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Blank Tape Music

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Saatsuma - Storm     Electronic, Dance, Soul, Hip Hop 13/01/2016
Saatsuma is the result of co-writing and production sessions w/ Memphis Kelly, Joel Ma, and Cesar Rodrigues. Memphis takes the songs to a dynamic live band.
Storm is a brooding and bold production featuring analogue synths and the compelling vocals of Memphis Kelly. Lyrically we are enticed to look inside a tumultuous relationship being compared the nature of a brewing storm.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Dreamcoat - Ghost Legs     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Garage 17/06/2015
Melbourne band, Dreamcoat release the first single “Ghost Legs” from their highly anticipated Debut EP. Dreamcoat continue to develop their blend of Alternative Pop and Psych-Folk on this EP.
“Ghost Legs’ taps into the human condition of confoundedness and focuses on presenting a bookended experience to the listener in this torn state of mind. From the beginning we’re subjected to what seems to be on a superficial level, an Indie Pop tune, but we’re soon taken far beyond that.

Dreamcoat - Beautiful Kingdom     Rock, Ambience, Downbeat, Experimental 04/10/2014
Melbourne outfit Dreamcoat is the music of musicians shaping melodies and wide harmonic and rhythmic content. Having been compared to the sounds of Grizzly Bear, Local Natives and Radiohead.
Beautiful Kingdom is the first track the band have released. It's melodic and spacious and floats beautifully between staggered chordal stabs and vocal musings to a driving rhythmic groove and swelling production.

5THS - Sell It To Me feat Jarryd Klapper     Funk/Soul, Electronic, Ambience, Acoustic 22/07/2014
5THS’ debut song ‘Sell It To Me’, sketches a dark night on the road; an internal monologue; a hopeless plea, driven by the sublime vocals of Jarryd Klapper.
5THS’ debut song ‘Sell It To Me’, sketches a dark night on the road; an internal monologue; a hopeless plea, driven by the sublime vocals of Jarryd Klapper.

The track is a transporting effort in minimalist soul/pop production, alternately restrained and ecstatic.

Hudson & Troop - Frameless     Pop, Experimental, Folk, Electronic 29/04/2014
Experimental folk meets psychedelic pop.
A simplistic acoustic guitar driven intro soon departs into more experimental territory with building layers of synths and electro flourishes creating sweeping dynamics verging on the cinematic. Exploring the moment in which a relationship hangs in the balance, it speaks to the innate yearning in all of us, to connect.

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Harmless & Clever Austin - Work With     Electronic, Breaks, Downbeat 20/09/2013
Collaboration between Clever Austin (Hiatus Kaiyote) and Melbourne production outfit Harmless.
‘Work With’ was executed between bedroom production spaces and the studio.

Totara Jack - Supercolliders     Pop, Electronic, Folk, Rock 28/06/2013
Totara Jack is Cameron Deyell (Katie Noonan, Bertia Blacman, & Lior). Debut EP produced by Lachlan Carrick (Gotye) and features Laurenz Pike (PVT, Jack Ladder).
Written & recorded across the globe from Delhi, Melbourne, & NYC ‘Supercolliders’ is an optimistic take on a failing relationship… inspired by two dear friends who couldn't fix their broken love. The song has an optimistic, up-tempo tone before it eases into a beautiful and melodic chorus.

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Other tracks by Totara Jack:  Needle
Texture Like Sun - One Great Prize     Folk, Rock, Blues, Electronic 18/10/2012
Texture Like Sun have had rave reviews for both their live show and debut single 'Bottle'. The finally release their debut EP alongside an East Coast tour in November.
'One Great Prize' is a song about loss. It begs the question: 'Where does it all go wrong?'. It is a powerful & personal assessment of the challenges our loved ones present us. How do we learn and progress from these problems.

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Other tracks by Texture Like Sun:  Weekend  -  That Evening
Jo Schornikow - Bird's Nest     Folk, Acoustic, Blues, Jazz 14/02/2012
Based in Melbourne & NYC with The Shivers (nominated for an MTV 'O' award). 'Bird's Nest' is the first single off her debut "First Time, Long Time"
First single “Bird’s Nest” was written in London but recorded in a Melbourne church. The title of the single is apt to the story behind its creation; whilst on tour a friend got called out at a party for having hair that looked like a bird’s nest.

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Hiatus Kaiyote - Lace Skull     Funk/Soul, Electronic, Folk 11/10/2011
Hailing from Melbourne, Hiatus Kaiyote enter the scene with their debut single from their debut EP due out 2011. This beautiful mix of sounds fronted by Nay will haunt you.
Hiatus Kaiyote‘s debut single Lace Skulls was made available on Tuesday 4th October. The song, recorded and mixed at Oakland Studios by King Charlie (The Red Eyes) is a significant debut and showcases the breadth of the bands expertise as musicians and attention to detail in complex arrangements.

Joshua T - Heart Beating     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Rock 11/10/2011
Joshua T, Berlin based Melbourne artist making electro/synth/pop. Releasing 1st track (Heart Beating) from upcoming record due out next year. Heart Beating was tracked at Blank Tape studios in Melbourne.
Joshua T's, Heart Beating: the product of a collaboration with Blank Tape and the Melbourne-born musical enigma. A heaving electronic anthem; a fearless blend of pulsating and sampled beats, and hand claps that groove in tandem with its epic delivery of journeying to the brink of life, and back again.

Axolotl - Garden Lane     Pop, Electronic, Folk 11/10/2011
Axolotl release their debutant single “Garden Lane”. Lush instrumentation and an enticingly meandering melody have been fused together effortlessly by producer Dustin McLean and mixed by John Castle (Washington).
Garden Lane is a swelling, luscious venture into beautifully crafted song writing and production. The journey captivates the emotion as well as the ear. A brilliant debut from a band that will undoubtedly blossom into a powerhouse of the Australian music scene.