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The Bittermen - Saturdave     Blues/Roots, Reggae, Dub, Psychedelic 23/01/2019
Psychedelic Reggae-Dub inspired Indie Rock.
The first single from The Bittermen's debut album 'Reverb and Alcohol'. Saturdave explores a dark reggae soundscape taking influence from artists like The Specials and The Clash.

Other tracks by The Bittermen:  On All Sides
D Henry Fenton - Wang Dang Doodle     Blues/Roots, Blues, Roots, Rock 21/01/2019
D Henry Fenton’s detours into different styles have created staying power that outlives the latest cultural fads and fashions. Fenton has crossover appeal that engages the heart & the intellect.
Fenton developed a keen interest in blues after the blues section at his local library caught his eyes and ears.

"Howlin' Wolf had a tough electric sound & a voice so unique that I started playing a few at my gigs", says Fenton. "A friend suggested I record some as an experiment".

"Wang Dang Doodle" has become a blues standard.

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The Barren Spinsters - West of the Happiness     Blues/Roots, Rock 18/01/2019
The Barren Spinsters = Canberra two piece, sound like a five piece, move like a hair piece.
The sun sets west of the happiness, nevertheless I'm gonna be there on your mind.

Aaron Pollock - Heart's Still Set On You     Blues/Roots, Folk 15/01/2019
Aaron Pollock is a folk/blues artist living in Melbourne, Australia. He is emerging quickly as an important artist in Australias blues scene with his unique guitar playing and songwriting.
An acoustic blues track taken from Aaron Pollock's new album 'Anxieux', released in late 2018.

Matt Taylor - Pouring Rain     Blues/Roots 15/01/2019
As the former lead singer of Chain, Matt Taylor is an Australian Blues icon.
Pouring Rain is a brilliant showcase of Matt Taylors view of life in Australia, with his unique blues voice showcasing the lyrical depth he always brings to his music.

Lady Valiant - The Outlaw     Blues/Roots, Rock, Blues 14/01/2019
Lady Valiant are a Blues/Rock trio from Port Douglas who blend raw soulful vocals mixed with dirty Delta Inspired slide guitar all topped off with a driving drum beat.
The Outlaw was inspired by stories told by lead singer Glenna Lynes' uncle Bubba who grew up in the 1940's in Georgia being taught to make Moonshine by his father as well as various places in the Delta that we visited.

Other tracks by Lady Valiant:  I'm Gone  -  Mississippi
Phil Barlow - Waiting For You     Blues/Roots, Soul, Folk, Blues 14/01/2019
The road his home, poetry his language and music his medicine, Singer/Songwriter Phil Barlow is exploring a new chapter in his creativity, with the release of "Waiting For You".
A song that explores a longing to share deep love with a life partner, "Waiting For You" is spacious and warm Soul/Roots track that speaks to the heart.

Benny Walker - I Don't Blame You     Blues/Roots, Rock, Australian Indigenous 09/01/2019
Said to be one of the best voices in AUS Benny Walker has the drag & timbre of a natural soul man. He won Music Victoria's ‘2016 Best Aboriginal Act’
Pure blues-rock, buoyed by clean, lyrical guitar solos and the throb of electric organ. Take vintage instruments and recording gear, get the band in one room, add production by Pip Norman and the end result is a perfect balance of warm tones, punchy musicality and a mix that cuts through.

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Simon Marks - Brother     Blues/Roots, Country 09/01/2019
Taken from his 5th independent release 'Passenger', Simon Marks' tune BROTHER is a heartfelt story for anyone with a sibling. The official video incorporates & expresses this sentiment beautifully.
BROTHER was written after Simon received a late night phone call from his own brother who was at Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert at the time. The song immediately taps into the love & fondness anyone with a sibling feels and crosses all the emotions one can feel from sharing a special bond with their brother or sister

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Fancy - There Be Unicorns     Blues/Roots, Pop, Australian Indigenous, Australian Indigenous 08/01/2019
Eclectic smooth grunge with vibes, smoky vocals, guitar that straddles blues and jazz and a fine sense of the good lyric, all from sunny Dungog.
Written to open an art exhibition called There Be Unicorns Out There held in Dungog, this artisanal piece celebrates the power of fantasy and the power of Mother Nature to deliver those fantasies. Dragon cries are really black cockatoos, and these open and close the song, sung beautifully by Donna Cavanough. Even our band name is Fancy!

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Other tracks by Fancy:  End Of The World
Keshet - Dangerous Road     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Folk, World 07/01/2019
A middle eastern fusion artist that cross genres from rock to world music and everything in between!
From the creator of The Diments Rock Opera, Keshet, comes a new creation that tips its hat to blues & roots.
Featuring a powerhouse ensemble of 11 – Paula Parore and Clay Darius of The Voice, Marcio Mendes – the figurehead of the Brazilian music scene in Perth, and Banda Ziriguidum – an all-female Brazilian percussion group.

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Lecia Louise - Quitting's a Breeze     Blues/Roots, Rock, Roots, Live Performance 13/12/2018
Lecia Louise demands attention with her soaring, bluesin’ rockin’ guitar riffs and licks with emotive lyrics created from life experiences.
The song is created from the simplicity of 2 chords which weave between suspended and major 7th notes reflecting the changing yet disturbing reality of depression.

The vocal melody rises in pitch from through each verse and choruse, finally reaching its musical and lyrical climax in the bridge.

When things get hard quitting can appear the easy way out.

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Wyldwind - Railway Station Blues     Blues/Roots, Blues, Australian Indigenous 12/12/2018
Singer/Songwriter/Performer Solo artist with a love of blues and roots music.
Recently released from the ball and chain gang he goes to meet his lady at the railway station and things don't go as planned.

Other tracks by Wyldwind:  Sophie Cat Blues  -  A Difficult Path
Matt Taylor - Southern Stars     Blues/Roots, Acoustic 10/12/2018
Matt Taylor is an Australian blues-rock legend, from the heady days of Chain through to his solo work.
Matt has made a career of writing Australian stories, and Southern Stars is a brilliant example of that.

Other tracks by Matt Taylor:  Ancient Gods  -  Wheels
Jackie Marshall - Darling Etc     Blues/Roots, Country, Alternative Country 08/12/2018
Jackie Marshall is one of this countries most distinctive powerful voices. Her most recent offering Lilith Shrugs is out now.
Darling Et Cetera is a song inspired by a thing people do sometimes when they're looking for love, they look and tthey look until one day they realise that their lover is right under their nose. A friend they hadn't been able to see the true beauty of until a certain amount of time and learning had built up.

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Hat Fitz and Cara - Hold On     Blues/Roots, Blues, Folk, Roots 07/12/2018
High-energy duo Hat Fitz and Cara are one of Australia’s most enduring, popular and talented roots artists.
Fitzy and Cara are thrilled to announce the imminent release of their much-anticipated 5th studio album ‘Hand It Over’, featuring lead track ‘Hold On’, and they’re headed out on an extensive tour this Summer to get everyone’s blood flowing.

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Nathan Cavaleri - Rising Sun     Blues/Roots 07/12/2018
Nathan Cavaleri solidified his place as a blues guitarist in the Oz music scene collaborating with the likes of Jimmy Barnes, Tommy Emmanuel and Diesel from the age of 10.
Nathan pays tribute to the man that landed him his first record deal and tour at age 10, Jimmy Barnes, by bringing Cold Chisel’s ‘Rising Sun’ into his own musical world. With sleazy swamp riffs over hip hop implied beats and Diesel on backing vocals, the cover is barely recognisable as an Aussie classic, leaning towards contemporary gritty blues overtones.

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Bearfoot - Luminate     Blues/Roots, Roots, Reggae, Ska 07/12/2018
Blending So-Cal, Hip Hop and dub reggae, Bearfoot ’s sunsoaked-yet-dark take on roots, reggae & dub has sent ripples through the country
No idea where we are; we’re in this van climbing up this windy road, which turns from smooth bitumen to loose gravel, this rabbit appears out of nowhere, turns and looks at us, and instead of hopping off the road, it races up it, so we follow it and the next thing we see is the signs for the festival,

Marcus Wynwood - Right Back Home to You     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Rock 06/12/2018
Marcus Wynwood is an Australian guitarist who performs in the band Captives, and as a solo artist.
An acoustic rock/blues track, with a catchy chorus you can sing along to.

Other tracks by Marcus Wynwood:  Pulling Beers in England
Liza Ohlback - Mercy Train     Blues/Roots, Jazz 06/12/2018
Liza’s voice is rich with a huge range,, her songs are wickedly funny, delicously dark and sometimes poignant. Described as a 1940’s torch singer with a new Orleans Burlesque flavour.
A romping New Orleans style Blues/Jazz song with a Menphis horn brass section and Soulful/gospel vocals and Harmonies. A song with a message.....we need to help each other!

Other tracks by Liza Ohlback:  Happy Home  -  This Isn't Love