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Mitch Dean - Like a Thief     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country 01/10/2018
Mitch Dean is an Americana or Alt.Country style Singer-Songwriter from the outer suburbs of Melbourne. Raised on the musings of Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty
‘Like A Thief’ finds a rich, warm groove to ride on, a nod to one of Mitch’s strongest influences in The Jayhawks. It also highlights his ability to craft a melodic verse that shifts up a level to a soaring chorus, elevating the tale of a spurned lover, abandoned and cast adrift.

Other tracks by Mitch Dean:  Muddy Water  -  Before the Fall
Girl Friday - Here To Say Goodbye     Blues/Roots, Folk, Jazz, Swing 28/09/2018
Girl Friday's folk, jazz and blues sensibility evokes a sense of nostalgia, innocence and melancholy. Her rich soulful voice is as timeless as her sophisticated song writing.
'Here to Say Goodbye' is a throwback to the blues, jazz and swing music of the 1930s complete with close harmony backing. Tap your toes to this sassy declaration of a woman who is ready to walk away from her inattentive lover.

Other tracks by Girl Friday:  Sweetness  -  In My Head
Connie Kis Andersen - Unclouded Day     Blues/Roots, Christian, Country 26/09/2018
One of Western Australia’s finest singer-songwriters, Connie Kis has seven albums and several hit songs to her credit.
The fresh, original bluegrass arrangement of this classic Gospel song is guaranteed to lift anyone's spirits and get toes tapping. From the album A Closer Walk - described by Capital News reviewer Peter Christie as; “Probably the most beautiful Gospel album I have heard in the past twelve months”.

Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife - Stars     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Pop, Rock 25/09/2018
Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife deliver a shimmering style of Indie Americana, coasting a musical landscape between her Canadian roots and the heart and grit of Australia’s alt-country scene.
'Stars' is the sparkling first new single from Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife's upcoming full length album (scheduled for release in 2019) and is a flagship for a shinier, more contemporary pop sound the band is striving for, whilst still retaining the emotional depth and intelligence fans of McNeil’s music have come to love.

Damon Smith - These Are Days Followed By Nights Followed by Days     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Soul 24/09/2018
Damon is a composer, lyricist, music producer, songwriter, instrumentalist and critically acclaimed performer whose music is: “Immediately impressive due to the significant talent of Damon Smith” - TULPAMAGAZINE.COM.
In ‘THESE ARE DAYS’, Smith describes in a wry and candid way, how he came to understand that sometimes, he can be a bit of selfish buffoon, and that perhaps he needs to encourage his skeletons to leave the closet for a frank and earnest chat over a chamomile tea. This track is more soul-music than Smith's usual singer-songwriter style.

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Robbie Miller - Baby     Blues/Roots, Folk, Acoustic 21/09/2018
Robbie Miller is a Brisbane musician who first picked up a guitar in 2002 and soon after started writing and recording music to which he reached national success in 2013.
Melding experiences of love with the sound of his folk roots, Robbie Miller is set to win over the hearts of his fans again with his latest track 'Baby.'

Robbie Miller's heartwarming vocals coupled with dreamy guitar strums will have you wishing you were dancing with your loved one on a moonlit dance floor.

Dan Howls - Mary Lou     Blues/Roots, Rock 20/09/2018
Dan Howls is an appropriate name for an artist with such a bellowing roar. Big, gritty and acidic, it's a voice that belongs to the blues...
Relentlessly steaming forward like a stolen train, Mary Lou is a fantastical crimson-soaked murder blues number and is
Dan Howls at his foot-stomping best. Needing nothing more than a guitar and a tambourine around it, his voice drives a grim narrative of death and dirty deeds, accompanied beautifully by the bittersweet vocals of Julia Weller.

McFarlanes Lantern - Grow Old Together     Blues/Roots, Country, Soul, Easy Listening 20/09/2018
Peter McFarlane has played with some of the biggest artists in Australia and is now writing for and fronting his own band McFarlanes Lantern
Everyone has the blues occasionally. This track is about knowing that others do care and to trust in the universe and everything will turn out ok.

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The Black Sorrows - Silvio     Blues/Roots 20/09/2018
The Black Sorrows are one of Australia’s most-loved artists, having sold more than a million albums. They continue to do in excess of 150 live shows each and every year.
The Black Sorrows are happy to reveal the first single ‘Silvio’. ‘Silvio’ is an underrated Bob Dylan pop gem, and sets the tone for the album.

The Swamp Stompers - Shadows On The Wall     Blues/Roots, Pop, Rock 20/09/2018
The Swamp Stompers are back on tour this Spring to launch their new EP ‘Shadows on The Wall’
A moody, brooding, bluesy alternate-rock song about love lost. The verses bubble along menacingly, with lead vocalist Corey Legge lamenting missed opportunity, and questioning what might have been. This song has enough hooks to catch even the most casual listener completely off-guard.

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Other tracks by The Swamp Stompers:  Wishing I Had You  -  Hey
Gareth Koch + Peter Bonner - Don't Tempt Me     Blues/Roots 17/09/2018
What happens when the musical worlds of an ARIA Award winning classical guitarist and a rock singer collide? The answer, in this case, is the EP Don’t Tempt Me.
Starting with a strong rhythm track intro the song gets underway and with powerful vocals. The title track and first single from the EP resonates with the superb guitar playing of Gareth Koch creating a bridge from his classical work to contemporary blues rock.

Other tracks by Gareth Koch + Peter Bonner:  Jakes Blues
Brian Campeau - Land We Found     Blues/Roots, Rock, Pop 12/09/2018
Four albums into his solo career, and thirty-something years into a life punctuated by periods of serious depression, Brian Campeau has done something he never knew he had in him!
This exhilarating record illuminates an artist who is equally concerned with musical complexity and creative progress as with straight-up, damn good, life-brightening pop songs.

Peter Bibbuy - Long Baby     Blues/Roots, Grunge, Rock 12/09/2018
Peter Bibby's is Australia's foremost maverick poet hailing from Perth, West Australia signed to Spinning Top Records (POND, GUM, Cameron Avery).
Long Baby is an ode to Bibby’s ex partner’s devotion to sleep. “It is a high energy song about the problems that arose from her extensive slumber: hunger, impatience, anxiety - these are but a few of the afflictions I suffered before knuckling down and penning this tune,” says Bibby of the track.

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David Spry - Free     Blues/Roots, Soul, Australian Indigenous, Soul 04/09/2018
Carefully crafted lyrics set to a mix of cinematic and raw, stripped-back compositions are the hallmark of David Spry's music that moves from gritty to intimate to free-spirited songs.
A modern commentary on how some First Nations People have lost their sense of sovereignty through the systemic and continued colonisation of their spirits and lands. "Free" explores the influence of religion on Indigenous culture and the subsequent loss of traditional knowledge. Free encourages us all to think deeply, investigate issues, be informed, free-thinking and responsible citizens of the world.

Other tracks by David Spry:  Mountain Man  -  Sorry
Dean Haitani - 47 Stones     Blues/Roots 04/09/2018
With his unique finger style and soulful earthy vocals, Dean Haitani draws inspiration from blues & roots music, and his love of funk and old school R&B rhythms.
The title track of Dean's album "47 Stones", was written whilst living in the UK. It tells the story of the flooding of the River Wansbeck and the 47 stepping stones which cross the river as he watched them disappear in the small town of Morpeth, his wife's hometown.

Other tracks by Dean Haitani:  Still Waiting For My Train  -  Starting Time
Madeline Leman and The Desert Swells - Diva With The Fever Of Change     Blues/Roots, Psychedelic, Rock, Alternative Country 04/09/2018
Melbourne band Madeline Leman and the Desert Swells create a retro Americana sound that is sinful and soulful, heartbreaking and leg shaking.
Diva With The Fever of Change is a hard hitting feminist manifesto that explores what it means to be a woman in a man's world. Through her concise and witty lyricism Leman shines a light on the paradox of being both overlooked and overly looked at. This was recorded to tape with the band mostly improvising.

Other tracks by Madeline Leman and The Desert Swells:  Baby Blue
Shaun Kirk - Save My Soul     Blues/Roots, Blues 04/09/2018
Melbourne’s very own blues/ soul troubadour Shaun Kirk is back with a brand new single ‘Save My Soul’.
‘Save My Soul’ originated from the line “kicking stones along the highway”. Kirk recalls “It felt to me like a blues song and I instantly knew had to pursue it. The song wrote itself very quickly from there.”

John Butler Trio - Home     Blues/Roots, Rock, Acoustic, Roots 03/09/2018
The John Butler Trio are an iconic, multi-award winning roots / folk / rock trio from Fremantle, Australia
Home is the lead single from John Butler Trio's forthcoming record HOME. It's a deeply personal look inward and a change up from what fans will expect from the band.

8 Ball Aitken - High Water     Blues/Roots, Country, Roots, Folk 01/09/2018
8 Ball Aitken’s funky, foot stomping energy and infectious blend of 'Swamp Blues' has brought the party vibe to festivals and venues worldwide for more than a decade.
The floodgates have opened with new single 'High Water' from 8 Ball Aitken's 'Swamp Blues' album. 8 Ball Aitken wrote the song with 100% certified Texas bluesman Guthrie Kennard in Dallas and recorded it in the Hill Country near Austin, TX. It is a deep South Mississippi kind of groove with the promise coming rain.

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Fiona Boyes - Party at Red's     Blues/Roots, Blues, Roots 01/09/2018
Fiona Boyes is an internationally acclaimed blues guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, with 7 nominations in the USA Blues Music Awards. Her new album explores vibrant Mississippi and Louisiana blues styles.
A musical tribute to an iconic ‘juke joint’ in Clarksdale, Mississippi, ‘Party at Red’s’ is an invitation to lose your blues and have some fun! The lyrics reflect some of the famous sayings of Red Paden, local character and proprietor of Red’s Lounge. Fiona and the band are joined here by award winning New Orleans musician Johnny Sansone on harmonica.

Other tracks by Fiona Boyes:  What You Put on Me  -  Little Things