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Blackstone Records

Blackstone Records is an Ipswich based independent artist management and music publishing label for young emerging local artists. We have two departments, Artist Management and Music Publishing. For artists under the music publishing umbrella, we help them get their music to as many places as possible and coordinate media opportunities to promote their tracks. Artist Management is that and more, we handle all aspects of an artists business so they get to focus on the music. Our artists choose use because not only do we work with them to achieve their music goals, we help them understand the industry, Blackstone Records likes to 'collaborate' with the artists compared to managing them, working together so they still feel in control of their music and learn along the way. We choose local artists within the Ipswich/Brisbane region to build that sense of trust and community. Towards the end of 2017, we had a lot of interest from local artists seeking music publishing and representation, so we expect 2018 to be a big year for Blackstone Records.

Blackstone Records

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