyo     Electronic, Ambience 30/07/2019
Prudence is the moniker and recording project of Tom Crandles, a session bass player and composer who thinks too much.
'Tokyo' started one night in 2017, whilst Tom was browsing radio frequencies in a Shibuya hotel room. After discovering pirate radiostations airing mysterious furniture music, he recorded himself tuning the radio onto a dictaphone to capture the atmosphere. After rediscovering the recording in 2019, he began adding textures and melodies to the composition whilst arranging it into one cohesive piece.

The Hunter Express - Bad Line     Folk 19/06/2019
The Hunter Express is a band led by frontman, Brad Ellis. The lineup sees Matt Dixon on guitar, bassist Jarrad Brown, percussionist Tyler Campbell, pianist Olaf Scott and Pia Nesvara.
'Bad Line' is the first single to be lifted from the record. The song reflects the struggle that someone goes through when communication starts to break down between that someone you love. Trying to stay in contact, but destined to keep dropping out and away from one another.

Angie - Movement     Rock 15/05/2019
Angie is the solo project of artist and multi-instrumentalist Angelia Bermuda aka Angela Garrick.
'Movement' was born in Athens, Greece.

Angie explains "Movement is about being constantly in flux, living in between the shadow of the past and the sublime fear and excitement of an unknown future".

Angie's inspiration musically for 'Movement' is the combination of cheesy 80's power rock choruses of ELO and 90's surf / skate compilations VHS tapes.

Sun Sap - Time Enough For Love     Rock, Garage, Soul 29/03/2018
Showcasing the sextets trademark surf-soul vibes, sun-soaked guitars and intoxicating swagger, 'Sometimes, Always, Never, Maybe' EP is just what the doctor ordered.
Following the release of their scorching summer anthem "Walking Out The Door" and soul-warming "Miss Behind", the "Leisure Coasts" favourite garage-rockers Sun Sap return with "Time Enough For Love" taken from debut EP 'Sometimes, Always, Never, Maybe EP - out now.