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Bird's Robe Records

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sleepmakeswaves - Midnight Sun     Rock, Experimental, Instrumental, Psychedelic 18/05/2017
sleepmakeswaves are an instrumental rock band from sydney, australia.The band came together with a desire to write textured, dynamic and emotive songs combining delicate beauty with dramatic climaxes.
Midnight Sun is an instrumental ode to bittersweet memories and a touchstone for the emotion the band went through in making this record. It features a memorable melodic refrain and a dynamic build and release that is the signature sleepmakeswaves sound.

2018 AIR AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Independent Hard Rock, Heavy Or Punk Album (Made of Breath Only)

2017 ARIA AWARD NOMINEE: Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album 'Made Of Breath Only'

Other tracks by sleepmakeswaves:  Tundra  -  Into the arms of ghosts
We Lost The Sea - A Gallant Gentleman     Rock, Instrumental, Atmospheric, Experimental 04/05/2016
We Lost The Sea are a cinematic instrumental post-rock band from Sydney.
Our first track from Departure Songs. Featuring The Mercy College Choir and a whole heap of emotion. This track is themed on the story of the arctic explorer Laurence Oates.

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Other tracks by We Lost The Sea:  Bogatyri  -  Challenger Part 2: A Swan Song
Forstora - One Last Stand     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Punk 31/03/2015
Australian hardcore collective Forstora are devoid of reflection. The noise and neon slide by them as they work, taking contemporary punk, rock and metal forward as so much around recedes.
'One Last Stand' is the second single from 'For All That Will Save Or Destroy Us', the debut album from Australian hardcore band Forstora.

This is, in a word, intense. This band have entered the game at the peak of their powers and set an uncompromising new standard.

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Other tracks by Forstora:  Buried Under Stone  -  Inevitability
sleepmakeswaves - Something Like Avalanches     Rock, Experimental, Instrumental, Psychedelic 15/11/2014
ARIA-nominated Sydney band sleepmakeswaves are one of Australia's most exciting young acts. They have toured extensively across Australia, the US, Europe and UK with their memorable and dynamic music.
‘Something Like Avalanches’ is taken from sleepmakeswaves’ ARIA-nominated second album ‘Love of Cartography.’

Featuring a driving electronic rock groove, the track showcases the band’s exciting blend of melodicism and technicality, before exploding into a spine-tingling climax.

A mountain of a track!

Other tracks by sleepmakeswaves:  Great Northern
Toehider - Whatever Makes You Feel Superior     Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental, Metal 15/11/2014
Toehider are Australia's most prolific progressive rock act. With no less than 16 releases in 6 years, Mike Mills has built his quirky larger-than-life project into a worldwide phenomenon.
Whatever Makes You Feel Superior is a showcase of Toehider at the peak of powers.

Ranging from epic prog rock, to whimsical Lionel Richie-style pop, to intensely technical guitar shredding - this track will rock your socks off.

For fans of Devin Townsend, Ayreon, Zappa and Queen.

Other tracks by Toehider:  You and I Both Lose But 5 Wins
Voyager - Hyperventilating     Metal/Punk, Rock, Experimental, Metal 15/11/2014
Perth progressive metal quintet VOYAGER are one of Australia's biggest exports. Their exciting new album 'V' has thrust them into the prog rock spotlight worldwide.
'Breaking Down' is the second feature track from Voyager's stunning new album 'V.'

With a fast-paced and driving verse building into a stellar, epic and memorable chorus, the track showcases all that is great about this exciting prog rock band.

For fans of Iron Maiden, Devin Townsend, Protest The Hero

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Best Male Vocalist -Danny Estrin, Best Bassist - Alex Canion, Best Metal / Heavy Act, Best drummer/percussionist - Ashley Doodkorte

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Other tracks by Voyager:  Breaking Down
Toehider - Wuthering Heights     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Cover Version 20/01/2014
Toehider are Australia's most prolific progressive rock act. Since forming in 2008, they have notched up no less than 16 stellar releases, attracting fans and critical praise across the world.
Toehider frontman Mike Mills and his cover of the Kate Bush classic ‘Wuthering Heights’ have taken the internet by storm, racing to 300,000 views in just 5 days.

The incredible vocal display sees Mills take on the track in its original key – which is very, very high!

Moving, captivating.

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Teal - Solitaires     Rock, Punk, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 08/10/2013
One of Australia's most exciting young rock bands. Imagine Muse mixed with a darker Birds of Tokyo and you get an idea of what Teal is about - soaring emotion.
'Solitaires' is the first single from Teal's debut EP 'Hearth'

Spinning emotion laced vocal melodies over a rolling, atmospheric rhythm, the track builds to a climactic crescendo of epic proportions. Joe Surgey's vocals reach a peak that recalls Matt Bellamy in his early days.

Solkyri - Home     Rock, Atmospheric, Psychedelic, Experimental 02/09/2013
Solkyri have established themselves as one of Australia's best new instrumental bands. With airplay on Triple J and community radio, the band have cultivated a growing underground following.
'Home' is the stunning bona fide indie rock hit from Sollyri's debut album 'Are You My Brother?'

Featuring the captivating vocals of Hannah Cameron, it is a yearning ode to youth and the glittering life we all seek.

Memorable, enchanting and beautiful, this is one of the band's finest moments.

Other tracks by Solkyri:  Thread Of An Old Life  -  Hunter
The Red Paintings - You're Not One Of Them     Rock, Punk, Goth, Classical 20/04/2013
The Red Paintings are an orchestral art rock group who combine performance art and music in a spectacular live show. They have toured stunning stage shows consistently around the world.
You're Not One Of Them is the lead single from The Red Paintings' debut record 'The Revolution Is Never Coming.'

The track features the band's biting alternative rock alongside a 35-piece orchestra - truly a worthy showcase of their 'orchestral art rock'.

For fans of Coheed and Cambria, Dresden Dolls.

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Other tracks by The Red Paintings:  We Belong In The Sea
Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - Dance Before You Die     Rock, Experimental, Instrumental, Psychedelic 19/04/2013
Tangled Thoughts of Leaving are one of Australia's most exciting progressive acts. Their piano-driven experimental post-rock has seen them tour internationally and earn a cult following worldwide.
Dance Before You Die is the first single from the new Tangled Thoughts of Leaving EP 'Failed By Man and Machine'.

It is a showcase of the band's incredible blend of live electronics, progressive rock and jazz-like melody, with an intense piano-driven groove and subtle technicality.

Other tracks by Tangled Thoughts of Leaving:  Failed By Man
Unitopia - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft     Rock, Psychedelic, Cover Version, Retro 20/12/2012
Unitopia are one of Australia's biggest progressive rock exports. Renowned for their melodic, classic fusion of rock, world music and contemporary sounds across Europe, they are icons amongst the underground.
Unitopia pay tribute to little know band 'Klaatu' with this stirring rendition of their incredible track 'Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft.'

Mark Trueack's angelic voice rings out with earnest, soaring over the lush production and sounds provided by the band. It's a space-rock adventure with class.

Other tracks by Unitopia:  Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime  -  Yes Medley
sleepmakeswaves - We Like You When You're Awkward (Kyson Remix)     Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric, Experimental 18/12/2012
sleepmakeswaves are one of Australia's most exciting instrumental bands. Since the release of their ARIA-nominated debut album in 2011, the band have toured extensively across Australia, the USA and Europe.
The track 'we like you when you're awkward' is drawn from sleepmakeswaves' ARIA-nominated debut album '...and so we destroyed everything.'

The remix by Berlin-based Sydney-originated electronic producer Kyson is a dreamy, moving, ambient masterpiece that washes over the listener in waves of lush production.

Other tracks by sleepmakeswaves:  Our Time Is Short But Your Watch Is Slow (65daysofstatic Remix)
We Lost The Sea - Barhan Charge     Metal/Punk, Rock, Experimental, Atmospheric 18/12/2012
We Lost The Sea are an exciting prospect for the Australian underground heavy music scene. They combine brutal riffs with delicate ambient passages and startling left-turns within their ambitious songwriting.
We Lost The Sea showcase their epic post-metal sound on 'Barkhan Charge'.

The track builds from gentle ambience into a full-blown aural assault of climactic proportions. Guttaral screams and slow-moving walls of guitars combine to render the ambient monolith asunder.

Other tracks by We Lost The Sea:  Nuclear City
Toehider - Smash It Out     Rock, Blues, Comedy, Metal 16/08/2012
Toehider are Australia's most prolific progressive rock act. Since forming in 2008, they have notched up no less than 14 stellar releases, attracting fans and critical praise across the world.
Smash It Out is a tongue-in-cheek rapid-fire blues-rock Queen-esque Muse-topping Olympic-level 2-minute adventure.

Featuring Mike Mills multi-instrumental prowess and quick-smart delivery, it recalls The Darkness by way of Meatloaf, Turbonegro and everything in between.

Anubis - And I Wait For My World To End     Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic, Metal 16/08/2012
Anubis is a cinematic progressive rock band from Sydney, Australia. The band has gained a keen following worldwide since the release of their albums '230503' and 'A Tower Silence'.
The second single from Anubis' latest album 'A Tower Of Silence.'

And I Wait For My World To End is a soaring melodic journey of mournful yet hopeful emotion. Featuring silvery guitar leads mixed with the classic Anubis penchant for an epic, it is one of the band's finest moments.

Other tracks by Anubis:  Another Narrow Margin
The Red Paintings - Walls     Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic, Goth 07/08/2012
The Red Paintings combine performance art and music in a spectacular live show, featuring visual projections, human body and canvas painters on stage to create artworks reflecting their music.
"Walls" is one of The Red Paintings' signature tracks, featuring their blend of strings with a rock arrangement, recalling Smashing Pumpkins by way of Coheed and Cambria and The Cure.

It is mournful, yet triumphant, introspective, yet expansive. One of The Red Paintings' finest moments.

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Meniscus - Pilot     Metal/Punk, Experimental, Instrumental, Atmospheric 28/06/2012
Underground instrumental rock legends Meniscus have been hypnotizing audiences across Australia and Europe with their lush soundscapes and intense live show since 2005.
'Pilot' is the lead single from Meniscus' EP 'Absence Of I' and features the octopus drumming of original drummer Duncan Wilson.

Drawing influences from Tool, Isis, The Police, Mogwai and Sigur Ros, the track is multi-faceted, emotional and showcases stellar musicianship.


Other tracks by Meniscus:  Cusp  -  Mother
Dumbsaint - Don't Forget To Bring Down The Sky     Rock, Metal, Instrumental, Experimental 15/06/2012
Dumbsaint is a three-piece instrumental band from Sydney, Australia.The band combines heavy cinematic music with original synchronised narrative film projections.
The lead single from Dumbsaint's debut album.

DFTBDTS showcases Dumbsaint at the height of their musical and personal evolution, exploring their turbulent history through a cathartic wash of dynamics and emotion. The track delivers a layered message - without words - that is haunting and memorable.


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Other tracks by Dumbsaint:  Inwaking  -  Rivers Will Be Crossed
Sleepmakeswaves - One Day You Will Teach Me To Let Go Of My Fears     Rock, Instrumental, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 08/06/2012
Sleepmakeswaves are one of Australia's most exciting instrumental bands.Since the release of their well-received debut album in 2011, the band have toured extensively across Australia, the USA and Europe.
one day you will teach me to let go of my fears is a dramatic showcase of emotion.

Originally released online in 2008, the track was named amongst The Silent Ballet's top 30 songs of the year, alongside contemporaries such as Mogwai.

Epic, cinematic and other-worldy, this will affect you.


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Other tracks by Sleepmakeswaves:  It's Dark It's Cold It's Winter  -  I Will Write Peace On Your Wings And You Will Fly Over The Ocean