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Mangus & Co. - Full Of Love     Blues, Jazz 05/10/2019
Old and new jazz and blues from Hobart, Tasmania. Gravel-soaked vocals with boisterous and rambuctious fingerstyle guitar.
Raucus acoustic blues guitar with a gravelly vocal delivery, blending traditional ideas with modern performance practice.

Other tracks by Mangus & Co.:  Ruin It All Over Again  -  Bust My Brakes
Dom Italiano - Walking In The Night     Blues/Roots, Country, Alternative Country, Rock 04/10/2019
Alt-country singer/songwriter/lead guitarist. Lives in the country, gigs in the city! (Mostly)
'Walking In The Night', produced by Damian Cafarella, is about remembering how simple childhood was and the desire to recapture a youthful sense of adventure and exuberance.

Lisa Baird's Bitches Brew - Stranger at a Funeral     Blues, Roots, Jazz, Soul 01/10/2019
LISA BAIRD'S BITCHES BREW is a fiery new Melbourne-based blues & roots band formed by Lisa Baird (Lily & King/ Lloyd Spiegel/ Melbourne Ska Orchestra/ SPIRE/ Thando)
Stranger at a Funeral is a gospel-inspired foot-stomping, hand-clapping piece that speaks of love, loneliness and the awkwardly tight spaces in between.

Musicians on the track are:
Lisa Baird (lead vocals and trombone)
Cheryl Durongpisitkul (vocals and saxophone)
Chelsea Allen (vocals and drums)
Stella Anning (vocals and guitar)
Neesy Smith (vocals)
Kathleen Snowball (vocals)

Recorded by Meagan Bird

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Other tracks by Lisa Baird's Bitches Brew:  Bullet Holes  -  Blue
Aaron Pollock - Painkiller     Blues, Folk, Soul, Roots 27/09/2019
Aaron Pollock is a 22 year old Blues/Folk singer and the 2019 Melbourne Blues Challenge winner, heading to Memphis to represent Melbourne and Australia.
Aaron Pollock, the 2019 Melbourne Blues Challenge winner has released a new single to promote his win and his chance to travel to Memphis and represent Melbourne and Australias Blues scene.

'Painkiller' is a delta blues style tale of love, lust and loss.
Written and recorded by Aaron Pollock.

Adam Jones - The Dark Side Of The Earth     Blues 27/09/2019
Melbourne folk-rock, alt-country and blues singer/songwriter/musician Adam Jones releases his third album The Dark Side Of The Earth on 20 September 2019.
The title track to the new album, harking back to both Dire Straits and Gerry Rafferty, this tune features full band backing and Adam’s engaging story telling vocal.

Other tracks by Adam Jones:  Quit While I'm Behind  -  Small Stuff
Gardiner & Gabriel - One Monkey     Blues 24/09/2019
Old school guitar and harmonica blues duo
Upbeat dirty juke joint blues...

Other tracks by Gardiner & Gabriel:  Honey Bee
Jordan Merrick - I Don't Belong     Blues, Alternative, Folk, Roots 23/09/2019
Jordan Merrick has had countless tracks land in the AMRAP charts and is now – ahead of his debut album – releasing his ominous, slow-stomping new single, 'I Don't Belong'.
Meeting somewhere between the sounds of Tom Waits and Nick Cave, this ominous, slow-stomping single features smooth, overdriven blues guitar; quivering piano lines; a honking sousaphone; and a steady heavy-beat accentuated by timely booms and clangs.

This is all topped off by the deepened growling-croon from Merrick and pieced together by ARIA winning producer Steven Schram (Paul Kelly).

8 Ball Aitken - Week Man     Blues, Rock, Roots, Alternative 17/09/2019
8 Ball Aitken's new funky follow up album 'Swamp Blues 2' is here. It's a journey in groove through the Deep South with cool stories and blistering blues guitar playing.
8 Ball Aitken plays the kind of swampy blues rock that gets hips shakin'. "I'm a week man, I'll love you any day of the week maam. Anytime you need some loving, all you gotta do is call me maam".

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Jake Hoskins - Uncle Shoes (feat. Lésila Tupou)     Blues, Country, Indie, Roots 15/09/2019
Hardworking singer/songwriter Jake Hoskins has a knack for writing catchy and relatable songs. His dynamic guitar playing and rich, soul-stirring vocals are a captivating experience when seen live.
Inspired by the Mississippi Blues from the early 40s. Artists such as Mississippi Fred McDowell with slide guitar and R.L. Burnside rhythmically. Also the song has a modern tinge, referencing artists such as Ash Grunwald and Jack White (with female backing vocals).

Lyrically the tune is family oriented with feelings of longing and excitement for the birth of a niece.

Andre Camilleri with mark Nunis & Clark Fisher - House of the Rising Sun     Blues, Country, Folk, Roots 13/09/2019
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific songwriters, Andre Camilleri blends Country, Alternative and the Blues to create unique sonic landscapes of timeless beauty.
Our interpretation of this Traditional Tune.

Other tracks by Andre Camilleri with mark Nunis & Clark Fisher:  He's Got The Whole World In His Hands  -  I'll fly Away
Colin 'illy' Hill - Everybody Ought To Know     Blues, Rock 13/09/2019
Blues-rock guitarist/ vocalist
Blues Rock song highlighting lack of equality and the gap between rich and poor, elite and working class.

Other tracks by Colin 'illy' Hill:  Good Girl bad
Carus Thompson - Avondale Heights to Sunshine     Blues, Roots 12/09/2019
A genuine troubadour, Thompson is one of Australia’s hardest working musicians, touring the world with family in tow, whilst building a loyal fan base over six studio/two live albums.
Australian songwriter and storyteller Carus Thompson proudly presents new single ‘Avondale Heights to Sunshine’. Inspired by a taxi driver’s story about a bridge that was supposed to be built between the suburbs of Avondale Heights and Sunshine in Melbourne’s West, the single’s heavy Australian accent is complemented by the folk expertise of Seth Lakeman.

Alison Newman - When the feeling is gone - Live at Palomino Nights     Blues, Rock 06/09/2019
Alison has forged a career over 25 years as a cover artist in Mount Gambier, SA. Heart Songs is her debut album, drawing on inspiration from her personal life.
When the feeling is gone is a bluesy, rock break up song, with a whole lot of attitude.

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Shaun Kirk - Black Dog     Blues, Alternative 05/09/2019
Shaun Kirk is a rising singer/songwriter, troubadour, and mental health advocate based out of Melbourne who is selling out venues across Australia & New Zealand.
Black Dog was written in the midst of a mental health battle that Kirk faced between the years of 2014-2017, triggered by a US record deal that fell through in perplexing circumstances. A song about hope, strength and survival that he endeavours to use to help normalise the conversation around anxiety/depression.

Other tracks by Shaun Kirk:  Slow & Steady  -  Killed A Man I Never Met
Pete Cullen & The Hurt - Peace Love     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Country, Funk 03/09/2019
Pete Cullen & The Hurt release new album High Tide, a rich gumbo of Outlaw Country, southern rock and Soulful Gospel
Inspired by the southern country gospel sounds of the 1960's civil rights movement Peace Love is Pete Cullen's response to todays trolling, hate and vilification that we see from certain news outlets and social media.

Other tracks by Pete Cullen & The Hurt:  Easy Money  -  High Tide
Ets Trio - Lovers to Strangers     Blues/Roots, Folk, Acoustic 02/09/2019
Ets Trio deliver earthy folk based acoustic rock, with added textures of blues, soulful groove and reggae. Catchy melodies carry thought-provoking lyrics over classical fingerpicking styles.
Lovers to Strangers is an achingly beautiful narrative about unexpectedly losing the person you love with when they no longer want to be with you. Delicate and melancholic it drags you into the depths of heartbreak before releasing you back into the present with renewed hope for finding love again.

The Marvellous Hearts - Love Is Great     Blues, Pop, Folk 02/09/2019
'The Marvellous Hearts' are a Blues Pop band headed by Cap Bluetongue, featuring some of Sydney’s finest blues musicians and regularly supported on stage by a host of guest artists.
'Love Is Great' is from Sydney based Blues Pop band 'The Marvellous Hearts'.

The song is a catchy and thought provoking anthem that picks up and carries the torch from the likes of 'Love Is All Your Need', 'Give Peace A Chance' again spreading the word, that 'Love Is Great' and that 'LOVE' can defeat Hate!

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Clear Tears - Seize     Blues 30/08/2019
Clear Tears play non-traditional, non-colonial country. Their debut single ‘Seize’ encapsulates the bands cross between country, punk, noise and roadhouse laced with the Hammond’s soft lament.
Seize represents a departure from bad habits. The song was written when, lead singer, Kane Anthony, encountered seizures for the first time in his life.

Jesse Valach and The Testaments - Testify     Blues, Soul 30/08/2019
A Mountain of Blues with a River of Soul
Debut track from Jesse Valach and The Testaments preciously known as Jesse Valach presents Blues Mountain

Lloyd Spiegel - ANY SECOND NOW     Blues, Rock, Roots 30/08/2019
Acoustic Blues trailblazer Lloyd Spiegel is pleased to announce the release of his 10th album ‘Cut and Run’
The fiery, high energy opener that sets the pace for Spiegel’s 10th release Cut and Run. A hard edged boogie with all the trimmings.

Other tracks by Lloyd Spiegel:  RUN  -  TOKYO BLUES