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Bossy Music

Bossy Music

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Cub Sport - Confessions     Alternative 06/03/2020
Cub Sport are an independent pop group from Brisbane, Australia.
The gritty, introspective slow-burn ‘Confessions’ explodes with racing drums, crackling, ASMR-inducing guitars and soaring vocals that are felt as much as they are heard.

Milan Ring - Switch Off     R&B 28/02/2020
Sydney-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-talented performer MILAN RING returns today with a new single + video, ‘Switch Off’.
MILAN RING returns today with a new single ‘Switch Off’.

Produced in Los Angeles in collaboration with The Social Experiment (Chance The Rapper's crew/band), ‘Switch Off’ features Milan Ring’s soulful guitar and signature vocals. The track was recorded and mixed by Milan in her Sydney studio and is her debut release on label Astral People Recordings / [PIAS].

Sycco - Peacemaker     Pop, Alternative 15/11/2019
Sasha McLeod is SYCCO. Equally at home in the studio and on the stage, Sycco demands attention for her soulful voice, observant lyrics, psychedelic jazz aura and undeniable charisma.
Written, recorded and produced by Sycco herself, 'Peacemaker' is a swaggering track with an addictive groove and hooks galore.

WINIFRED - Chain     Pop 06/11/2019
Melbourne-based newcomer WINIFRED is delighted to share her debut single 'Chain' today. Written and recorded in London alongside producer Tim Gordine, the track was mixed by Jono Steer in Castlemaine.
WINIFRED sings about the nostalgia associated with lost relationships on her brooding debut release. She says: “'Chain' is about thatfeeling like you’re bound by memories, haunted by someone as if they were a physical chain around your neck. But it's also about piercing through that veil, that distorts your vision and plays tricks on your mind."

Dallas Woods - Chapter One     Hip Hop 05/04/2019
Raised in the E.K, Dallas Woods lures you in with his cheeky vibe. Just as you’re smiling along, he’ll hit you with punch to the guts rapping about confronting subjects.
'Chapter One' speaks of Dallas's experience growing up as a young indigenous boy in the East Kimberly.

He says: “I really took the time to paint a picture about the lifestyle I was accustomed to as a young indigenous boy growing in two worlds, and how it influenced my music."

Kito - Creature Kind     Electronic 12/09/2018
Kito is a producer from Denmark, WA. In 2011, her career began when Diplo discovered her demos. After 7 years off this year Kito returns to her own project HAANI.
'Creature Kind' is the third single to drop from Kito's forthcoming EP titled HAANI. Made with NZ's well-loved electro-pop duo Broods, the track is more restrained than her first two releases. 'Creature Kind' sees the WA-native combine Broods' soothing vocals with crisp and effortless production creating yet another electro-pop gem.

Kito - Strawberries     Electronic 25/08/2018
Kito is a producer from Denmark, WA. In 2011, her career began when Diplo discovered her demos. After 7 years off this year Kito returns to her own project HAANI
'Strawberries' ― featuring collaborations with Elley Duhé, Kodie Shane, and Trinidad James ― is the second single from Kito's forthcoming EP HAANI out September 7.

Kito says: “'Strawberries' is about getting lost in a cloud with someone you care about and enjoying that moment in time with no worry for the past or future."

G Flip - Killing My Time     Pop 18/05/2018
G Flip (aka Georgia Flipo) is a 24 year old singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Melbourne.
'Killing My Time' is a hook-filled pop statement that backs up the promise shown on G Flips debut release 'About You'. G Flip says “The story behind ‘Killing My Time’ revolves around a girl who kept distracting me from making music."

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

Jack Grace - us     Electronic 11/05/2018
Jack Grace has been modestly making a name for himself with his unique take on late-era UK bass music, with constructed beats, understated piano and skilful vocal cuts.
‘us’ is a soft and subtle take on late-era UK bass music. The track tells a sombre story about the demise of a relationship. With an uncanny ability to portray emotion in his productions, ‘us’ grants access to Grace's anxieties, which stem from the hardship of losing someone you love.

Other tracks by Jack Grace:  row me home  -  downstate
Gretta Ray - Time     Rock, Folk, Pop 09/05/2018
A creative individual, Gretta confesses to a fascination with human emotion, an irrepressible desire to express herself through harmony, form, and melody.
“‘Time’ is a break up song", Gretta shares. "A break up song without any sense of aggression, frustration or disagreement. It is a song of acceptance, the atmosphere of it intended to be thick with melancholy and memory.”

Yuma X - Swimming Pool     Electronic 24/06/2015
Yuma X are an electronic pop 2 piece from Sydney.
A cover of Ghouls ‘Swimming Pool’ – this is a 100% hat tip to Ghoul who were kings of forward thinking music.

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