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Suicide Swans - Yearling     Blues/Roots, Rock 31/01/2018
Suicide Swans are an Australian 5 piece alt-country band, the twang of country, the chug of 60’s/70’s rock with dashes of pop that they termed cosmic country.
“The song ventures into personal territories of relationship transition where you are moving together but then become separated through the transition e.g. the idea of being friends, forming a relationship, breaking apart and/or one partner leaving/dying and how the person left behind becomes an island off the coast."

Eden Mulholland - Forwarding Backwarding     Blues/Roots, Rock 31/01/2018
Prolific composer and collaborator
The original bones of the song was written in collaboration with Paul Young as part of a dance theatre work called Amanimal - “a witty look at animals, men and the worlds they build and break apart” Bass, guitar, samples and vocals mainly built live on a loop pedal.

changoTRee - Let it Go     Blues/Roots, Roots, Blues 06/01/2018
#1 Song on AirIt - “Home”. A brilliant male/female singer/guitar/writer band- combo. Having travelled, recorded, written and performed in the USA and Europe. New album "Window” performed at Wangaratta Festival.
Let it Go - “Shite” happens to all of us. How do we deal with it? Sure we can get angry, upset and pissed off but finally, hopefully, we can learn and just let it go. The past is dust and move on with the moon.


Other tracks by changoTRee:  Tomorrow  -  Hey Sister
Dan Kobn - Suns Beating Heart     Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Chill 06/01/2018
Australian songwriter/musician. Enjoy storytellers, peace... and my dogs.
A story about the journey we all take. The joy, the loss, and the need to find our own way forward.

Other tracks by Dan Kobn:  My Sea  -  Ode to My Goodbye
LamBros. - Do Something     Blues/Roots, Rock, Indigenous 02/01/2018
"LamBros." are a passionate brother duo that create music with meaning. Their highly distinct blend of blues, rock, pop and Indigenous sounds is real, raw, and unmistakably unique.
"Do Something" is about hitting back at the monsters in our head. It's about saying no to the people that tell you to forget your dreams. Life is short, and best lived happy. So do what you love, live how you want, and grow old with no regrets.

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Other tracks by LamBros.:  Home  -  Into The Future
Tasha Zappala - Dreambox     Folk, Blues, Acoustic, Soul 23/12/2017
Zappala unlocks a raw mixture of post-folk blues that synthesizes the atmosphere of a local coffee shop where the lighting is warm & the ambiance is nothing short of enticing.
Written in California.

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Other tracks by Tasha Zappala:  Metrobattle  -  Winter Year
The Big ILCH - Barefoot Blues     Funk/Soul, Blues 22/12/2017
A collective of solo artists come together to celebrate the diversity of Australian music and to promote positive musical diversity "accept all music and accept all people"
The Funkiest way to suppress you negative emotions. This song is about finding what makes you happy and use it to keep you happy.

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Other tracks by The Big ILCH:  My Life Is Music  -  You Got It
Girl Friday - Damaged Heart     Folk, Jazz, Blues 20/12/2017
Girl Friday with her rich, soulful voice will transport you to a different time with one foot firmly planted in the present day.
Damaged Heart is realistically romantic with a jazz/blues feel and close harmony backing vocals. Reminiscent of a simpler time, Girl Friday is accompanied by ukulele, double bass, violin and drums on this track.

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Ten Tribes Of Texas - Heart Of Stone     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Britpop 20/12/2017
Ten Tribes Of Texas are a versatile electro-pop, blue-eyed soul, dance outfit from Sydney playing original compositions by Michael Griffin. They feature Australian singer Adaja Black as guest artist.
electro pop with grunt at its dancy best

Other tracks by Ten Tribes Of Texas:  Stronger (Everyday)  -  Black Woman
The Venom Lips - American Honey     Rock, Garage, Grunge, Blues 20/12/2017
3 piece rock band described as Royal Blood meets Soundgarden. By melding hook-filled melodies with hard, heavy beats, they manage to inject a vast array of influences into their sound.
A slow to medium tempo, hard hitting track with a touch of old style psychedelia rock and serious bass undertones. A very easy to sing chorus and a great tempo change at the end.

Other tracks by The Venom Lips:  Black & Gold  -  Words of Wisdom
Mick Kidd with David Blight - Menu of Sin     Blues/Roots, Blues, Acoustic, Funk 19/12/2017
"Harpin' Slidin' Stompin' Acoustic Blues"
Funky Bass driven Blues - Modern day blues inspired by the likes of Robert Johnson's classic " come on in my kitchen"

Other tracks by Mick Kidd with David Blight:  Miss Beehavin'  -  A Waste of time well spent
Crawfish Stew - Oncoming Tide     Country, Rock, Blues 14/12/2017
The ‘Stew’ is fronted by Todd Stewart on vocals and guitar. The rhythm section comprises of Shaun McCready on bass and backing vocals, and Gerard "Dokko" Payne on drums.
'Oncoming Tide' is the title track of Crawfish Stew’s debut album. A song about resilience, determination & inner strength, encapsulated in a 'summer beach party' blues format.

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Salt & Steel - Whiskey Love     Blues/Roots, Folk, Soul, Gay Alligned 13/12/2017
Foot Stompin', Heart Stealing, Wild and free Faeries. A Powerhouse Duo with a Raw and Earthy Sound.
An intoxicating mix of seduction and groove. Whiskey Love personifies our cultures relationship to alcohol and mind altering substances. Driven by a heavy bass line, a story unfolds of a love/hate relationship with an unhealthy yet irresistible lover.


Other tracks by Salt & Steel:  Breathe. Connect. Grow.  -  After the Moon and Before the Sun
Dan Dinnen - Diamond In A Coal Mine     Blues/Roots, Blues 13/12/2017
Singer/songwriter, harmonica player, guitar finger-picker: Dan Dinnen is a contemporary musician steeped in old blues. A deeply authentic blues voice and musical style, yet an original, individual and fresh talent.
Moody, searching, stripped back. A lone guitar through a vintage amp. A melodic harmonica line joins in. Then the voice... haunting, dripping with reverb and beautiful old vinyl grit. And now the brushes on the snare and a walking double bass line. Searching for a diamond in a coal mine.

Other tracks by Dan Dinnen:  Change  -  Stoled Away
Andre Camilleri - Ten Cuidado     World, Alternative Country, Pop 13/12/2017
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific and underrated songwriters, Andre Camilleri blends Country, Alternative and the Blues to create unique sonic landscapes of timeless beauty.
This is the title track of the album, the bulk of which I wrote in July 2017 whilst travelling around Southern Spain.

Other tracks by Andre Camilleri:  Don't Let It Bring You Down  -  A Little Bird Told Me
Brooke Taylor - Shot Down     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country 13/12/2017
Brooke Taylor is a Country-Pop Melbourne-based singer, songwriter and guitarist. She writes about the human condition, drawing listeners in with her strong storytelling, raw emotion, honey-toned vocals and soulful lyrics.
Shot Down is a gritty alt-country rock song with good drive and edge

Other tracks by Brooke Taylor:  Crumbling  -  What If
Blue Child Collective - Sailor's Song     Blues/Roots, Folk, Acoustic 07/12/2017
Fronted by Dan White, an enthusiastic collaborator, multi-instrumentalist and fingerstyle artisan, Blue Child Collective are a fluid groove n' roots outfit based in and out of Margaret River.
"Evoking the gentle rhythms and roaring freedom of Australia’s seaside" (Happy Mag), Blue Child Collective's 'Sailor's Song' is a folkier selection in Dan White's cannon of roots inspired songwriting. Taken from the album 'Saturn Saw The Seaside', the single accompanies BCC's new documentary that captures the recording process in Corsica.

Maximillian - Waited So Long     Blues/Roots, Blues, Acoustic, Folk 29/11/2017
Exotic Brazilian guitar, ragtime exuberance, New Orleans-inspired vocals with a Delta blues heartbeat. Maximillian marries North and South American influences with skill and originality on his Brazilian seven-string guitar.
Waited So Long is the Delta-inspired single from the debut album. A quirky, unrequited love song, this track boasts a Randy Newman vibe, with zesty finger style guitar riffs evoking piano rags of a bygone era.


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Other tracks by Maximillian:  Flamengo  -  Jacobs Reserve
Stomperoo - What Can You Give? (this Christmas)     Blues/Roots, Pop, RnB, Country 25/11/2017
Stomperoo is blue jazz and roots songs about politics, the weather, divorce, property settlement, gardening, crop rotation, junk food, obesity, infants, terrorism, gardening, ageing, architecture, cooking, depression, traffic and spouses.
A Christmas song in the fats Waller style that donates all of its profits to the homeless. Featuring the Harmony Choir Brisbane. This is an amazing production with a HUGE sound. Mastered by Pete Maher (U2, The Pixies), London.

Other tracks by Stomperoo:  A Bungalow In Bangalow  -  Emu Creek
Mike McCarthy - Serious Face     Blues/Roots, Pop, Soul, Chill 24/11/2017
Mike McCarthy has been a secret staple of Australian alt folk and Australian surf music for at least the last decade.
Serious Face is a summery blues/roots track. The lyrics poke fun at the author for being so serious. It's all about taking a step back and going a little easier on yourself.


Other tracks by Mike McCarthy:  Satisfy My Soul  -  On Your Mind