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The Chris Commerford Band - The Way You Treat Me Right     Blues, Rock 26/02/2020
The Chris Commerford Band are an established blues/rock rnb 5-piece, formed by the glittering Australian coast of the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.
A groove-driven blues-rock jam, brimming with dirty guitar riffs, soulful vocals and horns.

It explores the ways the early phases of a relationship can feel like an addiction - when it feels impossible to get that significant other out of your head. It delves deeper still, looking at the way, just like any addiction, it can come with a downside.

Blues Arcadia - Two Wrongs (Don't Make It Right)     Blues, Soul, Roots, R&B 25/02/2020
Blues Arcadia combine the legendary soul of Stax and Motown with the heat and power of the Chicago and Memphis blues to create a unique dirty-soul sound.
With Blues Blast Magazine (US) enthusing that “with them, the future of blues is secure”, Blues Arcadia create a sound that is part jazz, blues and funk fortified with a dash of dark and dirty soul. Two Wrongs (Don’t Make It Right) is no exception: a funky-ass face-slapper of rolling snare hits and Rhodes keyboard stabs dancing around room.

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Simo King - Drag me to my Tomb     Blues, Country, Rock, Folk 25/02/2020
Simo King is a blues artist from Alice Springs. He has been gigging and busking in the centre of Australia for the past five years.
This song was recorded on hot day, at the Red House studio in January of 2020. It was written in the first months of busking in Alice Springs, and is an attempt play in the style of the early blues guitar pioneers. It has been a crowd favourite at performances in local pubs.

Mark Easton - Indian Summer     Blues, Rock, Roots, Folk 21/02/2020
Blues Rock Celtic folk artist
A song about the long summers in Queensland!

Other tracks by Mark Easton:  Your driving’s driving me crazy  -  Free yourself
Andre Camilleri - Keep Your Eyes On The Road (And Your Hands On The Wheel)     Blues, Country, Alternative, Roots 19/02/2020
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific songwriters, Andre Camilleri blends Americana, Alternative and the Blues to create unique sonic landscapes of timeless beauty.
This is the the first track I recorded for my new solo album "Troubled Times'. I am keen to play some shows again soon and figured the easiest thing to do would be to write a bunch of songs for just acoustic guitar, vocal and a bit of harmonica.

The SunBears - Set Fire To My Heart     Blues 19/02/2020
Blues from the heart every note of the way...
The SunBears tour the country playing their contemporary original blues to audiences that keep wanting them back. We are one of the most passionate and high energy blues acts in the country.

The Mezcaltones - Motorcycle Girl     Blues, Roots 17/02/2020
The Mezcaltones? Guys dressed as cowboys, women dressed like Mexican Senoritas, looks like a Tarantino movie – guitars, bass, drums, a crazy front man and a beautiful dancer and percussionist.
An infectious uptempo and catchy 60’s surf rock tune. The tones of the valve amplifiers blend beautifully with the casually urgent pulse that is the drums and bass. A very retro sounding pop song.

Other tracks by The Mezcaltones:  Dancin'  -  Ellie
The Boys Club - That's A Big Guitar     Blues, Jazz, Country, Folk 15/02/2020
Three women, no chords, and one big guitar.
“That’s A Big Guitar” is the title track of Adelaide jazz trio The Boys Club’s latest album. The song is a tongue in cheek, call-and-response blues tune, that lays bare the almost comical treatment the trio have had to endure while on stage during their professional careers as musicians.

Colin Jones - How Long     Blues, Jazz, Easy Listening, Soul 14/02/2020
Colin carries the range/depth evoked by someone who creates songs that frame his self-taught journey as a cathartic experience and figuratively place a release valve, wielding control over emotion.
"It's about never being able to get it right and the spiral that can put you in," Colin explains, "It's an old song that used to be a folk ballad. The production was an idea I had in the studio back in 2016, and it became this acid-tinged noir soundtrack."

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Turpentine Road - Trouble     Blues, Rock, Soul 13/02/2020
Turpentine Road: original dark contemporary blues, rock, with an alternative feel from Wollongong NSW. Strong guitar riffs, with sole-full harmonica with driving drums & bass rhythms.
Crossing paths with an undesirable character that you wish you'd never met!!

Joel Sulman - Roadtrain     Blues, Alternative, Rock, Roots 11/02/2020
Back from a five year hiatus with a group of explosive new songs. Joel Sulman drops his long awaited second release! New EP Action Words out now only on Atomic!
Gritty, explosive and intense sums up the latest release from Joel Sulman. After a long hiatus, the next installation of Joel's discography will leave you breathless!

Donna Hourigan & The Lucky Lips band - No Road Map     Blues, Indie 05/02/2020
The Lucky Lips Band delivers a fresh, energised spin on Blues and RnB music! A showcase in versatility; generously flavoured with rockabilly, swing, gospel, jump blues, and funky R&B.
No Road Map is a sassy, no nonsense original 12 bar blues song that bemoans the lack of a relationship "guide book". A sultry rhythm that grooves under powerful female vocals and stellar guitar wizardry! Following the success of the bands EP "Talk the Talk", this single is the title track for a new album to be released mid 2020.

Archie Roach - Tell Me Why (feat. Sally Dastey)     Blues, Soul, Alternative 31/01/2020
After more than four decades of songwriting and recording, Archie Roach's new album 'Tell Me Why' gave Archie his first ever ARIA top-10 debut'.
'Tell Me Why (feat. Sally Dastey)' is the latest single to be lifted from Archie Roach's most recent album 'Tell Me Why' which gave Archie his first ever top-10 debut when it rocketed into the charts at #7.

BUDDY KNOX - Big City Mean Streets     Blues, Country, First Nations 31/01/2020
Buddy's 'Ticket To Memphis' is a culmination songs tackling the complete spectrum of life. Buddy will reignite your belief in the power of story, song and smoking hot guitar playing!
No matter how many times I visit Australian cities, I always have the desire to get back to the comfort of my own Gamilaaray country. The beat of the Red Rattlers on the North West rail line tells me I’m on my way home.

Other tracks by BUDDY KNOX:  Ticket To Memphis  -  Baby Girl
Faxman - Sleepdays     Blues, Garage, Psych, Rock 31/01/2020
Faxman is Chris Rugge’s Melbourne-based musical project, with a sketchy lo-fi sound heavily informed by 60s psychedelia and blues. “Roll Over” is the first single from upcoming EP “The Derealisation”.
"Sleepdays" is a psychedelic garage blues jam in the vein of the Frowning Clouds or the Murlocs.

Turpentine Road - Lucky     Blues, Rock 31/01/2020
Turpentine Road is an original group from Wollongong NSW playing contemporary blues, rock and alternative music.
Song describes a mans description of his good luck landing the perfect partner

Brett Littlefair - Where've You Been     Blues, Roots, Rock 24/01/2020
Brett Littlefair performs groovin', infectious boogie style blues played on guitars made from hubcaps, biscuit tins and other weird stuff.
Where've You Been is a tip of the hat to Elmore James and Hound Dog Taylor. A biting slide intro demands the listeners attention before it settles into it's chugging, toe tapping rhythm.

Other tracks by Brett Littlefair:  Light Me On Fire  -  Voodoo Queen
Emma Bosworth - Low Road     Blues, Roots, Rock, Pop 24/01/2020
Brisbane artist smashing down the barriers of the singer-songwriter genre, undeniably in her prime. This song was nominated for Song of the Year at the Australian Roots Music Awards, 2019.
“The song is a reflection of people not minding their own business. It’s also a gift to myself, that despite a pretty hard struggle, I’ve been immensely rewarded for sticking to my guns”. Something Emma says is a memento not only of this song and its particular moment in time; but of her life in general.

Mister Blue - Sober Blues     Blues, Pop 24/01/2020
Mister Blue are a Sydney-based trio, specialising in primarily acoustic renditions of blues, jazz, pop & rock classics, as well as a number of originals.
Straight up blues, with a cheeky story line.

the hoodoo men - found the blues     Blues 24/01/2020
the hoodoo men are a 4 piece power house blues band playing original authentic australian blues with a sprinkling of classic blues standards.
an upbeat shuffle the title track from the album ,no matter what you lose you'll always find the blues!

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Other tracks by the hoodoo men:  catfishsh jumping  -  bluer than blue