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CJ Stranger - Strange One     Blues, Rock, Alternative, Folk 13/11/2019
A singer-songwriter through and through, CJ Stranger's captivating voice, tell-all lyrics and natural feel for finger-picking work together in perfect synchrony.
Describing lead single Strange One as a “stream-of-consciousness ramble of a day living in the inner-west,” CJ carves out contemporary Australian music akin to present day greats like Courtney Barnett, filled with occurrences like electric shocks, technology failing, having a tunnel dug under your house, and tryin' to pay rent. “After a strong coffee,” he notes, “things feel better.”

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MOSS - You're My World     Blues, Rock, Country 13/11/2019
MOSS is a five (5) piece original Rock & Blues Band, writing social / political songs aimed to get messages important to us out there while you rock.
“You’re my world” is a love song. It’s about the love we have for our world. How often do we tell a loved one, “You mean the world to me.” “You’re my world.” Meaning they are exceptional, valued, important and loved. When you view the world that way, it becomes very emotional.

Dave Graffin - FREE     Blues, Rock, Indie 08/11/2019
An entertaining multi-instrumentalist with extra smooth vocals providing positive, catchy, audible creations for your listening pleasure. Rock, Country & Blues - relatable & family friendly.
Being lead by feelings can be futile, a constant battle of the mind with self worth & negative thoughts is what we all long to get free of. Rise above, let loose & dance!

Other tracks by Dave Graffin:  Find You
Midweek Blues featuring Sherri Parry - Blue Eyes     Blues, Rock, Indie, Roots 08/11/2019
Emerging from the Bendigo blues community in 2014, Midweek Blues play an original style of blues\rock that's been described by some as 'hard blues'.
Featuring guest vocals by the amazing Sherri Parry, Blue Eyes is a song about the impressions we leave on this world when we leave for the next. Blue Eyes is a song that sticks with you for days after the first listen, calling you back time and again.

Muddy Wolfe - Willie Allen     Blues, Folk, Rock, Roots 08/11/2019
Indie blues band out of Canberra.
Steve’s indigenous ancestry is only a couple of generations ago. Knowledge of his indigenous heritage was suppressed like many other families to avoid prejudice.

Willie Allen was Steve’s great grandfather and he was killed in the early 1900s by jealous white farmers after it was revealed he had union with Steve’s great grandmother who was an attractive Irish girl.

Jamie Payet - Till It's Gone     Blues, Rock 07/11/2019
Grammy Nominated, Jamie Payet is a new fashioned blues artist whose songs are drenched in experience and dripping with personality, sounding ultra-modern while effortlessly funky.
Jamie Payet’s latest single Till It’s Gone is a mournful ballad which tugs at the heartstrings and will deeply resonate with anyone who has lost someone close to their hearts.

Owen Campbell - Love Your Woman     Blues, Soul, Roots, Easy Listening 07/11/2019
After 3 best-selling studio albums, 2 EP’s and over 12 years of national and international touring, Owen Campbell has cemented himself as one of Australia’s premier blues/rock exports.
A bold and beautiful love song that inspires a pina colada on a balmy summers eve!

L.R. Marsh - Home     Blues, Roots, Indie, Folk 26/10/2019
Singer-songwriter L.R. Marsh draws inspiration from life events, experiences, and observation, mixed with musical influences the likes of Johnny Cash, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and Tyler Childers.
L.R. Marsh draws inspiration from life events, experiences, and observation, with intimate soundscapes of acoustic guitar and enchanting harmonies mixed with delta blues roots and rock elements generate a unique and captivating sound.

Toadvine - Stones & Bones     Blues 25/10/2019
Toadvine are a blues-rock outfit hailing from Sydney. Dishing up their own unique blend of blues tinged rock and roll with generous lashings of rockabilly, country and fuzzed-out garage anthems.
The track kicks off with a heavy but catchy guitar riff that keeps the song rocking throughout. Once Mandy's clear and true rock vocals kick in you know you are in for a wild ride of blues rock.

Other tracks by Toadvine:  More Than Anyone  -  Dead Man's Cloths
Storm Chasers - Figurout     Blues/Roots, Soul, Funk, Pop 24/10/2019
If ever there were a band who personified the exuberance, optimism and free-spirited nature of youth, it would be Storm Chasers.
Figurout incorporates elements of hip-hop, jazz and soul. It is a song about desires - that feeling of wanting and needing something, but not being able to have it. There's just that *hint* of sexiness in there. It's provocative, it's horny (pun intended) and it's a whole heap of fun.

SXINT P - Devil May Cry     Blues 24/10/2019
Melbourne R&B/Hip Hop artist SXINT P takes his music to new levels and close off 2019. He announces his single taken from ‘Nocturne’ EP- ‘Devil May Cry’ available October 18th!
‘Devil May Cry’ is written, produced, and mixed by himself, his newest single serves as a ballad for those who have seen their life’s lowest points, have been pushed away, and to anyone who finally showed vulnerability despite being strong and carrying so much pain. The single is wrapped in rhythm and blues that will definitely break your replay button.

Jordan Merrick - Dangerously Sincere     Blues, Country, Folk 23/10/2019
With a unique style of folk, blues-rock, cabaret and vaudeville is Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Jordan Merrick, who is set to release his debut album on October 25.
This is a slow-burning laidback soul-blues track. Focussed around the smooth vocal melody and lyrics featuring harmonies and verses from Amela, the track is backed by a 1-bar electric-guitar loop and organ.

As the drums roll in, the draw-bars on the organ get put to work and the gain on the electric guitar gets turned up for a rocking bridge.

Other tracks by Jordan Merrick:  The Toll  -  Record Time
Dom Italiano - A Year From Now     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Country 18/10/2019
Alt-country singer/songwriter/lead guitarist. Lives in the country, gigs in the city! (Mostly)
'A Year From Now' is about coming to terms with the idea that one day, your ex-parnter of 9 years will call you and say 'I'm having a baby' (with someone else...) It's one of those scenarios that you don't really think about... but when you do, you write a song about it.

Lazy Eye - Game Over     Blues, Soul, Roots, R&B 14/10/2019
Think B.B. King sharing a scotch with Booker T at the Crossroads after midnight.
Every relationship has its share of weather to endure. A calm sea may never make a good sailor, but if being a great lover is something you aspire to, you can rest assured it’s likely the calm before the storm! Game Over tells of the driving wind, the howling rain, and hints at the freshness when the storm is over.

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Other tracks by Lazy Eye:  Can We Still Be Friends  -  Please Don't Leave
Flaskas - Songbird     Blues, Roots, Rock 11/10/2019
Flaskas have evolved into one of Australia's most exciting live acts.
Songbird opens with a beautifully crafted harmonica section, accompanied by a gorgeous acoustic guitar progression. Singer Chris Flaskas enters, telling tales of hope and love. Songbird displays Flaskas' signature sound, described as 'Earth Rock'. Flaskas aim to inspire their audience with positive lyrics. The single will leave you feeling full of energy and ready to spread good vibes all around!

Stevie Riff - Bad News Blues     Blues, Indie, Rock, Roots 11/10/2019
Stevie Riff is a multi-genre solo artist from Brisbane who has been releasing songs from diverse genres since 2018 after a 15 year hiatus from the music industry.
Stevie Riffs Bad News Blues is a blues rock track with a common theme of a cheating woman who has been away working and sends a message she's coming home with bad news. The song is set in an odd time signature of 5/4 to add a twist to the sound of the blues with a typical sharp guitar solo.

Tracey Barnett - Gotta Get Out     Blues, Alternative, Rock 11/10/2019
Tracey Barnett produces a heady mix of sound, merging effortlessly with traditional rock rhythms, blues licks and a dose of grunge. Her powerful presence inspires hopefulness and pure unadulterated fun.
With a bit of grunge, a bit of dirt and a healthy dash of push and shove, ‘GOTTA GET OUT’ is the perfect catharsis for the pressures of modern life. Tracey’s distinctive, high-energy brand of blues and roots is perfectly executed with driving guitar rhythms, raucous lap steel, throbbing bass and fearless vocals.

Adele Oliver - Don't Take My Blues Away     Blues, Folk, Alternative, Easy Listening 10/10/2019
From Broome in the north of W.A., Adele's music has been inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of her childhood home as well her experiences as she navigates through life.
The song is written to describe the feeling of looking outside to a beautiful sunny day, feeling as though your mood should match the weather but instead sinking into the melancholic sadness inside that would better suit a rainy day.

Jack Biilmann - Shade     Blues, Roots, Rock, Pop 10/10/2019
Hailing from the gorgeous Far South Coast of NSW, Jack Biilmann has been surrounded by inspiration his whole life.
Once every now and then an artist comes out with a truly brilliant song - enter Jack Biilmann with his new single 'Shade'. The song is blues at it's finest. Biilmann possesses an outstandingly powerful voice that evokes the spirit of greats such as Chris Cornell, and will eave you in awe. The perfect driving/contemplation song!

Mama Kin Spender - What's Wrong With Me?     Blues, Roots, Soul 10/10/2019
Featuring Mama Kin and Tommy Spender, Mama Kin Spender create a stripped back duo of brooding guitars, primal drums and howling harmonies that is illuminated by a chorus of singers.
A brooding and bruised, bluesy rumination where love blinds the author who chooses culpability over self-belief. Blanketed in a minimally adorned layer that hides carefully scattered gems both lyrical and musical. A compelling and deeply engaging new work from a duo acclaimed for their mastery of song craft.