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Booshu Records

Booshu Records was born out of a need to distribute and release sexy house and pop music that was coming my way and the incredible talent and tracks that were exciting me.

Booshu Records is founded by Platinum Award winning songwriter and recording artist, Bec Caruana, (Also known as BJ Caruana.)

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Booshu Records

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Oliver & The Alchemists - Subtle Dagger     Alternative, Indie, Blues, Experimental 19/09/2019
Oliver Schuering, Singer Songwriter, Guitarist. A Debut release for this act. Music with passion and a deeper purpose The Alchemist's are Jasper Carter & Adam Crutcher (Drums & Bass).
Though its an alternative, there are strong melodies and guitar hooks. The message is powerful, the male vocal is hypnotic and soothing.

The lyrics depict how it is a dream of  mine for humanity to overcome our primal greed, envy and negative traits that our system is built upon, preventing us from working together collectively creating a better world.

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Rocco Bene - In My Shoes (Art Supplies Club Remix - Radio Edit)     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 12/09/2019
House music vocalist, Rocco Bene. Sydney based
Joyous & Uplifting with an Indian Infusion. Remix by Chart topping, Art Supplies.

A track borne from personal tragedy, In My Shoes is a celebration of inner strength and embracing the vulnerability of loss. Hypnotic backing vocals (Vipasha Malhotra), uplifting beats and a vocal delivered by Rocco complete this original masterpiece.

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Other tracks by Rocco Bene:  In My Shoes (Art Supplies Remix - Radio Edit)  -  In My Shoes (Ruff Loaderz Remix Radio)
DINLEY JONES - Fire (Brandon Laze Remix)     Electronic, Dance, Funk, Pop 17/07/2019
Dinley Jones is an eccentric and electric performer who bounces around the stage like a bag of Popping Candy! Visually intriguing. His pop is sweet, it’s funky, smooth and classy.
Dinley Jones’ recent release ‘Fire’ has had an MJ style makeover with this remix. Producer, Brandon Laze is emerging as someone to watch on this remix scene!

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Dinley Jones - Fire     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop, Funk 28/05/2019
Dinley Jones is an eccentric and an electric performer who bounces around the stage like a bag of Popping Candy! Visually intriguing. His pop is sweet, funky, smooth and classy.
Fire is an energetic, fun soul/R&B track with a fun lyrical concept! Perhaps reminiscent of early Jamiroquai.

No officially explicit language although the word 'Ass' is in there.

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