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Black Market Music

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Dan Dinnen - Diamond In A Coal Mine     Blues/Roots, Blues 13/12/2017
Singer/songwriter, harmonica player, guitar finger-picker: Dan Dinnen is a contemporary musician steeped in old blues. A deeply authentic blues voice and musical style, yet an original, individual and fresh talent.
Moody, searching, stripped back. A lone guitar through a vintage amp. A melodic harmonica line joins in. Then the voice... haunting, dripping with reverb and beautiful old vinyl grit. And now the brushes on the snare and a walking double bass line. Searching for a diamond in a coal mine.

Other tracks by Dan Dinnen:  Change  -  Stoled Away
John McNamara - Under The Weight Of The Moon     Blues/Roots, Blues, Soul 12/09/2017
John McNamara is a Soul/Blues artists, based in regional Victoria. His sound is based upon the classic records of Bobby Bland, Little Willie John, Otis Redding etc.
A Moody Blues number that highlights John's vocals, guitar playing, and songwriting abilities. Opening with just finger clicks and organs, it builds into a brassy tour de force.

John McNamara - Bad Reputation     Blues/Roots, Blues, Soul 07/03/2017
A Soul/Blues artist from regional Victoria, John was the 2014 MBAS Blues Performer of the Year (Solo).This, his latest album was recorded with the cream of Memphis' Soul/Blues artists,
Recorded at Ardent with legendary Memphis musicians this original by John perfectly captures the vibe of his heroes - Bobby Bland, Little Willie John, Sam Cooke. The song lyrically details the change wrought by love - from bad boy to lover.

Dreamboogie - Don't You Feel My Leg     Blues/Roots, Blues, Blues, Blues 09/11/2016
Dreamboogie are a modern Blues band. Although their sound is drawn from the history of the Blues, they incorporate the sounds of today.
You give some people an inch and they will take a mile.

Other tracks by Dreamboogie:  Ridin' With My Baby
Dreamboogie - Now The Kings Are Gone     Blues/Roots, Blues, Swing 17/08/2016
Dreamboogie are a modern Blues band. Introducing loops into a traditional Blues format has garnered them world wide attention.
With the passing of BB King, the era of the 3 Kings, Albert, Freddie and BB, has passed. These 3 giants of the Blues world helped take the Blues to the world. Can anyone take their place?

Nick Charles - Three Lines Deep     Blues/Roots, Blues, Acoustic 29/10/2015
Nick Charles is one of Australia's foremost acoustic Blues guitarists. He has forged a reputation as an artist not just in Australia, but internationally as well.
A gentle, lilting blues that features Nick's fingerpicking prowess backing a gentle lyric.

Dreamboogie - See See Rider     Blues/Roots, Blues, Blues 24/09/2015
Dreamboogie are a Blues band. They are inspired by the Blues artists of the 1920s/30s, yet bring their own contemporary interpretation to the genre.
See See Rider was a song originally performed by the great Blues singer, Ma Rainey. Many Blues artists have re-interpreted and re-worked the song. This is our take on it.

Paulie Bignell - GPS     Blues/Roots, Rock, Rockabilly 06/12/2014
Paulie Bignell, has forged a name as one of Australia's premier Blues/Rock/Rockabilly guitarists and songwriters, with The Detonators. He has released 2 solo albums.
We are all dependent upon modern technology, such as the GPS. This song describes the frustrations that occur when that technology fails.

Dreamboogie - Sowed To The Wind     Blues/Roots, Blues, Soul 29/08/2014
Dreamboogie are a Blues band. They aim to build upon the history of the Blues to create their own sound.
We could have had it all, but we let pride get in the way.

John McNamara - Lead Me On     Blues/Roots, Blues, Acoustic 29/08/2014
Influenced by the great Soul/Blues of the 1950s/60s, (Bobby Bland, Sam Cooke etc), John putting his own stamp on the genre.
A classic Soul number, reinterpreted in John's distinctive voice.

Dreamboogie - Walk Away With Me     Blues/Roots, Blues, Soul 17/07/2014
Dreamboogie are building upon the history of the Blues to create their own sound. Its Blues, but not as you know it.
One girl advising another to leave an abusive relationship.

Deborrah 'Moogy' Morgan - Les Moulins de Mon Coeur (Windmills Of My Mind)     Pop, Cover Version, Acoustic 13/05/2014
Deborrah is a Belgian born, Australian, who sings in her native French. She is also an accomplished pianist. She performs French pop material of the 1960s such as Francoise Hardy.
Sung in the original French, this number is better known by its English title - The Windmills Of My Mind). It has been performed by Petula Clark, Sting, the Muppets and many others. Deborrah's version highlights the melody, of the tune, which is an adaption of aMozart melody.

The Giants - Lone Rider     Blues/Roots, Blues, Rock 06/12/2013
For over 30 years The Giants have plied their trade, both in Australia and overseas. Their brand of hard rocking Blues/Rock has built them a following from Melbourne to Milan.
After 3 months working in Sydney, the rider loads up his bike and heads back to his home town, Melbourne. So keen is he, that he does it in one all night ride.

Rebecca Davey & Jimi Hocking - The Golden Rule     Blues/Roots, Blues, Blues 30/09/2013
Rebecca Davey, lead singer with Dreamboogie, and Jimi Hocking dispense some good advice. A live track that features Jimi on Blues mandolin.
This song is a live track, recorded at one of the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society's Month of Duets night.
Jimi Hocking & Rebecca Davey, backed by Dreamboogie, dispense some timely advice. A rockin' Blues number that features Jimi on electric Blues Mandolin.

Blue Eyes Cry - Sure Is Fine     Blues/Roots, Blues, Blues 15/08/2013
Blue Eyes Cry are an exciting new Blues act. Although based in Melbourne, through constant touring they beginning to establish a national profile.
It sure is fine being young and in love.

Nick Charles & Doc Span - Down By The Riverside     Blues/Roots, Blues, Acoustic 31/07/2013
Nick Charles & Doc Span are amongst Australia's foremost Blues artists. Nick a guitarist, Doc a harmonica player. This album, a tribute to the great Blues duo.
Nick and Doc tackle this iconic Sonny & Brownie number. Inspired by the duo's Gospel roots, it became an anthem during the 1960s, due to its anti-war message.

Brian Fraser - The Dead Are Walking     Blues/Roots, Blues 14/06/2013
Brian is a Blues artist from Geelong, who has travelled the length and breadth of Australia. Before his solo career, Brian fronted many legendary Geelong bands.
A tale of the fears, real and imagined, that appear in the night.

Blue Eyes Cry - What's A Girl To Do?     Blues/Roots, Blues, Blues 13/05/2013
Blue Eyes Cry are an exciting young act playing Blues. Combining funk with a traditional Blues approach, they are a fresh face on the scene.
A song that describes the joys of being in love. Featuring vocalist Ise, accompanied by stinging Blues guitar from Nathan and a solid groove laid down by Cameron and Stuart. Modern Blues at it best!

Donna Dean - Baby Doesn't Love Me (Like He Used To)     Country 26/03/2013
Donna derives her Country music influences, from the very beginning of the genre. Her influences are Jimmie Rodgers, the Carter Family - when the music had its earthy roots.
All the signs are there that the relationship is slipping away - what to do?

Dreamboogie - Lonely Woman (On The Loose)     Blues/Roots, Blues 01/02/2013
Dreamboogie are a modern Blues band. By immersing themselves in the history of Blues music, they aim to create their own unique sound in the genre.
A tale of a woman, who has just left an abusive relationship, and may well be about to enter another.